2011 Draft: Yankees take Dante Bichette Jr. with 51st overall pick


Without a first round pick because of the Rafael Soriano signing, the Yankees did not pick until 51st overall on Monday night. They used that pick to take the son of a former big leaguer…

(Photo Credit: Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel)

Dante Bichette Jr. | 3B/OF

Obviously, Bichette Jr. is the son of former All-Star Dante Bichette, who hit .299/.336/.499 with 274 homers in a career that spanned five teams and parts of 14 seasons. Junior attends Orangewood Christian High School in Orlando, and he first came into the public eye when he helped his team to the Little League World Series in 2005. He’s committed to Georgia.

Scouting Report
A right-handed hitter, Bichette offers bat speed and huge raw power, though there’s a lot of moving parts in his swing and he often sells out for the long ball. He’ll have to cut down on the movement and shorten up the swing to avoid becoming an all-or-nothing hitter. They won’t be small tweaks. Although he played third base in high school, Bichette is destined for left field long-term because he lacks the quickness needed for the infield. His arm is strong, but the 6-foot-1, 215 pounder isn’t a great runner and only figures to slow down as he gets older. Here’s some video.

Following the pick, scouting director Damon Oppenheimer said Bichette “possesses the desire and drive to be a special major leaguer” with the “potential to hit for big power in the middle of the order,” which is kinda what he has to say. The Bichettes are close friends of the Girardis, and in fact Joe’s son is named Dante after his former Rockies’ teammate. That has nothing to do with anything, but I figured it was worth a mention.

Unless he shows big time improvement in the field, Bichette is only going to offer value at the plate. That said, his power is very real, some of the best in the draft, and that’s a tool that’s getting harder and harder to find these days. There’s just not much to like about the rest of the package. Dante Jr. is a limited player, and frankly the skill set sounds a whole lot like what Shelley Duncan brought to the table when he was drafted. I have no idea what kind of money we’re looking at here, but MLB’s slot recommendation for the 51st overall pick is approximately $695,000. I can’t imagine Bichette’s bonus would deviate much from that, if at all.

Baseball America ranked him as the 108th best prospect in the draft, though he did not make Keith Law‘s latest top 100 draft prospects list.

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  1. JobaWockeeZ says:

    No shot of him sticking to college?

    • Reggie C. says:

      How does the org benefit from D-Bitch going to college?

      He’ll sign for 700K and hopefully show off that power tool in Charleston next season. The write up doesnt want to throw out the DH label, so here’s hoping he finds a home at LF.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        The pick is protected, no?

        • Reggie C. says:

          I believe it is but there’s no guarantee that next year’s draft will offer any better options or that the Yanks dont actually pick “worse”/”safer” if they actually keep a 1st round slot and select a signability case.

          Whatever… The selection is done. Yay. The power better be real, otherwise, we spent #51 pick up on another Brandon Laird.

      • Chip says:

        You probably won’t get somebody as good next year if he goes to college. He’ll sign for slotish and they’ll make some huge gambles over the next couple of rounds

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          True that actually. There’s going to be that sexy name available but in the end they probably don’t interest the Yankees.

          Now it would be funny if they get Josh Bell. If the rounds are reversed I’d be calling it an insane draft. Let’s hope.

      • xctx says:

        He will sign for much more than $700K. That is why he only went at 51. It was a behind the scenes deal where the rest of the teams knew he wanted big bucks to sign. NYY was the team willing to step up. He played SS in high school and is a very good infielder and will likely be moved to 3B. Great arm and great instincts with the ball. His HS team went 29-2 this year with the second loss in the state finals.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          If he somehow sticks at SS then Ill like this pick a lot more. He projects to be a corner OF with little value defensively.

        • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

          ???? He was not ranked in ANY of the top 100 prospect lists that I am aware of. This was a major over pick, pure and simple.

  2. Me no likey

    Although I love the power…

  3. Peter R says:

    Whaaa? Was there nothing else at 51st? Family favors come first? Do they have special info that we all don’t? Is he hiding a super glove or catchers mask somewhere?


    I mean I know the Yanks project to be a team of aging sluggers + Cano in 5 years but still, Adam Dunn is not the cure.

  4. Gleb Bakouline says:

    Awful..just awful.

  5. I wonder how this draft would have differed if we still had the 31st pick. This kid seems more like a stretch than anything. A mediocre fielder, slow baserunner, and due to his all or nothing approach his contact skills probably suck.

    He seems like the Bizzaro Brett Gardner

  6. Gonzo says:

    I don’t like the pick, but DOpp can earn his money and then some in rounds 2-10.

  7. Chip says:

    Well, the one thing our farm system was lacking is in power. Also, the Yankees have professional scouts who have no doubt signed off on him so I’m willing to give it a shot.

    I can’t find any video but didn’t his dad have a similar sort of open stance swing?

  8. Avi says:

    I made the Shelly Duncan comp in the earlier draft thread. Always nice to see my thinking is in line with Mike’s.

  9. Greg says:

    Again, everybody’s going crazy!

    We’re Doomed!!!

  10. Russelling says:

    You guys are pretty hard on an 18 year old.

  11. romo1985 says:

    yankee bloggers and fans alike as usuaul have no clue what there talking about. once again fans, bloggers and morons will look for any excuse to bitch and cry and complain about something the yanks do. sorry they didn’t pick your guy axisa boo hoo.. its laughable that through a brief scouting report idiot fans think they know who and what this kid will be.

    • awy says:

      trust in the mighty yankees scouting, do not analyze.

    • Chip says:

      Pretty sure Mike said many times that he just doesn’t agree with the pick, that doesn’t make it a bad pick just not what he would have done. I didn’t get the impression that he was being all high and mighty and saying that he knows better the entire chat

    • whozat says:

      In fairness, KLaw and Baseball-america, who DO send people to look at these players, rated him far below the 51st-best player in the draft. And, sure, you can argue that maybe they missed on a guy, but if both put him outside the top 100, that’s not a great sign. Sure, last year, they went with a toolsy up-the-middle guy from an under-scouted area, so maybe they knew something others didn’t. This time, they picked a corner OFer that goes out there trying to hit homers all the time. It’s reasonable to be confused, no?

