Colon, Noesi shine in marathon win over O’s

Dickerson leaves game after getting hit in the head by pitch
Robinson Cano, hacker extraordinaire

And in the 15th inning, the Yankees finally won. This game featuring everything but a 1-2-3 inning from Rafael Soriano (zing!), including great pitching, (some) clutch hitting, great defense, and even a baserunner getting hit with a batted ball. It’s a good thing the Yankees managed to pull out the win, this is one that would not have sat well with the natives if it ended up in the loss column.

Nom Nom Nom

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Eight shutout innings, three hits, one walk, seven strikeouts, ten ground balls, 87 pitches, 61 strikes, and one no decision. Was this the best pitchedgame by a Yankees’ starting pitcher this year? Yeah I think so, and Game Score agrees with a score of 82. CC Sabathia‘s seven shutout innings against the Twins on April 5th was the previous best at 78, the game when Soriano blew a four-zip lead in the eighth. Nothing nice, eh?

Anyway, Colon was marvelous, commanding the fastball to both sides of the plate and adding velocity as he went along. The guy just continues to pitch well and deep into games, and unfortunately it all went for naught on Wednesday.

Gotta Go To Mo

It’s never a bad move to give the ball to Mariano Rivera, especially in a close game, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. This was one of those times. Whether or not Colon should have been left in for the ninth is debatable (I would have left him in, personally), but the bottom line is that Mo had to get three outs before allowing a run and he didn’t get the job done. He’s now blown back-to-back saves against the Orioles (granted, they were like four weeks apart) and three on the season. If you really want complain about something regarding Mo, complain about him not going back out for a second inning of work after throwing just nine pitches.

And 15 innings later, they score ... (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Goodbye Offense My Old Friend

Remember when the Yankees’ offense was a wrecking crew, capable of beating teams one through nine … well, two through nine? Those were good times, I miss them. Yankees’ batters left the go-ahead run on base in the 10th, 12th, 13th, and 14th innings, stranding a total of 15 men on base and going just 3-for-13 with runners in scoring position. It took back-to-back flare singles from Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez to leadoff the 15th and a Robinson Cano first pitch two-run double to plate the winning runs.

That double was the biggest relief I’ve felt in a while, because the Yankees just refused to capitalize on the chances they were giving. I don’t know what it is with this team, but they seem allergic to the big hit and incapable of finishing off a rally. They have no problem starting them, that’s for sure, but turning them into runs has been like pulling teeth lately. The Cano double was by far the biggest play of the game for New York at +0.262 WPA, it’s just too bad we had to wait 15 innings for it.

Well done, kid. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Trial By Fire: Hector Noesi

Given the circumstances – his Major League debut in an extra innings game with zero margin for error – I thought Noesi was absolutely fantastic. Four walks and four hits in four innings is nothing special, but he made pitches when he had to and looked anything but rattled. It had been 11 days since he last pitched, but Noesi did a fine job of pounding the zone to his glove side, with both fastballs and breaking balls. Sixty-six pitches in all, and he got the Orioles’ batters to swing and miss at ten (!!!) of them (15.2%). Just a great job by the kid, and there’s a good chance he’ll be rewarded with a bus ticket back to Triple-A Scranton to get a fresh arm in the pen for Thursday. It’s hard out here for a Yankees’ rookie, yo.


(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

It’s late and I’m not going to drag this out too much, but the top five hitters in the lineup combined to go 11-for-32 (.344) while the bottom four went 4-for-21 (.190). A-Rod had four hits, all singles, and both Tex and Cano had two hits and a walk each. Russell Martin‘s day off ended up not being a day off at all; he pinch-hit in the tenth and had to catch five innings. He actually had more at-bats (four) than the starter Frankie Cervelli (three). Gotta figure he’ll get another day off tomorrow.

Scary moment in the 14th, when Chris Dickerson took a Mike Gonzalez fastball to the head. He walked off the field under his own power and went to the hospital for a precautionary CT scan, and hopefully everything checks out okay. Just to satisfy my nitpicking habit: I’m not sure I would have used A.J. Burnett as the pinch-runner there. They have a lot of money committed to him over the next few years. I’d have just sent Ivan Nova out there and told him to jog, that’s it. Anyway, that’s it, I’m done.

