Curry: Millwood expected to opt out

Jorge's rough start
Game 25: Frankie's Back

Kevin Millwood will likely not be joining the Yankees, the YES Network’s own Jack Curry reported via Twitter. Millwood, who signed a Minor League deal toward the end of Spring Training with a May 1 opt-out date, did not impress the club in three outings down on the farm. In his most recent appearance, he lasted just two innings, giving up six earned runs on seven hits, and the club was not impressed with his stuff or velocity. If he can find another job with a Major League team, power to him, but the Yanks are, for now, satisfied with their pitching depth. Few will shed tears over this development.

Update: Buster Olney confirms it, Millwood has opted out. It’s been real, Kevin.

Jorge's rough start
Game 25: Frankie's Back
  • bakekrukow412

    Who needs him. We have the best pitcher in the American League, Bartolo Colon.

  • Tank the Frank

    Yeah that’s a shame.

  • Slugger27

    id rather have warren/phelps/noesi make an emergency start anyway

  • bonestock94

    Now go away

  • Esteban

    Is there a market for Millwood? Are other teams begging for him to sign?

    • Tank the Frank

      I would be shocked if anyone gave him a major league deal. I’m not sure what he’s hoping to accomplish by opting out.

      • Mike Axisa

        He might just want to go home and retire.

  • MikeD

    I am shedding tears. Tears of joy.

    Unless Millwood knows he can latch on to another team, it might make more sense for him to see if the Yankees have an interest in an extension of the deadline to mid-May. He can continue to start and work his way back into shape, assuming there is a shape for him to work back into.

  • Nostra-Artist
  • Rich in NJ

    I was never high on the signing, but it was largely cost-free.

  • CP

    Is the opt out a one time deal? I mean, if he didn’t opt out today, could he have decided to do so next week or later?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      As far as I know, he could have opted out any time after May 1. But if the Yanks tell him they have no plans for him at the Big League level, I could understand why he doesn’t want to stick around at AAA. Minor League baseball is not a glamorous life.

    • Zack

      Pretty sure they usually create a new date, so it goes from May 1st from June 1st. I don’t think teams like the whole “He can opt out as soon as he sees an injury on another team” scenario.

  • Dr. O

    At least now he can get back to demanding a MLB contract which is the closest thing to a specialty he has at this point.

    • Kosmo

      Seeing that Millwood has already grossed over 89 million dollars in his MLB playing days another million or so certainly wouldn´t hurt.

  • A-ROD fan

    Thanks god

  • Jess

    Does Carlos Silva have an opt out?

  • AC

    Silva is still in extended spring training too. Must of came into cano with Cubs out if shape I’d say. Did Millwood really think he should be called up the way he pitched in minors ? Mist likely Boras told him he can get him something somewhere I’d say.