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Reasonable to an extent. Some go way too far. BA and Law “miss” on a whole lot of guys and so do MLB teams. BA still had him ranked pretty high. Avi, for example, is using Law’s word as if he’s some draft god

      • Billy says:

        KLaw and Baseball-America always get their projections correct, right? Nevermind super prospects like Dewon Brazelton, Matt Wieters, I’m sure there are plenty of impact major leaguers who have never appeared on any “top 100″ lists just like there are plenty of guys who do appear on these lists and never amount to anything. J.B. Cox was a brilliant signing and look how he turned out. No one will know anything for at least five years.
        And even if he amounts to absolutely nothing in the majors, maybe the Yankees can swing a trade for an impact veteran (like when they traded C.J. Henry for Abreu).

  12. bonestock94 says:

    Lets see what development will do. I’m not about to scream bust on draft day.

  13. awy says:

    yea so we won’t sign any guy that we didn’t look over under a microscope, nevermind the fact that this excludes like all the other guys that we didn’t look at closely.

    norris??? too mainstream for us sorry

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Without insulting you I will point out that guys like Brackman and Cole were very mainstream. I will also point out that Keith Law Epstein’s opinion doesn’t make it mainstream just cause he’s on espn

    • Slugger27 says:

      pretty much every high pick the yankees have ever made since ive been following the draft have been “mainstream” other than this one and culver.

      this post screams of knee-jerk negativity and fact-ignoring

  14. zs190 says:

    Had discussion with Yankee fans on Twitter about him.

    The pro argument for him is you can’t teach raw power and bat speed so he’s got those going for him. He’s by all accounts a kid with good bloodlines and very good work ethic/makeup. I think they believe that he has the work ethic to improve his swing to hit for more average and be a productive corner OF bat.

    I don’t think it’s likely to work out based on past history with such prospects but clearly the Yankees scouts feel like it is a fixable swing. Don’t really hate the pick because the Yankees will take their share of good prospects later in the draft and he has some upside, but obviously not excited about him either.

  15. mj says:

    I am not crazy about the pick. Are you telling me there was noone that was ranked higher than 108???????

  16. MattNC says:

    Hope the ‘bloodlines’ theory didn’t figure into this pick. Bichette Sr. was one of the worst MLB players ever, posting a career total of 2.0 WAR while sucking up a whopping 6,855 MLB PAs.

    • Greg says:

      Baseball Reference compares him with Magglio Ordonez, Jermaine Dye, and Carlos Lee.

      Those werent bad players

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Not gonna lie it probably did. Don’t they do this almost every year?

      • whozat says:

        what? Last year they made an off-the-board pick. That was the first time. Is that “every year”?

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          It’s not a damn insult. They always get or look into someone with bloodline history. The draft isn’t all about the first round. Last year it was Mason Williams.

          • mbonzo says:

            If you think Mason William’s bloodline helped him, Trevor Gretsky will be drafted tomorrow by the Yanks.

      • Slugger27 says:

        every year? they picked who everyone expected them to pick in 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006 compensation round with joba. from what i can remember, this is definitely not the norm, at least not in the last several years.

    • Slugger27 says:

      not sure if serious….

      his dad even being in the major leagues at all can only be a good thing. i suppose u believe nick swisher should never have been a high pick because despite his great power potential, his dad was mediocre in the majors?

    • pat says:

      His dad once hit .340/.364/.620 with 40 HR and 128 rbi and didn’t win the MVP. So what does that tell you about the offensive statistics of that era?

    • YanksFan in MA says:

      His 1995 season was .340/.365/.620 with 40 HR and was worth .3 WAR? How bad could his fielding be? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  17. dc1874 says:

    Check all the NUMBER 1 PICKS through history…alot are working at McDonalds now…

    • Klemy says:

      There’s no evidence of that statement. In fact, several are working at Dennys, according to a new poll with + or – 100% accuracy.

  18. Avi says:

    And this from Keith Law on twitter:
    I laughed. Jr. didn’t make my top 100 (report: http://es.pn/jJzYLw )RT @jslyuan: Yanks realize it’s not actually Dante Bichette right?

    And this:
    Wait till you see the hack. RT @Bloogart7: @keithlaw Yikes, just saw footage of Bichette running. Not impressed.

    • Greg says:

      Again more hating from NESN National

      • Avi says:

        Are you referring to the guy who grew up a Yankee fan and ranked Banuelos the 12th best prospect in the game before the season?

        • romo1985 says:

          yes hes a weasel avi

        • Greg says:

          Everything changes when you enter ESPN. You are surrounded by Red Sox supporters that one caves in.

          All I’m saying is let’s give the guy a chance.

          • Pat D says:

            This is really just stupid paranoia.

            I’m not disagreeing with you that there are some people on ESPN who have Red Sox bias, but to assume everyone is infected by it like it’s a plague? Come on.

            • Greg says:

              SOME people…

              • Pat D says:

                Please provide me your list then. Maybe I just don’t subject myself to watching ESPN consistently to know.

                • Greg says:

                  Again I did go a bit over the top.

                  But In any case.

                  Steve Berthiuame
                  Karl Ravech
                  Curt Schilling
                  Nomar Garciaparra
                  Peter Gammons (when he was there)
                  Bill Simmons
                  David Schoenfeld
                  Rob Neyer

                  • Pat D says:

                    Berthiuame, I know.

                    Ravech, never really got that impression.

                    Schilling, duh. I also don’t give a flying fuck as to anything that emanates from his trap, plus he’s not on enough.

                    Nomar, duh. But I haven’t gotten a good grip for his overall style yet.

                    Gammons, doesn’t count since he’s not there anymore. And while I know he’s a Red Sox homer, I never heard him criticize the Yankees for that fact.

                    Simmons, duh, but he’s just a web writer, really, and he’s also finally realized that his precious team was no more better or special than the Yankees because they’ve done nothing but imitate the Yankees for the last 12-15 years.

                    Schoenfield is a Mariners homer, as far as I know. He’s toned down the anti-Yankee bias a bit since he’s taken over SweetSpot.

                    Neyer also doesn’t count cuz he’s not at ESPN anymore. And just because he’s a Bill James disciple didn’t mean he’d show undue favoritism to Boston. I always found him pretty objective. Yes, he hates the Yankees and he’s said as much, but he doesn’t then go out of his way to take potshots at them.

