Rosenthal: Ownership pushed for Wandy


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees push to acquire Astros southpaw Wandy Rodriguez before yesterday’s trade deadline came from ownership and not Brian Cashman. The Yankees were willing to pay $21M of the $38M left on the southpaw’s deal, but Houston was only willing to pay the $2M he’s owed through the rest of the season plus another $5M if his 2014 player option was picked up. Ultimately, the two sides never got to the point of exchanging offers.

Meanwhile, a rival GM told Rosenthal that Cashman had seven untouchables. I’m guessing Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos, Ivan Nova, Austin Romine, Brett Gardner, and … who’s the seventh? Obviously not Phil Hughes if they offered him Ubaldo Jimenez. Could it have been David Robertson?

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  1. J.R. says:

    Eduardo Nunez.

  2. Bum Rush says:

    Seven untouchables? Of course they didn’t do a deal. Who wants to deal with that?

    I think it also says something about Cashman’s future. Why would he be so protective of the youth if he wasn’t going to be the one to see it develop?

  3. Ivan says:

    I have a very hard time believing that Brian Cashman would have 7 young players who he will deem “untouchable”. I mean understand 3, maybe 4, but 7??? I just dont believe that in my opinion.

  4. Frank says:

    I was thinking Sanchez, not Gardner, and couldn’t figure out the 7th…although maybe it is Gardner.

  5. Jack Merridew says:

    Thank God ownership lost out. Why does ownership think it knows more about baseball than Cashman? Did they learn nothing from the Soriano deal? $21 million for a 4th starter at best. Who knows how we would have pitched in the AL East and if he would have even beaten out AJ/Nova/Hughes for the 4th playoff starter. Big waste of money it would have been.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      A. It’s their money. They’re a private organization as structured (I’d say there’s an argument they offer a public good and shouldn’t be legally granted monopoly power without having to answer to the people… but that’s another subject) and can spend their money how they see fit.

      B. “At best” and no. 4 starter don’t really go together. “At best” implies, you know, the best case scenario. Best case he’d thrive in Yankee Stadium and improve on his Houston performance.
      He went 7 IP 0 ER against Texas this season. 6 IP 2 ER at Toronto. 8 IP 0 ER against Milwaukee. 7 IP 3 ERs agaisnt Cinci and St Louis.
      I’m not sure what evidence you have that he would do significantly worse against an AL East schedule, because he’s had a bunch of strong starts against quality offenses this season.

      So… you probably should have chosen different words than “at best” there.

    • Jetrer says:

      that $21M would be for 3 1/3 seasons of at LEAST a number 4 starter. The Yankees pay more than that for middle relievers. That salary is by no means unreasonable for a #3-4 starter.

  6. Ted Nelson says:

    Untouchable in a Wandy deal or overall?

    Weren’t there also rumors that Montero was available for Ubaldo? Not sure why that disqualifies Hughes and not Montero.

  7. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Granderson? Swisher? Cano? No reason an untouchable couldn’t have been one of the younger or market-value veterans other teams could have shown interest in, no?

    • Preston says:

      Agreed, and I’ll take it a step further. The way the rumor mill guys report untouchable could mean anything. It means who we don’t want to trade, not who we don’t want to trade that others would actually want and afford. We might have deemed Sabathia and Rivera “untouchables”. Or this could all be made up because people want to make it seem like Cash was being unreasonable in trade talks (Yankee bashing is a pretty trendy thing in the media).

  8. Jack Merridew says:

    Untouchable in certain deals, not overall. Wasn’t Montero offered up for Cliff Lee? He ain’t untouchable overall, just for what was on the market this year. If King Felix was available, all 7 of those guys would quickly become touchable and in a good way.

  9. Will (the other one) says:

    You forgot Jorge Vazquez.

  10. vin says:

    The most untouchable should be CC.

    The 7th was probably Nunez.

    Also, how long before Mason Williams is deemed untouchable?

  11. CS Yankee says:

    Dante and his .600 BA

    • Gonzo says:

      He can’t be traded for a little while. The earlierst would be a PTBNL sometime at the end of January. I think D-Bich’s first game was June 20th, so sometime around January 19th/20th prolly.

      So book it! January 20th, D-Bich for King Felix!

  12. Jesse says:

    Probably David Robertson. But what about Brett Marshall? He’s projected to be a top of the rotation starter.

