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"Dude, we both suck." (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Phil HughesVelocity Location

We’ve heard more than we care to hear about Hughes’ missing velocity this season/month, but what’s going on with his location? A pitcher could survive throwing 88-90 if he locates properly, but Phil hasn’t been doing that either. Jonathan Scippa at Baseball Analytics looked at Hughes pitches this year and shows that the right-hander is a) leaving everything up (I do mean mean everything), and b) is coming right in on left-handed batters. Last season he went after lefties away, away, away. A lot of that has to do with the cutter, which he’s relied on heavily without his normal heater in his two starts. The velocity is obviously the biggest concern, but damn kid, get that ball down.

Baseball America’s Updated Top 50 Draft Prospects

The college baseball season is halfway over and the draft is now less than two full months away, so Baseball America posted their updated rankings of the top 50 prospects. This one’s free for all, no subscription is required. They still have Rice 3B Anthony Rendon in the top spot, though they can be pretty stubborn about their rankings at times (see: Alvarez, Pedro). UCLA RHP Gerrit Cole is almost certainly the best talent in the draft class right now, especially since Rendon’s shoulder problems have gotten so bad that he’ll only be able to DH the rest of the season.

There’s a number of interesting players falling down the board, particularly TCU RHP Matt Purke and Indiana OF Alex Dickerson. I’m still a sucker for big high school arms, but the Yankees have shied away from that demographic early in the draft in recent years (Cole being a big exception).

Larry Bernandez! (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Today’s Competing GM Idea

Anonymous quotes are the backbone of the MSM. You can’t name a source because then they won’t give you the information they’re not supposed to be giving you in the first place. That’s cool, it’s part of the business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to make fun of them from time to time. From Jon Heyman today, a “competing GM” said “if he were in charge in Seattle he’d take young pitchers Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances and Manuel Banuelos plus catching prospect Jesus Montero from the Yankees for reigning AL Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez.” Oh, is that all? I thought they’d ask for Robinson Cano too.

In all seriousness, it would take a frickin’ ton to acquire Felix, and the Mariners wouldn’t be crazy to ask for that. Would it hurt to deal two of the three Killer B’s plus Montero in the same package? Of course, but if you’re going to do it for someone, F-Her is the guy. I’d try to swap out Banuelos for Andrew Brackman, or at least Nova for D.J. Mitchell or something, but I think I would pull the trigger on that one. You?

The Forgotten Yankee
The 2011 RAB Pledge Drive
  • Hughesus Christo

    Would I make that trade? Nope. That’s dealing an MLB starter plus the two best options to replace that MLB starter, PLUS Montero.

    No, no, no, no, no.

    • whozat

      um…it’s Felix Hernandez. He’s signed to a solid deal for several more years, has a multi-year track record of success, and is just entering his prime and has all of velo, command, and control.

    • Art Vandelay

      that’s a hell of a haul for them, but if martin can stay our everyday catcher and wait on Romaine they still would have CC King felix hughes AJ and maybe brackmonster as a rotation, it stings for sure, especially because of Banuelos, but we’re talking about the king here !

  • This Year

    An emphatic no. KF has had a ton of use as a young pitcher. That would be one injury away from being a disaster. A scaled down package– Montero, Brackman, Heathcott and Nova,ok.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      “Montero, Brackman, Heathcott and Nova,ok.”

      I would probably do that deal but knowing Jack Z he would hang up the phone and then trade Felix for a lesser package.

    • Mike

      I’m in for this trade as well, maybe even replace Nova with another B although that would hurt. Three pitchers plus Montero is too much for me.

  • steve (different one)

    Yes, I would do it.

    • steve (different one)

      I’ll add that there isn’t another pitcher in MLB I’d do that for.

  • Del Prete

    I say we just do it. I’m tired of prospect hugging.

  • radnom

    I wouldn’t either. Its too much. Montero is obviously a must, but Banuelos is too close to being ready, this package is too much. Swap Banuelos for Brackman + one of Stoneburner or hell even Sanchez and I think it would be a fair deal.

    Cue the people saying the price for Felix starts at Cano/Hughes/Montero…….

