CC’s Agent: “I’ve got nothing new to report.”

Cashman, Hal to meet next week
Phelps hit around again in Arizona

It’s only a matter of time (about two weeks) before CC Sabathia exercises his opt-out clause in search of greener pastures. There’s been some speculation that the Yankees would approach their ace about a new deal before he uses the opt-out, but agent Brian Peters told Buster Olney (Insider req’d) that no such talks have taken place between the two sides yet…

For now, Sabathia’s focus is entirely on remaining with the Yankees, according to his agent, Brian Peters. “CC has been clear about how he feels about New York and the Yankees,” Peters said on Saturday morning, “and we will exhaust all of our efforts to reach a new agreement (with the Yankees).”

Asked if the negotiations had started, Peters said, “As of today, I’ve got nothing new to report.”

Olney also mentioned that some in the organization are concerned about how/if Sabathia’s weight affected him towards the end of the season, which is completely reasonable. You also have to worry about his weight with regards to his right knee, which required surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus last offseason as well as five years ago.

The other day we heard that the Rangers are going to throw a boatload of cash at Sabathia, and chances are they won’t be the only team willing to spend on one of the game’s few legitimate left-handed aces. Every big market club will be connected to CC at some point this offseason, even if their only intention is to drive up the price for everyone else. Peters indicated that the two sides have yet to discuss a new deal, but once Brian Cashman‘s situation is wrapped up, I think it would be rather prudent of the Yankees to start talks as soon as possible.

Cashman, Hal to meet next week
Phelps hit around again in Arizona
  • Cuso

    Put in an incentive clause: “an extra $500k/year for every 10 lbs lost”

    • Frigidevil

      He can weigh in at 500 for all I care as long as he stays a 20 win pitcher.

      • Cuso

        He’s always going to be big.

        But if you believe that he can be as out of shape as he wants during his 30s and be as effective as he was his 20s you’re in for a rude awakening.

        Everyone used to think Wells weight would never be an issue also. Then his back gave out in the first inning of a game in Florida in the 2003 World Series. That single-handedly turned the tide of that series.

        CC is not a robot. Because he’s been fortunate thus far, doesn’t mean he should be considered superhuman. The weight is starting to manifest itself as a problem. As he ages it will get progressively worse, not better, unless addressed.

        To think otherwise is the height of naivete.

        • vinny-b


        • http://a gxpanos


          Wells was 40 in 03.

          200-something league average innings that year, if I remember correctly.

          Can we really blame an athlete for getting hurt at 40 years old?

          Also, last year was CC’s best year as a Yankee (although all three years have been ridiculously close, because CC is consistently great). We have no idea what affected him down the stretch, but I would argue it was at least as likely, and probably more likely, that the 6-man rotation screwed him than the Cap’n Crunch.

          I don’t get the anti-CC weight stuff flaring up right now. Or maybe I do–people bracing for the possibility that he leaves. Pretty silly and disingenuous.

        • Jose M. Vazquez..

          Until today when I read your comment on Wells I did not know what happened to him in that third game of the 2003 WS. That was a crucial game that made the difference in that particular WS.

      • Brian S.

        Wins-Loss record matters.

  • Rich in NJ

    “…in search of greener pastures.”

    If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that’s a fat joke. j/k

    I’m pretty confident that they’ll get a deal done, and I wouldn’t be shocked if CC left some money on the table.

    • Nihon Ichiban

      I would be shocked if CC left *anything* on the table.

  • toad

    “Nothing new to report,” is a pretty empty comment. It might mean nothing is going on, or the negotiations are ongoing with no agreement reached yet, or there are lots of things happening, none of which Peters wants to announce.

    I still predict CC will stay with the Yankees in exchange for a raise but no extension, though there might be a club option with a generous buyout (or even a player option at a low salary, just to give him a sort of insurance policy against serious injury or decline, say).

    • Frigidevil

      Or it means everyone keeps asking the same questions and nothing’s changed?

      • toad

        Could be that, too.

        • johnnybk

          He knows He’ll get a phone call ten minutes after cash signs his deal

  • K.V.C

    Let the big man walk. His weight increased as the year went by and his performance decreased.

