Yankee Clippings: The Derek & Jorge Edition


As we await out the start of Hurricane A.J. tonight and Hurricane Irene tomorrow, some links for your reading pleasure:

  • While Derek Jeter didn’t have much to say about his personal life and in fact walked away from reporters this afternoon, Minka Kelly’s rep confirmed that Jeter and Minka Kelly split up. The rep said Jeter “has broken up with” Kelly. So take that for what you will.
  • Aaron Taube wrote an entertain piece on Jorge Posada’s second base adventures yesterday. Posada, who started out with the Yanks as a middle infielder, hadn’t played there since his days with Oneonta in 1991. While his throw to first for the final out of the game wasn’t much, he can add it to his Major League resume now too.
  • A-Rod met with MLB officials today to discuss reports of his poker playing. The Yanks’ slugger refused to give any details, but he said he’s not worried. “They asked me a lot of questions. I answered them. It went well. I feel great about it,” A-Rod said. “I think they have their information. Now they can report back to the commissioner.”
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  1. BaltimoreYankee says:

    +1 on the Hurricane AJ comment.

  2. Oscar Gamble's Fro says:

    Jeter may have to hold a Mike Piazza style press conference after this one.

  3. Nuke LaDoosh says:

    would like to see Jeter hook up with Gaga next. Turn that Edge into a Rough Edge.

  4. Pat D says:

    I’m still so distraught. I thought Minka was The One for Derek.

    He’d better not go into a slump now.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I can probably figure out what caused the breakup.

    Minka: “Derek, I’ve got a new role in a pilot that’s probably going to get picked up by ABC.”
    Derek: “Oh, yea, that sounds good, after NBC moved Friday Night Lights to DirecTV only. What is it?”
    Minka: “It’s a remake of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’”
    Derek: ………………………………………..
    Minka: “Derek?”
    Derek: “Who the fuck is your agent again?”

    • mike c says:

      for some reason I think if derek was still batting .260 he wouldn’t have broken up with her. who knows, maybe he’s got his confidence back for real and is ready to be a raging bachelor again

      • Hun? says:

        Report said, they broken up for weeks….probably just after the all-star game. Obviously, Derek want to focus on baseball is the main reason.

  5. Bob Michaels says:

    So why did he build that 33000 sq ft mansion.Makes no sense.

  6. JSquared says:

    So that’s why Jeter’s been on fire. Dibs on Minka.

  7. Cuso says:

    Derek is having a mid-life crisis.

    Katy Perry is on deck.

  8. yoo-boo says:

    DJ’s next date should be Kate Upton. It will be fun.

  9. Sarah says:

    I think she didn’t want that hideous piece of “art” the team gave him for his 3000th hit at the house, and he pointed out that it’s his house and showed her the door.

    Or, you know, irreconcilable differences.

  10. art vandelay says:

    imagine the kinda tail DJ is pulling if he just dumped minka.

  11. Monteroisdinero says:

    Minka knew nothing about baseball. This bothered Jeets who is now dating Kim Jones and Suzyn Waldman.


  12. JoshTFL says:

    So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

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