Jonathan Mayo interviews Cito Culver

Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays
The plan for Kevin Millwood’s Jonathan Mayo ran around to each camp in Spring Training to speak to all of last year’s first round picks, and today he published his interview with the Yankees’ Cito Culver. The video is a touch over six minutes long but it’s certainly worth watching; the two talk about some changes the Yankees have made to Culver’s stance, his typical day, how he worked out during the bitter Rochester winter, the expectations of being a first rounder, all sorts of stuff. There’s a lot of yes sir’s involved, Cito’s certainly a polite kid. The video is on YouTube but it won’t let you embed it, so you’ll have to click through the link to watch.

Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays
The plan for Kevin Millwood
  • pat

    Can’t wait to see what he can do in Charleston.

  • Nemesis

    He should be in Charleston right now, don’t like the take it slow attitude with position players… Let them get their licks in low A ball out of the gate…

    • Mike Axisa

      don’t like the take it slow attitude with position players

      I respectfully disagree. It’s very easy for kid that age to get into bad habits (with his swing, in the field, whatever) if he’s playing at a level he’s not ready for.

      • Nemesis

        I could see where you’re coming from Mike, but at the the same time but wasn’t the time he spent in Tampa last summer enough?

        I mean I don’t think sending your first round draft pick( even though a reach in Culver) to Low A ball almost a year after being drafted is going to set him up for bad habits…

  • Meat Loaf

    For the record, he isn’t just polite in the video – he is genuinely a great kid even with an extremely difficult home life. Every time I’ve talked to him he’s been a pleasure to talk to. Any of the praise that comes to him he certainly deserves.

  • jorge brosada

    Can’t wait to see what he does this year. We all know the kid can play Short stop, I’m hoping he progresses with the bat, particularly power wise.

  • Guest

    So, is Cito kind of a lower cieling/higher probability guy than we are used to seeing the Yankees targeting earlier in the draft?

    Based on the little info I have seen, that’s how it appears. Am I correct?

    Niceness is underrated, so it would be cool to see him make a career out of this whole pro-baseball thing.

    • jorge brosada

      no I would say its the opposite. He has a pretty high cieling, but the probability is lower. He’s pretty much a lock to stay at shortstop and has plus defense potential. It’s his bat that is in question, if he can develop some power and consistent contact along with good plate discipline, he could become an above average major leaguer

      • Louis

        So basically, he’d be a good player if he learned how to hit?

        • jorge brosada

          haha yea, that bat needs progress. But he’s young and has time to work on that

        • Don W

          Why does this discussion remind me of 8 year-olds learning about sex from 10 year-olds?

          A player isn’t a reach in the first round just because Keith Law didn’t know much about him and we should probably wait more than the 200 AB’s he put up at age 17 before deciding he can’t hit. If you don’t believe me take a look at Jeter’s numbers @ 18 in the same leagues his first year.

      • Guest

        I think I was a little imprecise in how I worded my question. Anyone that becomes an above-average major league has reached an extraordinarily high ceiling.

        But when I said “low cieling/high probability” I meant that his cieling would be average to above average major leaguer. I, was of course, wrong to call this a “low cieling.”

        What I was thinking of as “high cieling” is the Slade Heathcotts and Joba Chamberlains and Andrew Brackmans of the world who, if they hit their ceiling (looking less and less likely in the later two) would be perenial all-star type players.

        But that’s not high cieling, that’s ridiculously high cieling.
        So a more precise way of putting would be that it doesn’t seem like Cito is a ridiculously high cieling guy, rather his best case scenario is more Alexei Ramirez than Troy Tulowitzki.

        • Louis

          Well it’s hard to tell. His athleticism and instincts are why they drafted him. He’s basically a lottery ticket. Guys like that always are. He could have a really high ceiling eventually but since he’s so young it’s hard to tell if he’ll ever even approach that ceiling.

  • Guest

    “Derek Jeter has been my idol since I was like three years old.”

    Oh, wow. I am definitely not young anymore.

  • Reggie C.

    Looks like Drake. But is he a hitmaker like Drake.?


  • Steve Garrison’s Roster Spot

    Well spoken kid. He sorta reminds me of Teixeira in the way he politely responds to questions. Hopefully he will live up to his potential.

  • Jake H

    What a great kid. I was extremely impressed with how he handled himself. I was rooting for him before this interview but now I’m really hoping he can succeed.

  • Gonzo

    For some reason I am optimistic about this kid. He didn’t face FLA, TX, CA on a regular basis, but that just means he was more of a wildcard in the draft. He has the tools and size to be good. I believe!

  • Dave

    Oh balls. If AJ doesnt melt down here, he really has changed!

    • Dave

      Heh, wrong thread…move along, nothing to see.