Cubs trying get Yankees to take Zambrano off their hands

Injury Notes: Soriano, A-Rod, Feliciano, Marte
2011 Draft: Yankees agree to sign 14th rounder Rookie Davis

Via Buster Olney, the Cubs are “trying to nudge” the Yankees into taking Carlos Zambrano off their hands, dangling some money to offset his salary as a carrot. Zambrano is under contract for $18M next season with a $19.25M vesting player option for 2013 that won’t be a factor because he won’t meet the Cy Young Award voting criteria to trigger it. Not only is he completely insane, but Zambrano’s performance has been declining. His 4.70 ERA is backed up by a 4.21 xFIP, the sixth straight year is xFIP is over 4.20. Plus the Cubs are trying to give him away, what does that tell you? Pass.

Joe posted some other trade deadline nuggets earlier today. Here’s what I wrote about Zambrano over the winter.

Injury Notes: Soriano, A-Rod, Feliciano, Marte
2011 Draft: Yankees agree to sign 14th rounder Rookie Davis
  • SDM

    that is funny as hell

  • Xstar7

    Not happening.

  • Jedile

    I still think this would be a good: JoVa for Zambrano. Cubs could use a first baseman. Cubs just need to take on some salary, yeah.

  • jeremy

    maybe if the cubs pay over 2/3 of the remaining salary. otherwise it would be completely stupid to put that much money into him.

    • vin

      Even if they did, it’d be a lateral move at best. Is he honestly an upgrade of Burnett, Garcia, Nova, Colon, Hughes or Noesi? The Yanks don’t need another back-end starter – they have enough inventory to get the job done.

      • Ted Nelson

        I think more in-depth scouting would be in order in this case. If he can get his shit together I do think he’s an upgrade over those guys. It’s a big if, though, and I’d trust the Yankees’ pro scouts, Rothschild, and Girardi on this one. Probably a no, definitely a no without serious $ coming with him and no real prospects going out… but I wouldn’t totally write it off unless you’ve seen him pitch a good deal this season (which I have not).

        • vin

          Sure, but like Mike said in the post…

          “Plus the Cubs are trying to give him away, what does that tell you? Pass.”

          If the Yankees felt his stuff outweighed his attitude and remaining dollars, then they would’ve gotten him this winter when Garcia, Colon, Nova, Burnett, and even Noesi were all complete wildcards.

          • Ted Nelson

            “Plus the Cubs are trying to give him away, what does that tell you? Pass.”

            I addressed that part of Mike’s article below. Who cares what the Cubs are trying to do? “What are the Yankees trying to do?” is the only question that should matter. What were the White Sox trying to do with Nick Swisher? Who cares?

            “If the Yankees felt his stuff outweighed his attitude and remaining dollars, then they would’ve gotten him this winter”

            Zambrano killed it the 2nd half of last season. The Cubs might have been asking for more in return and/or less willing to eat $… seeing him the same way the Yankees saw Curtis Granderson: their 2nd half ’10 star who was primed for a great season.

            So, if the asking price has changed dramatically it’s not at all a comparable situation unless the Yankees’ opinion of him has changed to the same degree. That’s why I’m saying they have to see if they think he can snap out of this and exactly what the asking price is. He’s got $18 mill coming next season and around $7 mill this season: $25 mill. If they really believe he’s a good bet to turn it around… I might pay ~1/2 of that without giving up a significant prospect. They would really have to be giving him away.

            • Ted Nelson

              50% of the money is a number I pulled out of the air, but around that point is where I’d start to at least consider whether Zambrano is worth it… probably would be a no at 50%… but what do I know?

            • Doctor Believer

              Zambrano killed it the 2nd half of last season.

              I don’t meant to start anything, but did he really kill it in the 2nd half of the season. xFIP doesn’t look pretty in July (6.41) and August (4.99), and he had high LOB% for some of the 2nd half months too.

              • Doctor Believer

                My bad. July is a bad month because he only pitched 0.2 innings. Duh!

              • Ted Nelson

                Yeah, it might not have been sustainable (ERA sparkled a lot more than peripherals, though he was solid overall)… I was more just remembering that when his name came up over the offseason a lot of people spoke about his late season surge similarly to the way they did Granderson’s. Just saying that it’s possible the Cubs were asking for more then/less willing to eat salary than now.

  • Cuso

    The Cubs should have to PAY the Yanks $10M to take Zambrano…

    • Gonzo

      + Prosects


  • Ted Nelson

    Unless some money means just about all the money he’s owed I would not be for it, but whether or not the Cubs are trying to give him away seems pretty irrelevant to me. All that it tells me is the same things you’ve mentioned without referring to them trying to give him away: his behavior is deplorable, his performance has declined, and he’s due a ton of money. What team wouldn’t give him away?