                    • Greg says:

                      Someone mentioned Ravech when we talked about this topic and he was born in Needham Massachusetts.

                      I like Berthiuame’s style of sportscasting, but he is the most egregious man of the list.

                    • Ted Nelson says:

                      I’m not really one to point to an entire ESPN bias against the Yankees, but Pat D I have to say that your analysis of that list did a lot more to convince me that one exists than that one doesn’t. In basically every case you say, “the guy hates the Yankees but…”

                      I have definitely heard Peter Gammons be over-the-top biased against the Yankees. I sort of feel like when he came back from the stroke or whatever it was he just stopped giving a crap and started wearing his Red Sox badge on his sleeve.

                    • Pat D says:

                      Well I only said that Schoenfield and Neyer hate the Yankees. But, as I said, in all the times I’ve read Neyer, I never saw him bash the Yankees for the sake of bashing the Yankees. If he criticized them, he had a reason.

                      Nomar and Schilling don’t count to me, particularly Schilling because he’s hardly ever on.

                      Like I said, I frankly don’t care whether ESPN has a bias against the Yankees or not. Mostly because there’s this great thing called the remote control. If I still want to see the pretty pictures, I can just press the MUTE button. And if I’d rather listen to the nimrod idiots on MLBN, I can just change the channel!

                      And then press the MUTE button again.

                  • You do know that an RAB regular writes for them, yes?

                    • This means nobody else at ESPN could possibly be biased against the Yankees?

                      I’m sure there are plenty of Yankees fans working for ESPN. It also appears to me that a lot of their on-air and print/internet talent don’t like the Yankees. One really doesn’t have much to do with the other, nobody’s saying every single person who works at ESPN in any capacity hates the Yankees.

                      I know the complaining about ESPN gets annoying to some people, but to act like there’s no bias there seems a bit willfully ignorant to me.

                • Slugger27 says:

                  youre kidding right? the list is like half of the baseball tonight team and several of the baseball analysts, both in the studio and color guys on the tv broadcasts.

            • Greg says:

              I did go a bit over the top.

              All I’m saying is that in the end, Keith Law is not the be all and end all of baseball drafting.

              In addition, I dont just mean Red Sox, I mean Boston sports in general.

              • Pat D says:

                Never said KLaw was, but I like his style and value his opinion.

                Don’t really care about bias to the other Boston sports teams, I don’t have psychotic hatred for any of them other than the Red Sox.

                • Greg says:

                  It’s just annoying that a supposed national network as so much bias to one particular area.

                  • Mister Delaware says:

                    But you do see its not bias, its pre-established preferences. Before the draft, Klaw liked Barnes and Swihart in the top 20 and had Bichette out of his top 100. He didn’t cater his opinion to fix the pro-Sox, no-Yanks narrative, the draft followed that. I feel like I say this every year, but it always seems to be valid. What Klaw likes in an amateur player meshes with what the Sox like; for him to reverse course and praise the Yanks pick while panning the Sox would be egregious. This is just following his already established rankings.

      • Pat D says:

        KLaw grew up a Yankee fan.

        If this offended you, you should probably read him more consistently. He rips anyone and everyone like this.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          The thing that bothers me, personally, is that he takes his own opinion to be fact. Mel Kiper Jr. or McShay will constantly talk about where a guy was on *their* board. They don’t act like their board was 100% right or the only board that mattered. They constantly use “I think” or “in my opinion”… Law acts like his shit doesn’t stink and his rankings are 100% right. Like if a team deviates from his rankings they clearly made a mistake. It’s pretentious and annoying.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Don’t mean to say that Law is a pretentious guy necessarily, just that he comes across that way by expressing his opinion as fact and acting like he knows more than every scouting director in baseball.

            • Pat D says:

              Well…isn’t that what those guys are paid to do? Analyze players and give their impressions/opinions?

              • Ted Nelson says:

                I tried to contrast him with Kiper and McShay. Those guys seem to go out of their way to say, basically, “this is my opinion of this guy, doesn’t mean I am right… I have been wrong many times before, but I’ve done my best to scout this kid and this is what *I* think about him and/or picking him in that spot.” This is just my personal opinion based on my memories of watching drafts. I come away from the NFL draft feeling this those guys go out of their way to make sure it’s known their opinion is not fact.

                On the other hand, I generally get the feeling from Law that he thinks his opinion is more valid than anyone else’s. He criticizes picks that run counter to his personal opinion to the point where it really appears he takes his own personal opinion as fact. Given the nature of the two drafts/sports, I’m sure Law is actually wrong a whole lot more often than Kiper/McShay.

    • romo1985 says:

      keith law is a little weasel with combined with the fact has never played a sport probably is mad becuase hes a 40 year old virgin. gimme a break avi

      • Avi says:

        Law is a pretty smart baseball guy and has 357,000 people following his comments on twitter. Pretty impressive for a non celebrity.

      • keith law is a little weasel with combined with the fact has never played a sport probably is mad becuase hes a 40 year old virgin. gimme a break avi

        All of this has nothing to do with nothing. This is the single dumbest comment on this page, by far.

        Even if it’s true that Keith Law is a 40 year old virgin who has never played a sport (which it’s not), it doesn’t mean what he has to say is invalidated.

        Half of the men employed to talk and write about baseball by ESPN, MLBN, FOX, etc. played sports for years and banged truckloads of skanks, and they’re stupid fucking idiots. Keith Law’s opinion on prospects is worth much more than those baseball playing, skank-banging idiots because Keith Law actually spends time watching, reading about, comparing, studying, investigating, and evaluating the prospects he speaks and writes about.

    • Chip says:

      Law is one scout taking information from freely available sources as well as checking on guys himself. That doesn’t mean he is all knowing.

      • romo1985 says:

        law is as pretentious an individual as there is.

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          He really is. That’s not to take away from his baseball opinions – many of which I agree with.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Yeah, he comes across that way. Seems like he’s actually a nice guy, though. When you comment on his stuff he’ll actually engage you in an intelligent conversation, which seems just about unheard of at ESPN. Probably partially because not as many fans care about MLB prospects as other mainstream sports stuff so he gets less comments.

            I’m not sure why he feels the need to act like his rankings are gold, though, and rip teams that deviate from his rankings as if he is clearly right and they are clearly wrong.

            • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

              He’s smug plain and simple. There’s a good deal of plain and simple here today too :)

      • Slugger27 says:

        im not losing any sleep over his opinion, thats for sure.

  19. Ted Nelson says:

    It’s so funny to see people get so worked up. You know it’s ridiculous when Ted Nelson is calmer and taking the situation more lightly than you.

    Considering how much criticism they take as a very well run org, can’t imagine if they weren’t well run

    As far as comparison game: waste of time. Having a similar skill set to seone does not destine you to be the same player. And Shelley Duncan is an MLB player. I’m shocked at how much people take for granted just making MLB. Odds are stacked against the 51 pick making it. Still a lot of draft left.

    Some nepotism I’d agree with speculation there. Taking BA 108 at 51 is not crazy weird though.

    • Greg says:

      Same goes for me.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      With 503 PA’s Duncan has been worth 1.1 WAR since 2007. Being called up and signed by a bad team doesn’t make you a MLB player.

      • Avi says:

        And Ted, I think what bothers a lot of us is that his CEILING is Shelley Duncan.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Playing in MLB does, in fact, make you an MLB player. Having a 1.1 WAR in only one season worth of PAs makes you an MLB player. People criticize me for pointing out the obvious, but I really feel it’s necessary with most commenters here.

        There are 4 guys drafted after Duncan in the 2001 2nd and in that whole 3rd with more than 2 bWAR to date. It’s all about the baseline to which you are comparing people. Sure, the Yankees passed on Dan Haren and Jeremy Guthrie to take Duncan… they also passed on dozens of guys drafted soon after Duncan who have not done as well to date as Duncan. It wasn’t the best choice by any means (Haren) but it was a pretty good draft pick.

  20. mbonzo says:

    Yankees know more about him than BA, Keith Law, or anyone posting on this website.

    This is the same type of reaction we got from people when the Yanks signed Colon, Garcia, and Chavez over the offseason. Point is, Yanks know damn well how to scout.

    I would have preferred they go after a big risk guy like Bell or Howard, but its possible they fall to them in the 2nd round anyway. There are a bunch of videos of him on youtube hitting with a wood bat, he’s got a lot of movement and holes in his swing, but he has some very real power. Looks like the Yanks think they can fix the holes.

    • Slugger27 says:

      i guess im just confused as to why ppl are upset they didnt pick bell. its my understanding he told every team he wasnt going to sign no matter what. why would the yankees draft him if hes not going to sign? so they can have the 52nd pick next year? i dont get it…

      what am i missing?

      • mbonzo says:

        Many top players say this so that they can get drafted later on by teams with lower picks but more money. Yanks obviously thought Cole was bluffing when he said the same thing, but he wasn’t. Chances are that Bell is bluffing and just looking for millions from a high market team. Yankees still didn’t want to take the chance here. Howard and Norris also have commitments, and are probably bluffing too.

        • Slugger27 says:

          i would think what happened with cole should be even more reason not to draft bell. the guy went out of his way to tell every major league team that he wouldnt sign. i find it nearly impossible to believe he would do that if he didnt mean it.

          when you consider the facts, its hard to even see him signing as a “chance” or a gamble, its just stupid and throwing a pick away.

          • mbonzo says:

            Someone will pick him eventually, and it may be worth the gamble of a protected pick to get a top 15 prospect with a 50+ pick. Most of the time, committed players are bluffing, so its worth the gamble at some point.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          I don’t think Cole said he wasn’t signing no matter what, though. I believe he made that decision after being drafted. That’s a big difference, as is his being the consensus best prep pitcher in that draft… highest I’ve seen any of those guys on the media boards is #15 overall. Teams take some threats as credible and some as not credible. No team so far has questioned the credibility of Bell’s threat, or Howard’s, or Norris’. They also take the guy if they think even with the risk of not signing him he’s clearly a better prospect than anyone else… in this deep draft apparently no one has felt that way yet.

          The Yankees might have picked up a kid they liked now fully expecting Bell or Howard or Norris or whoever to be there in rd 2 or even rd 8… Cashman was apparently really anxious to draft Betances (by his own account), and Opp told him to wait. Betances fell to the 8th round, the Yankees picked a bunch of good players before that, and they still signed Betances. They also picked up Mason Williams and Gabe Encinas later on last year.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Yankees know more about him than BA, Keith Law, or anyone posting on this website.

      Which doesn’t make them automatically right or automatically wrong.

      This is the same type of reaction we got from people when the Yanks signed Colon, Garcia, and Chavez over the offseason.

      This is an entirely different group of people. Tim Naehring was the person who suggested Russell Maritn for exmaple. Newman and Oppenheimer have more to deal with the rule 4 draft guys.

      • mbonzo says:

        I’m not saying Bichette will be great because the Yankees picked him. Instead, posters are saying that he’ll be terrible because BA and Law didn’t like him. Yankees scouts should be able to say a lot more about him, which is why I’m comfortable whenever they draft. Like most clubs, theres no pressure to base your pick around money.

        As for Yankees scouting, they obviously have very good scouts internationally and domestically. We’re talking about a top 10, and some said top 5, farm system. My reaction is not on the scouts, its on people who think they know a player based on what the media tells them. Lets all calm down and see how things play out before we start judging whether this pick was good or bad. People freaked out when they heard the Colon was signed, called the Yanks embarrassing. The only ones embarrassing themselves are the ones who jump to conclusions on things they don’t know.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          “Lets all calm down and see how things play out before we start judging whether this pick was good or bad.”


    • xctx says:

      I watched him play all year and he is a real talent and hard worker. His infield skills are way above what this board is attributing to him. He played SS all year and has very good range, great arm and knows what to do with the ball. The downside is that he is heavily influenced by his father and any swing changes will likely have to be run through Sr.

  21. Avi says:

    I think it’s almost sure thing that Josh Bell goes to college now. I mean when was the last time a guy was drafted in the 3rd round and got the highest (or one of the highest) signing bonuses of that draft?

  22. Pat D says:

    Here’s my honest opinion on this pick:

    Who the fuck knows? Power potential, great. Let’s work on the swing and hope he can become a competent outfielder.