WPA Graph & Box Score

That’s one for the fridge, eh? has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs everything else.

Up Next

Two game winning streak! The Yankees will try to make it three in a row on Thursday night when CC Sabathia takes on … someone. Scheduled Orioles’ starter Jeremy Guthrie warmed up and threw seven pitches in this game, and I’m not sure what that does for his availability later tonight. If he doesn’t go, I assume it’ll be Brad Bergesen on regular rest (thanks to their rain out on Tuesday).

Dickerson leaves game after getting hit in the head by pitch
Robinson Cano, hacker extraordinaire
  • bexarama

    a. geez look at all the scary red bars on that WPA graph;
    b. It would’ve been nice to win 1-0 in 9, but a win is a win is a win no matter how many nails I gnawed off and times I wanted to throw things at the television.

    • Pat D

      I didn’t get home till the 13th and that’s how I felt.

      Yea, that WPA Graph makes it look as if there was quite a bit of seismic activity in Baltimore tonight.

      (cue joke about Colon going on a Godzilla-like rampage in search of the post-game buffet)

    • Brian in NH

      Thats just a scary WP graph in general. Like a rollercoaster from hell.

  • Pat D

    MLBN just said on QuickPitch that Bergesen will start.

    I also would have used Nova to pinch run, with the explicit instructions of “hey, if there’s a groundball that doesn’t get through, just head for center field.” Of course Michael Kay had to mention CMW’s injury. Still have nightmares…

    Also, did anyone see the conditions in Fenway and CitiField tonight? Yikes! Does CitiField have any kind of drainage system? The infield looked like a quagmire. I remember how terrible it was back in 2009, too. It’s just not acceptable.

  • China Joe

    Considering the season he had last year, Noesi really deserved a steady turn in Scranton and a chance to pitch his way into the big league rotation. Instead he’s been jerked around for what seems like a month. Great clutch pitching tonight by the kid, and he deserved the win…that being said, I hope they send him down and let him start. Don’t turn him into a reliever just yet.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I’ll stick with my prior guess that Noesi is used as the centerpiece of an Edwin Jackson trade.

      • Sabermetrically Challenged

        I figure they add laird too( vizquel is old as bals)

  • FIPster Doofus

    Colon starts are must-see TV. I love him.

  • Adam B

    I REALLY REALLY hope he didn’t take HGH…

    • jsbrendog

      who cares

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    4 K’s for the kid, including strikeouts looking to end the 13th and 14th.

    Fistpump that shizz, homie.

    • DCBX

      Seriously. The O’s got schooled, and then had to sit in detention for 6 more innings for doing that shit to Mo.

  • Barry

    What a crazy crazy game. Noesi was very impressive considering the situation he was in, and how many games has he pitched in the last 3 weeks? 1? Also very impressive tonight (and a bit lost in the craziness) was Boone Logan doing his best fireman impression in the 11th. To be honest I was so sure the game was over that I had my finger poised over the remote so that I could shut the tv as soon as the Orioles scored. Boy am I glad I was wrong. :)

    • MikeD

      I walked into my home and turned on the TV just in time to see Pie hit a ball I throught for sure was leaving the park. I almost hit off before the ball was, as it turned out, caught. It was that close. Baseball. A game of inches.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Free baseball had never been so hard to watch.

  • MikeD

    It was an enjoyable win at the end, but the road getting there was not.

    I’m with you. I personally would have let Colon come back out for the 9th. I was driving back to NY from NJ after a business dinner, so I had the “joy” of John and Suzyn for company and had a very rare, uncomfortable feeling when Mo was announced. I guess I figured there was little chance he could be more dominant than Colon, and if Mo failed just slightly, we’d have to go to a very untested arm in the pen. Yet Mo is never the wrong answer, and that’s also why Girardi went to him. You can never be questioned for bringing in Mo, but if he went with Colon in the 9th and Bartolo gave up the tying run, Girardi would be asked about it non-stop.

    It all worked out fine as two teams who refused to score no matter how many chances they had took it to the 15th!

