Report: Yankees have best chance to land Ubaldo


Via Danny Knobler, the Yankees are the team with the best chance to acquire Ubaldo Jimenez from the Rockies before Sunday’s trade deadline. That doesn’t mean they’re close to a deal, just that they have the best chance at him. Honestly, this sounds like someone (likely Colorado) is trying to drive up interest (and the price) for the right-hander, but take from it what you will.

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  1. Kevin G. says:

    Can he make it stop raining?

  2. vin says:

    I honestly don’t see them trading him unless they get bowled over… which I don’t see Cashman doing.

  3. tinb says:

    Good to hear. Having him take over the second spot makes us that much tougher in the playoffs. Our one glaring weakness would be taken care of. Let Colon/AJ/Garcia/Hughes battle it out for the last 2 spots come October. Sounds good to me.

  4. Mickey Scheister says:

    I hope they don’t dump the farm for this dude.

  5. MikeD says:

    Translation: The Rockies want what we got.

    Doesn’t mean the Yankees give it up as easy as Suzie McCarthy back in 9th grade. Oh wait, that’s another story.

    • Mickey Scheister says:

      Poor Suzie, she was just misunderstood. Her daddy didn’t hug her enough so she was just looking for that male ‘love’ she wasn’t getting at home.

    • Cuso says:

      no. translation is that they want to hear offers from other teams by playing on the fears of the rest of the league that the big bad Yankees are in the drivers seat.

      this is BS Rockies’ propoganda.

  6. chas123 says:

    Cash will have to make this move, this team has zero chance in a 7 game series against Boston or Philly. It’s going to cost ManBan and Montero but oh well they are just prospects after all.

    • bonestock94 says:

      I think zero chance is a stretch..

      • It’s not a “stretch”, it’s a blatant falsehood.

        Neither the Red Sox nor the Phillies are demonstrably better (or worse) than the Yankees. Saying that this Yankee team would have “no chance” against any other team in a short series is incorrect.

        • chas123 says:

          Obviously they have more than zero chance, it was meant to be dramatic. Line up the 7 game series and ask yourself how the Yankees can get through not one but both? We could easily lose game one to a Halladay or Beckett and then be monster dogs in games 2 and 3. The Yanks will put up Colon against Lee/Lester and then Burnett vs Hamels/Bucholz? Not promising.

    • CP says:

      Yeah, John Lackey and Andrew Miller would crush the Yankees

    • Jorge says:

      ….and screw next year and the year after, right?

      I lived through Steve Trout.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Cash will have to make this move



  7. Frank says:

    My suspicious nature can’t help but wonder why the Rox would be so willing to trade this guy. Is just doesn’t make sense given his youth and very affordable contract for at least the next 2 years. You hear about his velocity slipping, so you have to wonder.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Willing doesn’t necessarily mean so willing. Any team would trade any player or a certain price. Rox apparently asked for Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova. 3 top 40 prospects from high minors and a young MLB starter.

  8. John says:

    Do not like this at all. I don’t want to sell farm unless we get a true ace. Jimenez is another Burnett – high talent, highly inconsistent.

  9. Frank says:

    Montero and Betances is more palatable. Although not if you have to throw in Nova as well. Perhaps it could end up with something like Montero, Betances, Warren, Joseph/Murphy, A-level player. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who has never pitched in the AL, but he is young enough and under control enough to make the deal. This is 100% cashman’s fault though…if he pulls the trigger on a deal for Haren last year…Nova and Chamberlain were talked about, then we don’t need to trade the best hitting prospect we’ve had in years for a guy who may or may not be a #2. Just silly.

    • chas123 says:


    • Louis says:

      Yea. and beyond that, what if we had just drafted Haren? Then we wouldnt of had to give up anything. Its just silly that we didnt draft him. /sarcasm. Point is there’s like a million changes that could of happened in the past to prevent us having to deal our top hitting prospect for a guy who “may or may not be a #2″. If we traded our top hitting prospect last year for Cliff Lee, nobody complains about not dealing for Haren. Not to mention the fact that when Haren was traded, he had a 4.60 era a year after having a 3.14 in the nl west. If your saying that Jimenez is “possibly not a #2″, then last year Haren would of looked like even less than a borderline #2. Both pitchers are and were in the same boat. Haren was having a down year after a very strong year, and Jimenez is having a relatively down year after a spectacular year. The difference is Jimenez’s spectacular year was better than Harens strong year, even though Jimenez plays most of his games in Coors field, and Jimenez’s down year is not as bad as Harens down year was when he was dealt. Not to mention that Jimenez is much cheaper.