    • Preston

      I would be reluctant to trade Nova. We need pitching depth more than we need a star, so swapping a solid guy for a great guy doesn’t make our rotation deeper. I would also rather trade quantity rather than quality prospects. Obviously Montero would have to go. But I’d rather trade all three of Phelps, Noesi and Warren combined than trade Banuelos. We don’t need cheap guys to fill out our rotation we need good pitchers to fill out our rotation. So I would try a package like Montero, Betances, Nunez, Warren and Noesi. That’s an impact bat, three guys who would have a chance to contribute at the big leagues this year, plus a high end pitching prospect for next year. Not to mention the money they would save.

      • Mike M

        Quantity over quality doesn’t work. That’s like the typical Mike Francesa caller who thinks they can trade every piece of loose change and a bag of balls for Albert Pujols. Instead of Phelps, Noesi, and Warren why don’t the Mariners take the entire DSL Yankees.

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals

          that’s a fair point–22 wins from Felix isn’t Montero/B/B/Nova better than Garcia’s 12 wins.

          How much are 10 wins really worth?

      • radnom

        My package suggestion (and not something SEA would want persay, just the most I was willing to give up) was:

        Montero, Brackman, Betances, Nova + Stoneburner/Sanchez

        Still a ton, but that doesn’t effect the 2010 rotation depth (other than making it better). You replace Nova with Hernandez and the only other pitcher involved in the trade you could consider rotation depth for this season, not a big hit.

        Not to mention Banuelos, their best pitching prospect, would still be with the team. I can’t understand saying ‘no’ to my proposal because it includes Nova (although I can see many other reasons to say ‘no’).

    • Browncoat

      Who wants Hughes?

      • Gonzo

        I chuckled. Not sure if it was out of pain or true laughter though.

  • TogaSean

    Absolutely not. Thats way too much to give regardless of how good Felix is. You’d have to take at least one of those guys out of the package for me to consider it.

    • Mike M

      I’m actually pretty shocked so many people are saying no to this. It’s Felix freakin Hernandez. I love prospect watching as much as anyone but does anyone really expect Banuelos to be Cy Young good? You’re trading a stud hitter who may not have a position, a back end starter, a still fairly raw prospect, and your top pitching prospect for the BEST pitcher in the game. The chance that everyone pans out is so slim that this should be a no brainer

      • Gonzo

        I am shocked also. Best pitcher in baseball. The #1 pitcher you would start your club with, and you’d rather go with players that have no success in the bigs.

        I would make that trade and sleep well at night.

      • Browncoat

        Yeah, it was Johan Freakin Santana too.

        How the hell can people complain about the Yankees putting all their eggs in one basket, and then complain about people who are arguing AGAINST that tactic?

        • Mike M

          They’re not putting all their eggs in one basket. The Yankees aren’t a fringe team. They’re an extremely talented team with a deep farm system and money to consistantly put themselves in good positions. There are very few opportunities to trade for the best pitcher in baseball. There’s always a chance that he could bust sure, but the chances of prospects busting is much higher. Hell even Johan has been good with the Mets when he’s healthy, its not like he’s a bigger scare than Hugehs at this point…

  • Poopy Pants

    I’d give up Hughes, Joba and Jesus for King F.

  • Paulie21

    I agree with This Year. When you have to deal multiple high-quality prospects for a single player (especially a pitcher), at some point you have to consider the risk associated with one injury destroying the entire benefit. That would be an interesting stat to know: what percentage of pitchers that were above average in their first 4 years, were able to maintain that level of output during the next 4 years.

    • Mike M

      It’s a lot higher % than the % of pitching prospects who pan out

  • Smallz

    Before we go blowing up our farm system, could we at least entertain the thought that this guy has never had to pitch in a big spot in his life? The AL East is a completley different animal than the AL West. I cant deal Montero at this point. Hes literally raping the ball in AAA right now, hes clearly the future behind the plate. If Banuelos is half as good as projected than hes going to be super valuable. Sorry, I dont think this is a “win now” team and I dont think theres any need to destroy the farm at every level for one pitcher. Yankees lose every now and then, deal with it

    • NC Saint

      Literally? I’m no prude, but that’s just wrong. I say deal him quick.

    • Gonzo

      Never pitched a big spot in his life? You sound like a writer trying to rationalize giving the Cy Young to someone else last year.

    • bexy on another computer

      We shouldn’t trade the prospect who’s never had a big league at-bat for Felix because he’s unproven!!

      • NC Saint


      • thumper

        …but he stuck out Youk in ST!!!!!!!!