  23. nycsportzfan says:

    guys, hes a bichette, and hes got raw power.. This guy could end up being a better contact hitter, hes only coming outta high school.. I think the Yanks seen his Raw power and soemthing in his game and swign they think can translate to a High Avg/High Power numbers… The yanks are sick of giving 150million bucks to there power hitters, or having to trade for em, there trying to bring up a Dante Bichette through the system.. Maybe he ends up being a Jay Buhner type, who knows?

  24. YankeesJunkie says:

    It sounds like the Yankees went for another stretch which really irritates the shit out of me. Yankees should be going for guys that have slipped down rather than reaching for guys with raw power. I just find it ridiculous.

    • Be patient. The MLB draft is not one round long. I’m sure the team will pop some elite talent that slipped due to bonus demands in the later rounds.

      If we had Bichette and Bell and Norris all highly ranked on our boards and they were all there at #51, the smart pick is to take Bichette (who probably won’t slide to #88) and wait on Bell and Norris (who will probably be there later in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th).

      It’s not the NFL or NBA draft where you just take who you like best, or trade up/down to get who you like at an appropriate pick level. There’s a different level of gamesmanship involved. You’re trying to get ALL the guys you like by letting some of them slide to your lower picks.

  25. The BIG 3 says:

    The farm system is barren of athletic fielders while the league as a whole is going gaga over them, yet a DH is chosen. The only positive I get from this is, Maybe Montero is more valuable trade chip then I thought.

    This is now 6 of the last 7 drafts.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      If you want to feel better look at the 2010 draft + Flores + Heathcott and you’ll see some good albeit rawish outfield prospects. But they got potential.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      This is now 6 of the last 7 drafts.

      What is?

    • Slugger27 says:

      im having trouble deciphering what any sentence in your post means. i dont quite understand any of the 3 of them. what does montero have to do with anything? what does 6 of the last 7 mean?

    • pat says:

      Besides Cito, Gumbs, Slade, Ben Gamel, Sosa, Almonte, Mason Williams and Romine/Murpy at the catcher position the farm system is devoid of any real athletic up the middle types. They needed to address SS, CF and 2B with our lone first day pick.

    • The BIG 3 says:

      Culver, Heathcott, Cole, Brackman, Chamberlain, Henry. Issues.

      I take back Joba though. For a short spell, he was the best pitcher ever (or at least as good as), and even now he’s a very good reliever. He doesn’t belong in that bucket.

      there’s reaching, and then there’s begging.

      • Ray the Anti-Handle says:

        Are you implying Culver and Heathcott are lost causes only after a year or two? Geez, why don’t you wait a few more years and see how they pan out?

        • The Big 3 says:

          You really think so? Slade, and Culver for that matter too, may have had difficult upbringings – to put it lightly – but I wouldn’t label him insane.

          Neither one has shown they were worth the pick, given their backgrounds.

          Cole: What were they thinking?
          Brackman: Maybe they pass next time on the talented pitcher who walks too many college kids, needing TJS.
          Chamberlain: Slid because he was considered injury prone, and also from a troubled family.
          Henry: Quit

  26. Avi says:

    Anybody out there believe that the Yanks think Bichette was the best player available?

    • Slugger27 says:

      yes, i dont see why else they would have taken him

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        SICKELS: What about your weaknesses?

        NEWMAN: Corner players with power. We have (Brandon) Laird who is a solid prospect, but we are thin for corner bats otherwise in the system. We always try to take the best players available in the draft and on the international market, and doing that can result in positional imbalance. We’re aware of it, but we would rather get as many high-end athletes as we can and worry about the rest of it later. In a perfect world you get both, of course, high-end guys who fill up the slots you need to fill

    • mbonzo says:

      It would be so weird if the team with one of the best farm systems in baseball knew how to scout players better than Baseball America or Law.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Montero, Banuelos, Noesi, Flores and Sanchez are all IFA’s which is again a completely different scouting department.

        Citing the farm as one of the best doesn’t help in this case.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          uhh, are u forgetting getting guys like Dellin Betances, Dj Mitchell, David Phelps, David Robertson, Brett Gardner, Corban Joseph, David Adams(he got hurt, but otherwise was looking great!), Caleb COtham(again, got hurt), Gavin Brooks(got hurt), Dan Brewer, Graham Stoneburner, Pat Venditte, Lance Pendelton, Tim Norton(this guys gonna be a ML reliever), Rob Segedin, Kyle Roller, Brandon laird, Jr Murphy????
          Is that ok stuff to Cite, when talking about us as the best farm stystem, and extremely deep system??? Thats not even including Joba, ian kennedy, heathcott, and phil hughes.. I think u guys should chill, and see what happens with these guys, its not all about the first round anyways, and Bichette could easily be a beast for us.. I mean, David Phelps looks fantastic, and he was a 13th round draft pick, and DJ MITCHELL a 10th, and Corban Joseph a 4th, and so on and so fourth.. Just relax people, are system is freaking goofy deep right now!

        • mbonzo says:

          Nice selective list.

          Joba, Hughes, Gardner, Robertson, Kennedy, Jackson are all products of the Yanks recent drafts.

          Brackman, Heathcott, Murphy, Romine, and Betances are all top prospects from the draft.

          Don’t forget the Yankees selected the first pick of this draft in 2008.

          • JobaWockeeZ says:

            Wait, what? o. yhour point is that they ha ve a top farm so obviously they’re drafts are awesome. Take out Jesus alone and people wouldn’t love this farm nearly as much.

            • JobaWockeeZ says:

              And if you look at the consensus top 100 prospects only Betances is consistenly found in that list that’s been drafted from the Yankees.

              The farm is dependant on IFA’s or are we not allowed to sue rankings like BA or KLaw because it’s not complely bullish on the Yanks?

              • Ted Nelson says:

                Come on… you’re being totally ridiculous.

                Joba and Hughes were top 5 prospects in all of baseball, Opp drafted Joba and he and many others were in the org when Hughes was drafted. AJax was consensus top 100. Romine has been 100 and was on Law’s top 110 lists before 2011 as well as at least one BA writer’s top 100. Slade and Murphy are having break-out seasons. They may be in the top 100 after the season, especially if they get promoted and do well. I believe Warren was on at least one BA writer’s top 100. Guys like Robertson, Melancon, McAllister, Phelps… not top 100, but have good value. Gardner wasn’t top 100, but it sure seems like he should have been. People hate on Cito and Gumbs, but they’ve barely even played yet as teenagers. Mason Williams, Gabe Encinas, and others from that draft have promise. Bryan Mitchell is a break-out candidate.

