IFA: Yankees signed Miguel Andujar for $750,000


Via Pedro J. Briceño, the Yankees have signed Dominican third baseman Miguel Andujar for $750,000. The 16-year-old was considered one of their top targets during this international free agent signing period, and is said to have “good bat speed, an advanced righthanded swing and has shown the ability to hit both fastballs and offspeed pitches.” Here’s some video.

  • Gonzo

    I think they translated his first name. I think it’s Pedro not Peter.

    Also, booyah! Go Yanks!

  • Bob Michaels

    Hopefully it`s money well spent.

  • Skip

    Much like the Draft, I have no idea how good a person is. When will we see this kid play? DSL? GCL? 2012?

    • zs190

      probably DSL in 2012, GCL in 2013.

  • Bob Michaels

    Can you verify if Dion James son has signed? in tampa taking a Physical.

    • DERP


      It was posted here a few days ago.

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    What about that 15 year old Mexican? Any word on him? Also what’s the word on that guy that the Rangers gave 5M too?

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

      What about that 15 year old Mexican?

      This is a baseball blog. Let’s leave Pat’s love life alone, OK?

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

    Andujar has plenty of game experience, and it’s evident in the way he plays. A 16-year-old from San Cristobal, Andujar plays in the Dominican Prospect League and has represented his country during international tournaments, including one in April in Venezuela. Andujar hit well there and has hit well most places he’s gone. He doesn’t have one knockout tool, but he has a good swing, good bat speed and advanced feel for hitting for his age. He has quick hands and a good swing path, with the potential to hit for average and power. Andujar is solid in the field as well, with the ability to handle third base and a strong arm. Andujar trains with Basilio Vizcaino (known as Cachasa), who also worked with Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez ($3 million in 2009) and Yankees shortstop Christopher Tamarez ($650,000 in 2010). The Yankees appear to have made Andujar one of their top targets this summer.


  • Jimmy McNulty

    Hey Thome’s five away from 600. Good for him.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Err…wrong thread.

    • AC

      another guy who is under the radar with PED’s. Never hear his name mentioned in regards to it. Hes a well liked guy so he gets benefit of the doubt. Who knows. Remember there were 102 other people on that list A-Rod tested positve on. I look at it this way, maybe your favorite player is on it too. We will never know.

  • infernoscurse

    great! another guy that will swing for the fences and strike out 50 million times with 3 walks thats why we are the laughing stock of baseball and are old and wont ever sniff 1st place again

  • AC

    This kids video looks better than Dante Bichette Jr’s. Hes 16 and looks like he can field better than Ramiro Pena (haa). He’s young and has room to grow and fill out. Maybe someone to keep on eye on.