Trade Rumor Roundup: Ubaldo, Bedard, Kuroda


Still no trades, but lots of rumors. Here’s the latest concerning the Yankees…

  • There still has not been any significant movement regarding Ubaldo Jimenez, meaning that no team (including the Yankees) has shown a willingness to meet the Rockies asking price of three top prospects. (Joel Sherman)
  • The Yankees will have a scout on hand to watch Erik Bedard make his return from the disabled list tomorrow night, and the Mariners will have a scout watching Double-A Trenton tonight. Bedard has been out since late-June with a knee strain and will be facing the Rays in Seattle. We looked at him as a trade candidate last month. (Jon Paul Morosi & Josh Norris)
  • The Dodgers want any Hiroki Kuroda trade to be a “true baseball deal” and not just a salary dump. They want a young player in return for the right-hander, preferably a starting pitcher. Contrary to some reports, Kuroda will bring draft pick compensation (projects to be a Type-B free agent) if offered arbitration after the season. He will be treated like a player with six-plus years of service time, a courtesy MLB extends to Japanese vets. (Jayson Stark & Morosi)
  • “I’m going to be hard-pressed to find anything better than getting Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes off the disabled list,” said Brian Cashman to Dan Martin today. “I can’t imagine I’m going to run into anything but you’ve still got to go through the motions … We’re prepared for chaos if it comes before Sunday’s deadline. But I like the team we have.” That’s just GM speak, Cashman’s not going to come out and say he’s desperate for anything because it’ll only work against him.
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  • mbonzo

    Dodgers are obviously going to say that too, if we’re talking about hours before the trade deadline and Kuroda is still a Dodger, I bet he becomes a salary dump.

  • Hester Prynne

    There’s plenty out there better than getting Phil Hughes off the DL, Cashman just isn’t looking hard enough. He didn’t get us a starter last season which was the deciding factor and this year it will be again.

    • David, Jr.

      He is certainly looking. What would he say? “I am extremely desperate”.

    • Ted Nelson


      • JobaWockeeZ

        Yes I agree. A starter at that point of time wasn’t a necessity in 2010. They still made the ALCS. Sorry they can’t win it every year.

        Even if thy don’t get a starter they will still make the playoffs and that playoffs is a crap shoot. We get it you think Cash fucked up but there’s no point in saying it in every topic regarded a starter for 2011.

    • The Humongous


  • vin

    Interesting that Kuroda will fetch draft pick compensation. That certainly enhances his value.

    Doesn’t it seem like Bedard is ALWAYS coming off the DL? I had no idea he was even out.

    • Scout

      No, sometimes Bedard is going onto the disabled list.

      • vin

        Good point.

  • jsbrendog

    What about wandy as a salary dump? stros seem desperate to dump him. Take on 80% of the salary for someone like warren and wordekemper haha

    • SDM

      no, the astros are asking for a similar package as the Rockies are want for Ubaldo. Also the yankees don’t like that extension attached to Wandy.

      • King George

        Actually, this is wrong. Look at some of the article from yesterday and today. The Astros aren’t asking much for Wandy anymore…almost a salary dump at this point.

    • Ted Nelson

      Based on what?

      Why’d they re-sign him this offseason and become desperate all of a sudden?

      • Ted Nelson

        *extend him

  • Zach

    Does Hughes have options left?

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      I believe he still has one option year left.

    • CS Yankee

      His options are to either;
      a) refine his off speed pitches better
      b) regain the lost velocity
      c) keep the fastball down
      d) develop an out pitch

      If he gets one of these done he’ll stick around for awhile longer, 2-3 would likely mean a #2 or 3 pitcher, all four and he would be an ace.

      I understand keeping him, I won’t cry if he is half of the centerpiece in getting Ubaldo.

      • bonestock94


      • The Big City of Dreams

        Hughes is catching so much heat.

      • Ted Nelson

        I don’t know if it’s the shoulder or what… but the guy has been short-arming the heck out of the ball at least since coming back. Throwing basically from his ear like an infielder. Looked back at some videos and at least a couple of years ago he had a much fuller arm action.

  • Ted Nelson

    “That’s just GM speak, Cashman’s not going to come out and say he’s desperate for anything because it’ll only work against him.”

