• nycsportzfan

    i don’t know why your low on gio gonzalez.. Hes the guy to go for.. Hes still very young and still seems to be improving..He just turned 26yrs old and has WON more games every yr in the Majors and has lowered his ERA every yr in the majors.. Hence, hes getting better and better.. At a full yr of 26yrs old, i see one more yr before his prime yrs of getting better, around 17-8 3.02era type stuff, even his K rate keeps getting better.. Hes extremely good! I would go after Gio in a second via trade if possible! Heck, if u had a CC/Gio/Nova 1-3, with our offense, your not just playing the regular season, and then most likely getting beat in RD 1 of the postseason, your legitally contending with a really young 2-3 in the rotation.. Its a no brainer! I’d offer Betances/Nunez/Romine and see what happens..