Cervelli headed back to NY, Romine may join team tomorrow


Update (12:22am): Via Bryan Hoch, Cervelli is headed back to New York and is unlikely to rejoin the team on the road trip. It sounds like Austin Romine will join the team tomorrow. If he does, a 40-man roster move will have to be made.

Original Post (6:26pm): Frankie Cervelli stood his ground and was involved in not one, but two collisions at home plate on Thursday, but he hasn’t been in the lineup since. After being a late scratch last night, Cervelli was again scratched from tonight’s starting lineup because of concussion symptoms according to Marc Carig.

Concussions are no joke, so expect Frankie to sit out until he’s 100% ready to go. That means we might see Jesus Montero start a game behind the plate sooner than expected. Joe Girardi spoke about Montero’s unfamiliarity with the pitching staff, but he did catch Ivan Nova in Triple-A last season and has caught Freddy Garcia both in the bullpen and during his rehab assignment a few weeks ago. We’ll see what happens there, but the important thing is that Cervelli gets healthy. The brain is nothing to mess with.

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  1. Jesse says:

    I say Jesus catches tomorrow.

  2. Colin says:

    Too bad Jorge hasn’t caught a game all season, cause he’d be good for a game two behind the plate

  3. Sheepmeister says:

    My question is where is the outrage and the debate on catchers blocking the plate and collisions on the front page of ESPN?

    • bonestock94 says:

      The outrage was a load, but Cervelli won’t be missing almost an entire season as a result. I will say that Cousins hit was perfectly clean, while Markakis hit was downright filthy. Just my opinion.

      • David N says:

        He might well miss a lot of time. Look at how much time Morneau has missed over the past few years. Concussions are nothing to screw with, especially multiple ones. It would not shock me if Cervelli’s career came to an end because of this, at least as a catcher.

        I hope it doesn’t come to that – we make fun of Cervelli for a lot of stuff, but the enthusiasm with which he plays every game is 100% legit, and it would be a real loss if he had to be out for a while.

    • Rookie says:

      If there is outrage and debate about catchers blocking the plate and collisions on the front page of ESPN after a Yankee catcher gets a concussion, it’s safe to say that it will be about evil, cowardly catchers abusing poor, defenseless baserunners — or total silence as there was when Varitek so bravely (NOT) didn’t even take off his catcher’s mask when he confronted A-Rod and the so-called journalists at ESPN didn’t peep about it.

  4. Urban says:

    If they’re going to give Montero a shot to catch this month (which they will), now is as good a time as any. Anyone but AJ.

    Hopefully this is nothing too serious with Cervelli. He’s had at least two prior concussions, which is why he was perhaps the first MLB player to wear the Great Gazoo helmet full time, or whatever the hell Kay calls it.

    • Jeff Levy says:

      You’re right, this isn’t Cervelli’s first concussion. He’s been hit in the head if I remember right and been involved in other collisions. They should be careful with him since he’s valuable in the backup role.

      • Rookie says:

        Amen, Jeff. Like Mike says, the brain is nothing to mess with.

        And just in case player welfare isn’t enough to make teams err on the side of caution, perhaps the fact that when players come back too soon they can become susceptible to frequent recurrences or even related life long chronic issues that can dramatically impact their performance for years at a time or even derail or end their careers.

    • CBean says:

      I was at Spring Training a couple of years ago and he got a concussion there and I think they said that was his 4th? That doesn’t sound good for such a young kid. Or anyone really.

    • Cuso says:

      It was that prick, Berthiaume that called it the Great Gazoo helmet.

      • Rookie says:

        That was classless of Berthiaume — even if it was funny.

        • The Lazzeri Scooter says:

          Shut your mouth…. the only humor that surrounds that

          biased scumbag Berthiaume is when he looks into a mirror or

          conversing with equal douchebag Karl Ravech.

          At least we know, those NESPN fools are terrified their home team is choking their guaranteed postseason spot

    • Cuso says:

      respectfully, I have a feeling that Montero won’t get a shot to catch until after they clinch a playoff berth.

      i think its gonna be Romine today and then right back to Martin

  5. bonestock94 says:

    That sucks, it seemed to good to be true for him to be 100% after taking a shoulder to Markakis’ head.

  6. Plank says:

    I hope he’s okay. I hate the violent play at the plate.

    I think something like this could be on to something:

  7. Zach says:

    And you can bet Buck is just loving it. He gto what he wanted out of those last two games. Tired and injured Yankees.

    • The Lazzeri Scooter says:

      Don’t worry about that loser- he’ll be coaching a last place team for as long as Angloes deems him fit.

      Buck will be terminated and crawling back to NESPN while we keep on winning and playing on the big stage in October.

  8. JohnnyC says:

    Bring up Austin Romine.

  9. pop up teixeira says:

    all i gotta say is fuck the orioles

  10. tremont says:

    Get rid of homeplate collisions. Playing catcher is a brutal enough job as it is. These collisions are simply are not an integral part of the game. Nobody tunes in to see them and I don’t think the sport would lose a single fan if they were banned.

    • Sarah says:

      I think I’m inclined to agree with you. I’m not sure it’s really acceptable to take your shoulder to someone’s head in a sport with no actual protective gear. (I felt it wasn’t really necessary for Cousins to take Posey out either, but the plays were very different so that’s neither here nor there.)

      Baseball isn’t hockey or football. The gear is minimal and concussions are serious business. There must be some sort of middle ground between getting to home safely and taking out someone (and injuring them seriously).

  11. There should be a no headshot rule for homeplate collisions. The runner should be sliding in the first place. If he hits the catchers head hes an auto out. Nothing more nothing less.

    • David N says:

      This. I have no problem with collisions with the body or legs – those things heal pretty well, even if they take a while. But brain injuries are a whole other ballgame.

  12. Zach says:

    On board with several others. You do headshots,you’re automatically out.

  13. Stratman9652 says:

    The person who invents a more concussion resistant catchers helmet should be awarded a medal.

  14. Jesus Freak says:

    Saltalamacchia says Cervelli is personally more susceptible to concussions because he’s latin.


  15. Jorge says:

    I’m surprised to see Romine. I honestly thought the team would play it very safe and go with a third catcher type like Gus Molina here.

    Please get well, Frankie Cervelli. This stuff’s no joke.

  16. Brian S. says:

    Interesting that they are calling up Romaine. I hope he does not lettuce down.

  17. dkidd says:

    frankie says relax…and pumps fist

  18. On that Markakis collision, Markakis never even touched the plate, if you going to be dirty and mow somebody down with a flying shoulder, at least touch the fucking plate while you do it. How did he not get in trouble for that?

    I also don’t think Romine should be up, just put Montero behind the plate and save the roster spot.

  19. Favrest says:

    Jorge’s offense is so bad that we’ve actually forgotten how bad his d is.

  20. ArchStanton says:

    Why not just activate Girardi as a catcher? He’d have to bring his binder with him to call pitches, but that’s OK, right?

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