Phillies decline Roy Oswalt’s option

Collective Mailbag: Edwin Jackson
Open Thread: World Series Game Five

The Phillies have declined their 2012 option for Roy Oswalt, making him a free agent. They did the same with Brad Lidge, but no one cares about him. The 34-year-old right-hander (Oswalt, not Lidge) will receive a $2M buyout rather than a $16M salary for next season.

Given their need for starting pitching, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll hear about the Yankees and Oswalt at various points this winter. Matt looked at the former Astro last month, and I’m sure we’ll look at him a little more during the offseason. One thing worth noting is that Oswalt’s back problems got so severe this season that he openly pondered retirement, which is scary in more ways than one. Any deal would obviously have to be short-term, like one year plus an option, for the career NLer.

Collective Mailbag: Edwin Jackson
Open Thread: World Series Game Five
  • Jesse

    Eh, pass.

    • Dave B


    • BK2ATL


  • Brian S.

    If he could be had on a one year deal I think he could be a solid mid rotation starter. He did have a 3.44 FIP this last season.

  • Rey22

    For the right price…

    • 22’Yankees


  •!/KChinmaster KenC

    8 million or less for 1 year, sign me up

    • BK2ATL

      He made $16 million in 2011. He started 23 games. He’s only pitched in the NL. Somehow, I don’t thinking $8 million/yr will do it for him in NYC.

      Either way, 34, severe back problems, pondering retirement… thanks. I do wonder if Philly will try to bring him back at a reduced price, or they just think he’s pretty much done.

  • Now Batting

    Given the successes of Colon and Garcia this year I’d like to see what the Yanks could get out of Oswalt

  • Jamey

    could a fair deal for Oswalt turn into a 2 for 1 Pettitte return though?

    • Jayson

      i like ur thinking…but i really di think pettitte is done for good which blows they would be a good stop gap option but not happening

  • mustang

    Hopefully the Yankees would have filled there starting pitching needs before reaching Oswalt.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Too much of an injury risk. I’d rather bring back Garcia. Won’t require 2 years, also less money, and he pitched well in the AL East this year.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      I think i’d want in order:

      Shields (hey, if Freidman goes to the Angels…)
      Kuroda, E Jax, etc.

      • Dave203

        Mixing all of these pitchers doesn’t take into consideration value. There’s a difference IMO investing 100 million into a pitcher versus taking a flyer out of even 1 yr at 10 million. Oswalt will likely see a cheaper base with incentives with his injuries over the past 3 yrs. He has more upside than Garcia by far. I’ll disregard the first 4 on your list since they aren’t competing for the same, 3/4 position Oswalt would be taking. After Wilson, I’d put Oswalt.

      • http://none Favrest

        How is Darvish #1? We’ve never seen him.

        • Dave203

          Second that. Even though there is no way Tampa trades him to us, Shields is hands down the #1 on that list.

          While 2nd would be Darvish, only because he doesn’t require giving up picks or prospects — still only counting him in as a #3/4 and hoping for more.

          I want Danks though. Hopefully he doesn’t cost too much in a trade, but that I think could really fill the middle of the rotation well.

        • MannyGeee

          Here’s the rub… Even if you do pull Darvish, you could still find use for a guy like Oswalt (at the right price) in your rotation.

          For all of Dice-Ks mediocrity, there is one thing he did do successfully that few pitchers from other countries do: land a job in the Bigs right off… mind you he had a ‘no minors’ clause in his contract, but still.

          For all the good we have heard about this kid, he could start the season in Trenton. He may not make the jump until July… Sounds like a job for some veteran presents, don’t it?

          • Jamey

            Dice-K’s issues had as more to do with philosophical & conditioning issues with The Red Sox than it was not being able to pitch in MLB. Also it could be argued that the philosophical issues were about conditioning anyway, he didn’t seem to be very dedicated. The fact that his 2nd season was better than his 1st makes me believe his game “translated”, just his work ethic really stopped him from becoming the #2 ace they thought they were getting.

