Yanks blowout Sox, clinch homefield advantage


It’s always fun beating the Red Sox, especially in blowout fashion, but it’s even better when the game means a whole lot more to Boston because they’re fighting for a playoff spot while the Yankees have already taken care of business. Let’s recap…

  • The offensive explosion will get the headlines, but in my opinion the biggest story of the game was Freddy Garcia. He’d been struggling of late, no question about it, so six shutout innings against a great offense is very encouraging. It was a typical Garcia outing too, lots of weak pop-ups, about a baserunner an inning, a few ugly swings. At this point, he has to be considered the favorite to start the third game of the ALDS next week. That’s subject to change by the day, though.
  • Okay, now we can talk about the offense. Jesus Montero was the star of the day, going 3-for-4 with a double to the wall in left-center and solo homer to right. He also saw 19 total pitches in those four at-bats, the most on the team. It’s  obviously a small sample (58 plate appearances), but the kid is hitting .346/.414/.635, and that’s pretty cool.
  • Russell Martin chipped in a two-run single on a ball that Carl Crawford should have caught, and one batter later, Derek Jeter made the Red Sox pay with a three-run homer to right. Nick Swisher had a hit and two walks, Andruw Jones two hits. The trio of  Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, and Alex Rodriguez combined to go 0-for-12 with four strikeouts, but everyone else went a combined 9-for-21. The joys of having a  deep lineup.
  • The bullpen after Freddy was pretty good, though Raul Valdes and Cory Wade managed to allow a run in two-thirds of an inning.  Boone Logan, Luis Ayala, and George Kontos retired the final seven Red Sox batters of the game. Kontos has looked pretty good in his limited action, no? He struck out two and showed a nice little slider. Gotta figure we’ll see a little more of him next season.
  • This game set a regular season attendance record for New Yankee Stadium at 49,556 fans. The previous record was 49,555, so they beat it by one fan. Anyway, this win coupled with the Tigers loss to the Orioles means the Yankees have clinched the best record in the AL and homefield advantage in the playoffs. Since the Mets swept their doubleheader against Phillies, the Yanks are just one loss back of their 2009 World Series  opponent for the best record in baseball. Here’s the box score, here’s the FanGraphs stuff, and here’s the standings.

The Yankees and Red Sox will play a day-night doubleheader on Sunday,  wrapping up their season series. Ivan Nova and John Lackey A.J. Burnett and Tim Wakefield will start at 1pm ET and be followed by A.J. Burnett and Tim Wakefield Ivan Nova and John Lackey at 6:30pm ET. RAB Tickets can help get you into the Stadium if you want to catch one or both of the games, or you could come to Amity Hall and hang out with us at the FanGraphs event. Details here.

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  1. Jerome S says:

    I have a feeling Montero could win ROY next year. I know it’s SSS, but not struggling is better than struggling. He’s obviously not going to slug .600 in 2012, but I think a .280/.350/.480 line might be feasible, no?

    • Jesse says:

      That sounds like a reasonable line to me. He could hit 20 plus homers, drive in 80 plus runs, put up a decent WAR, etc. He’ll be the number 1 or 2 prospect next year IMO, maybe behind Matt Moore, so why not?

      • Xstar7 says:

        That’s pretty wishful thinking for a 22 year old rookie, even one with his abilities.

        • Jesse says:

          How? The guy can rake and he’ll be around a bunch of other good players. Hell, Mark Trumbo has 29 homers and 87 RBI while hitting .256 and a very unimpressive .293 OBP.

          • Xstar7 says:

            Mark Trumbo is 4 years older than Montero. Not the best comparison.

            • Jesse says:

              That hardly matters with Montero’s talent.
              Here’s another example, Miguel Cabrera

              His rookie season: 20 years old, 87 games 12 homers, 62 RBI. He plays a full season and he easily gets over 20 homers and 80 RBI.

              And for the record, Brian Cashman compared Montero to Cabrera:

              • Jerome S says:

                Miguel Cabrera: Insane hitter. Obviously Cashman is going to compare Montero to Cabrera, but it’s his best case scenario.

                • Swag says:

                  It’s fucking hilarious how people want to kill the hype on Jesus. So many people were looking forward for him to fail because they were annoyed by people who wanted him to do well.

                  Scouts think jesus is also an insane hitter. Why people feel the need to respond to every pro-Jesus comment in a negative manner is beyond me. Then when Romine or brackman plays it’s the fucking greatest thing ever,

        • Swag says:

          Freddie Freeman did it. But let’s say that Montero has a slim chance of doing anything great but if he does het’s pretend nothing was ever said.