      • bexy on another computer

        (I’m not saying we should definitely trade Montero for Felix, just this is poor reasoning. If it was Montero straight up – which it certainly would not be – you’d have to do that, though, IMO.)

    • Steve H

      So you have concerns about Felix Hernandez, the best pitcher in baseball, in the AL East, yet, at the same time, say Montero is a sure thing?

      • AndrewYF

        Pitching in the AL East != Hitting in the AL East.

        • Steve H

          Felix Hernandez is a billion times more proven than Jesus Montero.

    • bennyprofane

      Just as a point of reference last year against the A.L. East he made 6 starts, gave up 4 runs total, and struck out 58 batter in 59 innings. Felix Hernandez is the kind of pitcher where the league/division/universe does not matter. He’s just better than everyone. Oh and he’s only 25, so he’s got that going for him too.

  • Kevin M.

    Montero and Banuelos have to be in the deal. Seattle would insist on that. There’s more room to negotiate after that, however. Subbing someone like Noesi, or maybe a Jose Ramirez, for Betances might work.

    • bg90027

      I agree with Kevin. I’d feel much better if at least it didn’t cost all three of Montero, Banuelos and Betances. Still I’d probably do it even if it did. I read a lot where people question why Seattle would even consider trading him. To me, he’s almost as wasted on that team as a great closer would be. A guy like King Felix should have a lot more value to a team with playoff aspirations who can ride him in a short series. Seattle has no playoff hopes anytime soon and would be best off dealing him and retooling. His playoff value should mean you’d be willing to overpay in regular season WAR.

      RE: Hughes, I’m actually kind of hoping that he continues to struggle a bit and is forced to work on his secondary pitches in order to be able to win without his best fastball. Then when the fastball does return, he’ll be that much better.

  • Rookie

    Nope. Too much — even for the King. I think it would be better to keep the kids, plug ’em in the lineup when they’re ready, and use the savings to be able to pay the aces when they become available or include them in a package for an offer for aces as they become available. I thought the packages for Halladay, Lee, and Oswalt were surprisingly modest. Maybe we see aces available for more reasonable deals again this year, next year, or whenever. Until then, I say wait.

    • Gonzo

      Halladay and Lee (the last 2 trades) had one year or less on their deal when traded. Oswalt was kind of a salary dump and isn’t in the same league as a Lee, Halladay, Felix, IMHO. Felix has year, yes YEARS, left on his deal. It’s going to cost more than Lee and Halladay because he is younger and signed for longer!

      If you rather deal for one year or less on a rental, that’s cool, but don’t compare the Lee/Halladay/Oswalt deals to a potential King Felix deal done this year.

      • Steve H

        Felix has year, yes YEARS, left on his deal. It’s going to cost more than Lee and Halladay because he is younger and signed for longer!

        And (mostly due to the reasons you mentioned), Seattle has no motivation to actually move him unless they are blown away. Felix Hernandez is not on the trade block, the other guys were.

        • Gonzo

          Exactly, Seattle isn’t a small market team struggling to get by.

      • Klemy

        All sorts of this. That’s an apples to oranges comparison because of years AND money.

  • Smallz

    I also find it incredibly hard to believe they’d part with Felix for just prospects. Theyd need some major league ready talent. Cano or Hughes would have to be in the deal. Hughes, doesnt make sense cause it still leaves a hole in the rotation. Cano… A deal of Cano, Brackman, Romine and Noesi or Warren for Felix and maybe like Figgans with his big contract they probably wouldnt have any problem parting with. I’d go for that deal before our 4 of our top prospects for one guy.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      “A deal of Cano, Brackman, Romine and Noesi or Warren for Felix”

      Realistically speaking is thay enough. We know what Cano is but behind him how much bang are they getting for their buck

      • The Big City of Dreams


    • RL

      Sorry, I’d say NO if Cano is involved. I’d have trouble including Montero, Banuelos and Bentances. Could possibly go with 2 of the 3 (and one or 2 additional pieces).

      • AndrewYF

        People who talk about ‘packaging’ Cano for anyone are not worth listening.

        He’s about as untouchable as any player in the game. Think of how much Hanley Ramirez is worth on the open market. That’s how much Cano is worth, and then you have the fact that the Yankees are a contending team who have no reason to trade him (and no one in their farm system to replace him).