            I know people run out the names, with the best cases being Nomo, Dice K & Kuroda among many busts, but that to me isn’t much different than if one were to name all of the #1 pick american pitchers or dominican free agents that achieved mediocrity if they were lucky to not be busts. Just way, WAY more of them enter MLB every year than do hyped Japanese pitchers so you have so many more chances to see them “make it”. Considering the sample size, it would be short sighted on a MLB GM’s part to rule out a Japanese player just because guys like Igawa (whose “stuff” was questionable well prior to crossing the ocean anyway) & Irabu didn’t work out as hoped. A more accurate comparison for numbers purposes might be something like “I wouldn’t draft pitchers from Clemson because Kris Benson was a bust”

  • Grover

    Sabathia first or assumed?

    • Dave203

      That’s obvious. However, if he’s asking for 6 or something crazy, going to half to play hardball. Can’t keep giving away years and $$$$. 5 yrs MAX — preferably 4 with more money. I’d rather see something ridiculous like 4/110 (27.5/yr — Lee’s option yr price) than 5 yr or 6 yr (please no) deal. If he’s still pitching well after 4, we’ll address it then. We need to stop counting on pitching and clogging up spots in the rotation for pitchers when they are past their prime. CC after another 4 seasons may be a different CC.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        If he’s still pitching well after 4, we’ll address it then. We need to stop counting on pitching and clogging up spots in the rotation for pitchers when they are past their prime.


        They would be in a better position if Joba and Hughes panned out. They wouldn’t be desperate to re-sign or extend CC. But what’s done is done.

  • Cuso

    Wow. I’m not going to reply to individual posts for this purpose, but…..learn to spell people. Or at least learn the words you’re attempting to use.

    • Gus fring


  • bonestock94

    Don’t mind him for a 1 year deal at all.

  • Pants Lendelton

    Can’t see how they don’t retain Cole Hammels now.

    • bonestock94

      Can’t see how they wouldn’t retain Cole Hamels no matter what.

      • Rookie

        The Phillies GM is obviously one of the best in the game. So if Hamels asked for more than they thought he was worth and/or too long a contract in the eyes of their GM, I have no doubt that they would pass.

        That said, I would expect Hamels to follow suit with Lee before him in Philadelphia and Weaver in Anaheim and give the Phillies a hometown discount. So I think the odds are very high he stays.

        But I definitely don’t think it’s a case of, as you said, no matter what.

    • Urban

      True, although to afford Lee (who they really weren’t looking to sign) they gave him a lower salary his initial year. It goes up in 2012, so it really comes down to the asking price, as it always does.

      Can they afford three $20-million-a-year pitchers? Not saying that Cole gets that much, but I’m not saying he doesn’t either. He’ll be a very hot property due to his age, lefty-ness and success level.

  • mustang

    My starting order to go:

    Gio Gonzalez
    Kuroda, E Jax, etc.

    Rays will never trade Shields to Yanks. The only reason I have Gio ahead of Danks is because Danks is in his walk year next year and Gio is a few years from that.

    •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      The price for Danks would be much lower though. Gonzalez is being sold to teams as an “ace,” and an ace he is not.

      • mustang


  • Joseph Cecala

    I smell a Randy Levine special

  • Greg c

    He’s been pondering retirement for several years. He said early into his last contract he couldn’t see playing beyond that. I guess it was just early talk ( like how many of us can’t imagine growing old when we are young), but it still makes me wonder. He’s always seemed like he wouldn’t have a problem walking away and has other priorities- which is great on a human level but maybe not on a long term contract.

  • Evan

    I’m sorry, but did we not just get a great half-season out of Bartolo “Big Mac” Colon who hadn’t pitched well in 5 years?? I gotta believe that it’s worth it to throw 8-10 mil at this guy (with incentives that add up to what he was supposed to make in Philly), just for the fuck of it.

    We are the Yankees after all, and isn’t throwing 5% of our total salary at an aging, though well-established, starter our M.O.? If we can get him for 1 year…I can’t imagine that it’s a bad play. In my mind, he’s basically the future version of CJ Wilson…

    Hell…I’ve seen this team throw more money and years at guys past their prime all too many times…this dude might actually have something left in the tank (maybe)? Plus, who wouldn’t get at least a little reinvigorated after moving from the dregs of Philly to NYC?

    Just one man’s opinion though.

  • Rookie

    I’m happy to leave it to Cashman. If 2011 is any indication, in contrast to all of the years before, he’ll have a high batting average in terms of making the right moves and avoiding the wrong ones — assuming the Steinbrenners don’t listen to Levine and overrule him, of course.