    He again underperformed in the post season, his career postseason ERA is 4.81. The last 2 seasons the ERA is over 6.23

    He has 4 years/$92 million left on his contract and adding more to that is insane. He has already had multiple knee surgeries becuase of his weight…when is enough, enough?

    • mattdamonwayans

      The Yankees probably wouldn’t be able to reach the post season without CC.

      • Billion$Bullpen

        I like your name but not your comment. Without CC the Yanks would have another pitcher to slot in there. Its not like CC is the only pitcher that could win 19 or 20 games in the regular season for the Yankees. Not so great pitchers have won 17 to 20 games for the Yankees before and will again based on how good the rest of the team is.

        CC has done a good job while here but I would let him walk and spend less for a younger less fat quality pitcher with less innings on his arm and save the remainder for 2013 to pick up more pitching.

        • Jon in CUO


        • Brian S.

          Win-Loss record matters.

        •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

          “younger less fat quality pitcher with less innings on his arm”

          Could you please direct us to where this guy is?

          • Billion$Bullpen

            He will be pitching for the Rangers in the World Series if that hint works for you. And no I do not think he is even as good as CC, but I would rather bet my money on him for a 4 year deal over a 6 or 7 for CC.

            I am against long deals. I would rather over pay per and keep the years short. Seems like the Yanks like to pay more per year and more years which is bad biz. Jorge, Moose, Alex, CC, Jeter and possibly Mo got more years and more $ per from the Yanks than the open market would have paid them. Also by doing signing AJ and Tex to bad contacts it puts the roster in a bind.

            Trying to win the WS every years does not mean pay a guy an extra 3 years more than anybody else. If CC wants to pitch elsewhere for more money, let him.

            • Rookie

              Well stated, Billion$Bullpen.

        • Nihon Ichiban

          Yes, for the same amount of money they could just buy a late-model pitcher at the Pitching Store.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Based on his impact on the team that isn’t too far out there. Now of course ppl will say the money saved can be spread around to other pitchers which is true but who will they spend the money on if CJ resigns with the Rangers and they get outbid for Darvish.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

      I admire the sentiment, really, but do you honestly think this franchise is going to ride into 2012 with Nova, Hughes, and Burnett as their only holdover starters? If the big man doesn’t stay in pinstripes, it won’t be because the team didn’t do their damndest to keep him…..and I say give him the world. A presence like CC’s doesn’t grow on trees.

      • K.V.C

        Did you really think the 2011 Yankees would be starting C.C., A.J. Nova, Color and Garcia ??

        There has to be limits on both the money spent and more importantly the number of years your giving an overweight under performer.

        • Ed

          I love how you can call a guy an underperformer when he’s probably going to finish second in the Cy Young voting.

          • FIPster Doofus


            Sabathia is nowhere near an under-performer. In fact, he has been nothing short of brilliant as a Yankee.

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

          I wish I’d read the word “underperformer” first. Could have saved me the trouble of reading the rest of your reply.

          •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger


      • hornblower

        Never let a player hold you hostage. No one player is that important in baseball. It seems that average starting pitching and a strong bullpen can get you to the playoffs if you have a big offense. If CC can’t live on that money let him walk. He should ask for one dollar more to satisfy the Players Association.
        Russell Martin for a starting pitcher is the way to go.

        •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

          “If CC can’t live on that money let him walk. He should ask for one dollar more to satisfy the Players Association.
          Russell Martin for a starting pitcher is the way to go.”

          I don’t know where to begin. Just irrational as hell.

    • vinny-b

      this ^

      • vinny-b

        this ^ was intended for KVC’s above post. Agree 100%

        CC Sabathia should never be confused with Andy Pettitte.

        • CP

          Exaclty. CC is a far better pitcher than Pettitte.

    • Jd

      Agree. Another AROD CONTRACT isn’t the answer

  • Abe Frohmam

    How much money is enough?
    If CC was slick, he’d say any new I’m donating to charity etc

    • Rich in NJ

      How much money is enough?

      That’s usually answered by the market, right?

      As I said above, I hope he leaves money on the table, but that’s usually only what existing RS players* do and they tend to live to regret it.

      *somewhat sarcastic

  • Jayson

    give fatboy 5/120 with a 6th yr option and if cc dont like it or if rangers or whoever offer more than see ya. yankees could sign cj and darvis and trade for a danks or a gio gonzalez. if yankees havea beast line up and beast line up they will be fine. they can win with bunch of number 3 starters.