                There is plenty of reason to believe in the Yankees ability to draft reasonably well.

                • The Big 3 says:

                  Every org hits paydirt occasionally with low round projects, but the first round is where the projectable talent lies. To judge a team’s drafts, the first round should take precedent.

                  • Ted Nelson says:

                    I disagree. The MLB draft is a whole lot different from the NBA or NFL drafts. Who was the Yankees’ #1 pick in 2010? They took Cito Culver first, but they paid Mason Williams more… which one do they think has more talent? They are literally on record saying they thought Betances was the best player/pick on the board way, way before the 8th round and Cashman was anxious to take him earlier… but Opp was confident he’d be around later due to signability. They didn’t think Betances was an 8th round talent and get lucky… they took a player other teams thought wouldn’t sign and paid him 1st round money to sign.

                    Even the almighty Red Sox sometimes employ a strategy of drafting cheap guys in the 1st to save money to throw at signability guys later (they did it literally last year). There’s a lot of logic to this strategy when you’re first pick isn’t in the top 20.

                    And these guys work all year round to scout thousands of players… there is no reason to only judge them on their 1st round picks anyway. It’s a 50 round draft and they should be judged on the entire body of their work.

                    Let’s talk about the Yankees’ first rounds, though. Hughes. Henry. IPK and Joba. Cole and Bleich. Brackman. Heathcott. The only guy on that list who was never either a top prospect or directly valuable to the team is Bleich, who has injury issues. Their first round record is great. People are flipping out about Culver and DB before they even get a chance. They are basing their reactions on BA and ESPN rankings, rather than the actual play of the prospects. Scouts were actually pretty impressed with Culver in the few pro games he’s played, as he moved up a lot of rankings.

                    • boogie down says:

                      Great post. The MLB Draft really is completely different from the NFL and NBA editions.

                    • The Big 3 says:

                      I’m not flipping out. It’s just an impression I have that while other clubs may reach for a prospect, the Yankees too often grasp at straws.

                      Your last paragraph addresses my concerns, too. One could argue that Joba has succeeded (I already did) but of the others (not including Hughes, where my list stopped), the “ok” Kennedy who didn’t project as a stud, is the only one who looks like a very good pick.

                      A team doesn’t go for 600′ home runs every year as the Yankees have done. There’s talent available at #30 every year.

                    • Ted Nelson says:

                      Take a look at the success of late first round picks and picks throughout the rest of the draft across MLB.

                      The problem is your expectations. That’s why people are calling you insane, because your expectations are not in line with reality. Your definition of success is impossible to meet.

                      And if Heathcott doesn’t look like a good pick to you right now… I don’t know what to say.

                    • The BIG 3 says:

                      Apparently, the insanity of my opinion is having you miss the point.

                      Yes, even first round picks fail, especially the latter ones. Every team in baseball experiences that.

                      But you know what I don’t see Boston, TB, or pretty much any other team do? They don’t select projected 2-3 round players in the first round, knowing the kid almost murdered his Dad. Or whose Dad is in jail for almost torching his family. Or whose Mom is a crackhead. Or who’s facing TJS. Or tends to quit. Or is a DH joining a farm system bereft of players who aren’t.

                      Fuck it. Simply said, they need to draft more Ian Kennedy’s and Phil Hughes. Enough of this craptastic risk taking that leads to decisions like, “Soriano; sure, why not. It’s not as if our lost compensation will amount to a hill of beans anyway”.

      • Avi says:

        None of the Yankee top prospects were early round draft picks.

        • Kulish says:

          Andrew Brack…

          Never mind

        • Avi says:

          I know Slade was but he was a consensus first round talent and not a product of “good scouting”. He probably isn’t one of their top 5 prospects too.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Baseball America ranked Heathcott as the 72nd best prospect in the 2009 draft. He was far from a consensus first rounder.

            • Avi says:

              Fair enough. My point is that just because they have a strong system doesn’t mean every pick is the right one. I have a hard time believing they think Bichette was the best player available.

              • nycsportzfan says:

                no, just because they have the system dosen’t mean every pick is the right one, but it does mean, for now they should be given the benefit of the doubt, no??? I mean, Bichette was the 108th ranked prospect by Keith Law, not the 1000th.lol I think theres very little diffrence between alot of these guys, and its ridiculously hard to decide whos better then who, when your talking about all kids who’ve done well, and half the kids drafted this yr, could’ve went to school next yr, and been for all we know, 1st rounders next yr or higher rounders, so how do u really tell whos gonna be better then who? I mean, say Slade Heathcott went to school, he could of lit it up and been a top 10pick, for all we know, so its really hard to say, what kinda player we got, thats why u see so many later round picks make it, because u could be getting what would of been a higher round pick a yr earlier , because the player came out, and what not.. Bichette could of tore up the SEC and been a top 15 pick in a couple yrs, for all we know, we might have ourselves a top 15pick right now, its just so hard to tell..

              • mbonzo says:

                Why do you think there were better players available?

                Obviously guys like Bell, Howard, and Norris were on the board, but they may have strong commitments. Most of our opinions on who should go first are based on bloggers. I’ll trust the Yanks’ scouts over the bloggers and writers anyday.

                • Obviously guys like Bell, Howard, and Norris were on the board, but they may have strong commitments.


                  “Best Player Available” is a tricky term, because you have to first determine who is actually “available”. There’s a difference between Best Player Available and Best Player On The Board.

                  Or Best Player Available Who Won’t Also Be Available Next Round. There’s that, too.

                  • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

                    I think it’s largely the last point for the Yanks. The Betances example has been cited often throughout this thread and is a perfect case in point.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Except for Murphy and Heathcott, you know. They also didn’t sign their 2008 first rounder, their top 2006 picks are all in the bigs, and their 2010 pick has barely dipped his toe in the pool. You sample is basically four players, two of which are among their top prospects. And that doesn’t include Romine.

        • None of the Yankee top prospects were early round draft picks.