        Cano ain’t going anywhere. I am astounded to see how Yankee fans continue to underrate him.

        • RL

          Seriously. +1!

        • thumper

          Not that I agree with trading Cano for King Felix, but Cano does not equal Hanley. Hanley bringing offense at SS >>>>>> Cano’s offensive value at 2nd. I believe it was Fangraphs who published at article that demonstrated the difference in offensive production between 2nd and 3rd base wasn’t that much different.

  • NC Saint

    I don’t think it makes sense to give up that much talent for a player that isn’t locked into a seriously below market value contract for a few years. Granted, Felix is the king, and even when great pitchers do hit the open market, there are no guarantees, as Cliff Lee reminded us. Still, better to originate the huge contracts so you aren’t paying for them twice over.

    • Klemy

      One could argue that Felix’s contract is below market value…

      • Gonzo

        In $$ AND risk associated with years he would get on the free market.

      • Ed

        It’s certainly below market value. But not by a lot. He makes about 17% less than CC’s AAV and about 20% below Lee’s AAV. Those are the top two pitcher contracts.

        When people talk about below market value contracts, they’re talking more like Josh Johnson or Zack Grienke, who make about 55% of what CC and Lee make.

  • Aceves

    Sounds like the crazy asking price that the Twins wanted for Santana (gut the Yankees farm,) and finally settled for far less! No Deal!!

    • NC Saint

      Not really a good analogy though, since Santana didn’t have any years left on his contract.

      • Gonzo


      • Steve H

        He was also older and already showing signs of decline.

  • cranky

    It would maker absolutely no sense for the Yankees to trade Banuelos. None. Nada.
    At this point in time, he looks like a young Johan Santana. You just don’t trade a guy like that. Not for nothing.
    While it’s true that Seattle would have every right to ask a king’s ransom in exchange for Hernandez, the Yanks would be dumb–VERY dumb–to trade Banuelos. The Yanks haven’t had a pitching prospect in their system as good as Banuelos in twenty years. TWENTY years, at least. If you think–as i do–that Banuelos is a better prospect at 19 years-old than Andy Pettitte was, it’s been more than twenty years!

    Montero, Betances, Nova? Sure. Give ’em all three for The King. Throw in David Adams, too. But not Manny.

    And now, back to reality…

    • bexy on another computer

      The Yanks haven’t had a pitching prospect in their system as good as Banuelos in twenty years. TWENTY years, at least.

      Hughes and Joba were extremely good prospects. BA ranked Joba #3 in 2008:, and Hughes #4 in 2007: Obviously that’s not a guarantee but they were really, really good prospects.

      I agree he’s a better prospect than Pettitte but that just goes to show how unpredictable the whole thing can be.

      • Gonzo

        Exactly, Hughes and Joba were the f-ing bees knees in prospect terms. Way more highly regarded than Banuelos (thus far).

    • Ross in Jersey

      It would maker absolutely no sense for the Yankees to trade Banuelos. None. Nada. At this point in time, he looks like a young Johan Santana. You just don’t trade a guy like that. Not for nothing.

      Did you just refer to Felix Hernandez as “nothing”? Come on now.

      the Yanks would be dumb–VERY dumb–to trade Banuelos. The Yanks haven’t had a pitching prospect in their system as good as Banuelos in twenty years. TWENTY years, at least. If you think–as i do–that Banuelos is a better prospect at 19 years-old than Andy Pettitte was, it’s been more than twenty years!

      Wow… I mean… wow. Shiny thing syndrome anyone? Banuelos is a great talent, but he is still a prospect. He has pitched a handful of AA innings and nothing more. He hasn’t proven anything yet. I wouldn’t deal him for some average arm, but this is Felix effing Hernandez we’re talking about. If you were going to part with Banuelos for anyone, wouldn’t it be him?

      There is prospect hugging and then there is crazy talk. Saying Banuelos is the best NYY pitching prospect in 20 years is crazy talk.

    • Ed

      I seem to remember a can’t miss pitching prospect who could hit 100mph with his fastball, had a brutal 90mph slider, and a decent curve to go with it. Had a great build for a pitcher too.

      Now he’s an overweight middle reliever who hits the mid 90s on a good day.

      Don’t get too attached to prospects. Especially not ones who have barely pitched above A ball and have a body type that doesn’t usually lead to success in the majors.