  13. Tom Zig says:

    Preston Claiborne.

  14. Ben says:

    Does the fact that Cash felt confident enuf to sit pat and rely on prospects mean he’s coming back (i hope so… for all the grief he’s gotten by yank fans, he has demonstrated patience and the balls to stand up against idiotic ownership).

    If he was planning on leaving or thought he’d be pushed out, wouldn’t he ditch prospects for 1 last hurrah? I certainly would. I wouldve emptied the farm and gotten Ubaldo and Bedard and then left in the off season with hopefully one more ring… What do i care about prospects if i’m leaving???

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      It just means you have no integrity as a human being.

      • Ben says:

        no. my hobby of shooting puppies means i have no integrity.

        trading the farm for a shot at a title in my last year is simply good timing.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      And then you’d never get another job for an MLB team again… not to mention you’d have made a totally classless decision.

  15. CS Yankee says:

    Z: I wanted to call and confirm if you really had 7 “untouhables”?
    Cash: Yep
    Z: Ownership in-line with that?
    Cash: Yep
    Z: Levine?
    Cash: Who cares, Hal doesn’t listen to him.
    Z: Since when?
    Cash: Since we have cut 6M$ worth of checks for like 15 outs.
    Z: …what if I offered the King?
    Cash: I said untouchable…not untradeable.

    :::and scene:::

  16. nathan says:

    I think Cash$$ would like to leave a few uber prospects and players that he oversaw develop and make the team… whether he is here next year or not, fans will acknowledge his part in the acquisition, plan and progress of these prospects… this doesnt in anyway prove that he is staying.

    7th : Mark prior … JK maybe JR Murphy

    • Ben says:

      Eh, i don’t really buy that… Relatively few people like those posting on boards like this give Gene Michael a lot credit for the 90s dynasty.

      I don’t think it means a whole lot… More GMs pull a Kazmir trade and walk out the door.

  17. KenC says:

    I can really see Cashman leaving after the season now. Ownership is just getting in the way of his job. Why did Hank, Levine, and Hal even sign Soriano? Just so Yankees could have a big name in the offseason?

    • Gonzo says:

      Two words:
      Scott Boras

      Why anyone interested in the almighty $ be represented by anyone else is beyond me.

      • KenC says:

        So your saying Scott Boras convinced ownership? Oh how I miss the Boss

        • Gonzo says:

          I don’t know how he does it or what he does. He just does something. I mean Cash repeatedly said he had no interest in Soriano.

          Then BAM, almost overnight he has very nice deal with the Yankees. That guy is either the devil or a genius.

  18. Steviedatsun says:

    They should’ve went after ja happ. I could’nt wait to hear giraldi call him happy

  19. JonS says:

    The 7th untouchable was Zoilo Almonte. :)

  20. yoo-boo says:

    Being 7 untouchables does not mean they will automatically be a Yankee. They would be traded for ONLY 100 percent healthy and legitimate player(s). I think the 7th one is Adam Warren since Cashman publicly falls in love with him.

    To people who claim the ownership is idiotic, the ownership DOES KNOW baseball better than us fans. The difference between the ownership plus Levine and Cashman is amounts of $$$$ Yankees willingly pay to contain a player.

    However, I still think the ownership and Levine should back off and let Cashman do the job completely. Good or Bad.

    • Jetrer says:

      ” the ownership DOES KNOW baseball better than us fans”
      owning a baseball team does not in any way mean the owners know baseball, it just means they are rich (or had a rich daddy)

  21. JonS says:

    The 7th untouchable was Zoilo Almonte.

  22. Do other organizations do this?

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      What over hype prospects…..yes all the time

      Just kidding or am I

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Every team does this… no team is giving away players they don’t have to. Atlanta just did it with Houston. They got a 5 fWAR player without giving up any of their guys. None. Jordan Schafer hasn’t been a top prospect since 2008. And this is a team that’s loaded with young talent.

      It’s a negotiating ploy and it’s also a hearsay rumor… it doesn’t mean that those players are actually untouchable. It means that unless they’re getting a real impact player (probably at a favorable age with a favorable contract situation) they aren’t giving you those players… and even if they’re asking you for an impact player they’re hoping to sucker you the way the Braves (especially the Braves… Bourn without giving up any of their top prospects?) and Phillies did the Astros.

