Jeter could need more than the minimum on the DL

Portending a Soriano return to the eighth
Mailbag: Hanley, Arodys, Nova, Brackman, Ortiz

Yesterday we learned that Derek Jeter has not resumed baseball activities other than throwing, nor has he starting running to test his strained calf. In this morning’s New York Post, George King has some quotes from Brian Cashman on the matter, and they make it sound as though Jeter won’t be back when he is eligible on June 29th.

“I can’t tell you right now when he will be ready,” Cashman said. “He is getting treatment every day and feeling better, but he can’t run and can’t swing the bat.”

When the Yankees placed Jeter on the DL last week, he argued that he would be ready in a week and didn’t want to sit around waiting for his DL stint to expire. The Yankees may kowtow to Jeter’s ego by continuing to hit him in the leadoff spot despite having better options, but they made the right choice by putting him on the DL against his wishes. It would have been quite a stretch through the NL, especially with the doubleheader on Wednesday, if the Yankees were playing without a backup infielder.

Portending a Soriano return to the eighth
Mailbag: Hanley, Arodys, Nova, Brackman, Ortiz
  • Yankee Fan 1

    Glad they put him on the DL, and so is Jeter. From the daily news: “Cashman said that Jeter, who is rehabbing in Tampa, is yet to begin baseball activities and seemed glad that the club opted to put him on the DL over his objection when he said “the disabled list definitely turned out to be the safe and right way to go.”

  • Monteroisdinero

    Hurry up-Old Timer’s day is coming up.

  • Russell NY

    Good – Jete’s been sucking it up all year. The inability to put him in the leadoff spot only makes the team better.

  • dan l

    The longer he is gone the better. I hope he retires after this year.

    • infernoscurse

      no. hopefully he comes back earlier, gets 3k, but since he came back to early gets reinjured and done for the season :D

      • CS Yankee

        You two are unreal and smell of bloody sox.

        • infernoscurse

          beats you smelling like a bloody tampon :D

      • bexarama

        , but since he came back to early gets reinjured

        Oh, nice. With a smiley face, too. Screw off, seriously.

  • Heisenberg

    This is wonderful news!

    • nsalem

      So you must think that Eduardo Nunez with his .290 OBP, his ineptitude on the basepaths and his 8 errors in 30 games is a better option than what a 37 year old Derek Jeter?

      • Heisenberg

        Oooo, snarky.

        Eduardo Nunez’s .299 wOBA for the season is suppressed by his unsustainably low BABIP. His “ineptitude” on the basepaths is league average at 0.1 Bsr. As for his defense, I’ll chalk that up to being pretty even with Jeter. A few errors in a short sample is no way to judge a player.

        However, I can judge Jeter’s absolute ineptitude on the diamond over the last calendar year relative to his upside going forward, which is none. I’d say Jeter and Nunez are a relative wash at this point.

        • JohnnyC

          If I were you, I’m not sure I’d be certain about that.

        • The BIG 3

          No, Eduardo Nunez’s .299 wOBA for the season is supported by his career .687 mL OPS. And his error-prone defense is supported by his career mL .938 Fld%

          He sucks, and he is a major downgrade to Jeter.

          • that kid who cusses at his parents

            he doesn’t have jeter’s pride. you forgot that part, fgot.

      • infernoscurse

        minus the errors that sounds like brett gardner earlier in the year. Nuñez has the talent to turn it around the same way posada and swisher and everyone who strugles in such small samples

        • bexarama

          Nuñez has the talent to turn it around the same way posada and swisher and everyone who strugles in such small samples

          No, he doesn’t, because Nunez doesn’t have the talent of those guys. A .299 wOBA sounds not outlandish for Nunez as a full-time player in the major leagues, frankly.

      • David, Jr.

        Jeter has 12 extra base hits this year in 293 plate appearances. That is the stat that jumps off of the page, particularly when thought of with the $17M salary. I believe that his value is reasonably close to that of Nunez, who I believe makes 475K.

        • Monteroisdinero

          No power and he CANNOT turn on a fastball.

  • SDM

    Jimmy Rollins has said that strains tend to linger if not given proper rest (which he said happened to him when rushed back)and can become worse. If Jeter had continued to play it would have been far worse an injury than it is, considering he is older it would lay him up for a while.