      • Tackaberry

        This statement just makes me so sad.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Absolutely No! I rather tread water until the kids can get to the Bronx. Its not that I believe the kids will all produce but some will. Hernandez can fall on his arm and we gave up four of our best. The Yankees have to be in contention all the time to keep the money rolling in but it can be done in other ways than sacrificing your first born.

  • NC Saint

    Also, anonymous quotes are all in the game, as you say, but they aren’t worth much if they aren’t coming from a trusted news source. Sports journalism’s standards are incredibly low in general, and coming from Jon Heyman, this tells us exactly nothing.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Also second thought, there is the Yankee price and the rest of the league price.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      which means it’s either hughes, montero, betances, and smaller pieces around them


      cano, man ban, brackman, and smaller pieces around them

      • NC Saint

        That second option isn’t at all comparable to the first. No way the Yanks take an offer with Cano and top prospects at all seriously. I love Hughes, and hope and trust he will return to form, but Cano is one of the top players at a premium position. Hughes has shown flashes of greatness, but he simply isn’t one of the top starters in baseball.

        That said, I don’t either deal.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          I understand where you’re coming from I just showing how teams ask for the moon when it comes to the Yankees. I remember there was talk about the twins wanting Cano in a deal for Johan

  • Ed

    Based on Felix’s contract, I wouldn’t do the trade.

    He’s signed cheaply, but not that cheaply. This season is cheap, but the remaining years are about $19m each. That’s only about a 20% discount off a free agent deal.

    If he was signed to a significant discount, like say Josh Johnson’s contract, then yeah, I’d trade a ton for him.

    It’s the Johan Santana lesson again. Don’t pay a ton in both prospects and money.

    • NC Saint


  • LarryM.,Fl.

    How can you trust the Seattle GM after last year!

    • The Big City of Dreams

      How could you ever trust the Seattle GM. This is the same guy that wanted Hughes for Washburn

  • Justin

    Get rid of Cano and our ruin our farm system for the “King?”

    No thank you.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Hopefully the prospects pan out. I’d love to see Man and Dellin being fixtures in the rotation.

  • Pat D

    Hernandez is the only guy for whom I would trade Montero.

  • Monteroisdinero

    I don’t do it. Martin is not a sure thing although he has had a good start. Let’s see how he is doing in mid-June before we trade Montero which I obviously would not do.

  • chris

    CC puts the Yanks in a tough spot this year. His opt out makes it a little harder for the Yanks to trade for a guy like Felix who is going to ask for an extension before waving his no trade. Is it worth making 2 of the strongest parts of the system in to two of the weaker ones to possibly replace CC and not add to him? IMO no, but it could change if they ask CC to waive it before the deadline. I’d hold off on trading for Felix anyway right now. The Mariners will have to drop the price next year and in years to come. Now is not the time to make the move. The cost is way to high.

    • Gonzo

      The Mariners are not the Marlins or Rays, they have resources. They can hold on and pay Felix $20mm a year without the same problems small market teams would have.

      • Ed

        The question isn’t can the Mariners pay Felix, it’s should they.

        Spending $20m/year on one player usually isn’t a good idea if the rest of the team sucks.

        • Gonzo

          They make money, so they don’t have an issue with paying him $20mm. They also have the luxury of getting Ichiro’s $17mm off the books after next year.

          Should they pay $20mm a year for Felix, yes, unless they get a great offer that includes great prospects in the deal. You think they’re going to deal him for Carlos Gomez and Phil Humber?

  • AndrewYF

    I could do one of Montero or Banuelos (plus Dellin/Nova/AdamsLOLjustkiddingwehatehisankles), but certainly not both.

    When was the last time a top 5 and a top 15 (in addition to another top 100) prospect were traded together in one deal?

    You can say prospects don’t always pan out, but these two guys are unanimously-top-rated prospects who are extremely close to the Show. I don’t know of the numbers, but I have to think those guys tend to pan out a bit more often than your every day minor leaguer.

    • Griffey’s Grotequely Swollen Jaw

      Hughes and Joba. that is all

  • Clint Holzner

    I would trade Hughes because getting Felix is a significant upgrade and maybe Hughes could benefit from playing in Safeco considering he is homer prone, but that is just a thought. Montero like it or not is kind of expendable at least in my opinion we have Martin who is also arbitration eligible next year plus Romine and Sanchez in the system, you have to hope that one turns out to be something special.

