Open Thread: Two years ago today…

Ivan Nova hires new agent, but don't worry, it's not Scott Boras
Rough day for Yankees farmhands in AzFL

Good times, good times. Here’s a link to the video archive, so you can relive all the glory of Game Six. Once you’re done with that, use this as your open thread. Game Three of the Taiwan All-Star Series will be on MLB Network at 9pm ET, but the game is on a delay and I can’t find a recap, so I have no idea what happened. Hopefully no one got hurt. Talk about whatever you like here, the thread is yours.

Discussion Topic: Rank the 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009 World Championships by awesomeness.

Ivan Nova hires new agent, but don't worry, it's not Scott Boras
Rough day for Yankees farmhands in AzFL
  • Jesse

    I only remember 2000 and 2009, but if I had to rank them I’d go…


  • vin

    You can interpret “awesomeness” in a couple different ways, but…


  • j6takish

    Despite losing, I’d rank 2001 over all of them. The See-Saw games, the bottom of the 9th inning blown save, the New York post 9/11 narrative.

    • BamBino

      You should have your Yankee fan-card taken for even bringing up the disappointment of 2001.

      • FIPster Doofus

        No he/she shouldn’t. 2001 was amazing. The end result was disappointing, but that series was chock full of great memories.

        • Ed

          Not just the 2001 World Series, but the run up to it as well. The ALDS was great too. There’s a lot of great moments in that postseason.

          • Dale Mohorcic

            It’s true. I can’t bring myself to think about that series, but if sorianos homer had held up that would be my favorite series of all time.

            • Kevin

              SOrry, the ending of 01 is too painful for me to revisit that World Series.
              More to the point,the idea it was a magicial group of people is a boatload of crap.
              Tom Verducci,Bob Costas and Tim McCarver,people who don’t waste a beat bringing up the Yankee payroll,all have stated the Diamondbacks team was put together via credit card,just like the 97 Marlins were.
              And Gonzo…I find it odd how at 35 he managed to hit 57 home runs and have a bust out season that late in his career when he had been unable to do so before.
              The only people ahead of him were Barry Bonds and Mark Mcguire…hmmm.

              That’s all I can type about that..I’m angry Moose didn’t get his ring and that Paul O’Neil and Brosius had to watch those scumbags celebrate.

  • StatBoy

    ’96 (First championship in almost 20 years, Jeter’s first season, coming back from 0-2 and down 6-0 in game 4)
    ’09 (Finally shutting up all the people who said A-Rod isn’t “clutch” or that the Yankees were chokers that can’t win a title)
    ’98 (Historically good team)
    ’99 (Beating the Braves to cement their title as the hypothetical “team of the decade”)
    ’00 (An 87-win team that won a title that was about as boring as a WS title could be)

  • Gonzo

    Dang, I missed Cashmoney on Darren Rovell’s show. Anyone catch it?

  • Keith R.A. DeCandido

    1996 has to go first for a variety of reasons — the Yankees weren’t any kind of dynasty yet, the Braves were supposed to win as they were the perpetual favorites, and so on — the main one of which has to be Wade Boggs on the horse, which remains the crowning moment of awesome.

    1998 is next, because for all that it was a foregone conclusion, how much would it have sucked if the Yanks lost after THAT season?

    2009 because it was such a relief after the 2004 nightmare, the 2005 stumble, the 2006 A-Rod mishegoss, the 2007 midges and the 2008 absence.

    2000 stays out of the bottom because it was a Subway Series, but it ranks low because honestly? The team was pretty mediocre…

    1999 is last only because anything would’ve been anticlimactic after 1998….

  • BamBino

    Awesomeness accounts for many factors that may or may not be baseball related, tradition has to factor in here too, I think. My list includes some explanation and goes accordingly:
    2009- First year in “the house that George built”, first championship, it really doesn’t get anymore awesome than carrying over the winning tradition in “the house that Ruth built” to the new stadium.
    1998- One of the best Yankee team of all time, as well as overall in the history of baseball.
    1996- Jeet first World Series ring and the first of my Yankee fan-hood. Plus that epic comeback.
    2000- We beat the Mets for a third straight title… need I say more?
    1999- Going back-to-back is nice, but in the presence of some lofty company, ’99 rounds out the bunch.

  • Jesse
    • Jesse

      Ha, that comment was deleted. Thank you Axisa.

      • Brian S.

        What it say?

        • Jesse

          A guy with the handle “We cheated in 09” (or something like that) said something along the lines of “we cheated in 09 because we won with all bought players”.

          Typical Red Sox troll (or I’m assuming he’s a Red Sox fan, that’s why I posted the OTM link so he could go there instead).

          • Brian S.

            Which is funny because in 2009 our payroll was actually lower than it was in 2008.