  10. MikeD says:

    I don’t even want to think about the numbers Montero will put up in Colorado.

  11. Kevin D. says:

    I just really want to see Hey-Zeus hitting behind Cano or Swisher on Aug 1.

  12. Frank says:

    Oh, and when that bumbling idiot Jack Z. realizes that the only way to get considerably better is to trade King Felix for a boatload of prospects, then we will be without our big name guy (Montero). It really amazes me when a GM is so steadfast in his desire not to trade the only asset a team has. If you can finish last with him, you can certainly finish last without him. And a guy like felix would bring back a boatload to get you in a position to compete again…think Cowaboys/Herschell…oh, and you could probably rid yourself of that brilliant signing of Chone Figgins. But alas, he knows better.

    • Sheepmeister says:

      Trading felix for prospects (lets say top 6 in farm system for arguements sake) is like someone trying to trade you 6 million dollar lottery tickets with a 50/50 chance of winning each for the 7 million in your bank account and you doing it because right now, the market isn’t good for investment and you are paying too much tax on the money in the bank. It would be horrendously stupid.

    • tropicana field says:

      they’d probably get the same boatload of prospects if they dealt him next year though too, there’s no rush to trade the best pitcher in all of baseball if you’re still the worst team even with him

    • Guest says:

      I think the thought is Felix is only 25. If you figure it will take you four years to get back into contention, he would STILL be in his prime. He’s like an old prospect in age, but already a star in performance. I mean he’s practically the same age as Brackman.

      So the thought might we, why trade a guy who is young enough that he will still be an ACE in his prime even if it takes a half-decade for you to need an ACE again.

    • Louis says:

      The way the market is going right now, the Ms wouldnt be able to trade for the package that is worth Felix, because the only farm system that can assemble that package is in Kansas city. If Colorado can ask for 3 top prospects plus more for a 27 year old pitcher whos established himself as a legit ace in only one season, the Ms would be able to ask for an astronomical return for their 25 year old, 3 year established ace, who literally has no bad qualities as a pitchers. If and when Felix appears in a rab “scouting the trade market” article, his only con would be the amount of prospects teams would have to give up to aquire him.

  13. Dino Velvet says:


    This is just like last year with Seattle.

  14. Steve S. says:

    The contract is as important as the pitcher from a Yankee FO perspective. Its only 12-20 mil (depending on whether or not he picks up his 8 mil player option, which he might). That gives the Yankee brass more leverage with CC. If WHEN CC opts out, he will have the Yanks over a barrel if they don’t have another top flight pitcher in the fold. But with Jimenez aboard, they can credibly play chicken with CC. Instead of handing him another 7 year deal at 31 years old, they add 1-2 years. Saves them between 24-48 mil, which along pays the entire Jimenez contract. It’s like getting Ubaldo for free from a payroll standpoint.

    • Frank says:

      That’s assuming of course they A) get Ubaldo and B) he pitches like a 1A top of the rotation starter.

      • Steve S. says:

        The topic at hand is Ubaldo, no? And yes, I expect him to pitch like he has for the past 4 years, as a +4-6 WAR pitcher. He may be even better getting away from Colorado, where your breaking balls don’t have as much bite.

  15. Steve S. says:

    Prediction: The deal will be Montero, Betances, Nova, and filler.

  16. Guest says:

    Certainly would be a smart trade, but it will be sad to see Montero go just as he starts heating up…kind of like a good-bye hook-up to remind you of the good times.

  17. Monteroisdinero says:


  18. Jorge says:

    No. Not for Montero. Not for Betances. Not for Banuelos. No friggin way.

  19. Jedile says:

    Montero Straight up for Ubaldo. Only way I’d trade him, but I really don’t want to trade him so yeah. I think Montero is just a second half hitter. He is heating up currently, or trade rumors really do enrage him and he decides to take his anger out on the baseball because his life long dream is to play catcher/dh/1st/batboy for the yanks.

  20. chas123 says:

    I don’t get why everyone thinks this is a bad idea? We don’t need a 1st baseman (Montero) or a Pitcher who won’t be ready for 3 years (ManBan/Betances) we have alot of money committed to this team and it desperately needs pitching. Keep Nova and one of ManBan/Betances and make the deal.

