Open Thread: Colter Bean

MLB, MLBPA Form International Talent Committee
Heyman: Yanks 'seem to like Kuroda best'
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There’s something about Quad-A relievers that separates them from Quad-A hitters or starting pitchers. Perhaps it’s because they don’t play enough and their flaws don’t exposed as quickly, but there are always a few of them every year that make you think they could help the big league team if they’d just given ’em the chance. Colter Bean was that guy for the longest time, a funky sidearming right-hander with a sinker and slider that overwhelming minor league hitters.

The Yankees signed Bean as an undrafted free agent back in 2000, after he’d set all sorts of records at Auburn University. He slowly climbed up the minor league ladder, but by 2004 he was a mainstay in the Triple-A Columbus bullpen. He struck out 109 and walked just 23 in 82.2 IP that season, but the Yankees never called him up to help their beleaguered pitching staff. The next season he struck out 82 and walked 39 in 71.2 IP for the Triple-A squad, but he also got his first taste of the big leagues. The Yankees called him up in April and he made just one appearances, allowing a run on a hit and two walks in two innings against the Angels. That was the game when Alex Rodriguez hit three homers off Bartolo Colon and drove in ten runs. You remember that, I know you do.

All told, Bean appeared in just six games for the Yankees from 2005-2007, allowing seven runs on eight hits and nine walks in seven innings. The Red Sox thought he might have been of some use at one point, because eight years ago today they took him from the Yankees in the Rule 5 Draft. They returned him before the end of Spring Training though. Bean is a part owner of Bases Loaded Training Facility in Alabama these days, four years after his playing days ended with a stint in the Mexican League. In 589.2 minor league innings, he struck out 719 and walked just 267. Quad-A relievers man, they’ll fool you every time.

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Here is tonight’s open thread. The Jaguars and Falcons are playing tonight (8:20pm ET), but you’ll need the NFL Network to see that one. Either that or live in one of those two markets. Both the Islanders and Rangers are playing tonight as well. You can talk about anything you like here, it’s all good.

MLB, MLBPA Form International Talent Committee
Heyman: Yanks 'seem to like Kuroda best'
  • Thomas Cassidy

    Colter Bean and T.J. Beam. I’ll never forget those guys. But I couldn’t remember Aaron Laffey a few weeks ago when we had that “Name the 2011 Yankees” quiz.

    • vin

      I too can never forget TJ Beam…

      A couple years ago, my wife texts me and says “I have this patient named TJ Beam… ever heard of him?” Apparently she was testing my knowledge of crappy Yankee relievers/organizational arms. He was here in Las Vegas playing for the Blue Jays AAA affiliate. Sounded like he was a nice enough guy.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Most baseball players are nice guys. I’m from Fort Myers, Florida. My brother worked at a Dodge dealership down there as a service writer, he actually became friends with Bert Blyleven. He said Liriano came in there and tried to rent a truck, but couldn’t because he didn’t have a license. Also said that Morneau was the nicest guy he’s ever met. The best was when he said that Julian Tavarez was the ugliest guy he’s ever seen. Believe it or not, my other brother’s boss was Dave Eiland’s brother in law.

  • Nathan

    I would always think of the actor Sean Bean when reading about Colter Bean.

    I’m starting to dislike baseball in December…just waiting around, hoping for a signing/trade. Last year was dumb Lee, this year it’s Darvish. I just hope this year turns out better than last year.

    • Roy

      Nathan, I have only one word for you, “Cespedes.”

  • Rich in NJ

    Free Colter Bean (as it were)

    • Mike

      Still think he could have been an above average reliever!

  • Overrated Packers

    Jonathan Albaladejo was one last year.

  • mbonzo

    I was bored last night a reading japanese sports sites looking for news on Darvish.

    Apparently the reps at Nippon-Ham only met around 5:00 PM to look over and discuss the approved bids, that would be around 3:00 AM our time. It was also reported that the reps did not talk about a “sky-high” bid. One commented saying that it was important to keep the information on the bids private in respect for to the mlb. It was hard to understand any of the rest, I was using Google translate so it wasn’t exactly Shakespeare. Another article did state that the Red Sox did post a bid, but I also really doubt that source. I’ll try to find those articles and post them here. Seems like everything reported so far is just speculation.