    I would hate to part with Banuelos but even in our wildest dreams is he as good as Felix? I would say no just because of what Felix has accomplished. Banuelos’ endgame is Felix and that is if everything goes right. I would strongly doubt that he reaches that just because his chances are so slim. Felix is the real deal, Banuelos is something we hope can even come close to being as good.

    I have no problem dealing Nunez, Adams, Warren, Mitchell or Stoneburner but I’m not sure how much the last 3 really would be of value to Seattle. This is how Nunez and Adams really have value to the Yankees, as trades particularly since SS and 2nd are covered for years to come.

    I would be able to part with Montero, Nova, Bettances and Banuelos but it would depend on the package. No prospect should be untouchable however moving 3-5 at a time does cause some concern on my end. Keep in mind it is King Felix we are talking about her, arguably the best active pitcher on the planet.

  • Anal Hershiser

    What starting pitcher would you trade Montero for? There seems to be a line as to who is “Montero-worthy” and who is not – I’m just not sure where it is. Carpenter? Haren?

  • John

    Gardner, Nova, Romine and Jeter for The King? Git’r done, Cash!

  • Now Batting

    You realize Felix is younger than some of our “prospects” (Brackman) and is already one of the best 3 pitchers in baseball. A rotation that starts with Felix and CC without having to give up current MLB players? *drools*

    • John


      I’d give up Banuelos, Montero, and Brackman in a heartbeat. Felix is the definition of an Ace, in his prime, and signed to a relatively team friendly multi-year contract. If there ever is a time to “empty” the farm, its for King Felix. If you wouldn’t give up 3 prospects for a CY Young winner in his prime, you need to examine how many prospects actually meet their potential.

      Imagine having to face CC/Felix twice (one possibly three times) and the Yankee offense in a playoff series?

    • Clint Holzner

      Thank you, I think people forget JUST how young he is. 25 and under team control this year and 3 after it for an extension that I feel most people would consider reasonable.

  • Alfredo

    heck no. king felix is not that valuable banuelos can become and ace so can betances and montero is an awesome power hitter. NO!!!!!!

    • bexy on another computer

      king felix is not that valuable

      I agree with the general gist that it’s a lot to give up. But um, no.

    • Mike M

      I can become an ace too. I just need to get my velocity up 20 ticks and learn how to locate like Maddux. Would you trade me for Felix? The amount of prospect hugging that goes on is baffling

  • Alfredo

    it would be be an awesome rotation if they make the deal it will hurt until they win 2 straigh world series. my worry with felix is he has been worked to much in the past so how much longer can that arm hang on before a serious injury?

  • Alfredo

    what will hurt is that even if we win 2 straight world series banuelos and betances become aces, and montero their #4 hitter, and they beat us in a world series with 3 of our home grown players. THAT WOULD HURT!!!!!!!!

    • BigDavey88

      The Mariners cannot beat us in a world series.

  • Ari G

    this is the best pitcher in the al were talking about u do the deal, then hope the prospects dont turn into cy young

  • Operation Killer B’s

    Its obvious that they cant give up Cano, he cant be replaced at second base and should be untouchable at this point. If they ould get a deal done without Banuelos involved I would say it would be a steal for the Yankees as they get to keep their top pitching prospect and recieve the best pitcher in the game…with all that here are my proposals

    Banuelos, Montero, Brackman, Nunez, and Nova

    Montero, Betances, Brackman, Nunez, Nova, Warren, and Laird

  • Alfredo

    banuelos is a need we need starting pitching from the minors because they are no big free agents next year.

    • Now Batting

      If you do the trade you don’t need a big free agent next year since your rotation is CC-Felix-AJ-Hughes-*. DUH!

  • Guest

    I do it. Felix is under contract at a below market rate for the next five years.

    He is 25 years old. 25. He’s like Brackman’s age. That’s really, really young.

    He’s also a big dude with little to no meaningful injury history. I think he’s a lower injury risk than Lincecum/Latos/etc.

    Essentially, you’re trading for an elite ace with minimal injury history (at least relative to other pitchers) that’s under team control at a below market rate who has yet to hit is prime years. It’s like trading for some strange combo of the best parts of Brackman (upside and not yet in prime years) and Halladay (elite track record of success in the majors).

    Yeah, you do the trade.