    • jim p

      If Colon says “i got more” I’d think “well Mo has been used at a pretty high pace this year.” 20 games and 19 innings a quarter through the season, where the last 3 years has seen about 64G, 66 IP. So saving him today wouldn’t have hurt. He threw Sunday and Tuesday, so it isn’t like he needed work.

  • Barry

    With Joba and Robertson unavailable tonight, I imagine Girardi and Colon had the following conversation before the game: Girardi: Bartolo we really need you to eat some innings tonight. Colon: Ok just pass the ketchup, I can eat anything with ketchup. Kidding aside before this game went to extras, Colon gave the Yanks exactly what they needed, a night off for the pen. Unfortunately Mo A-mighty didn’t get it done, but such is the mark of true infallibility, he’s so perfect that he even has the ability to mess up once in a while.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    I still can’t believe we won that game.

    I was told on numerous occasions this game was over. This result thus does not make sense.

  • Esteban

    The guy just continues to pitch well and deep into games, and unfortunately it all went for naught on Wednesday.

    I don’t think Colon’s pitching went for naught. The Yankees offense was struggling and he didn’t give up any runs. A big part of the reason the Yankees were able to make to the 15th to score those runs was because Colon was so good the first 8. Sure, he might not get a pitching win, but the team ultimately got a win, and that matters more than the distribution of pitcher wins.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      But Esteban, he didn’t win the game. Noesi did.

      Therefore, Colon didn’t contribute jack shit to this win. This win was 100% Hector Noesi and 0% everyone else. It’s science.

      • Esteban

        Oh damn, I forgot the sarcasm tag. Yeah duh, Colon should have given up -1 runs so the Yankees would have won even with the run Mariano gave up. Science is Science and W/L records are all I need to know about pitchers.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          W/L records are all I need to know about pitchers.

          Just like dying of typhoid, it was good enough for Old Hoss Radbourn so it’s good enough for me.

          • Esteban

            Is Cy Young known for FLIRP or WHIPES or whatever fancy nerdboys come up with in their mother’s basement? No he’s known for wins, the only thing real MEN care about.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

              I don’t know if Charlie Sheen is a baseball fan, but I can totally picture him going off on rants like this.

              • Esteban

                Say what you want about Charlie Sheen, but unlike most actors, he’s pretty athletic. Here’s a video of him hitting a homerun in Dodger Stadium using a metal bat. Still a legit shot.

                • Chip

                  That’s why I love watching the celebrity softball game. It’s just odd to see some of those actors and actresses show that they’re actually athletic. Of course, it’d be more fun if they got some high profile names rather than a string of D list celebrities

                • fire levine

                  I remember reading that in major league sheen actually pitched.

  • forensic

    Yankees’ batters left the go-ahead run on base in the 10th, 12th, 13th, and 14th innings

    If we wanted to pile on, technically they also left the go-ahead run on base in the 2nd and 3rd innings.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Baltimore left the tying or go-ahead run on base in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 15th.

      Four of those potential go-ahead or tying baserunners were standing on third when the third out was recorded.

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        Yeah this was the same kind of game for Baltimore through the first 14 innings that it was for us.

  • pat

    I wonder if we could buy low on Mike Gonzalez and store him down in Tampa with Prior for a couple weeks. His fb velocity and movement are at his career norms, and his 3.6 bb/9 is the lowest it’s been since 2004. He’s also currently sporting a turgid .381 babip, almost a hundred points higher than his career norm. I’m not privy to his medicals, but if everything checks out he could be a pretty good candidate to bounce back. Orioles could be tempted to spend his remaining ~4.5 million elsewhere. When he’s healthy and his mind is right he can still be a very effective weapon out of the bullpen.

    Also, I don’t think he hit Dickerson on purpose. The catcher set up low and outside and it was the freakin 15th inning of a game and he was the last dude left in their pen.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      For him to be in the minors he has to go through waivers and there is no way in hell that the other 29 teams let him pass. Especially the Sox.

    • MikeD

      He’s friends with Soriano.

      Soriano supposedly even calls him for advice when things aren’t going well, so I’m assuming they’ve talked lots this season.

      Is Gonzalez’s arm shot, or is he just not pitching well. If he can be anything near what he was in Atlanta, I’d sure as hell pick him up as a lefty option if he got cut.

