2011 Draft: Baseball America’s Top 200 Prospects


At this time in two weeks, the 2011 draft will be coming to an end. Hard to believe it’s so close. Baseball America posted their list of the top 200 prospects today, and it’s free for all to see. You do need a subscription to see the scouting reports, however (1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200). Rice 3B Anthony Rendon still ranks number one, but high school RHP Dylan Bundy has jumped everyone and claimed the number two spot. UCLA RHP Gerrit Cole, Virginia LHP Danny Hultzen, and UCLA RHP Trevor Bauer round out the top five. The free list gives you each player’s statistics, so that’s cool.

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  • Clay Bellinger

    Is there any chance of Bundy and Archie Bradley pitching against each other?

    • Clay Bellinger

      Ah, apparently they were supposed to back in April, but it was rained out.

      • Gonzo

        Their teams met in the State Championship game too, but Bundy pitched in the game before and Bradley pitched that one. I might have that reversed.

        • Clay Bellinger

          Ohh, those two meeting for the championship would’ve been sick.

  • T-Dubs

    I don’t think it’s free. I’m being asked for a login.

    • T-Dubs

      Nevermind. I misread. Buy t-shirts.

  • Matt Montero

    Any opinions on B.A. Vollmuth (SMU SS/3b)? If he could stay at SS then he would be a monster because he seems to hit well. But in videos he looks too large to stay at short.

    • Matt Montero

      Before later in this season he played purely SS but later moved to (I’m not if it’s a tired thing or he can’t handle it but he looks big in the linked video). As far as offense, the guy seems to flat out hit and would be a great hitting SS and even a good offensive 3b. On the defensive side, I haven’t found much but BA has him ranked 63 and I’ve seen him ranked as high as 36 (but I don’t remember where). Here’s some info (the little I can find on him).

      B.A. Vollmuth is a guy who jumps out for the bat speed, compact stroke, hip rotation, head down, firm front, hard contact…need I say more, I liked him. Watch for yourself and decide. I wish I could have seen him play a little more than I did, but thanks to some very hard work, we were able to get this BP round on film. Take it away, B.A. I pity the fool who thinks you can’t hit. (with a video inside of him hitting). (a nice profile/interview)

      For some reason I can’t even find a video of him fielding.