Report: Yankees concerned about Oswalt’s back

Why the Yankees are unlikely to trade Montero
Granderson, Cano take home Silver Slugger Awards

Via Wally Matthews, the Yankees are unlikely to pursue free agent right-hander Roy Oswalt this offseason because of concerns about his back. “[They’re] very worried about his injury history,” said Matthews’ source. “The guy’s falling apart from that back of his. That’s why Houston dumped him.”

Oswalt, 34, has a pair of degenerative discs in his lower back that have required numerous cortisone shots but never surgery. He talked openly about retirement when recurring back pain sent him to the DL this summer, saying: “I’ve had a pretty good one … I don’t want to be labeled a quitter. I’m kind of a liability more than anything.” Oswalt’s a sexy name given his past accomplishments, no doubt about it, but there is a ton of risk here and the Yankees need certainty more than anything.

Why the Yankees are unlikely to trade Montero
Granderson, Cano take home Silver Slugger Awards
  • FIPster Doofus


  • Tom Zig


  • Dale Mohorcic

    Since Wally said he’s out we can expect the signing of Oswalt is imminent.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    I’d offer him a one year deal for 6 million, up to 12 million in incentives based on innings pitched, ERA, etc.

    Nothing to lose there. He wouldn’t take it, but I’d put the offer there.

    • Mike Axisa

      Can’t give out incentives based on performance, like ERA or batting average or RBI, etc. Only on playing time, like innings or starts or plate appearances.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Pass, then.

  • Tom Zig

    He’s got 2010 Javy Vazquez written all over him if he comes to the AL East.

  • Steve H

    That’s nice of the Yankees to be concerned about a guy who has no interest in coming to NY.

  • CU Tiger

    I forgot all about Wally Matthews- thanks a lot.

  • Dave203

    Wouldn’t mind an innings-based 1 yr deal, but I doubt that’s what he’s looking for. I would much rather they pursue Buehrle in a multi-year (3 yr) deal. He’s only 32 and hasn’t missed 200 innings except his rookie year. He looks like he wants to stay in Chicago, but I’d much rather they aggressively pursue him than just about anyone else at this point.

  • YankeesJunkie

    Whike Oswalt seems like a good stop gap for the rotation to many things just add together for Oswalt going to the Yankees let alone the AL. The yankees should focus on getting a young #2 in Darvish which I am coming more around too everyday and would leave settle the rest of the rotation whith guys like Nova, Hughes, noeis, and Burnett who are just among a few that can sit nicely in the back of the pen.

  • MannyGeee

    you remember the last guy that they had concerns about his back? ended up having a nice year…

    counterpoint, remember the last guy whos back they SHOULD HAVE been concerned with but werent? had a rough go at it in pinstripes

  • Hey-Zues

    if he enjoyed philly don’t see why he wouldnt enjoy new york but id take him on a 1 year deal but not as our number 2 as our number 3 or whatever still want to see yankees get a true number 2 starter aka John Danks!!!!

  • Joseph Cecala

    How humiliating would it be to be a source for Wally Matthews?

  • Paul from Boston

    “the Yankees need certainty more than anything”

    Like in 2011?

    Oswalt would be a fine choice with the depth in the system. He’s significantly better than Garcia and both threw 140 innings this year. Pay more for the better pitcher.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Cashman indicated that he likes pitchers to have anywhere in the upper 500-600 innings pitch in the minors. This amount of pitching allows for development of strength, pitches and maturity before seriously being considered for the big club.

    This years rotation shapes up as CC, Nova, Hughes, Burnett, Noesi/Garcia/ Darvish/trade. In any event Burnett leaves in two years. Injuries have a way of protruding into the master plan. Banuellos, Betances, Warren or Phelps are possibilities in the near and not to distant future. You never have enough pitching. 2012 FA crop much superior to 2011. It will be available, The CC resigning was huge as our anchor of the rotation.

    • Dave203

      The 2012 crop keeps dwindling as they guys keep signing extensions. The only #2’s left are:
      Hammels — probably will sign an extension with Philly
      Cain — likely FA
      Greinke — not for NY
      Danks — could be traded and extended this offseason
      Marcum — likely FA, but KC won’t lose both Greinke and him

      I keep hearing the 2012 crop like there are monster FAs out there. None of them are even #1 pitchers and its likely that half of them will not even be FAs.

      While we can certainly keep that “crop” in mind, we can’t rely on it and need to pursue options this year. I would love to just need to focus on a FA named Kemp and nobody else next offseason vs trying to manage signing both a top pitcher and Kemp.

      • Matt at ERAU

        Marcum pitches for MIL FYI

        • Dave203

          Meant that… Attaching him to Greinke got the brain a little mixed up…

  • bonestock94

    Despite all his troubles this year, he still managed to put up a 3.44 FIP in almost 140 innings, although his HR/FB rate was low vs his career. I wouldn’t hate a 1 year contact, although I would be disappointed if he was the only starter signed.

  • BK2ATL

    Thanks for rational speak. 32 yo with 2 degenerative discs in his lower back already??? Time bomb waiting to happen.

    He had a good career in Houston. It’s all downhill from here. He might be able to piece together 12-18 starts next year, he’d require at least $10 million to come to the AL East for that. Too much health uncertainty.


    • BK2ATL

      And now to find out that he’s looking for a multi-year deal…..

  • LiterallyFigurative

    I’d pass on Oswalt if he wants anything better than a 1 year deal.

    Personally, I’m a bigger fan of Buerhle if the Yanks have to go the good veteran, innings-eater route.