          Slade Heathcott
          Gerrit Cole (had he signed)
          Joba Chamberlain
          Phil Hughes
          Ian Kennedy
          Jeff Marquez (developed to the point he was worth Nick Swisher)
          Christian Garcia (dynamite stuff, just couldn’t stay healthy)
          Brett Gardner
          Zach McAllister
          Austin Romine
          Andrew Brackman

          Avi: Calm the fuck down.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          This just flies in the face of reality…

          Here are the Yankees 1st round selections (including comp a) since 2004:

          IPK & Joba
          Cole & Bleich

          Culver has barely played pro call and impressed somewhat in the games he played… people are basing their reactions on pre-draft rankings rather than actual pro results. Which is more important?

  27. Matty Ice says:

    If Law was such a “great baseball mind” why is he working in Bristol instead of…you know…with a baseball team.

  28. Kulish says:

    Dante Bichette Jr sounds a lot like Jon Poterson 2011. Minus the switch hitting thing.

  29. nycsportzfan says:

    I like what the yanks are doing.. Since the beggining of last yrs draft, they felt they needed pop in the system, big hitters, and guys who could drive the ball, as they felt they had enough Dan Brewers, Ray Krumls, Taylor Grotes, Brett Gardners, Colin Curtis’s, Corban Josephs, heathcotts, Brad Suttle’s, and guys like that, so they get Rob Segedin, Kyle Roller, now this yr add Dante Bichette, to go with Brandon Laird.. There trying to mix up what they got, and hope a few of em make it, or at least help in trade down the line.. They load up on a certain area, while still sneaking other pieces in as well, like last yr, getting a mason williams to go with big boppers like Kyle Roller and rob segedin, for examples…

  30. Kiersten says:

    All I have to say about anything related to people complaining about the MLB draft:

    Jorge Posada was drafted in the 24th round and is a borderline Hall of Famer. Anything can happen.

  31. Damon: I got a call from the Diamondbacks. They want me to interview for the GM position.

    Cash: Sorry. I can’t let you do that. You’re under contract and are just too important to the team.

    Damon: I understand. No hard feelings. (Thinking: You’ll pay for this Brian!)

    ~Fast forward 11 months ~

    Bud: With the 51st selection in the MLB amateur draft, the New York Yankeees select Dante Bichette Jr.

    (maniacal laughter)

    …and scene.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      ya, i’m sure damon wants to tarnish his resume and never have a chance to do anything after his contracts up.. Trust me, Damon is trying his darndest, and Bichette has some things going for em, and some things he needs to work on,just like all the players outside of the first handful do… Bichette has makeup, power, and bloodlines going for em, lets give em a chance, ey?

      I’d like to get Bryan Brickhouse in the next round, and give em mad doe to sign with us..

  32. China Joe says:

    I think most of us grew up on the NFL and/or NBA draft, and people want to follow the MLB draft with that kind of fervor. It just doesn’t work. The MLB draft is fun, but baseball development is a completely different animal. I loved when the Giants picked Prince Amukamara and Greg Jones because I watched them a few games in college and I think they can step in next season and help the Giants’ defense. But I can’t get too bent out of shape about the Yankees drafting a kid I haven’t seen play over another kid I haven’t seen play when neither of them have much of a chance of contributing over the next few years. Following the prospects is cool because, as they spend time in the minor league system they start to realize their potential. But it takes years in the system for a player to learn what it takes the make the major leagues.
    So what did we learn about Dante? He has big-time power (cool, can’t teach that). He’ll be a corner outfielder (sucks, he better hit to have any value). The Yankees think they can fix his swing (We’ll see. It could take a year or two).

  33. crawdaddie says:

    Then I question the intelligence of those that follow him on Twitter.

  34. Jim bones says:

    i find it funny that fans get so upset cause a so called “expert” says this player should go here and is the number whatever prospect. HA come on what you guys just started watching sports? Ever watch a nfl draft? Todd Mcshay and Mel Kiper swear they know everything and most of the times they are wrong. People read way into to what “experts” say or label a player. Please no such thing as an expert in no sport. Who cares what Keith Law or anyone has Dante ranked. How many times in baseball do we see good baseball players in the 6th? 9th? 12? 1st? goodbaseball players are find in all rounds. If the yankees like Bichette Jr well then instead of crying cause Keith law didnt have him in the top 100 doesnt mean he sucks or whatever. The poor kid hasnt even signed with the damn Yanks and fans are acting like he played a full season and hit 190. Lets just see first if he signs with the yanks and lets just see what happens down the line. Stop reading what so called experts say. They don’t know shit most the time. Fans are usually more smarter. So lets all just see what Dante jr can do and if he was worth it.

  35. The Constant Gardner says:

    Bichette Happens

  36. Charles R. says:

    Bichette kinda looks like ManBan.

  37. Rainbow Connection says:

    Sounds like a shitty pick. Oh well, they’ll just trade him anyway.

  38. Official Member of the Bartolo Colon Fan Club says:

    what the hell? where is daniel norris here? how about josh bell? this is garbage

  39. Jorge says:

    ….and right before the Red Sox series. damnit! losing streak starts tonight. damn you, Luis Gonzalez Jr.!

    in all seriousness, caring this much about a draft pick is quite a bit silly. either the guy develops or he doesn’t. last I checked, the franchise did win two championships the same decade they drafted Eric Duncan and CJ Henry.

  40. I know HS stats are worthless, but…

    Bichette’s .640/.723/1.198 is just fun to type.

  41. Tom Zig says:

    Need moar personal attacks

    • The hate for Keith Law is just stunning.

      • FACT: you can’t trust the opinion of anyone who has never played sports or had sex. For anything.

      • Mister Delaware says:

        So you’re not pissed that he flipped Matt Barnes and Dante Bichette Jr. on his pre-draft rankings as soon as he saw which teams picked them?

          • Mister Delaware says:

            I can never tell when you’re playing along and when you’re missing my sarcasm. We need to work on this.

            (He had Barnes #10, Swihart #19 and Bichette off his top 100 before the draft yet people here accuse him of bias in saying he liked what Boston did and didn’t like NY.)

            • Ted Nelson says:

              First, you were right about wFB with Burnett. I didn’t have a good understanding of the metric.

              Not saying they are right, but people accuse Law of having close ties to Boston scouts and therefore basing his lists more so on the opinions of Boston scouts than any other scouts. So, citing his pre-draft rankings doesn’t disprove them.