    • Kismetized

      Jimmy also had a grade 2 strain where Jeter’s is a grade 1. I think Jeter will be OK, but it’s going to take a little longer than the initially anticipated 15 days. Everyone’s body is different, just cause Rollins experienced lingering symptoms for the whole season doesn’t mean DJ will.

  • Rich

    Take all the time you need—-PLEASE

  • Mike c

    RAB: we don’t like jeter

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      I like Jeter plenty.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        And I like Jeter plenty too, and I want him to be healthy and playing, because he’s probably a net positive over Nuñez or Peña (although the gap is narrowing with Jeter’s struggles).

        However, I won’t get my panties in a bunch if Jeter takes longer than 15 days to come back, because the downgrade from Jeter to Nuñez/Peña is probably smaller than the benefit of hitting Nuñez/Peña 8th/9th over Jeter 1st/2nd.

        Double-edged sword.

  • forensic

    From the header of Chad Jennings’ piece on him yesterday:

    Still no mention of Derek Jeter hitting.

    From your quote above:

    but he can’t run and can’t swing the bat.”

    This isn’t really news, these quotes could be from yesterday or any day in the last year and a half.

    He’s made it so easy now…

    • jon

      “but he can’t run and can’t swing the bat.”

      we’ve known about that all year. hiyoooo

      • Monteroisdinero

        6 singles to RF through the hole and Girardi can get tough-but he won’t.

        Jeter’s bad contract means we will be dealing with injuries in 2011/12/13/14. The guy can’t really do much except play a sure-handed/sure-throwing SS with no range. He’s a legend but…

        Does anyone really think we are going to see a 2009 Jeter again?

    • Rich

      Good one!!

  • Joseph cecala

    I was thinking and although nunez makes more errors he also gets to more balls than jeter which increases the likelihood of an error. The more beneficial part is that more balls won’t leave the infield causing the runner on second to not score on balls past a lunging jeter.

    • that kid who cusses at his parents

      sorry to disrupt you but do you hear that? its jeters balls in THE BIG 3’s mouth.

  • Jerome S.

    I ain’t really complaining.

    That said, I can’t stand watching Nunez spike the baseball. Jeter’s much better, just not leading off. I want him back, ultimately.

  • David, Jr.

    The bottom line is whether the team is able to win without him. So far, so good.

  • Ana

    We’re winning, and the biggest positive for the Yankees would be to let Jeter rehab as much as he needs so he doesn’t re-injure himself. However, Nunez is brutal to watch, so let’s hope that “as much as he needs” isn’t too much longer.

    • David, Jr.

      Another way of looking at it might be that neither one of Jeter or Nunez amounts to much of a factor. The wins are coming from factors like 3 run home runs by Tex, Cano and ARod, brilliant pitching by CC and Mo, overall great performances by Gardner and Granderson, and surprisingly good performances by most of the rest of the pitching staff.

  • first time lawng time

    Good. Now we get to see a real lead off batter for a bit longer.

    That said, I’m not exactly of fan of Nuñez’s defense.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Jeter hit another HR this year?

  • Montero’s Agent

    I am in no way comparing Nunez to Jeter…that would be idiotic. Having said that, wasn’t Jeter error prone when he first started playing in the big leagues? I seem to recall he was. No excuses for some of the plays nunez makes though. Without fail, he seems to do something positive followed by something negative. Anyway, at least there is some life in his bat and more importantly we are winning with not only Jeter gone, but many other important pieces.

  • Kosmo

    Nunez since taking over at SS for DJ is batting .290 with a .805 OPS in nine games.Probably not sustainable ,but certainly he´s holding his own.

    • MikeD

      …but the fielding, running and mental errors have been stunningly bad, as bad as any player I’ve seen on the Yankees in a while. I’m rooting for Nunez, and have been since he first came up late last year, but all the errors I just mentioned aren’t new. They’ve been Nunez from day one on the Yankees, be he a reserve or playing every day. He should be in AAA.

  • MikeD

    They may deny it, but I do think the Yankees are going to manipulate the timing of Jeter’s return to increase the chances #3000 comes at home. He’s out of the lineup, so I don’t think they will hesitate to hold him back a few games. If he returned on 6/29, it’s pretty much a lock he’d get the hit on the road, maybe at Citi. Nope, not happening.

    They’ll bring him back on that road trip so the hit happens during the four-game series at home against the Rays.