  • BigBlueAL

    Ive always been someone to never miss a chance to rip on Girardi but I couldnt believe all the criticism of him for bringing in Mo in the 9th. Sure Colon couldve and probably shouldve been given the chance to start the 9th but the top of the order was up and Im pretty sure even he himself didnt mind bringing in Mo for the 9th. Plus I mean he brought in Mo!! I dont care if its freaking Roy Halladay starting, in a 1-run game I will never rip Girardi for bringing in Mo.

    The bunting with Gardner in the 12th however was beyond stupid.

    • Esteban

      Agreed with all of this.

    • MikeD

      Is he getting a lot of criticism? I think people were hoping he’d leave Colon in. I posted one above saying I would have given Bartolo the ball heading into the 9th, but not being critical. It’s never the wrong choice to go to Mo. I think many just felt Colon was crusing, at only 87 piches, hitting 95 in the 8th and striking out the side in the 8th. It’s being driven by the Colon story. It would just be more interesting for him to close it out and pitch a shut out. That alone says how far Colon has come in most people’s eyes. He was a joke when the Yankees picked him up. Now people are hoping Mo stays in the pen for the 9th inning!

      Baseball. It’s a strange game.

    • Kiko Jones

      I dont care if its freaking Roy Halladay starting, in a 1-run game…

      Bad example using a guy who frequently—at least by current standards—pitches complete games.

      • BigBlueAL

        I dont care if its freaking [insert any HOF pitcher’s name here] starting, in a 1-run game I will never rip [insert any manager’s name here] for bringing in Mo.

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          His perfect game was a 1-run game.

          /irrelevant information

    • mbonzo

      I don’t think you used the correct wording here. While he doesn’t deserve to be blamed for the blown save, there are certainly reasons to criticize his decision to pull Colon out of the game. I don’t think anyone was critical about going to Mo, it was about pulling a starting pitcher who was dominating. Its not the biggest mistake he’s made, but its a missed opportunity to give Mo a day off. Theres no reason to pull a guy who’s pitch count is low and doing well, even if you have the greatest reliever in the game. At least let Colon start the 9th and have Mo at 25% warm up to put out any trouble he starts.

      • BigBlueAL

        It was a 1-run game and the Yankees have been struggling like crazy lately to win games. If Colon starts that inning and puts a runner on base then Mo comes in and blows the save Girardi wouldve gotten crucified for not starting the inning with Mo.

        Mo had plenty of days off last week when the Yankees lost 6 games in a row (he pitched twice in those 6 games) and he only faced 1 batter last night. The opportunity to have given him a day off was last night not tonight.

        At least the Yankees won tonight so really in the end no biggie but I just find it hilarious that people complained because Mo blew the save and they wouldve rather have had Colon pitch the 9th. Sorry in this rotation only CC should get the luxury of pitching the 9th inning on the road leading 1-0.

        • mbonzo

          Mo has now pitched in 3 of the last 4 games, so now he’s unavailable. Robertson is also unavailable, and Soriano is on the DL. So now Joba will be the only one available tonight and it would be hard to say he isn’t overworked.

          This isn’t really something that you could get pissed at Girardi for, but still Colon has outpitched CC and looked fantastic through 8 innings. The chance that he fell apart in the 9th, in my opinion, was lower than putting a new pitcher out there (even if its Mo). Even if Colon in the 9th gave up the tying run it at least saves the bullpen. Girardi will get criticized for everything but in my opinion this is just a long term strategical move that he F’d up on.

          I completely see your point, Mo is the one reliever I’d want after such a pitching performace, and I’m not angry at Girardi; I just think its silly to go to Mo when we could have given him the day off with Colon dealing. It comes down to this. Throughout the game, Colon looked like Mo at his best, so why roll the dice risking the game and using a tired bullpen?

  • Chip

    You know what, I had absolutely no issues with how Girardi managed this game. He constantly went for the kill by pinch-hitting and pinch-running guys. Yeah, that bunt in the 12th was dumb but you had Nunez and Martin coming up afterwards. Despite Martin’s power show earlier, I think there was probably more of a chance of one of them hitting a single than getting any extra base hits out of that group. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ve then set up the top of your lineup to come up next inning. I’m normally very much against the bunt but in that case I think I would have done it.

