Yankees sign Jayson Nix

Open Thread: Aaron Small
Yankees offer Freddy Garcia arbitration

Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees have signed utility infielder Jayson Nix to a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. Thanks to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, they’ll have to pay him a $100k bonus if he’s not added to the 40-man roster or released just before Opening Day.

Nix, 29, spent last season with the Blue Jays. He’s a terrible hitter, owning a .207/.280/.368 batting line (.286 wOBA) in 869 career plate appearances. He did manage to hit 26 homers in 653 plate appearances from 2009-2010 though, so there is some pop in his bat. Nix has played second, short, and third extensively in recent years, and he’s also filled in at both corner outfield spots. His defensive stats aren’t anything special though. It’s just a depth move, I doubt he has much of a shot of making the team.

Open Thread: Aaron Small
Yankees offer Freddy Garcia arbitration
  • Brian S.


  • CANO FAN #1

    So good bye chavez

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Not necessarily. It was a minor league deal, and Nix sucks.

  • Michaeljpoole


    Can somebody explain to me how this $100k CBA bonus works, I missed that part of the new deal


    • Plank

      If he doesn’t make the team, he will be put in the minors and paid 100K. He gets to opt out at a certain date. I think it’s June 30. He gets paid like a big leaguer for a few months and the Yankees get to keep him until the opt out date at least in case they need him in the majors.

      I believe that’s how it works. Feel free to correct me if I misinterpreted.

  • Michaeljpoole

    and if they cut him during Spring Training, no need to pay?

    • Plank

      I’m not sure.

    • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Rob Abruzzese

      If he is cut 5 days prior to Opening Day they don’t have to pay. And the opt-out date is June 1.

      • Michaeljpoole

        thanks Rob

        basically zero risk then

  • Rainbow Connection

    My sources tell me that they actually nixed Jayson Sign.

  • felixpanther

    insurance in case Nunez get trade

    • YankeeFan16

      That’s what I’m thinking Felix, I think they have a trade in the works that includes Nunez

      • mustang

        Agree something is coming.

      • Rookie

        Seems logical to me.

        Also, I don’t know what I’m missing, but his defensive stats look good to me. And when you combine them with the fact that he’s hit pretty well in the minors, it looks like he could turn out to be a pretty decent utility player — especially given his age and his cost.

  • UYF1950

    Just my opinion but can he can’t possibly be any worst than Pena.

    • MannyGeee

      This. Peña is a glove first utility infielder, who was actually kinda mediocre in the field last season… I like the depth move, think he might get a call up if he sticks when A Rods inevitable quad strain/oblique pull/broken vagina comes knocking in May….