Baseball America’s Draft Report Card

The CC Sabathia - Cliff Lee Connection
Open Thread: No Baseball

Baseball America posted some Draft Report Cards today (subs. req’d), including the Yankees. It’s not a report card in the sense that they hand out grades, instead they run through different categories like Best Pure Hitter (Dante Bichette Jr.), Best Fastball (Zach Arneson and Phil Wetherell), and Best Late-Round Pick (Dan Camarena).

Mark Montgomery, this year’s 11th rounder, is said to have the Best Secondary Pitch, “a slider that grades as major league plus already.” A college reliever from Longwood University in Virginia, Montgomery struck out 51 of the 124 batters he faced in his pro debut this summer (41.1%, a 16.2 K/9), and even whiffed five in one inning at one point. The Yankees have done a really nice job of turning double-digit picks into bullpen fodder in recent years, and Montgomery looks to be the next in line. He needs to jump to Double-A relatively soon though, you’re not going to learn anything about him against Single-A kids with that slider.

The CC Sabathia - Cliff Lee Connection
Open Thread: No Baseball
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Justin James. Watch out for that kid, he’s gonna be just like his daddy

    • Plank

      Hopefully he’s a bit better than daddy.

  • KeithK

    Thank god you posted this. I totally missed the five K’s in an inning (I was on vacation that weekend). I will die a happy man when I finally get to see a big leaguer do that.