      Especially for Wandy… I mean the Astros just let their 2 best players go without getting a legit top prospect (return for Pence was solid, but Phillies had Dominic Brown)… from teams that do have legit top prospects. I would tell Ed Wade to screw off if he’s giving me a different pricing structure for Wandy than the deals he literally just made for Pence and especially Bourn. Given that he just took Jordan Schafer for Bourn… my offer would probably start with Brackman (kidding, but that’s about comparable).

  23. pete says:

    If it’s a rival exec saying that, he’s probably referring to de facto untouchables (aka guys who aren’t going to be traded for any of the “available” players) rather than players who could never ever be traded. I’d guess the following:

    1. Cano
    2. Banuelos
    3. Montero
    4. Betances
    5. Gardner
    6, 7. Nova/Romine/Brackman?

  24. Mike Myers says:

    1. Cano
    2. Banuelos
    3. Montero
    4. Betances
    5. Gardner
    6. Romine
    7. Sean Connery?

  25. Jon says:


  26. Favrest says:

    Gardner is a very important part of this team now. As is Nunez. Jeter is washed up, and there’s no one else.

  27. Pat D says:

    I’m gonna assume “ownership” meant Levine.

  28. kenthadley says:

    I think it indicates Cashman is staying…if he was leaving he’d be more willing to move young talent to win now and cement his legacy. I also think “ownership” and Cash work like good cop/bad cop. These guys (the Stein bros and Cash) grew up together through the early nineties when Cash was an intern…they probably snook drinks when the old man wasn’t looking….I think they operate in total tandem, so much so that Cash felt no hesitation to publicly express his stance on the signing of Soriano, and the Bros had no qualms about letting him. I think he already knows he’s coming back because he has their complete confidence; these guys function more like peers than labor and management.

  29. Matt montero says:

    Cano, montero, romine, , banuelos, betances, gardner, nova? If colorado put nova in the same category as the others, teams must really value him

  30. Dave says:

    There were 7 “untouchable” prospects.

    - Banuelos
    - Montero
    - Betances
    - Romine
    - Murphy
    - Sanchez
    - Nova

    Nova’s stock went up — while Brackman fell off the list.
    Nunez is/was available.

    • Plank says:


      Why would the 4th best catching prospect in the Yankees system be untouchable when there is a competent starter in the majors and a potential all star in AA and AAA?

      • Dave says:

        He’s no longer considered only the 4th best. He’s made great strides defensively — and he’s the best pure hitter of the bunch.

        • Plank says:

          He’s a better pure hitter than Jesus Montero? I hadn’t realized that. Thanks for clearing that up.

          • Dave says:

            They believe that now. Montero hasn’t been the same hitter since reaching AAA. And they expected to see more power by now as well. Montero is a good hitter and has power — but maybe not quite to the level they initially thought. Murphy makes more contact, strikes out less — and they feel that he will hit for high average at every level. The rub on him was if he could stick at catcher or 3rd.

  31. Jorge says:

    Where have you gone, Melvin?

  32. mike c says:

    our prospects are simply too good to trade for damaged goods… wandy would have been nice to have in the bullpen but not with that contract

  33. noseeum says:

    Last untouchable was Posada. Cashman told everyone he had 6 untouchables, and they all told him, “no, you actually have 7.”

  34. Phil says:

    Damon Oppenheimer seems to just be getting better & better at his job & should be an untouchable; his last two drafts have been outstanding. The Yankees should give him whatever it takes to remain w/the organization as its scouting director.

    • noseeum says:

      They could give him the GM job, and he’d probably stay. Sounds good to me. Seems about time for Cashman to enjoy a break from the game for a bit.

      I don’t mean that Cashman stinks and needs to go. Just that he’s had a long run, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to go.

  35. Jonathan says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first to suggest this but how about Mariano Rivera?

  36. HulkHeyman says:

    I would say hughes is the 7th, no team would touch that guy not even with a 10 ft pole..

  37. Hardy says:

    I think the Astros’ numbers are ok for a pure salary dump (no prospects). I would do this if one of the top 3 goes down in August.

  38. AC says:

    I honestly felt there wasn’t a starter out there that was better than what we have now I’m glad Cash didn’t do Ubaldo deal. I think ownership wanted to do something just like Soriano deal

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