    • vinny-b

      CJ Wilson. Big pass.

      continue to develop our own pitching. If NYY can’t win with the rotation they have next year, who cares. Live to contend another year.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

        Absolutely agree. However, CC has shown zero real reason why the team shouldn’t make any reasonable effort to keep him.

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

          “every responsible effort.” Sorry.

      •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

        “Live to contend another year.”

        We don’t play that way. The owners don’t spend $200 mil, or anywhere near it, on salary to “contend another year.”

        • The Big City of Dreams

          True a number of us wish the team they could just roll with the punches in certain yrs but we know they won’t

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      “they can win with bunch of number 3 starters.”

      Well, they didn’t win with an ace and a bunch of number three starters, so this is doubtful.

      Just an awful plan.

  • nsalem

    When did CC have knee surgeries other than the one he had last year? K.V.C mentioned multiple knee surgeries. Did I miss something?

  • http://none Favrest

    He’s making more than enough money. That said, we can’t afford to lose him.

  • http://a gxpanos

    The CC hate in these comments is silly.

    A lot of the people suddenly appalled at his weight are just bracing themselves for the possibility that he’ll leave. Don’t let your emotions cloud the fact that the fatty mcfatfat you’re talking about averages more than 6 WAR a season.

    • Brian S.

      These people are using Win-Loss records to judge pitchers. They wouldn’t know what WAR is.

  • Gonzo

    CJ Wilson wants $100mm. Are sure you guys wouldn’t splurge and retain CC?

    And this is coming from a guy that would be ok with going to war with Edwin Jackson and Yu Darvish if push comes shove.

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      If CJ wants $100.00, they should still do what they can to retain CC.

  • K.V.C

    Nsalem – did you read the story?

    “You also have to worry about his weight with regards to his right knee, which required surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus last offseason as well as five years ago.”

    What I said was C.C underperformed in the playoffs.

    WAR is wins above a replacement player who is AAA level. He was somehow 6.9 last year. Your right I don’t get it, but he went 19 and 8 and NOVA who came from AAA went 16 and 4. (thats not 6.9 wins better)

    I would love to keep C.C. (no hate here) but if he opts out, there is no way (if I was Cashman) I would even talk to him. The Yanks have Betances, Noesi, Brackman and others who deserve a shot.

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      LOL. Save yourself some time next time and just say “I don’t understand baseball and I’m strongly against logical thinking.”

      “What I said was C.C underperformed in the playoffs.”


      “WAR is wins above a replacement player who is AAA level. He was somehow 6.9 last year. Your right I don’t get it, but he went 19 and 8 and NOVA who came from AAA went 16 and 4. (thats not 6.9 wins better)”

      You clearly don’t understand the stat whatsoever. Look it up before making a comment that makes you look this foolish.

      “I would love to keep C.C. (no hate here) but if he opts out, there is no way (if I was Cashman) I would even talk to him.”

      That would be incredibly foolish. It’s part of his contract. He has every right to excercise the option. Cashman can’t, and won’t, let pride get in the way when it comes to retaining a piece that’s this valuable to the club.

      “The Yanks have Betances, Noesi, Brackman and others who deserve a shot.”

      The chances of any of those pithers being able to replace CC’s production in 2011 is slim to none, and that’s being generous. A couple of them don’t even have a ceiling as high as CC’s. By the way, you forgot the kid that’s better than all of them – Banuelos.

      • hornblower

        CC will get his number whatever it is. Bloggers and sportswriters are his agent’s best friend.
        I still say that Russell Martin and Soriano are the Yanks best assets for trade. Martin played well but replacing a defensive catcher who hit .237 is not hard. He would be very valuable to another club especially in the NL. He could bring a good starter back. Soriano could opt out to become a closer somewhere else. If he doesn’t he could bring a player if the Yanks are willing to pay some of the freight.

        • Pat D

          No one’s going to give up much for Martin since he only would have one year of team control left.

          Also, no one (and I mean NO ONE) is trading for Soriano’s absurd contract. Not even a team that could use a closer. The Yankees would not eat any money in a deal to trade him away because they never do this.