    I wouldn’t expect him to say anything differently, but I also don’t think he is desperate…

    • CS Yankee

      define desperate?

      Randy and Hank are 93% desperate 100% of the time. These execs (bums) have to be his biggest hurdle in every single deal.

      • Ted Nelson

        If they were desperate to move prospects for proven talent I don’t think Montero or Banuelos would still be in the organization.

        In terms of starting pitching specifically, I think it’s an area that could be upgraded relatively easily compared to the rest of the roster but not a desperate need.

  • Zach

    Draft pick news Via @YankeesDraft:
    “#Yankees 7th rd #mlbdraft pk Bubba Jones is signed and headed to the GCL.”
    “#Yankees and 18th rd #mlbdraft pk Hayden Sharp have reached agreement. Pending physical and actual contract signing.”

    • sean

      someone is bound to hammer you with the “off topic” response but not me… good info!

    • Ted Nelson

      Sharp is a huge one! Any word on Cave?

  • Kevin

    Im bored, heres a realistic roster and lineup that works out for the Yankees. No trades. Here it is…

    SP Sabathia
    SP Burnett
    SP Nova
    SP Garcia
    SP Colon
    LR Noesi
    MR Wade
    MR Logan
    MR Hughes
    MR Soriano
    SU Robertson
    CL Rivera

    C Martin
    C Montero
    1B Teixeira
    2B Cano
    3B Rodriguez
    SS Jeter
    IF Chavez
    IF Nunez
    RF Swisher
    CF Granderson
    LF Gardner
    OF Jones
    DH Posada

    LF Gardner
    SS Jeter
    2B Cano
    3B Rodriguez
    1B Teixeira
    CF Granderson
    RF Swisher
    DH Montero
    C Martin

    I got Hughes in the bullpen bc frankly he cant cut it as a SP. Plus in October, i dont think a team like the Tigers or Rangers would like a bridge to Mo that consists of Hughes, Soriano, Robertson and Rivera. I love Nova, shouldve never been brought down. As for the offense, its clear and simple to put Montero up there. Posada is done, Martin and Cervelli cant cut it at the plate and Montero is an upgrade if you ask me. He can split time at DH and C with Martin and Posada for DH. Yankees dont need Ubaldo or Hiroki. Not worth depleting a very good farm system. I would only give away great talent for King Felix. But, Seattle wont budge. Well, I played GM. Everyones got a different view though.

    • Troll Killer

      PHIL HUGHES IS A STARTING PITCHAH!!!!! It’s either the rotation, long relief in the bullpen or start in AAA.

    • A.D.

      No reason to believe Hughes struggles will suddenly go away in the pen

    • Ted Nelson

      “I got Hughes in the bullpen bc frankly he cant cut it as a SP.”

      3 of his four starts since coming back he’s allowed 2 ERs… so this seems a little premature.

    • Monteroisdinero

      I agree with this. Don’t see much need for a Jones bat with Montero. A Jones in the outfield for 2M? Nah-Greg Golson, come sit on the bench for 7-8 innings and then use that rocket arm for us every so often.

  • Kevin

    Cashman is to blame for when it comes to Hughes and Joba. He never handled them properley. Yes, you are correct. He is a starting pitcher but frankly, he hasnt shown since the first half of last year that he is one. Also, have you forgotten what Hughes did for the Yanks in 2009?

    • http://nyyprospectwatch.blogspot.com Bryan L

      Cashman isn’t to blame for Hughes and Joba’s struggles. Quite frankly, it’s everyone in the organization who should hold responsibility.

      • Kevin

        I agree. I think the Yankees are the worst when it comes to evaluating their prized talent. Which is why Montero is still in SWB. Joba has tommy john surgery and Hughes loses his velocity and is unreliable. Its sad bc when Banuelos and Bettances get close, the Yankees organization will either baby them with Banuelos “rules” or bettances “rules” or they wont come up bc they wanna see what a 38 year old starter can do.

        • http://nyyprospectwatch.blogspot.com Bryan L

          I doubt that happens with Betances or Banuelos. The organization has probably learned from this and will approach it differently in the future.