    • Chuck says:

      I agree.
      Montero would come in handy in an injury scenario.. But there just are more options out there in the free agent market for a solid bat than a starting pitcher like Ubaldo. CJ Wilson makes me a bit worried.
      Keep Banuelos, Romine, Noesi, Nova and Id say they are better with the trade.

    • Steve S. says:

      Sometimes I wonder if some fans realize what team they root for. This is how the Yankees operate, and always have.

      • Jorge says:

        And how is that? By giving up the farm at the deadline for “the final piece?” When was the last time the team did that?

        • Steve S. says:

          They tried like heck to do it last year, but Jack Z liked Smoak better.

          • Jorge says:

            In other words, they didn’t do it last year.

            • TheLastClown says:

              I don’t understand the need to either paint the Yankees’ MO as:

              1) unreasonable with prospect development and in a hurry to empty the farm for established MLB players


              2) all of a sudden a team that overvalues its prospects to the point of making very good prospects untouchable

              They really don’t do either of these things, they pull the trigger when the deal looks right.

              Years ago, the deal didn’t look right for Santana.

              It looked right last year for Lee, and I’m of the opinion that he might have accepted the extension offer while polishing his ring w/ the interlocking NY on it.

              • Steve S. says:

                They really don’t do either of these things, they pull the trigger when the deal looks right.

                I agree, but some folks are taking unreasonable, absolutist positions on trading Montero. That’s what I’m reacting to, they don’t seem to understand that the Yanks operate differently then most teams.

                Especially the notion “you’ll need so and so 3 years from now”. Three years is an eternity in baseball. The Yanks are a win-now organization, and that has implications in how they operate. One of those is not waiting around for prospects who may or may not develop. If someone can produce immediately, great. If not, they make a deal for someone who can.

            • Steve S. says:

              Cashman was ready to give up Montero+ for 2 months of Cliff Lee.

            • Grit for Brains says:

              Well not for Cliff Lee, but they still did for Javy Vazquez by giving up Arodys

      • LarryM.,Fl. says:

        Steve S., you have hit the nail on the head.The Yankees plan to win every year. Prospects coming up through the system rarely make it because of the need to use for a needed piece especially an ace pitcher allegedly.

        The Yankees acquire their team through trades, Free Agency and some development. This is why the past 15 years to the Yankee fans has been so profound.

        The Yanks need a number 2 pitcher. He will be in pinstripes come 7/31 if Colorado wants to trade him. It is who the Yanks are!

      • nsalem says:

        and we had the mid oughts to thanks for the way we operated.

    • nsalem says:

      You always need pitchers who will be ready in 3 years

      • Steve S. says:

        Before you say that, show me the 2014 FA list.

        • nsalem says:

          Lincecum is on it as is Jiminez. That does not mean they will be Free Agents in 2014. The market has changed. More teams can afford to keep their talented pitchers. This was not the case in the past. Cashman has changed the culture and I think he will hold onto what he
          has developed.

      • chas123 says:

        At the expense of what you know which is the current need and lack of options?

  21. Chuck says:

    nOOOooo I totally thought CC would pull off a no no tonight or even perfect game.

  22. Kevin G. says:

    Trade away Montero and Betances, tell them not to sign any extensions, and sign them when they hit free agency.

    • bottom line says:

      Brilliant. If they’re any good they’ll cost $250 million to sign.

      Better to keep them now since we’ll need lots of cheap home-gtown talent to offset burden of huge contracts to aging stars. Yanks can not get through next six years without some good young cost-controlled players.

  23. Jorge says:

    So what would Doug Fister cost? :)

  24. Monteroisdinero says:

    Keep Montero-please. Bartolo and Freddy have given us tons of quality starts. Why does that have to stop? I am totally biased having seen Montero just crush it last August and September. 21 years old/3rd youngest player in AAA. Ridiculous upside. Cost controlled. And yes-he can catch (well maybe not AJ).

  25. BklynJT says:

    I don’t think Ubaldo’s status as an Ace right now is as sure bet as it would need to be to justify trading away 2 top 15 prospects plus some very servicable propsects in Nova/Warren/etc.

    • Steve S. says:

      His status as a 4-6 WAR pitcher over the past 4 years, and his ridiculously cheap contract hake him worth at least that.