    Also, I thought his bullpen usage was spot on. Bringing in Mo was the right idea that you do every single time in that spot unless CC has a perfect game going. Then he went to Ayala and Logan to get what he could out of them before gambling on Noesi to do the long-man job that he is there to provide rather than throwing CC out there to waste his next start. I realize some people want to complain but I thought it was great management in this game.

  • mbonzo

    Had plenty of people saying this was a nice win. It was more of a “edge of my seat screaming” win. Seriously frustrating, but so much better than a lose. Its great to see Noesi finally get up there and go Robertson style on the O’s.

  • MikeD

    Yeah, so the unsolved mystery of the game is why was Gonzalez tossed when it seems very unlikely he would throw at a batter. There has to be a back story to this.

    • Kiko Jones

      Probably Russell Martin getting plunked by the O’s last time. But that would make sense if a Yankee pitcher had beaned an O as retaliation, so…

      Also, Showalter has garnered a rep w/umps that would make them think he’d pull that kind of nonsense. Who knows?

  • MikeD

    We need a new T-Shirt for the RAB Shop: Stem Cells. Does a body good.

    Just make sure you care them up to extra, extra, extra large in honor of Bartolo.

  • Kiko Jones

    Myself and others stated this before on another thread, but here’s a non-hindsight recap of why Girardi should not have brought in Mo.

    In the abstract you bring in Mo 100 out 100 times, but this time you leave Colon in because…

    1- You have a starting pitcher whose thrown 87 pitches in 8 innings, w/1 BB, 7 SO, and given up 3 hits, and looked dominant up to and including the last batter he faced. Play the hot hand: let him finish.

    2- If 3 of your 4 top relievers are unavailable and your SP has given you a dominant, top-notch, 8 inning performance and is still going strong, wouldn’t it be the smart thing to leave him in and bring your lone available top reliever—who just happens to be your closer—only if absolutely necessary, and not as a formulaic, by-the-book, managerial decision?

    3- Mo is the King, but even he can falter. And on a cold, rainy night I’d rather stick w/the starting pitcher who kicked ass in that weather. As opposed to a reliever who wasn’t exactly necessary at that point.

    4- Speaking of rain, with more of it in the forecast, what happens if it comes down after Mo comes in and gets the first out of the 9th? You lose Colon and Mo and and since you don’t have Robertson, Joba or Soriano available, you have to bring out the bottom of the bullpen barrel. Ugh.

    5- Managing by-the-book is sound, fundamental baseball but rarely if ever straying from the formula and seemingly doing so just to avoid getting hassled and to able to defend yourself from criticism, is gutless. Personally, I’d rather fail for being too aggressive as opposed to playing it way too safe. But anyway…

    • mbonzo

      You’re right. The bullpen is depleted right now. Girardi had a chance to let Bart go the full game without using it and he didn’t. I thought it was very silly to skip that opportunity. Mo is obviously one of a kind, but I have a strong belief that if a relief or starting pitcher is on a low pitch count and kicking ass there is no reason to change pitchers and risk going to a guy who might be off. This is the problem I have with designated innings, just leave in whoever is effective. Shame on Joe for going to Mo, but Joe didn’t blow the save. The responsibility goes to the guy throwing the ball in this situation.

    • forensic

      I would also add to this that Mo has now pitched three of the last four games and forcing him into this game, when you may have been able to avoid him, might remove him from consideration for tomorrow.

      • BigBlueAL

        He faced 1 batter last night. Before Sunday he hadnt pitched since Wednesday.

        He was forced into the game last night when they were winning 6-2 with 2 outs in the 9th and the tying run wasnt even up to hit. Bringing him into the 9th to protect a 1-0 lead is not “forcing” him into the game.

        Yankees have CC starting next game so if there is ever a time to possibly not have Mo available its when CC is starting.

        • forensic

          He faced one batter but warmed up twice and for a long period of time. that counts plenty too, just like Robertson warming up tonight might knock him out for tomorrow too.

          And CC pitching doesn’t have an affect on mo. It could affect Robertson/joba at times, but it’s not like CC is halladay constantly putting up CG’s.

        • Monteroisdinero

          Should never have been forced into the Tampa game. Gutless move by Girardi.

