Derek Jeter on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, circa 1999

Weather no big deal for Yanks, huge for Boston
Game 157: No mercy (UPDATE: Rained out)

RAB’s own Hannah Ehrlich found this the other day and passed it along to me, and … just watch. Words really can’t describe it. The hamburger desk just pulls the whole thing together. Just amazing.

(h/t the shark doctor)

Weather no big deal for Yanks, huge for Boston
Game 157: No mercy (UPDATE: Rained out)
  • S

    Now you gotta find the SNL clip “Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole”

  • Jesse

    I actually saw this on youtube a month or so ago, I don’t know why I didn’t pass it along.

  • Jesus Freak

    Derek is a great player, but his public personalty is all time boring.

    • Jerome S.

      I don’t think it’s boring. He dates beautiful women, is witty when he needs to be, has an interesting enough story… he’s just private. Hence why he has not gone down in a orgiastic, drugged out blaze like other stars. Now Mark Teixeira, he’s boring.

      • Brian S.

        Mark Teixeira isn’t a star anymore either.

      • Monteroisdinero

        But Tex has that big toothy smile when he scoops the last out of the game at 1B and the blowfish/puffer-face runs around the bases. Exciting!

        • Jesse

          Haha I laughed. So true.

      • Guest

        Mark Teixeira lives in Greenwich, CT. I don’t think there is another player in ML baseball who would fit in as seamlessly in that neighborhood as he does.

        If I had to name a band whose name best represents Tex, it would be “Something Corporate.”

        Despite the clean-cut, rich guy preppiness, he’s likeable because he seems do darn earnest, hardworking, and gives back to the community (his work with Harlem RBI is exemplary).

        • Jerome S.

          Oh yeah, Teixeira’s definitely an 8 on the Granderson scale of philanthropy, but he’s still boring s fuck.

        • Plank

          I don’t know, the name’s a little to ethnic for Greenwich.


        • Kiersten

          Did you just name drop my favorite band on RAB?


          (But I don’t understand how Teixeira = Something Corporate)

      • Neil

        Teix can be as boring as he wants as long he keeps hustling on every play and is willing to take out a infielder at 2nd to break up a DP or take out a catcher to score a run. And I loved his reaction when Jorge came out to catch when Martin got hurt. Teix is boring? Give me 24 more as boring as him if they play like that.

    • Monteroisdinero

      It wasn’t bad-I’ve seen him way worse/boring than that. He saves his worst for Kim Jones-I think he just enjoys torturing her.

      • Sarah

        I think this is true. He gives her nothing to work with at all.

      • cr1

        That started when she began her YES life as a mole for the Tampa faction, asking questions that were dictated from out of town to embarrass whoever was out of favor. She admitted letting them tell her what to ask, by the way, but claimed she didn’t know they meant to show up anybody… Jeter gave her nothing to work with then and he’s said to be an unforgiving soul, so it’s possible he may never give her anything to work with.

    • Guest

      Which is brilliant.

      Boring = Endorsements, glowing stories about your “calmness under pressure” and integrity, increased money from teams because of “how you represent their organization,” fewer opportunities for people to sully your name, the benefit of the doubt when things go wrong.

      Interesting = Being labeled a “distraction,” “pariah,” fewer edorsements, being someone who is always blamed when things go wrong, harder passage into HOF, essentially…being A-Rod.

      Seriously, I see no reason why an athlete wouldn’t abide by the Crash Davis/Nuke Laloosh school of media interaction. It might be boring, but it certainly makes life easier.

  • J.R.

    Right after this Rosie tried to eat her desk, no joke.

    • Stratman9652

      Right after this Rosie tried to eat ate her desk, no joke.


      • The Lazzeri Scooter

        And then blamed Bush/Cheney as the actual desk eating culprits! Rosie’s no fool/ bitch, she knows the truth!!

        /sarc’d for the pathetic Truthers

        P.S. Hannah, please try not to find any videos featurings lunatic has beens like O’donnell. No one misses this woman.

  • Engelbert

    That was a sick entrance song

  • Kiersten

    I may or may not still have a jar of that peanut butter…

  • Mike

    Ah the 90’s