  •!/KChinmaster KenC

    some fan u r

  •!/czm93 Craig

    Phillies sign Jim Thome….good or bad move?

    • Jesse

      It’s an Ehh move.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      They’re in for a nasty surprise if they expect him to play every day until Howard comes back.

    • mike_h

      seems like maybe this is a PH bat off the bench or Howard will be out for a while. Funny though he hasn’t played 1B since like 2007.

      • Alex

        Since ’05, last time he was with the Phils.

  • Brian

    2000 goes 2nd behind 98 bc honestly well prob never see a 3peat ever again in baseball

  • Carlosologist

    I’d have to rank the 09 title first because it is the one I remember most. The whole comeback aspect of that season made it extra special. 96 would come next, seeing as it was the year that kicked off the dynasty years (also the year I was born!) and restored the Yankees to that superpower status they had many years before. 1998 goes over 1999 as the 1998 Yankees were probably one of the best teams to ever play.

    So my ranking goes:


  • Dunmire


  • Matt Imbrogno

    To me, ’09 was the best, hands down, because it was the first championship I could truly appreciate.

  • Grit for Brains

    While I’m tempted to say 2009 was the best, my memories of the ’98 team are to me atleast a) what defines team, and b) what defines domination at least in baseball. ’96 also was the first so I’m going to go:

    00 – wins out for 4th because it was the subway series

  • Yu aint Matsuzaka

    2001 (that close it deserves a mention)
    2000 (won a huge bet)

  • Mike Axisa

    1996 (first championship I saw, still awesome)
    2000 (got to rub it in to all the Mets fans in my family)
    2009 (first after realizing they wouldn’t win every single year)
    1998 (best team EVAR)
    1999 (don’t remember a damn thing about this series)

    • steve (different one)

      You don’t remember Chad Curtis hitting 2 HRs then refusing an on field interview with Jim Gray because Gray was mean to Pete Rose? With the tabloid headline the next day “Chaddy Chaddy Bang Bang”?

  • mustang


    Not seeing them in the WS since 1981 and the way they came back was amazing. Don’t even care about ranking the rest because I didn’t have to wait 15 years or endure season after season of bad teams.

  • Juke Early


    Disturbing quote in MLB Trade Rumors Thursday Nov 3:

    “If the Yankees re-sign Freddy Garcia, Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York thinks Brian Cashman may “call it a winter” in regards to acquiring starting pitching.” WTF…

    • Jack Bauer is dead

      Does anybody care about what the ESPN New York guys have to say about anything? Half their posts consist of typos.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      The ninja strikes again

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      it is in cashman’s best interest to pretend he wants nothing to do with darvish, especially if he is interested in darvish

  • Jack Bauer is dead

    1996 was great.

    I also really liked 2009. Underrated as a World Series. Everyone was talking about how great this year’s was, and nobody brought up 2009. Don’t get me wrong — 2011 was far better than 2009 — but 2009 wasn’t even mentioned.

    Highlights: Cliff Lee’s nonchalant pop-up catch in Game 1. Also, Tim McCarver claiming that Brett Gardner is the best bunter in the AL.

  • Mike

    Not that I remember too much of the 96, 98, and 99 teams, but here we go:


  • Mike HC

    1998 – The best team
    1996 – The first one
    2000 – Subway Series
    2009 – One for the thumb, came after long drought, CC, Swish, Tex, Cano
    1999 – Not as awesome as the others

    • J-Rod

      What about A-Rod?

  • Yo! I’m Chris

    I was there!

  • Ivan

    For me

    96(First WS championship I witness and when I fell in love with the NY Yankees lol)

    98(Because that was the best team I have ever seen period and one of the best teams I have ever seen in my life seeing sports and it was a special season)

    09(Mainly because it was “drough” and winning one after all those failures was really sweet and finally realizing that winning WS aint that fuckin easy)

    00(Come on, we beat the Mets, enough said)

    99(Well all I know is, it was a great team and won period lol)

  • Craig Maduro

    2009 was the best for me for several reasons.

    1. I worked for Baseball Info Solutions that season and it was the first time I was tuned into what the Yanks were doing every single night.

    2. I had to listen to everybody gargle the red sox’ nuts for signing John Smoltz and Brad Penny…and then starting the season 9-0 against us.

    3. The walk-offs.

    4. A-Rod beast mode.

    5. The red sox and papelbon got absolutely owned by the punk ass Angles.

    • Chris B

      “2. I had to listen to everybody gargle the red sox’ nuts for signing John Smoltz and Brad Penny”

      Greatest comment in the history of history? I think so. I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any

  • Chris B

    I’m taking it that “awesomeness” means greatness.

