The RAB Ottoneu Pick Six Group


Wednesday: The group filled up rather quickly yesterday, but they upped it from 100 to 500 spots for us. So if you missed out yesterday, there’s plenty of openings now.

Tuesday: Just a heads up for all you fantasy baseball players out there, I created an official RAB Ottoneu Pick Six group for everyone to join. What the hell is Pick Six? It’s a daily fantasy game held a FanGraphs where you get $120 a day (fake money, in case it wasn’t obvious) to buy one catcher, one corner infielder, one middle infielder, one outfielder, one starting pitcher, and one reliever, and then whoever has the most points at the end of the day wins. It’s simple. The scoring is explained here, achievements here. There are no prizes, just daily bragging rights. It takes two minutes a day and is highly addictive, you are forewarned.

All you have to do to join the group is log in with your FanGraphs user id (create one here), click join groups, then look for River Ave. Blues. The password is simply: riveraveblues. There are 100 total spots in the group (that’s the max) and one is me, so 99 are up for grabs. It’s a lot of fun and the game itself is great, so I recommend playing even if you don’t join the RAB group. (thanks to former weekend site ruiner writer Steve H. for the idea)


  1. CP says:

    5 Points for a Save! Even fangraphs is getting infiltrated…

  2. Wow I did an AWFUL job of picking today.

  3. TCMiller30 says:

    I’ll give it a go.. Got my team picked for tomorrow!

  4. Slugger27 says:

    sounds like a better (if not slight ripoff) version of fanduel.

    what happens in a rainout?

  5. You get $120 a day to buy one catcher, one corner infielder, one middle infielder, one outfielder, one starting pitcher, and one reliever.

    C: Varitek
    CI: Lars Anderson
    MI: Jose Iglesias
    OF: Ryan Kalish
    SP: Junichi Tazawa
    RP: Manny Delcarmen

    … each and every day, baby.

    #championship #Gammons #diamondnotes

  6. bexarama says:

    Oooh, I’ve heard about this and been pretty curious about how it works so now you all get to kick my butt.

  7. Avi Atkin says:

    Haha, gave into peer pressure. I’ve been avoiding this knowing how addictive it can be.

  8. bonestock94 says:

    Been playing this daily, love it. Just joined

  9. Pedro (from Brazil) says:

    One more place to lose to you guys..hehehhehe

  10. Rick says:

    Anybody know if we get credit for both ends of the doubleheader with one player?

  11. Mantle28 says:

    Just joined and picked for tommorow:

    Chris Iannetta
    Mark Teixeira
    Starlin Castro
    Curtis Granderson
    Colby Lewi
    Carlos Marmol

  12. 23553 says:

    First saw this when Mike tweeted his team. I’ve really been liking it.

  13. bpdelia says:

    I dont see the RAB group. ITs just not there.

  14. Uke says:

    I picked Martin & Tex but for the first game… thats an epic fail…

  15. RCK says:

    I am so excited! I don’t have a fantasy team this year, and I’ve been missing it.

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