          6-2 in the 9th with 2 outs and we don’t have another pitcher to finish the game with one man on?


    • will

      All great points. I’m probably not the most objective judge on this one, because I love CGs and would like to see more of them, but even so this was a special case. I would have had absolutely no problem with Joe pulling Colon if he’d thrown even 97 pitches, as the health of his arm is becoming more important to the team by the day. But Colon has shown he can throw 95-100 pitches with no problems, and he looked more dominant in the 8th than at any point during the game. Plus, Mo hasn’t exactly mowed down the current Orioles lineup—as tonight showed, they can even beat him when he hits his spots.

      Also: Colon and Noesi were clearly the stars of this game, but I think Boone Logan deserves a lot of credit for escaping the jam in the 11th. I’m never a fan of bringing in relievers with the bases loaded (although I’m starting to warm to it with David Robertson), but Logan’s strikeout of Scott proved adain that he does have the stuff to be a high quality LOOGY. He just needs to find some more consistency with that slider.

      • forensic

        Not to take everything away from Logan (he did get Wieters, though he’s not great vs lefties either) but a lefty getting Scott out isn’t exactly that impressive. He’s never hit lefties well and this year he’s hitting .083 against them with a .481 OPS.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Agree with this. I don’t stay up until 2 AM on weeknights but watched through the 13th and there was so much torture in watching this game. Thought for sure I would wake up to see they lost.

      Girardi managed his pitching staff with his head up his Colon! The positive way to look at this game from a Girardi standpoint other than the win is we would never have gotten to see what Noesi could do otherwise. Thanks Joe and…

      Thank you Kiko!

    • Pasqua

      This is a good analysis of the situation. I had no problem with Mo coming in, which is why I only disagree with #5. A manager should never be criticized for “managing by the book” when it comes to Mariano Rivera. That type of situation is exactly the type of situation he’s designed for. It’s formulaic because Rivera CREATED the formula. It’s practically sciene. Diagree with the decision, fine. But don’t say that it was “the easy” way to go (which at least one person was complaining about last night).

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      All excellent points, Kiko. Here’s my final two cents on it:

      There are strong, strong, compelling arguments to leave Colon in. However, there are arguments just as strong and just as compelling to take Mariano out, IMO.

      Therefore, I understand people not being happy with lifting Colon there. I personally stated that I’d prefer to see Colon have a chance to finish it out. But while you can prefer one decision over the other here, neither of them are so clear-cut right that you can say “That other option was the wrong decision.”

      Lifting Colon for a closer as good as Mo is never the “wrong” decision. Keeping in a starter as cruising and as dominant as Colon was is also never a “wrong” decision. One of them may be slightly more right than the other, depending on all the various vagaries of the situation, and that is where we can reasonably debate (as you’re doing now). But you can’t crucify the manager for making the “wrong” decision to go to Mo there, because that decision is not “wrong”. At all.

      The problem was people boverreacting with stupid shit like OMG FIRE GIRARDI. That’s just ridiculous. It’s a tough, judgment call that’s the virtual equivalent of a coin-flip. If Girardi had lifted a cruising, dealing Colon for Luis Ayala, then yes, you can call for his head. You can’t call for Girardi’s head for picking either Colon or Mo in that situation. Both alternatives makes tons of sense.



      Had Girardi stayed with Colon and Colon had coughed it up in the 9th, several boverreacting habitual Girardi detractors (many of them the same people complaining about the move that actually happened, btw) would have screamed bloody murder that Girardi lost the game while his best reliever was on the bench and the old, overweight, risky Colon was on the mound. And that he’s an idiot. This take is also wrong, for the same reasons listed above. Neither choice is so obviously wrong that blame for the loss (or at least the extra-innings nature of the eventual win) can be laid at the feet of an obvious managerial blunder.

  • forensic

    The whole game was a tremendous game. Only my participation wasn’t good.

    See, even Mo thought he shouldn’t have been brought into the game.

    • first time lawng time

      No, he’s saying that he did poorly. Not that he shouldn’t have played at all.

      • forensic

        I know, I was playing with his words a bit. Guess I should’ve left the smiley face in there.