          And people wonder why Mondesi snapped at the decline of the comments.

          • Xstar7 says:

            “Freddie Freeman did it. But let’s say that Montero has a slim chance of doing anything great but if he does let’s pretend nothing was ever said.”

            Two different players at different positions who took different paths to the major leagues. In fact if anything Montero projects to be better than Freeman. All I’m saying is that he’s not a lock to have a triple slash line of .280/.350/.480 with 20 home runs and 80 RBI’s in his rookie year. Not saying he’s not going to be great. Fucking hilarious, I know.

            “And people wonder why Mondesi snapped at the decline of comments.”

            Right, because in the good ol’ days of RAB the comments were in beautiful helvetica font, the commenters were all gentlemanly scholars with quick wits and sharp senses of humor, and nobody EVER questioned the omnipotence of the Yankee’s up and coming players. Ever.

            • Jesse says:

              No one said it was a lock. We’re just predicting. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s what fans do. If he doesn’t reach those numbers that doesn’t make him a bust. All I was saying is because of the talent level around him and the talent he has himself while playing half of his games in a small park gives him a legit shot to reach those numbers.

  2. MannyB ace2be says:

    I believe nova and lackey is the night game not the day game and I’m just wondering it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow – how the heck will they play two games?

  3. Xstar7 says:

    That WPA Graph is beautiful.

  4. AnthonyD says:

    “Yanks blowout Sox, clinch homefield advantage”

    Never seen those headlines before.

  5. lgy says:

    Wasn’t McCarver laughin that the Yanks wouldn’t clinch home field advantage today because Verlander was pitching tonight? Would you look at that…..

  6. first time lawng time says:

    Wow. Are the recaps always up this early now?

  7. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    AJ vs Wakefield = most anticipated matchup in baseball this year.

  8. gc says:

    Not that it really means much or anything in the grand scheme of things, but I think it’s pretty amazing that the Yanks have a legitimate shot to finish the season with the best record in baseball.

    • Evan3457 says:

      An 8 game losing streak by the Phils will do that for you. Before then, the Phils were 5 games ahead.

      • gc says:

        I realize. Yet all the games count. Considering all the pre-season prognostications by the “experts,” I still think it’s pretty incredible that this possibility is pretty legit.

        • Swag says:

          And as people say literally a million times a day you can’t predict baseball but we’re going to rip the baseball analysts for not predicting it correctly? or is it just because people are sad that not everyone voted for the Yankees?

          • bonestock94 says:

            The fact that baseball is so unpredictable makes some of the extreme preseason predictions even stupider.

          • gc says:

            Lighten up, Francis. I don’t really care to gloat that the experts didn’t see this happen, or that most Yankee fans for that matter didn’t see this happen (because those who did must have been the most wide-eyed optimists). All I’m saying is that if it does happen, it would be pretty amazing to me, and a surprise that I as well didn’t expect or foresee at all coming into the season. Neat if it happens, ultimately unimportant, but interesting nonetheless. That’s all. Sheesh!

  9. Montero's Mojo says:

    Great win. Stupendous even, but I always hate seeing that void in the heart of the lineup. Would’ve been THAT much better had CG, MT, and AR vanquished their zeros with hot, crooked, jagged numbers.

  10. ED says:

    I keep expecting the Sox to snap out of it, but they just keep on losing. I’ve never enjoyed watching a team choke quite this much.

  11. mustang says:

    So happy to see Jeter get 60 RBI’s now for .300 or better and that would just cap a great season for the “Captain”.

  12. duzzi23 says:

    Seeing McCarver so sad and trying to find any which way to prop up Boston was great. Today was a signature win we sent a message to Boston and Montero made his presence known. Guarentee they will either buzz him or hit him tomorrow.

    • JMK says:

      Hmm, I didn’t catch that. I kept hearing him resigned to saying, “Man, the Red Sox might be fucked. What an epic collapse that would be.”

      I didn’t really hear much propping up.

      It was great not hearing Joe Buck today, that’s for sure.

  13. bk says:

    Was montero getting hits off fastballs or off speed pitches? Want to know if he’s making adjustments and stopped chasing the sliders down and away.

    • pop up teixeira says:

      his 1st hit might have been off a slider but the rest were fastballs

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Montero’s first ab was a line drive single through the 5.5 on a fb over the plate.

      His 2nd ab was a double off a slider/ curve off the wall in deep left center-I think it was a high strike over the middle-in of the plate.