    •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

      With what, a couple thousand innings already under his belt? And we’re already proclaiming him to be injury free?

      Cashman won’t do it. He won’t take essentially what makes the farm elite, trade it for any one person but if that person gets injured you’re fucking screwed.

      The value at even one of these guys pan out for 300K is really really valuable. You don’t do the trade.

  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    oh come on. phil hughes won more games last year than he did, and look how that worked out…

  • asdf

    the seattle gm can’t be trusted!

  • Frank

    Montero, Banuelos/Betances, Warren/Noesi, Nunez/Adams/Romine, low A pitcher…think Jose Ramirez.

    That is more than anyone has given up in years for a single player, and still leaves depth behind in Banuelos/Betances, Brackman, Sanchez, Heathcoat, etc.

    • Tackaberry

      You are giving Seattle crap in that trade. Not that they aren’t decent prospects, but this isn’t a video game. That trade won’t get it done and you can’t force it to be completed.

  • OldYanksFan

    What is Felix worth a year in WAR?
    What was Frank Thomas worth a year in WAR?
    Too much to pay and the eggsinonebasket thing.

  • a plethora of pinatas

    How do we know Boston won’t swoop in and trade for him? After all they still have Jose Iglesias, “Masher” Lars Anderson, “Ace” Felix Doubront, “the Neck” Ryan Kalish, “Porcelain” Jacoby Ellsbury and “Demigod” Daniel Nava.

    Or maybe the Padres just trade Casey Kelly straight up?

  • claybeez

    No deal. I want Montero’s bat in Yankees’ lineups for the next 15 years. Any pitcher can break down at any time, even Felix.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      With the way the offense might shake out over the next few yrs you are right about his bat

  • Don W

    I wouldn’t do the deal. The Yankees are going to need some of these kids to keep the Yanks’ payroll anywhere near the $200 million level over the next few years. Adding another $20 million salary while removing possible cheap replacements would be a disaster. We’re a year or two away from CF & RF getting considerably more expensive since they’ll either have to pay Granderson & Swish more or sign high priced free agents in order to offset the offensive deteration from aging A-Rod and Jeter. Cano will be a FA as well down the road and he’s going to cost considerably more than he’s getting now.
    The last thing the Yanks need to do now is repeat the Expos mis-guided deal for Bartolo Colon. I have little doubt that if the Red Sox had come to most of you in 1993 offering Roger Clemens for Jeter, Andy, Posada and Mo you would’ve jumped at the chance and patted yourselves on the back until he got hurt.

  • King

    The package would have to be significant and I have no problem with that because there is just not enough room for all top young pitchers to keep them all.

    That said I’m not giving up Montero, Betances and Banuelos in any package. 2 or the 3 I’m fine with, however I would make every effort that Manny is not in the package.

    Montero is going to be a special hitter but the game is changing to what it once was and the day of the 1 dimensional slugger is going the way of the dodo to an all around player who can do everything and plays great defense and has speed. With Martin in the fold and the other catching prospects I don’t have a problem dealing him.

  • Kulish

    F-Her….I’d do the trade just based on being able to call him that.

  • reed

    banuelos,betances,nova, montero for felix. i’d do that trade in a heartbeat. we’d still have chris cabrera and bryan mitchell who are also potential aces in our system.

  • Tom

    Option A: Montero / Betances / Gardner / Nova / Nunez or Adams
    Option B: Montero / Banuelos / Brackman (or Noesi or Warren if preferred) / Nunez or Adams / additional lower level prospect

    I don’t think the M’s do either though – I think the first deal is close… A major league OF, cheap fits their big park, a big bat (catch/DH since they have Smoak), 2 good young pitchers one with high upside, one ready to pitch in the bigs and a much needed middle infielder.

    The problem with any deal is that the Mariners will want a pitching prospect (possibly two) who has close to the ceiling of Hernandez and will want a lot of talent as insurance as many prospects don’t pan out. Would they make this deal without Banuelos AND Montero in it? The only question would be how much more is in it.

    To put this in perspective what would the Yankees want back for CC (assuming he was signed for the next 3-4 years and had no opt out)… now imagine CC 4 years younger and better. The Yankees would want 2 potential aces (Banuelos definitiely, is Betances a future ace?), a premium position player (Montero) and a couple of depth pieces (back of the rotation starter, maybe an decent OF or infield prospect).