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The game thread will be along a little while later, so bide your time here. The Mets are on, Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals are, plus some other stuff. Go nuts.

Oh, Don’t Bring In The Lefty looked at the Yankees’ first pitch swinging data this afternoon, in response to this morning’s mailbag question. Unsurprisingly, Robinson Cano tops the list.

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  1. Robert says:

    Just a heads up. Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals is tomorrow. They got bumped by a Bruno Mars concert.

  2. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    Why is hockey taking a back seat to some shitty recording artist?

  3. jeety says:

    I figure open thread is the place for this…

    Simulation baseballl is a pretty cool low maintenance baseball simulator… dynasty style against other users…

    It is free to try… click my name to get the link… and I get credit for referrals… so help me out guys.


  4. PhillyMatt says:

    In regards to the Stanley Cup Finals, there is nothing wrong with watching and seeing a Boston team lose.

  5. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Buchholz

  6. nsalem says:

    A’s score 4 in the 1st against the Red Sox after 5 runs in 3 games against us.

  7. MikeD says:

    Outman gave two right back. Why is he the scheduled starter?

  8. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    The Mets are open to trading Wright…I wonder what they could get for him or a what would be an ideal destination for him. St. Louis could use a third basemen and another bat in the line up to entice Pujols to stay, and Shelby Miller would be a great return for the Mets. Other than that I can’t think of many good landing places for him.

  9. Phife Dawg says:

    No Haren tomorrow night.

    via http://twitter.com/#!/SamMillerOCR


  10. Jimmy says:

    God Oakland sucks man.

    • Phife Dawg says:

      Being an A’s fan must suck.

      Crappy stadium,horrible manager, an owner that’s threatening to move the team to San Jose, and a meh, unexciting roster.

      Forgot to mention they play in Oakland; the Newark of the west coast.

      • A-Rod's Wingman says:

        They should move the team, I can’t imagine where to, but that’s a team that definitely needs to move. I’ve been pulling the “MLB to Vegas bandwagon” for quite sometime. The end result can’t be much worse than what’s happened to the As the past decade.

        • Pat D says:

          Vegas should be reserved for a future expansion site.

          At some point, they’re going to have to consider going to 32 teams, which would mean adding them to the A.L., essentially, and for purposes of divisional alignment, assuming they want to keep that arrangement, they have to think west coast.

          Las Vegas and Portland seem to be the only cities that would make sense unless they want to add a team in western Canada, which I would highly doubt.

          • A-Rod's Wingman says:

            Meh…it’s fine the way it is. They just need to find a new home for a couple of teams.

            • Pat D says:

              I just assume they want to keep divisional play. I personally favor scrapping divisional play, especially if they want to add another wild card team.

              There are only so many cities capable of supporting major sports franchises that don’t already have MLB teams, and most of them have AAA teams. So you’d have to deal with that, too.

              The only teams that I really think need to be moved are the A’s and the Rays. Perhaps the Marlins, but I’m waiting to see what happens with their new stadium.

              • A-Rod's Wingman says:

                Vegas really needs a team, it’s a big enough market to sustain a major league franchise. The Rangers probably need a stadium with a roof or something…sitting in the bleachers in that Texas sun is balls.

        • CP says:

          Maybe they should move to the stadium that’s been approved to be built in downtown San Jose (you know, 40 mi south).

  11. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    Speaking of Wright, the Mets, and trades. Would a Montero for Wright trade work? That’s plenty of return for David Wright, Wright plays third base and A-Rod’s the DH. The obvious upsides is that the infield gets younger, the Yankees get a borderline elite player still in his prime and DHing might allow A-Rod to stay healthier through the length of the albatross. Just kicking the idea around for shits and giggles, whatcha’ll think about it?

    • A-Rod's Wingman says:

      Shit, nevermind…he’s only under team control through 2013.

    • MikeD says:

      A-Rod is probably a better defensive player right now than Wright, so not sure DHing him would benefit the Yankees in 2011, but certainly within a couple years it could make sense.

      No matter. The Mets are not trading Wright for a single prospect, no matter how highly ranked Montero is. If the Yankees are going to move Montero, is should be to fill a need. 3B is not a need.

  12. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    And I knew it, Red Sox tied it up.

  13. Oliver says:

    Good God the sideline reporter for the Red Sox is smoking hot! Makes me sad that Kim Jones looks like something that would try to eat Jacques Cousteau.

  14. Ivan says:

    As a Knick fan, Am I the only one who is really worried with the direction of the team now that Walsh isn’t coming back? I just shiver when I think of..(gulp) I. Thomas becomes the gm of the Knicks…I dont want to think about it.

    • Phife Dawg says:

      Frank Isola has been saying that ever since Isiah took himself into the Lebron negations last summer. Lets hope Dolan hires someone like Chris Mullin or Allan Houstan for GM. Anyone but Isiah.

    • dela g says:

      walsh is the idiot who signed d’antoni and then had the balls to continue the knicks’ practice of giving away 1st round picks when he traded for knee-mac last year

      good riddance for knicks fans

      • Ivan says:

        This is the same “idiot” who did the impossible and got the Knicks under the cap. Turn the Knicks from a punchline to a solid franchise again and rought in players like Amare and Melo too.

