• Plank

    Wait was that sarcasm about locking up a 32-37 yr old LF? I really hope so

    Yes. Stupid deal, I assume ownership demanded it.

    I think most people who analyze the game sabermetrically fail to see the game from ownerships point of view. If signing Braun ahead of time gets butts in the seats then it is worth it. The Rays are doing everything ‘right’ but their attendance is down A LOT this year. Yes, letting Crawford, Pena, and their entire bullpen walk may be the right baseball move, but the season ticket holders and casual fans see that and give up interest in the team. That hurts the team. Payroll and wins are not the only things ownership looks at. It is the only thing most baseball writers look at.

    I think the Soriano signing by the Yankees was influenced by this a bit as well.

    Another thing to consider is the possibility of inflation. It is possible that by the time this deal goes into effect, and the Tulo deal, that they can seem like below market deals.