  • first time lawng time

    Okay Michael Kay is the worst. On the Felix Pie almost HR in the 14 (?) he flipped out and I though it was gone, so I shut the TV off. While later, I go downstairs and the TV is on and they are winning 4-1.


    • Xstar7

      It aint over till it’s over

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      I found it funny that came right after Kenny said “not every pitch is thrown up there to be hit for a home run.”

  • Monteroisdinero

    There are some crazy posting times on this thread. Insomniac Yankee fans!

    Jeter sucks/aging
    Posada sucks/aging
    Mo doesn’t suck/aging some decrease in efficacy HAS to be expected this year and next. It happens to EVERY player.

    Manage the game that you have watched for 2 hours Joe. The present is not the past. How much better than striking out the side at 95-96 mph in the 8th with 87 pitches thrown can Colon be? Without the Cervelli throw to 2B and the questionable calls on a walk-Colon is even more dominant.

    • Zooboy

      Completely agree. While Gotta Go to Mo is hard to gripe about, Girardi’s loyalty to binder-over-everything is old. Watch the game dude. Go with the hot hand.

  • John Franco

    I wouldn’t have criticized Girardi if he sent Colon out for the 9th and Bartolo blew it. But he’s worried about the idiots who would. Being a reasonably smart fan I’m not his target audience ;)

    Gonzalez getting thrown out was one of the biggest WTF moments I’ve seen in a while. He’s known for having shaky control, it’s not a situation where you want to put the guy on, and he’s the last man out of the ‘pen in the 15th inning. If the O’s were relevant, crushing their whole rotation for 2 weeks by forcing Guthrie into the game would be a national scandal.

  • BavarianYankee

    wow, what a game. The O’s had the bases loaded twice in the extras, they should have won that game. But hey, I take that win every day.

    Colon … yeah, what to say about him? He’s on fire and for me he the pitcher that’s most fun to watch in the MLB right now. I guess nobody expected anything from him before the season and right now he’s at least our 2nd best starter. That’s kind of a nice comeback to MLB, Mr. Colon.

    • Billy Mumphrey

      He’s actually been our best pitcher and our ace. CC has to pick it up and needs to start tonight. He’s always pitched well vs Baltimore so it’s the perfect time as we need a long outing from him.

  • Epy0n

    I am pretty sure that last hit by Cano was a 2 run triple not a double.

    • BavarianYankee

      but it was scored as a double. Don’t ask me why, there was no FC or something, I would have scored that a triple, too.

      • forensic

        It was ruled a double and an error. Fielders choice has nothing to do with it. Jones bobbled it in CF allowing Cano to go from 2nd to 3rd.

        • BavarianYankee

          yeah, I said there was no FC. Giving Jones an error there is pretty harsh, I still think it’s a triple. But who cares anyway?

          • Clay Bellinger

            Giving him an error wasn’t harsh at all. His bobble led directly to the hitter taking an extra base. There’s no way he goes for three without the misplay.

  • Billy Mumphrey

    Colon should have been left in that game, period end of story. Girardi screwed up and cost us another 6 innings of bullpen arms and fresh legs for tomorrow’s ballgame. He also got Robertson to warm up again unnecessarily. Ownership needs to take a long, hard look at our spineless manager.

    • Yank the Frank

      It’s time for your meds Billy.

      • Clay Bellinger

        Hah, it’s amazing how many times the term “spineless manager” is used by this guy.

    • Steve H


    • David K.

      Girardi should have been let go at the end of last yr. He managed terribly in 2010 and has continued it this yr. I have to give him credit for 2009; he did a very good job in 2009 but I’m starting to think maybe that was an aberration. Girardi is doing pretty much everything wrong this yr. and he has zero flexibility. He manages like a robot. What’s with the Joba 7th, Soriano 8th thing? Can’t a guy handle two innings if he’s pitching well? That way, you have the other guy that you didn’t use that night saved up for the next game.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Robby CaNoesi, donchakNoesi!

  • Steve H

    In 4 starts in May Nova has 12 swinging strikes. Noesi had 10 in 4 innings.

    • Barry

      As much as I enjoyed watching Noesi last night, let’s be fair these guys have seen absolutely no video of him.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        And to be fair to Noesi and his stuff, when Nova came up in 2010, the league didn’t have video on him either, and he still didn’t generate swinging strikes like Noesi did last night.

