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The only think worse than a night game on the west coast is a Friday night game on the west coast. The regular game thread will be along shortly, but for now here’s a thread to use in the meantime. The Mets are playing and MLB Network is showing a game as well, but talk about whatever you want here. Go bananas.

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  1. Xstar7 says:

    Anyone who hasn’t seen this Bernie Williams video yet is missing out:

  2. Brian S. says:

    I’m on the West Coast so right now it is 4:20 PM.

  3. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    the Red Sox pitching coach said that “(John Lackey) brings a lot of class into this game”

    yeah, ok.

  4. Brandon says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but why has Cervelli been playing alot lately over Martin?

  5. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Lackey. Jaso crushed that one. 3-0 Rays.

  6. swishers fauxhawk says:

    John Lackey: Nope.

  7. Tom O says:

    So is anybody else getting tired of Buster Olney harping on the “pitch to the score” thing? (just one example:!/Buster_E.....8162720768)

    Sure pitchers pitch to the score, but I don’t get what he’s driving at, except that sometimes he’ll say something derogatory about FIP or other advanced stats.

  8. Rigoleto says:

    Anyone hear any followup on Jesus catching Bartolo’s bullpen with Tony Pena et al watching? Any chance Jesus catches all or part of a game?

  9. Alfredo says:

    I doudt that Montero will even play this series, so he is defently not catching Colon.

  10. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Haha Lackey pulled an AJ.

    • The Lazzeri Scooter says:

      Actually, in the past two years, Allen James Burnett has been running around in a pretty uncanny John Lackey disguise.

      Considering Lackey has absolutely sucked evey month of the past two years while A.J. was actually pitching effectively for the past two seasons in the first halves, at least.

      Oh, and that World Series Run 2009 helps differ them quite a bit as well.

  11. Guns of the Navarone says:

    I don’t get how ballplayers can take an at bat with a dip in their mouth. I used to dip all the time and I couldn’t do any physical activity while doing it or I’d get nauseous. I also keep waiting to see someone take a big swing and swallow some of that stuff. Even if some of it gets near your throat it’ll make you cough like crazy. Random thought of the day…

  12. swishers fauxhawk says:

    John Lackey is like watching a more hilarious version of AJ

    • Guns of the Navarone says:

      I actually find myself feeling bad for Lackey because of all the personal stuff he’s dealt with this season. AJ’s just a disaster in uniform.

      It makes me wonder what happened to Lackey. We all knew he wasn’t as good as some of the seasons he put up in Anaheim. But the move out of a pitcher’s park into a tougher division isn’t enough to explain his drop in performance. It’s gotta be a combo of everything: not that good, tougher division/ballpark, bad luck (FIP & xFIP not half bad – especially last season), and off the field stuff.

      • Brian S. says:

        Age? It’s not surprising that he is a worse pitcher at age 32 than he is at ages 27-29.

        • Guns of the Navarone says:

          It’s probably a factor. I don’t believe his velocity has dropped off any though. I think 32 is still just out of a player’s “prime.” It’s not like he’s in his late 30s and just fell off a cliff. It still doesn’t explain how bad he’s been but it is probably one of the factors.

          • Brian S. says:

            Age is one of the reasons I hope that the Yankees don’t attempt to give CJ Wilson a long term contract. He is a great pitcher but he’s getting past his prime (age 31 this winter), would cost a first round pick, and has thrown a ton of innings after converting from a reliever. I would much rather the Yankees throw money at Yu Darvish or even Edwin Jackson who could be an effective mid rotation starter.

  13. nick says:

    Cervelli scratched from lineup, Martin in. Jesus DH

  14. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Lackey done after 3 IP 5 ER. 5-0 rays.

  15. Cy Pettitte says:

    Lackey done after 3, lol. 5 ER 5H on 69 pitches

  16. Vocabularry says:

    Melky is closing in on a season consisting of a .300 ba, 20 homers, 100 runs scored, 200 hits, 100 rbi’s, 20 stolem bases, and an .800 OBS
    Not bad for the worst player in baseball.

    • Brian S. says:

      He has been a pretty good hitter overall but his 5% BB rate and porous defense leave much to be desired. I’m happy that things have worked out for him but all three of our outfielders are better players.

    • Guns of the Navarone says:

      He’s also got a .346 wOBA, 116 wRC+, a 5% BB/9, and a BABIP much higher than his career norm. It’s impressive but not THAT impressive. But anything would be an improvement over last season… even if he were a bit less lucky it’s still a nice season for him and I’m happy for him.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Well, he was among the worst players in baseball last season. People aren’t making things up when they say that.

  17. Hall and Nokes says:

    The Rays are inching closer to the Yankees for that wild card spot!

    /MLB Network’d

  18. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Man, a lineup of 9 Jorge Posadas could do better than this Sox offense.

  19. CT Yankee says:

    So the conspiracy theorists are at it again. A report out on says that MLB won’t green light the Astros sale to Jim Crane unless the team gets moved the the AL.

    Kinda thinking this realignment talk is holding some weight now.

  20. Jesse says:

    If the Rays were to overtake the Red Sox for the Wild Card at the end of the season it’d be almost as good, if not just as good, as the Yankees winning the World Series. I’m sick and tired off all the bias coverage I hear and read about from he mass media markets around crowning these assholes. If they fail to make the playoffs I’d love to see all the ESPN and MLB Network guys cry their eyes out during the playoffs and make up shitty excuses on why their beloved sockies missed the playoffs.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      I’m praying for the Rays to sweep this set and put the pressure on the Sox. If the Rays could take the WC that would be amazing.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      The Sox losing the WC this year would be a way way way way more epic collapse than the Yankees in 04, but there’s no way the media will ever say anything close to that.

      • Jesse says:

        I agree. Just put it this way, and this may seem odd to make this comparison, but compare the 2004 ALCS for the Yankees to be a quick death (like being shot in the head) and compare this potential epic month long choke for the Red Sox to a slow painful death like starvation or torture. So essentially, which death is worse? A quick death or a slow, painful death?

  21. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    according to NESN the Sox have hit less than .170 against the rays this year. that’s pretty amazing.

  22. Brian S. says:

    Bad news on Swisher. Bryan Hoch is tweeting that Swisher felt a sharp pain in his elbow during that throw yesterday and that he has had that pain for a while. He went to see a doctor about it today.

  23. Hall and Nokes says:

    Let’s not forget that the Yankees have seven games against the Rays that hopefully they will be able to win or lose at their pleasure.

  24. Owen Two says:

    Can someone please tell me what ‘IETC’ means?

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