    1. 1998
    2. 2009
    3. 1996
    4. 1999
    5. 2000

    How anyone can say 98 is NOT the most awesome is crazy. We might never see another Yankee team like the 1998 squad again

  • Alfredo


  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    Garcia also seems be willing to comeback on a one year deal. I say do it regardless of what happens. He’s good insurance incase someone gets hurt and you can put him in long relief. 

  • Aaron

    1998- First year I really followed the team the entire year and they were so damn good.

    2009- 2004, the damn Angels, the midges in 2007, and the rough start to the season really hammered home the point how hard it was to win a championship. Comebacks and walk offs, need I say more?

    1996- My Dad flipping out and crying like a baby.

    1999- Always nice to watch those Braves teams get smacked down.

    2000- Just felt like it was a birth right by this point in time. Cocky and stupid, but I was spoiled. : /

  • duzzi23

    1998-Best team ever
    2000-We beat the Mets it doesn’t get much more awesome than that
    2009-Loved seeing Arod get the monkey off his back and who can forget all the comebacks n walk offs?
    1996-The first Yankee championship I saw I was 7 years old
    1999-Took care of the Braves deja vu all over again

  • Donna L


    People are really underrating 1999, I think, because it was overshadowed by the 1998 team. But in 1999 they had an even more dominant postseason than 1998, losing only one game as opposed to two. You can’t forget how satisfying it was to beat the Red Sox in the ALCS, in 5 games, with Red Sox fans all over the Internet howling that the umpires were being paid off. El Duque was fantastic that year. Jeter had one of his best seasons. And I’ll never forget that that was Mo’s only World Series MVP. Or several Braves laughing in the dugout in the 9th inning of the last game at the futility of their own teammates trying to hit against him, with Mo breaking bats what seemed like every other pitch.

    Yes, it was nice to beat the Mets in 2000, but the team wasn’t as good.

    • Kosmo

      I would rank 1961,1958, 1977 and 1978 as a few of the greatest Yankee postseasons I´ve seen but this discussion is for the 18- 30 year old crowd.

      For me the 1998 team was spectacular. The pitching staff was unbelievably great. 1999 team was almost as good. 1996 Leyritz taking Wohlers deep, Cone and Pettitte´s clutch pitching, ONeill´s great catch all forever etched in “my“ mind.

      2000 I really enjoyed watching Clemens carve up the Seattle Mariners lineup. A 1-hit CG shutout striking out 15. For me the most dominate postseason performance since Gibson´s 1968 17 SO WS game.
      Then Clemens comes back against the Mets pitches a 2-hitter and the Piazza “I thought it was the ball“ dramatics.
      2009 was Matsui and Arod .

      All great postseasons.

    • Kosmo

      I agree. 1999 is overshadowed by the 1998 team.

  • Craig Maduro

    Even though it wasn’t a World Series championship, 12:18 AM on October 17, 2003 still might be the best moment of my life. That moment still gives me chills.

  • Kevin

    1996 ranks for me because we were down 2-0 and were written all for dead..and came back to win it all.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    1996 – So many twists and turns. The first Yankee WS of my young life.
    2009 – A-Rod’s beast postseason and all the walk-off magic.
    2000 – They struggled in September, but smacked the Mets. Luis Sojo’s 5,000 hopper (LOL!)
    1998 – Sheer dominance.
    1999 – No shame in finishing 5th in this race. One postseason loss.

    **** If we were grading on JUST drama and excitement, the 2001 Yankee postseason was the best of all these candidates. Down 2-0 to the A’s, Beating the mighty Mariners, Games 4 and 5 of the WS, and the roller coaster that was game 7. Soriano hits the HR, then Mariano showing he’s actually human. What a postseason ride that was.

  • J-Rod

    Can I add in 1986?

    1996-Jeter was awesome,first world series victory while alive
    1998-Amazing team
    2009-A-Rod’s amazing postseason and walkoff magic
    1986-yankees weren’t in World Series but Billy Buckner first base play
    1999-Can’t remember a thing about it

  • billysbartender

    1996.. coming back from 0-2 down against the likes of Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz was amazing. Pauly running down Polonia’s fly ball on a bad hammy!

    1998.. just when you thought the Padres were alive Knobby ties it and Tino hits the granny into (sigh) the upper deck at YS2. And of course ScottyBro’s clutch shot off Hoffman in game 3.

    1999.. gotta rank this one ahead of 2009. This team was dominant and knew how to win. Chad Curtis’ walkoff against Remlinger was the highlight, but watching Mo break all of Ryan Klesko’s bats in the 9th inning of game 4 and Chipper Jones laughing about it was priceless!

    2009.. the year a-rod was clutch(hahahaha)

    2000.. Clemens threw the bat at Piazza, Torre pulled Neagle one out from a win, and Luis Sojo hit his 57 hopper up the middle to seal it.