      His 3rd ab was a 91-92 fb outside half of the plate-went with it to rf.

      His 4th ab he took a tough 2-2 slider down and away for ball 3 which was impressive. I think the called strike 3 was an inside fb off the plate but he didn’t argue. He definitely would have been plunked today if he had argued.

  14. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    Must say… This team reminds me of the Rangers in 1994. Simply…..all the best kinds of collective body language. Not a juggernaut exactly. Just…going to win. Warts and all. Mark my words.

  15. D-Rob's Great Escape says:

    This was a great game and it’s good that the Rays took advantage tonight and won. The only dissapointing result of the night was DET losing because I really would prefer the TX matchup with all their LH pitching which allows us to play our most potent lineup, I’ve assumed all along that we would end up playing DET though so oh well.

  16. Oliver Twist says:

    Here’s what needs to happen tomorrow- Rays need to win and we need to take at least one. Even better if we sweep as the Rays would then be tied with the Sox. With Wakefield and Lackey on the mound we could score 20 runs….in each game.

  17. Brian S. says:

    I really hope that Burnett pitches more like he did earlier this month rather than he did last Monday against the Twins.

  18. daniel says:

    Tim McCarver’s gone from annoying to just plain weird. His whole sequence regarding a shirtless Curtis Granderson was pretty creepy.

  19. Kiersten says:

    Even if Boston holds on to their lead, that team is just in shambles right now. Sure, they can snap out of it, but it’s not looking good. Lester hasn’t been himself lately and it seems like Beckett might be pitching hurt, and well, there’s no need to comment on the rest of their rotation.

    • Swag says:

      When the Yankees struggle people point out 2000. When the Red Sox struggle it’s the end of the world for them. Can we get some fucking consistency here?

      It’s just like this fucking argument. “Verlander is so overrated because the Yankees beat him up.” But apparently CC’s starts against Boston is ‘indicative of nothing.’ Like holy shit, if you want to brag about RAB being the smartest commenting section show some god damn objectivity,

      • deusvult says:

        well shit, holy fucking shit

      • Xstar7 says:

        Actually Buster Olney brought up the 2000 Yankees in comparison to the Red Sox yesterday.

        Your narrative: shot down

        “Verlander is so overrated because the Yankees beat him up. But apparently CC’s starts against Boston is ‘indicative of nothing’.”

        Find me ONE LINK, JUST ONE of a comment or article here that proposes such utter bullshit. You won’t find one.

  20. Jesus Freak says:

    Detroit lost and Texas won, so now Texas has a 1 game lead for the number 2 seed.

  21. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    nice to know that ESPN is here to give us a positive outlook on the rest of the season…(of course this was written last night, but still…)

    • Evan says:

      “Sabathia, even though he’s a legitimate ace, has been *far* from the ace Verlander has been.”

      For serious?

      • Pasqua says:

        That’s the ol’, “I’m only counting the last five weeks because that’s all I remember because I won’t bother looking up any actual statistics before shitting out this sentence” style of MSM analysis that I love so.

  22. Avi says:

    Raise your hand if you still care that Klaw dropped Montero in his mid season top 50 list.

  23. dkidd says:

    wpa graph = red sox season

    early life, then flatline

    /hoping they don’t pull a 2006 cardinals’d

  24. mike says:

    Steven A. Smith should stick to his I hate whitey rhetoric. He is a big mouth idiot who says sensational things for attention. When did he become a baseball expert?

    • Jorge says:

      I don’t really see much wrong with the article. Colorful Stephenisms aside, that’s exactly the argument against the Yankees making it far.

      Logic goes out the window in the playoffs. Anything can happen. You have to go out there and play the games.

      I think Smith’s a misogynist blowhard, but that’s not a terrible article.

  25. Monteroisdinero says:

    Grandy/Tex/Arod 0-12 with 4 K’s and we still destroy Lestuh! What a lineup.

  26. Johnny O says:

    That was the most fun I’ve had watching a baseball game in a while. Lester’s face in the dugout after he got pulled was priceless.

    While I was pretty upset when Jack Z screwed Cashman on the Cliff Lee trade, I’m very very glad to be watching Montero drill opposite field BOMBS. Even better = watching him do it vs. Lee in the WS.

  27. Kevin says:

    While I’m sure we all have visions of the Red Sox trying to pull a 2000 Yankee or 06 Tigers and Cardinals..they have too many injuries to their pitching staff for the offense to save them.

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