IFA News: Andujar, Marcos, DePaula, Paniagua

Game 78: Trying for four in a row
The Hughes Rehab Tour dazzles in Trenton

Teams can begin signing newly-eligible international free agents this Saturday, and Ben Badler of Baseball America brings us up to speed with who might be going where (subs. req’d). One of the Yankees’ top targets is Dominican third baseman Miguel Andujar, who is said to have “good bat speed, an advanced righthanded swing and has shown the ability to hit both fastballs and offspeed pitches.” They’ve also been connected to Dominican center fielder Manny Marcos, who you can read about here.

Badler also provides an update on Rafael DePaula, who signed with the Yankees for six-figures over the winter. DePaula had an interview with the U.S. Consolate last month and is awaiting a visa after being suspended for age and identity fraud. Juan Carlos Paniagua, who signed for $1.1M, is also awaiting a visa. Neither player’s contract will become official until they actually get the okay to come to the United States.

Game 78: Trying for four in a row
The Hughes Rehab Tour dazzles in Trenton
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    This is where we play catch up.

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    I’m a big fan of Roberto Osuna. I hope the Yankees can get a deal done with him.

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