Secondary market soft for looming homestand

Hughes suffers 'setback' during bullpen session
A look at Jorge Posada's struggles

As will happen frequently over the course of the season, TiqIQ, our RAB TIckets partner, has passed along a graphic about the Yanks’ looming homestand. Even as the weather warms up in New York, tickets on the secondary market are still dirt cheap for the Yanks’ homestand. Prices spike a bit for this weekend’s series against the Blue Jays, but for those who want to see the White Sox early this week, tickets are available for well below face value. In fact, some seats are selling for under $5 right now.

As always, you can find tickets to the upcoming homestand right here on RAB Tickets. Take a trip up to the Bronx for a game or two and support RAB in the process.

Hughes suffers 'setback' during bullpen session
A look at Jorge Posada's struggles
  • Gonzo

    That’s becasue this team is DOOOOOOOOMED!!! Doomed I tell ya!

  • Ryan

    or because its supposed to rain

  • RL

    Hooray for me! Will decide tonight if I’m going Wed or Saturday. Last week Wednesday looked like the better day. Now Saturday looks better.

  • Poopy Pants

    Best fans in the world, right?

  • steve s

    It’s times like this that I am reminded of Bob Costas’ wonderful eulogy of the Mick. The following applies to Derek as well:

    “None of us, Mickey (or Derek) included, would want to be held accountable for every moment of our lives. But how many of us could say that our best moments were as magnificent as his”.

    The best moments of Derek were as magnificent as any of the all-time Yankee greats and best of all is that most everyone commenting in this thread got to see every great moment from the very first moment (with more possibly still to come). That’s a connection that, as a fan, elevates Derek to me above the gossip and jealousy and into the upper stratosphere of Yankee lore and legend.

  • Neil

    Who on the White Sox roster am I supposed to be excited to go see in person? Ozzie?