2011 Draft: Keith Law’s Mock Draft v3.0

2011 Draft: Joe Ross
Friday Open Thread

Keith Law’s latest mock draft hit the interwebs today (Insider req’d), and he still has the Pirates taking UCLA RHP Gerrit Cole first overall. Rice 3B Anthony Rendon is going second to the Mariners, and he now has UCLA RHP Trevor Bauer going to the Diamondbacks at three. Klaw says that high school lefty Daniel Norris is looking for Tyler Matzek money ($3.9M), and Kevin Goldstein added some more bonus demands on Twitter. We’ve already heard about Josh Bell telling teams he doesn’t want to turn pro as well as the ridiculous bonus demands of Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley.

2011 Draft: Joe Ross
Friday Open Thread
  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    mmm…I’m a pretty smart guy, and english is my native language, and I understand the WORDS but the words ‘he doesn’t want to turn pro’ don’t make any sense in that order.

  • dutchsailor

    As I said in the previous post — have to wonder if Gerrit Cole is having 2nd thoughts about not signing with the Yanks.

    • Art Vandelay

      I doubt it, he’s probably a king at UCLA and he’ll get his money (not like that was an issue before) and as long as he doesn’t get injured he’ll pitch the in the big leagues. His dream is to be a professional ball player, not a New York Yankee.

      Everyone i’m sure would rather be a yankee now than a pirate … but that’s what free agency is for.

      • Ted Nelson

        Agreed. Plus he’s not a Pirate yet, could also be a Mariner, a Diamondback, etc. Plus Pittsburgh is not a bad city and the Pirates may or may not be turning over a new leaf as an org. Plus he knew that if he went to college and did well there was a good chance he’d get drafted early by an org that’s historically worse than the Yankees (i.e. every org…)… he pretty much had to know this was the best case scenario of this college experience.

        • Kpdboyleball

          Plus he’ll get about 4-5 million dollars more than the Yanks offer