Sept. 8th makeup game with Orioles will be a day game

Game 131: Right back at it
Jeter out with right knee contusion, he and A-Rod likely out Monday

The September 8th makeup game with the Orioles will be played at 1:05pm ET, which is important because the Yankees have to be on the west coast the next day. Of course the Yankees don’t even want the game to be played on that date since it’s their only true off day of the month, but apparently neither the Orioles or MLB care enough to look into an alternative.

Game 131: Right back at it
Jeter out with right knee contusion, he and A-Rod likely out Monday
  • Steve S.

    Lineup is out, courtesy of RLYW

    SP: A.J.
    Bullpen: Lance Pendleton, Raul Valdes

    C: Cervelli
    1B: Andruw Jones
    2B: Aaron Laffey
    3B: Brandon Laird
    SS: Ryan Pope
    LF: Chris Dickerson
    CF: Greg Golson
    RF: Justin Maxwell
    DH: Melky Mesa

  • MannyB ace2be

    And the yanks win this one 7-4

  • Yanks99

    I like how the orioles are saying, how could the Yankees be arguing about make up games when people are losing their lives in a hurricane. If they don’t care why don’t they just play whenever the yanks want?

    • tom

      They’re simultaneously being dicks and playing sanctimonious. I know political references are off-limits here, but maybe this one is old enough: that’s the kind of screw-you-and-play-the-injured-party thing Nixon used to specialize in.

      • Kiko Jones

        Don’t forget to add their mention of the Yankees’ disrespect towards the late Mr. Flannery as part of their argument, which is beyond tacky.

        • Plank

          I’m more concerned with the Orioles feigning being offended and exploiting the death of Mike Flanagan, but I’m sure this Mr. Flannery fellow was a good man, too.

          • Professor Plum

            They are saying now he killed himself because of money problems. Obviously this is the fault of the Yankees– if the Yankees did not hoard all the money, the Orioles could have paid him better. It’s easy to see why the Orioles are so bitter! It’s all the fault of the New York cabal Goldman Sachs Bankees.

  • Roland Deschain

    If George were alive we would have played a doubleheader on Friday and there would be none of this nonsense about the Orioles dictating to the Yankees when they can play baseball. Hank and Hal have really let the team down here. They should have fought this tooth and nail but it doesn’t appear that they’ve done anything.

    • JAG

      I wonder why they don’t just put the game off and play it if it matters at the end of the year. Like, if the Yankees win the division or the wild card by 2 or more games, then it doesn’t matter what happens in this game so they can just not play it. This has been done in the past, I don’t see why this alternative isn’t being at least suggested. I mean, given the Orioles behavior so far they obviously wouldn’t go for it, but the idea isn’t even being tossed around.

      • PeteyNice

        Like anything else, it is about the money. The Orioles sold a lot of tickets for these games and if you play it only if necessary you have to refund people’s money if it is not played.

        What I don’t understand is the inconsistency here. Remember the Friday before Jeter got 3000 was rained out. The Yankees wanted to play a DH the next day and some how Tampa was able to veto that.

        I agree that George would have never stood for this, or the “home run” in Kansas City. The Yanks lack strong leadership from the top right now.

        If the race wasn’t so tight, I’d consider just forfeiting. Playing a AA team does not send a message. Not giving Baltimore their precious money does.

        • JAG

          Playing a AA team kind of does send a message if the Yankees make a point of advertising it in advance. Especially if highly touted prospects like Montero are not a part of the game, then there is little incentive for most Yankees fans to bother going down the the game, significantly reducing the Orioles’ gate. I wouldn’t normally be in favor of such a mean-spirited retributive act, but the Orioles are clearly taking that stance so I see little reason not to respond in kind.

          Perhaps even better would be to dig up some washed-up veterans and sign them for 1-day contracts to play that game only. Then you’re not even risking damaging the kids’ egos by letting them get destroyed by MLB players.

          • PeteyNice

            The September 8 game is a make up from April. Those tickets are already sold. As long as the game is played the Orioles get to keep the money which is all they want anyway.

            If you forfeit, they have to refund all of the money and won’t collect any parking, beer, etc money either.

            You take a fat gate away from them and maybe they have second thoughts before screwing teams over in the future.

  • Alibaba

    The Yankees should send a AA team and publicize this ahead of time. It will be difficult to play the screw-you-and-play-the-injured-party thing, but who cares. The team can publicly say that they need to keep the players fresh for the stretch run, etc…

    • Kiko Jones


    • Mister D

      Exactly. By that point the rosters will be expanded, and every regular should be sent ahead to the west coast.

  • Kiko Jones

    There’s talk of the Yankees taking a PR hit by doing this, but for a team that’s irrationally despised by 90% of non-Yankee fans and a significant part of the mainstream sports media, I say, what harm will this really do to the Yankees? So, with the expanded roster in September they should field a AAA team—no Jeter, Mo, A-Rod, Grandy, Canó; no Banuelos, Betances, Montero, either—and let the Yankee fans know in advance, as stated by the above posters. Fuck the O’s.

    • MikeD

      A PR hit? Who cares. Seriously. The Yankees are always the bad guy, so they might as well play the bad guy.

      Screw ’em.

      • Kiko Jones


  • Jack Cross

    What happened to the rule that a team could only play so many games without having an off day? Since this is their only off day for the month shouldn’t that put that rule into effect?