    If a team is giving a guy away… that’s often the exact time you want him (I agree not in this case unless they are paying like 90% of his salary). Take Nick Swisher or the recent Rasmus deal that so many Yankee fans are jealous of.

    • Ted Nelson

      And xFIP is a proxy that works as a general rule… not the end-all-be-all.

  • CP

    How about Zambrano + Garza for Jorge Vaquez, with the Cubs not picking up any salary?

    The Yankees then release Zambrano before he gets anywhere near the Bronx.

    • Cris Pengiuci

      Interesting. Wonder what it would take to have them include Garza?

      • vin

        Probably real prospects.

  • JSquared

    They’d probably have to include Brett Jackson and pay half of Z’s contract… Then Yankees would just buy him out. FTW.

  • Jonathan

    ONLY I repeat ONLY if they’d throw in Soriano and we could rope the Angels/Giants in and get Zambrano/Soriano/Zito/Wells in a package deal. Mark it up….championship. Seriously, my proposal is just as likely to happen. If you haven’t had a laugh in a while i recommend MLBTR’s comments on it. Cubs fans are crazy.

  • Brian S.

    Fourth straight year of an xFIP over .420 lol.

  • Xstar7

    Knowing Cashman that doesn’t really mean anything but…

    • Dino Velvet

      “#yankees were called by #cubs and offered big Z but hearing nyy has practically no interest.”

      So Cash is saying there’s a chance.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    I’d rather trade for Victor Zambrano.

    • billbybob

      Scott Kazmir sheds a tear.

    • Johnny O

      “Me too!!!”
      -Jim Duquette

    • Crime Dog

      I’ll give you Scott Kazmir

  • Monteroisdinero

    If only Mark Prior could have been the third musketeer with Freddy and Bartolo. What happened to him?

    • SDM


    • Dino Velvet

      he pulled an oblique shaving

    • Will (the other one)

      Carl Pavano

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    We should trade Adam Warren and Emerson Landoni for Carlos Zambrano and $14M.

    And then we should break into league offices and doctor the paperwork to change “Carlos Zambrano” to “Carlos Marmol”.


  • RichYF

    The upside to acquiring Zambrano is that he could DH on days when he isn’t pitching. I bet he can post a better line than 228/310/378.

  • Dino Velvet

    Maybe if they throw in some original chicago style deep dish pizza.

  • Will (the other one)

    I could actually see this working providing Chicago is motivated enough. Maybe something along these lines:

    Chicago receives
    – Dellin Betances
    – Brandon Laird
    – Jorge Vazquez

    New York receives
    – Carlos Zambrano
    – Starlin Castro
    – The deed to Wrigley Field
    – Free food at Lou Malnati’s anytime the team is within city limits

    If Hendry feels the deal is light, we could always throw in a couple coupons for free backrubs.

    • Jim Hendry

      Throw in Sergio Mitre, Ramiro Pena, some Bears season tickets, and you’ve got yourself a deal!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I want Derrick Rose, Julius Peppers, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Hoover, and LisaRaye McCoy, or no deal.

      • Will (the other one)

        You’ll take The Structure Formerly Known as the Sears Tower, 1993-94 Horace Grant, and Jim McMahon’s missing teeth AND LIKE IT.

        • Xstar7

          Throw in Mike Ditka, and we’ll take Steve Bartman off your hands.

          FINAL OFFER.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Alright, here’s my final offer:

          Chicago receives
          – Dellin Betances
          – Brandon Laird
          – Jorge Vazquez
          – Sergio Mitre
          – Ramiro Peña

          New York receives
          – Carlos Zambrano
          – Starlin Castro
          – The deed to Wrigley Field
          – Free food at Lou Malnati’s anytime the team is within city limits
          – Derrick Rose
          – Oprah Winfrey
          – The Structure Formerly Known as the Sears Tower (to be transported to Ground Zero and rechristened Freedom Tower; sorry, Silverstein, you had a decade to build your own building and you lost)
          – 1993-94 Horace Grant
          – 1993-94 Pete “Baby Jordan” Myers
          – Willie Gault’s 1985 Superbowl Shuffle verse*
          – Lake Michigan


          *This is Speedy Willie, and I’m world class.
          I like runnin’ but I love to get the pass.
          I practice all day and dance all night,
          I got to get ready for the Sunday fight.
          Now I’m as smooth as a chocolate swirl,
          I dance a little funky, so watch me girl.
          There’s not one here that does it like me,
          My Super Bowl Shuffle will set you free.