    • Pat D says:

      If Zeke comes back in any kind of decision making capacity, I’m just going to pretend like the NBA does not exist.

      I can barely stand to watch NBA games as it is.

    • A-Rod's Wingman says:

      I mean, the game plan from here on out is pretty simple: get Chris Paul and hope to compete with the Heat.

    • FWIW (which isn’t much), Isiah’s already said he doesn’t want to come back and be the GM, that running the Knicks took a toll on his family and he doesn’t want that again (i.e., that crazy suicide attempt thingy).

      My money is on Mark Warkentein, who just recently came on board as Walsh’s lieutenant. Or Allan Houston, whom Walsh has been grooming.

  15. MikeD says:

    Back Street Boys playing at Fenway? Sure. I guess, that fits in with their Neil Daimond-singing, pink hatted fans.

    • Pat D says:

      Hey! Neil Diamond is in the Rock ‘n Roll HOF.

      At least his songs are listenable.

      • MikeD says:

        I actually don’t really have a problem with Neil Diamond. I have a problem with Red Sox fans!

        • A-Rod's Wingman says:

          I ran into Neil Diamond the other day and he asked me “Hey, do you know what the best part about fucking thirty nine yearolds is”

          I said “I don’t know, what?” To which, he responds.

          “There’s thirty of them”

          Seriously “Sweet Caroline” has to be about the sickest thing in American culture I can possibly think of.

          • Pat D says:

            In all of American culture?

            How about “reality” television, the media’s obsession with Sarah Palin, Larry the Cable Guy, and NASCAR?

            • A-Rod's Wingman says:

              “TOUCHIN ME…TOUCHIN YOU”

              This song is about an eleven year old girl. Let me repeat that, a song with more sexual innuendo than an episode of Californication written about A FUCKING ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL.

              A love song to an eleven year old girl…WRITTEN BY A FUCKING GROWN MAN

      • A-Rod's Wingman says:

        The Backstreet Boys had one song with staying power. I play weddings (Not as much anymore, manly only if I get bored or desperate for cash) and “I Want it That Way” was a popular pick for quite a few Gen-Yers.

        • Pat D says:

          I hate Gen-Y’ers. Especially since I’m considered part of that.

          It wasn’t played at my sister’s wedding, thankfully.

          • A-Rod's Wingman says:

            It depends on who books me when I play it. If it’s a bridesmaid or family member of the bride it’s pretty much guaranteed to be in the set list. If the bride herself books it? About six or seven times out of ten. If it’s the bride and the groom they’ll go with something else from that era that’s not quite as cheesy (or so they think) “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer is a popular sub. If the groom or someone from the groom’s side (aside from his mom)it’s not in the set. It’s a fairly simple song to play, but all five members have vocal parts and it’s hard finding a bass player, let alone a bass player that can hit some of those vocal parts. I can do a fairly good rendition of three of the five Backstreet Boys. The other two is up to the bass player and my other guitarist…to get two that can do a decent job of the backup vocals let alone the verses is a tough task. As lame as boy bands were there’s two things to be thankful from that era:

            Justin Timberlake is the only one of those assholes that still has a career (so I’d say Beiber’s chances are pretty small)

            And at least all of those guys had some singing talent, unlike quite a few pop stars today.

          • MikeD says:

            So we had Baby Boomers, which were born from ’46-’64, if I have my media fabricated periods correct. Then there’s GenX, which is ’65-’80. Now there’s GenY, yet I’m guessing GenZ must be among us also, although perhaps they’re only in the single digits and have no buying power to really pay attention to them…well,that is, unless we’re to believe the story about Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline.

            • A-Rod's Wingman says:

              Sweet Caroline IS about Caroline Kennedy…this is fact. The story about the thirty nine year olds was an old joke that I ripped from a diagonal of Batman and the Joker from TDK.

              • MikeD says:

                Yes, I’m aware the song was inspired by Caroline Kennedy. That’s not the part I was referring to! It was the joke.

                A song inspired by someone is a bit different than being directly written about someone. Since Diamond himself revealed only recently that she was the inspiration for the song, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t sexually driven.

                That all said, since Diamond has now admitted he’s adopted the Red Sox as his team because of the renewed popularity of the song, I fully encourage tainting the song with all sorts of pedo messaging to embarass all the denizens of Red Sox nation.

                • A-Rod's Wingman says:

                  When you’re a grown man and you wrote a love song to the President’s eleven year old daughter it’s always hard to get out of.

                  • MikeD says:

                    Yes, yes, I encourage this. Evil Diamond, evil Red Sox fans. Damn them on their Sweet Caroline sining!

  16. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    From the same label that brought us Friday:


    Speaking of which…I can’t help but to be so excited for today’s game. Even though it’s Nova against Weaver and they’ll probably lose.

  17. Cy Pettitte says:

    No thanks on Reyes anymore.

  18. Phife Dawg says:

    Lol Mets.

  19. Hall and Nokes says:

    Lulz at every aspect of that Hinske HR.

  20. Phife Dawg says:

    Since the Draft is right around the corner, this is a good story about the super-prospect Bubba Starling and his decision whether to turn pro or play college football at Nebraska.


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