          • hornblower

            Soriano is owed 24 mil. on the contract. He hates not being a closer. Multiple teams need a closer. Deals can be done. Don’t be surprised if money and players move around.
            Martin has one more year but he could get a long term deal from another club. The Giants are looking to get Posey out from behind the plate for instance. Most teams are really hurting behind the plate. Heck, Martin was an all-star.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      They would get a shot and then the Yankees would bail on them if they struggled.

  • Jamey

    The weight & conditioning is an issue for CC, always has been. In his young days with Cleveland his seasons generally went where he looked like a Cy Young candidate up until the All Star break & then he’d hit the wall & his & thus The Indians’ season went down the drain. Towards the end of his days in Cleveland, he improved his conditioning so that he was hitting the wall later, unfortunately that later seemed to be arriving in the playoffs. He’s made strides in this area since his time with the Yankees (I won’t count his Brewers stint because there was no way he wasn’t going to be out of gas when the playoffs started with how few days rest he took the ball) but this year, perhaps just by coincidence, his pitching seemed to tail off a bit as he was noticeably gaining back the weight he had lost, and in my opinion & THEN some. The “hitting the wall” part of having a dominant CC in October could just be a fix where Joe Girardi abandons his often frustrating “he can do this so we SHOULD do this” thinking & start to limit Sabathia’s innings/work load in September as long as the playoff race permits it.

    The issue about his weight, as mentioned above by others, is less about NOW is much as it is during the remaining & expensive years Sabathia will likely be given soon. Can a 31-32-year-old CC be the same pitcher at his current physical state, definitely. However I’d put the odds of a mid-late 30’s Sabathia being able to hold up to the strains of a MLB season & playoffs at slim (rim shot) to none. His stuff will likely diminish the same as he ages anyway, but his ability to take the ball every 5 games will depend entirely on his health. Also, there is the unfortunate fact that black men have a higher risk for heart disease & diabetes and looking at CC’s size you certainly have to be concerned as his 30’s tick by. There have been MLB pitchers to compete with diabetes, I remember a guy on the Tigers that pitched with an insulin pump under his uniform, but again the ones I recall were in much better shape than CC because being an athlete with diabetes does require a pretty strict physical dedication.

    Some have argued that CC pitches better when he’s heavier, I certainly hope that isn’t the case because it would mean a very expensive & impossible to move risk in a few years. So if I’m (assuming) Cashman if they’re giving CC more years there needs to be some kind of weight/conditioning clause there just for the obvious risks.

    • S

      In his young days with Cleveland his seasons generally went where he looked like a Cy Young candidate up until the All Star break & then he’d hit the wall

      Not true, CC in his career is better after the ASB. CC was run out on short rest repeatedly by the Brewers and Indians as they attempted their playoff push.

      Now CC is a workhorse but he can get tired as we’ve seen with his other teams when put on the mound every 3 days for a month. He is also an extreme creature of habit that historically does worse when given extra time of rest. The ideal situation would be to have him on 5 days the entire year so he doesn’t wear down.

      • Jamey

        Very true. For 1 his playoff push years were not his young days, as I stated in my first comment and 2nd if you need proof check his game logs from his early seasons.

    • Pat D

      So you make the assumption that he’s going to develop serious medical problems while he’s still playing?

      Did you use your jump to conclusions mat to decide on that?

      • Jamey

        being aware of a possibility is jumping to conclusions?

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    I understand CC has all the right in the world to opt out, but the fact that he’s doing it really irritates me. It was put there so he could leave if he wasn’t happy but all he ever talks about is how happy he is here. How much money is enough money. Kind of sad that Jeter gets told to look around if he thinks he could get a better deal but the Yankees will simply cave to CC.

    • Rookie

      Bingo, Jim. Bingo.

  • Rookie

    Why not give CC $30 million a year until he’s 45?

    When Jeter’s contract expires, the Yankees shouldn’t leave A-Rod out there all alone earning $27-30 million in his rocking chair — although Teixeira has shown that he can keep him company in the post season.

    And if the Yankees don’t burden themselves with enough wildly overpaid players past their prime, it would make it more difficult for teams like the Red Sox and Texas to make a habit of kicking their a$$es — at least in the regular season. (The umpires can please Chairman Bud by seeing that the Yankees don’t win in the post season in any case.)