MLB, MLBPA Form International Talent Committee

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Open Thread: Colter Bean

Via Ben Balder, MLB and the players’ union has gotten together to form an International Talent Committee to review the way international players are sign and developed. The committee will be responsible for many things, including evaluating whether or not baseball should implement an international draft. There’s obviously a ton of logistics that will have to be worked out, including eligibility, agents, trainers, signing age, educational programs, the whole nine, but the wheels are now in motion.

The Yankees have built the core of their farm system through international free agency for decades, but the spending cap put in place by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is really going to throw a wrench into their operation. An international draft will only hurt them further, but thankfully we’re still a few years from seeing one put in place.

The Mythical Number Two Starter
Open Thread: Colter Bean
  • gundisalvus

    Yay more globalism!

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    I understand that Selig isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but don’t any of the people around him realize that the Yankees winning is good for baseball?

    Why is there a constant effort to devise new and different ways to punish their success?

    • Ted Nelson

      Do you honestly believe this?

    • truth

      It isn’t as much punishing the Yankees success as rewarding other teams failures.