              I have no idea where the rumor started or if it’s true… but Law does often say stuff about how he talks to scouts and takes their opinions into account, right? It’s highly unlikely that he spends the exact same amount of time talking to the exact same number of scouts from all 30 MLB orgs, right? Since he lives in New England from what I’ve heard it might make sense that he talks to Red Sux scouts more than others, right?

              It’s not a crazy theory, IMO, especially when draft after draft the Red Sox picks mirror Law’s board very, very closely. When you’re talking about kids who play at different levels all across the country, I can’t imagine there’s more than a marginal difference between #50 and #100 on most people’s lists. Even if there is no implicit collusion between Law and Red Sox scouts, he could be influenced by them subtly and/or just buy into the same school of scouting and drafting as them. It seems awfully coincidental to me that every year guys who Law is higher than the consensus on are Red Sox picks. Then again… maybe the Red Sox respect Law’s opinion and read his stuff to inform their own opinions or their scouts are actually influenced by him.

  42. Jake H says:

    Why I wish they would have drafted Norris at that spot. I would like to think that Damon Opp knows more then us. They probably also have scouted this guy for over 2 years and know his makeup more then BA or Law probably does.

    • Johnny O says:

      The thing about Law and BA is that they combine their own analysis with that of other scouts. They have a network of local scouts for a number of teams that they talk to for second opinions which they use to help at least mold their own judgment. Therefore, it’s not just Klaw or Callis see a guy once and he’s either top 10 or a 10th rounder.

      Time will tell on Bichette (and Culver), but with apparently more talented people still on the board the Yanks went for someone with more limited upside and fewer tools.

      • Jake H says:

        I understand how they scout but what I’m saying is that the Yankees have said that they scout players 2 years or more at times before the year they are drafted.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        A. That they talk to other team’s scouts doesn’t make their opinion better or worse. It’s possible they talk to the very best scouts in the industry, but it’s also possible that the only guys who will talk to them are the ugly ducklings of their org.’s who need someone to talk to since their org.’s don’t listen to them.

        B. “Upside” and “tools” are based fully on people’s subjective opinions when you’re talking about HS kids who play against varying levels of comp across the country. Just about every HS kid drafted early on absolutely dominated his local HS competition. How that’s going to translate to higher levels of comp over the next 5-20 years is a subjective thing reasonable people will disagree widely on.

        You talk about upside and tools like they are well defined metrics that people agree on.

    • YanksFan in MA says:

      Law himself admitted with Bauer that the game he saw him pitch was when Bauer had his worst stuff of the season. He therefore based his entire opinion on him on one impression that was not at all reflective of his real ability. Law doesn’t have the luxury to repeatedly watch the same guys, so his opinion is easily colored by these small snapshots. Months later, he scouted Bauer again and saw each pitch as at least a full grade higher. Take everything BA and Law say say with a grain of salt. Major League teams have their local scouts following these guys over the course of whole seasons and their national scouts then do their due diligence. They simply have way more information to go on to make their decisions.

  43. Chris G. says:

    Wow. What hatred for a guy nobody has seen play. Give the kid a chance. He is a two-time All Central Florida player of the year. He hit .640 with 14 doubles and 10 homers with 40 RBI’s in 30 games. Obviously the kid makes contact. Why is everyone getting so crazy? What round was Mattingly taken? The 19th Round. First Round picks don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. If the kid makes it, great. If not, then the Yankees scouting team had better find a few later round gems…something they have been doing in recent years. Settle down everyone.

    • Ricky says:

      everybody gets crazy over some player cuz he is on a list of RAB’s god K.Law or they happen to read some scouting reports and form their opinion based on that stuff. Yeah, why bother trusting the Yankees braintrust and scouts right. WE ALL KNOW BETTER

      • And again, even if we’re all right and Bell/Norris/etc. are all better players than Bichette, drafting Bichette at #51 doesn’t preclude us from taking Bell/Norris/insert any other player you liked better than Bichette later.

        Many of those other BPA candidates are still on the board and will be on the board at our pick in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th rounds. The baseball draft has super-talented players who fall out of the top rounds every single year because they’re hard signs. Bell and Norris are falling for that very reason.

        Let’s sit back and see who Oppenheimer drafts today before declaring the Bichette pick a dumb one. We can very easily get Bichette AND Norris or Bell or whomever else.

        The draft is 50 rounds long, not one round long.

  44. Fairweather Freddy says:

    Everyone thinks they are a scout here even though they’ve never seen the kid play and the Yankee scouts have scouted him for about 2 years. This is why our fan base is ridiculed all around baseball

    • “This is why our EVERY fan base is ridiculed all around baseball.”

      I’m not going to go read other teams’ blogs (because I don’t want to get gonorrhea), but I’m quite certain every team has fans who hated their first round pick and thought they should have picked Player X instead and is positive that the team is run by morons.

      It’s not a Yankee problem, it’s a global problem.

  45. Yank The Frank says:

    Just to be able to call him D-Bitch is worth the draft pick.

  46. Said this last night on twitter… I can’t help but come back to the thought that a lot of people are having a tough time with this pick partly because they can’t look past the fact that it was the Yankees’ 1st pick and also consider that it was the 51st pick in the draft. The Yanks didn’t take this kid at 30 or 31, in the range they usually have a first round pick. This kid was a late supplemental-round pick, the Yanks clearly like him a lot, so they popped him.

    I understand we all follow prospects now and get worked up about the different rankings and profiles, but the draft is not one round long nor can we sit here and pan any pick, really, before the kid even suits up for a game.

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting the shiny names we hear about and know, but there is a huge universe of amateur players out there. Sometimes different organizations rank these kids differently. I’m not a big fan of appeals to authority nor do I love the argument that the Yankees know more than anyone else so we should blindly trust their judgment, but we do need to ratchet down the criticism a bit and just keep things in perspective. The Yanks have a pretty decent track-record, let’s see how this plays out.

  47. DQ says:

    Serious question – Mike – wondering if your background is as a scout? Just want to know how you put the scouting report together. From your own observations, from talking to/interviewing a scout, or did you compile from Law/Goldstein/Pilliere etc?


  48. mustang says:

    So basically Dante Bichette Jr. is bust before touching the field and we are still sour about the Rafael Soriano signing.

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