  • Jamey
    • Steve H

      Nowhere does it actually say the Blue Jays won. It simply is a rumored $$$ amount, which someone then decides is high enough to win. Not much behind it I’d say.

    • CMP

      Cashman better hope the Blue Jays didn’t land Darvish. Add him to Morrow and Romero and they just might have a better starting rotation, especially at the front end, than the Yankees along with the Red Sox and the Rays.

      • mbonzo

        No they don’t.

        • Mister Delaware

          Sure they would. Sabathia would still be the individual best, but Darvish, Romero and Morrow would make a better rotation than NY has.

          • mbonzo

            Morrow and Romero’s FIP/ERAs are crazy, I have no faith in them going forward. Darvish is a huge question mark. Calling a rotation like that better than whatever the Yankees put together is arguable, but I disagree. But I definitely disagree with them being better than the Rays. Thats one of the best rotations in baseball. Even if Darvish becomes an ace, the Rays have a better rotation.

            • Soriano is a Liar

              The rays could trade a starter away and STILL have a better rotation than NYY or TOR, even if one of them added Darvish.

            • Mister Delaware

              The Rays are absolutely #1 in the East, no debate there.

              Morrow’s FIP would be 2nd among our returning starters by almost half a run.

  •!/KChinmaster KenC

    I think we should stop guessing and just wait for the results. Why ruin a surprise? XD

  • first name only male – Retire 21

    Just out of curiosity. Based on the current sign and trade possibilities regarding Nakajima, could the Yankees essentialy pay a Posting fee for a hish demand Japanese player only to shop him to a smaller market team, essentially helping them bypass the posting fee. t would basically be a purchase of prospects with no impact on the payroll.

    Is that even possible?

    • Mike Myers

      yea buddy….hopefully the rich will get richer!

  • Stratman9652

    The shot of Jorge looking at Girardi like “you have got to be fucking kidding me” after Girardi got caught trying to stretch a double into a triple during Coney’s no hitter will forever make me laugh considering how much it had become Jorge’s signature move in recent years.

  • well you know

    I remember Bean coming into a game at Fenway and, checking the gamelog, I see that was a famous (or infamous) game as well. It was the occasion for Chase Wright to give up those four homers in a row and Bean had the distinction of relieving him.

    Wright didn’t get pulled directly after the four homers, though. Torre left him in to get the last out of the inning (and with the chance to go for five straight). Bean started the next inning fresh.

    I see that Bean only had one more outing in his ML career. Same as poor Chase.

  • mbonzo

    Of the 5 main teams with bids on Darvish, only the Yankees and Nationals have been inactive as they wait to hear who won.

    Blue Jays talking to Carlos Beltran.
    Rangers extending Derek Holland.
    Cubs talking to Fielder.

    I think the Rangers are pretty much out. They would have happily signed CJ Wilson for much cheaper than Darvish if they had the money, and locking up Holland while waiting to hear about Darvish tells me that they’ve decided where to designate money.

    Blue Jays have enough money to sign both Beltran and Darvish I suppose, but I’m not so sure they have all that money to pay up front.

    It seems silly that the Cubs would target both Darvish and now Fielder, yes bother are long time pieces, but you’d think that knowing they probably won’t have a chance to compete in 2012, they’d wait for next years market. Its a lot of money to spend if they’re still building.

    • whozat

      Those guys are high-upside, long-term plays, though. If the cubs sign fielder this year and Theo/Hoyer do their jobs, he’d absolutely still be in his prime the next time the Cubs are in the mix for a playoff spot. It’s the NL central…not all that much has to break right for a decently moneyed franchise to be competitive.

      • mbonzo

        I agree with Prince Fielder, but all the money they’ll spend on Darvish seems kind of silly when you assume they won’t be competitive for at least a year, and the pitching market is much more lucrative next year. The Yankees can overspend, and they also are in compete now so going after Darvish makes much more sense. It just seems like the Cubs would be better off waiting a year.

  • KentuckyJeff

    reliable source says Texas won bidding on Darvish but he won’t go until they rename team Texas Hams

  • hogsmog

    I sort of feel like Yu is going to be the acid test for the Japanese pitching market. I know that there’s variance from player to player, but if Darvish doesn’t turn out to be at least solidly above average, I think we might want to start thinking of the Japanese leagues as more like an AAA circuit than the MLB.