      Think about this from a Rockies fan perspective. If you only got one big prospect back, wouldn’t you think O’Dowd made a bad deal?

      • BklynJT says:

        That’s the last 4 years, but he certainly looks to be trending in the wrong direction, especially with the so-called diminished velocity.

        His FB velocity is ~3 mph slower than it was in 2009 and 2010.
        Not coincidentally, his wFB has gone from 30 runs above average in 2010 down to 0.7 runs above average in 2011. He is not the same pitcher he was in 2009 and 2010.

        On top of that, his WAR is based on FIP, which I personally feel is a formula with flaws.

        His k/9 and bb/9 may be the same as in 2009 and 2010, but I feel his stuff is more hittable this year because of his slower fastball, which is leading to his un-ace like ERA.

        And I don’t think O’Dowd should take less than what he wants, I just don’t want Cashman making the deal.

        Plus… I’ve been waiting years to see Montero in a Yankees uniform… why does something always seem to get in the way of that!!!

  26. Kiersten says:

    When was the last time the Yankees traded away a prospect who wound up being really good? Mike Lowell.* Mike. freaking. Lowell. Thirteen years ago.

    *granted, they dodged a bullet with Cano, but they didn’t trade him.

    I love Montero just as much as the next person, and he might very well wind up being the best player the Yankees will have traded away in the past 15 years, but he really doesn’t have a place on this team. We all are hopeful he’d stick at catcher, but he probably won’t. We have a first baseman. And power-hitting first basemen are a dime a dozen anyway. And even if he does stick at catcher, we have Romine, and the general consensus is that he has a much greater chance at being a ML catcher than Montero.

    That said, I’d do Montero + Betances + Nova + two fringe prospects.

    Montero is Montero, we know we’re losing a great hitter, but you gotta give to get.
    Betances is far from a sure thing. He has about a 5% chance of becoming what Ubaldo is now.
    Nova will be no more than a No. 5 for the Yankees. He will be a 3 or 4 in the NL West. This is Colorado’s “sure thing.” (Similar to IPK in the Granderson deal)

    Will it suck to lose these guys we love and read about everyday? Sure. But we are not getting a No. 2 starter without giving up at least two of our top prospects. It. is. not. happening.

    Ubaldo is cheap, and he’s really good. It will be like having a slightly lesser version of Cliff Lee for a lot, lot, lot less money and a lot fewer years. CC + Ubaldo will be a formidable 1-2 for the next few seasons.

  27. Jack Merridew says:

    It can and it will happen. We need starters to beat Boston. We’re 7-8 games up on anyone for the WC so the regular season is irrelevant, it’s all about beating Boston and the NL Champ. Boston has the best lineup and the NL Champ will have 3 deep rotations that we can’t currently match up with. Management knows what is needed and will get it done. If you get a young guy like Ubaldo or Felix it’s not just a rental.

    • Jorge says:

      I give up.

    • David, Jr. says:

      I have said this all along, that I rate them 8.5 to 9 for this season because of a weakness that I perceive in starting pitching in a short series.

      Doesn’t mean that they can’t win. They certainly could if they get hot. They are extremely good.

      However, there is something else to consider when looking at a deal like this. If you look past this year, that is when the 27 yr old Ubaldo looks very attractive. Start assembling a 2012 and 2013 pitching staff in your mind. Bart? Garcia? Hughes? Burnett? If you think of it that way, this becomes much more powerful.

      I believe that this has a realistic chance of happening, both for this year and for the near future.

  28. infernoscurse says:

    i hope he gets traded to the reds, i dont want to give up what it would take to get him and hes not what i consider among the elite

  29. Dicka24 says:

    I prefer Danks. I like Ubaldo, but I don’t like the idea of moving Montero for him. I’d like to see what the big 3 can do, and if the Yanks do move one, or some of them in a trade, I want it to be for a guy without question marks. Make a move for Danks instead.

  30. Chuck says:

    Well if it is two of the top big three prospects(ManBan, Betances, Montero) I hope we keep ManBan.. If they dont get Ubaldo theyre going to do the scrap heap again or sign a CJ Wilson(who I lean towards believing would be a bust) or someone that costs the yanks their draft pick. Ubaldo is cheaper too. He is one of the more proven 27 year olds out there.. maybe not Lincecum but the fool can pitch.

    Some trades make both teams better. I dont mind seeing Montero beat the hell out of pitches for another team if Ubaldo pitches just close to his potential.

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