        I like both Nova and Noesi, but Noesi’s stuff is a little bit better, IMO. They’re both quality youngsters, but I see why Noesi’s ceiling was always considered a bit higher.

        • Barry

          Fair point, and I was very impressed by Noesi’s performance last night, but I think we need to see a bit more before we decide who’s going to be better long term.

      • Steve H

        Well it’s not like Nova had a bunch of swinging strikes before guys saw video on him either. Noesi definitely (not based on last night) misses more bats than Nova.

  • matthaggs

    Big Bart should enter his next NY start like this.

    La Flama Blanca is the MVP of the Yankees right now.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    headline says it all….A shiney Colon….

    Many comments on the ejection and how in appropriate it was. The ump makes the call there and you have to be fine with it. I doubt it was intentional, but to question the umps judegement because “there is no reason to put a guy on in that situation” seems a bit off base. I would hope that the umps don’t take the game situation in to consideration when ejecting a player or making a call. This is the second time in two weeks a yankee player has been hit in the head…precaution is necessary.

    Just because its the 15th inning and the O’s have no starter doesn’t mean an ump should just let that go.

    • Clay Bellinger

      Well it’s just that it would be sort of absurd to hit someone intentionally while being the last reliever out of the pen and forcing your team to use a SP.

      I thought the ejection was pretty cool though.

      • Barry

        I agree that it’s a bit weird, but Michael Kay actually said something intelligent on this one (shocking, I know). He said it’s possible that the ump overheard someone say something or threaten something, so I guess we don’t really know for certain what the full on the field story was.

    • Billy Mumphrey

      I don’t think he should have been tossed. Because there’s no reason to hit him should factor into whether or not it was intentional. Umps are often too quick to toss a guy. Hopefully they allow CC to retaliate today as he needs to do it to protect his teammate.

      • Steve H

        Doesn’t this totally contradict itself? It wasn’t intentional, there was no reason to do it, but CC needs to retaliate?

        • Billy Mumphrey

          Intentional or not, he was drilled in the head. Someone needs to pay. A message needs to be sent that you can’t take out one of our guys and get away with it and CC knows this.

          • Foghorn Leghorn

            IMO, CC should just go at them and strike out the emm effers…why put a guy on?

          • Foghorn Leghorn

            but what if it wasn’t intentional? this is what I don’t get….there are some situations where a guy gets hit intentionally and the general thought is that retaliation is necessary.

            but in this case it seems that most think it was not intentional…you included…but you still think CC should go drill someone today.

          • Clay Bellinger

            If it’s unintentional no one needs to pay. Shit happens. It’s Mike Gonzalez. I don’t even think the O’s like him.

        • Foghorn Leghorn

          i don’t think the ump should take into consideration that he was the last pitcher out of the pen…that is nonsense.

          perhaps a warning was the better result, but this pitcher also just gave up a few hits and the go ahead runs – many times before a pitcher has hit a guy after doing that so the ump would naturally be cautious.

          and retaliation comment is silly. i’ve never understood that part of the game. pitching inside is one thing but intentionally hitting a batter is another.

          • Clay Bellinger

            The ump shouldn’t consider that he was their last reliever if he truly thinks that there was intent as owes nothing to the O’s, but Gonzalez should consider it if he’s going to hit a guy on purpose. Not out of the realm of possibility, but I just don’t see Gonzalez hitting an obscure guy like Dickerson on purpose in that spot.

            • Foghorn Leghorn

              i agree…the ump should be indifferent to the situation but many of the comments make it seem like the ump should look at the situation and say…”oh..well, you did hit the guy in the head…but I just looked at your bullpen and its empty and Buck is giving me the evil eye so I’ll let you stay in..”

              Gonzalez should be fully aware of the situation. I don’t think he intended to hit the batter there.

  • Across the pond

    I just watched some of the highlights there and heard that “Put that one on the left side” thing.

    When did this start? I seen it in a post the other day but had never heard it before now.


    • CBean

      it’s a (Michael) Kayism.

  • CBean

    Can we just score a lot of runs today? Like a lot a lot. Because I’m really ready for a Yankees blowout.