David Robertson out Friday with stiffness


David Robertson was unavailable Friday because he was “a little stiff,” but don’t freak out, he will be available tomorrow. Robertson threw a ton of pitches in Thursday’s game and also pitched on Tuesday. It’s a good thing he’ll be available, because both Mariano Rivera and Rafael Soriano will be off limits tomorrow due to their recent workloads. No big deal until further notice.

Categories : Asides, Injuries
  • Brian S.

    His wife will take care of that.

    • Jesse

      lmao +1

    • Xstar7

      Mike should of seen that coming.

      • Jesse

        He’d be a fool if he didn’t.

      • david

        His wife is the only one who sees That coming.

      • Mister Delaware

        I don’t think they mean his penis, guys.

        • Your Dudeness


  • JPHX

    You’re supposed to see a doctor if that lasts longer than four hours

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Beating the Sox must’ve really gotten D-Rob “excited”

  • M-Three

    So gues this means that D-Rob will be the closer tomorrow. Anyone else think that its a sign of whats to come in his future?