        • Ted Nelson

          Stop… please.

          It’s called bad luck. Some prospects make it, some don’t. The Yankees happen to have had two highly prized pitching prospects at the same time who haven’t fulfilled their promise by their mid-20s. Which doesn’t even mean that they won’t reach their potential for the next decade.

          That’s it. That’s all. Chill out. Montero is in AAA because he’s 21 years old and a C… C take the most time to develop as a rule. They used Colon and Garcia over their AAA starters because A. those guys are good… if you can’t see that I don’t know what to say and B. because their AAA starters weren’t THAT good and weren’t ready.

          How did they handle Cano and Gardner? Pretty well, no? When a player hits his ceiling you look like a genius and when he doesn’t come close you look like a fool… that’s just how it works.

          Criticizing the Joba Rules is practically asinine. There’s literally scientific evidence that connective tissue is not fully formed until about 23 years old for most people.

    • A.D.

      I’m not sure I believe Hughes hasn’t been handled properly, where was the big issue? That they brought him up too soon the first time?

    • Ted Nelson

      Have some patience. They are in their mid-20s, and both have dealt with serious injuries this season.

    • Scout

      Curious why you blame Cashman for Hughes’ struggles. Yes, he spent one season in the pen, as have many young pitchers who then became successful starters. He pitched significantly more innings last year, in part because of the play-offs. But the increase was within a range that is generally considered safe. (There are never guarantees, of course.) Would you have wanted them to shut Hughes down with so much on the line? Young pitchers often suffer injuries, fail to deliver up to the hype, or take longer to develop than we woudl like. I fault Cashman for some things, but not Hughes.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Kevins point. If you put Hughes in the pen for now, when the playoffs come you can ask for your starters to go 6 innings and then you can give it to hughes and so on.

    • Ted Nelson

      Kevin’s whole point is that the Yankees mishandled Hughes by sticking him in the pen in the first place… now he wants to stick him in the pen again. Guy has no point. Just wants to blame everything that goes wrong on someone and contradicts himself several times in the process.

      • Kevin D.


  • Kevin

    i do have a point with no contradictions. Hughes now can not be a starter. A pen guy where he can light it up for an inning? Yes. No one is getting it. You have a potential lethal punch of Hughes, Soriano, Robertson and Rivera in the postseason. I’m saying to put these pieces together now and have a steady approach to this. I’m telling you, when Nova gets back this Saturday, Hughes will be in discussions for a pen job if Nova is locked in (he should be). Also, I put blame on the Yankees for the handling of Joba and Hughes. What do you ppl think when its time for Banuelos and Bettances to step up? Young players get hurt bc teams dont know how to handle guys. A year or 2 down the road, everyone including Ted will question the approach to the 2 killer Bs handling. Watch and see.

    • Kevin D.


      It would be -10 but your name happens to be Kevin so I will give you a break.

  • Sabr King

    Yankees’ innings jump for Hughes in 2010 was too much. They based it on his career high in 2006 which is too long ago, he hadn’t even touched 100 since then. Hughes’ track record screams injury case: hamstring pull, ankle injury, broken rib, sight problems, shoulder problems. Mysterious loss of velocity in 2008. A plethora of mechanical changes. This guy is not the same pitching prospect of 2006. Its likely that Hughes is done, so better “sell high” on him while they still can.

    Quite sad really since I believed the hype in 2006.

    • ItsATarp

      Fun fact: pre 2007 and going into 2007 many scouts had Hughes rated higher than lincecum. Which tells how volatile prospects can be.

    • Kevin

      I agree Sabr King. I believe the hype to for alot of these young guys. Honestly, the Yankees shouldve had a steady incline of innings for every year he pitched. But they didnt. Injuries got in the way and then in 09 he fond his role as a setup man. then 2010 was a huge innings jump. Idk, i wish that some clubs just let the starters pitch to their natural abilities. If theyre groomed as a starter then b one. Not a mind numbing ordeal where we have these “rules”. Bc these “rules” wrecked Joba and affected Hughes this year.

  • Craig

    According to MLBTR- NY is discussing Montero, Nova and Betances for Ubaldo. Yay or nay?

    • ChrisS

      In a heartbeat.