          • Will (the other one)

            Fax me the paperwork.

            • chris

              I also need the ghost of Harry Caray.

      • steve s

        You forgot Carl Sandburg, Abe Lincoln, Al Capone and the ghost of Mayor Daley.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          I’ll settle for Abe Froman, Sausage King.

          • Hedley Lamarr

            Too jewish

    • Adam

      As a displaced NYer who spent the last six years in Chicago..throwing in Malnati’s pizza ruins the deal. Pass.

  • YanksFan in MA

    I’d def do it. Then again I just woke up from a four year coma. He is still really good right?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


      • jsbrendog

        this made me laugh

        • JAG


  • Chris

    Yea send me the short stop with him and then I’ll do it…

  • Alex

    Stick him in the minors. Most expensive fireworks display every 5 days in Scranton.

  • Tom Zig

    Cubs eat 10 million of next year’s salary and they get Kei Igawa in return.

  • 28 this year

    Give them AJ Burnett for him. Basically get a shorter contract, they get a pitcher who’s not a dick.

    Oh and DFA Zambrano upon arrival while also finding something to blackmail AJ with so that he waives his NTC.

  • Jorge

    OK, so we’d take Zambrano for scrub and salary relief. Cubs, if you want to send less money, we’ll take a second player. Would any of those non-Jeff-Zdsmarskisequsia-walksamillionguys relievers interest the team?

    Zambrano, you have a chance to win a championship…..and you’re pitching out of the bullpen until you show you’re an upgrade over what we’ve got.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    They’ll need someone to replace Kei Igawa pretty soon, I’d say do it post haste.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Question: If they included Starlin Castro and offered to eat half the salary would you do it? I know that this would never realistically happen, but it’s fun to think about.

    • fire levine

      What am I giving up?

  • Bronx Byte

    No to Carlos Zambrano. Willing to talk to the Cubs southside rivals, the White Sox about a deal for LHP John Danks.

    • Alfredo

      or talk to the cubs about matt Garza

    • Ted Nelson

      You’re pretty relentless in talking about who to trade for without addressing what to give up for them, huh?

  • Alfredo

    the yankees need to go and get Ubaldo for betances, romine, and nova and if they want montero then replace him with romine. get it doned because we really need a starting pitcher.

  • John

    I wouldnt trade Zambrano for Montero’s chewing tobacco. Seriously. If Nova isn’t good enough to make the rotation, how is Zambrano? He’s a worse pitcher, he’s older, vastly overpaid, and a ticking timebomb. I do not want Zambrano anywhere near the Yankee dugout.

    The Yankees have no need for a back end of the rotation starter, we already have more than enough of those guys. What we need is a legit #2, someone we can confidently hand the ball to in a big series down 0-1 and expect a solid outing to even the series. I’m not sure if that’s Ubaldo, but it certainly isn’t big Z, and we shouldn’t trade for anybody unless they fit that role.

    • Alfredo

      i have a gut feeling that the yankees will do nothing this trade deadline but in the offseason they will be a lot of rumors going on. i also believe that if in the future banuelos and betance both or one pan out cashman made the right choice.

  • Jack Merridew

    Carlos Zambrano is an overrated and overpaid piece of trash. We’ve already got one of those in our rotation, AJ Burnett. We need a good starter. If they give us Garza we’ll take it. Go get Ubaldo. Get a starter and give yourself a chance to go to the WS, unlike last year when we didn’t improve our rotation and it cost us.

    • Ted Nelson

      “unlike last year when we didn’t improve our rotation and it cost us.”

      Improving the rotation is going to cost them as well… it’s going to take multiple top prospects to pry a Garza or Ubaldo away from their team. Zambrano is probably a no, but the idea would be that if he costs no prospects and the Cubs eat major salary the opportunity cost is much lower. Acquiring Zambrano will not cost the Yankees Montero, Banuelos, and/or Betances the way the other two will.

    • El Anonimo

      Hey troll: Since when is A.J. Burnett trash?? We are not talking about Wandy Rodriguez here.

  • Frigidevil

    I say we take him on the condition that we give them nothing.

    • Plank

      I find your realistic trade proposal excessively realistic. Maybe they should throw in Garza and Castro to even things out.

  • Plank

    I reread the comments on the Zambrano thread from the off-season. I really liked my defense of the unpopular position of signing him. Now I have no numbers or logic to signing him, I just really like him and want him to be on the Yankees.

    /Pats self on back’d