Open Thread: Baseball In Space

Rosenthal: Darvish likely to be posted after winter meetings
Contracts For Relievers: Paying For Consistency

We tend to take baseball seriously around these parts, probably too seriously. That’s why I thought the video above was so great, it’s a nice little reminder that at the end of the day, baseball is just a game. I think we forget that far too often. Once you’re done watching, use this as your open thread. There’s a ton of college football on, plus all three hockey locals are in action. Talk about anything you like.

(h/t TedQuarters)

Rosenthal: Darvish likely to be posted after winter meetings
Contracts For Relievers: Paying For Consistency
  • Avi

    What’s the correct pronunciation for Yoenis Cespedes?

  • A.Garcia

    Yo-é-nees Cespedes

    • Avi

      Thanks for trying but that doesn’t help me. Also looking for pronunciation of his last name.

    • A.Garcia

      Take the Ces of SucCESS.
      Take the Pe of PEnny.
      Take the Des of DEStruction.

      For the name take the Yo of JOhnson.
      The E of Empty and the Nis of NEEd + “s”

      • Avi

        Thanks guys.

        • Genghis

          Except many latinos pronounce “Y” as “j”.

  • A.Garcia

    Something really funny is happening here in Panama.

    There is a softball game between a Panama team and Andruw Jones’s Friends.

    CC Sabathia is playing first, Derek Jeter at short, Curtis at center, Posada at left, Ozzie Guillen is at right and Jones is at third. Yanks coach Julio Mosquera (minors) is pitching.

    For Panama we have Carlos Lee(Astros), Roberto Kelly(former Yank), Jose Macias, Einar Diaz, Olmedo Saenz, Ruben Tejada(Mets), Manny Corpas (2007 WS with Rockies), Randall Delgado(one of those Braves’s to pitching prospects), Luis Durango(Braves), Manny Acosta(Mets), the guy who discovered Mo 22 or so years ago, among others. It’s pretty funny

  • Jimmy McNulty

    So Darvish is waiting to get rid of his bitch wife before he comes over, awesome. Glad to see he’s coming state side.

    • Soriano Is A Liar

      Heard he wants to sign with the yankees because he knows fans will spit on her.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        We should make him that promise that we’ll spit on her if he signs with the Yankees.

    • Ethan

      Maybe he’s waiting for his divorce to come through so he doesn’t have to give her half of his money he makes from signing with an MLB team? I don’t know the law in Japan about that stuff though.

  • Jitter

    Is that Darvish in the video?! But seriously, what are the odds yanks go after karuda now?

    • Genghis

      No, it’s Dice-K and his famous anti-grav ball, one of his nineteen unique pitches.

  • Simon

    For discussion sake, what are some prospect packages you would be willing to give up for Matt Garza? And would the Braves make Tim Hudson available? Would he be a fit on the Yankees?

    • Soriano Is A Liar

      Nunez and Golson for Hudson. Done.

  • Plank

    I wonder if the NBA lockout hurt the Yankees since YES airs Nets games.

    • Steve (different one)

      It probably helped them…

      Center stage prob does better than Nets basketball…

  • Jamey

    Mike I’m disappointed you wrote it as “Baseball in Space” & not “Baseball in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace”

  • Mister Delaware

    So is that the guy we pick up if Boston wins the posting on Darvish? Can’t be worse than last time I guess …

  • JohnnyC

    Why does the media see Gammons as anything more than a PR arm of the Red Sox? Now he’s selling the idea that Cherington and Valentine are “growing closer together.” Has he ever said anything remotely negative about the Sox since 2004? It’s December 3rd and the Red Sox have already “turned the page” on the most miserable collapse in the history of the major leagues. Happy days are here again?

    • Genghis

      Gammons was first rate 30 years ago. That doesn’t mean anything to you, but other sportswriters look up to him as a mentor and historical figure. Unfortunately he has been fading for many years and he has been useless since his aneurysm. The industry pities him as he is a sick man and a shell of his former self.

  • bankers hours

    I hate the Red Sox and adding Valentine to that only makes me hate them more. He’s arrogant, a know it all, was a lousy player and a lousy manager who’s been by passed for the past nine years for many many other openings. I could barely watch the Sunday night ESPN games he did, my god what a know it all. What’s all the hype about him.

    • jay h

      espn created a good amount of the hype because he worked for them.

  • Jim

    Would a deal based on Jesus Montero for Shelby Miller make any sense at all(if Pujols doesn’t re-sign with St. Louis) if the Yankees had him practice 1b over the off-season and show that he has the capability to become a decent 1b in the preseason?

    • Mike

      With the aging Yankee hitters and the young pitchers they have waiting for the demise of Hughes, Burnett, Garcia (pretty much everyone but cc), it doesn’t make much sense to trade their best hitting prospect for a pitching prospect. If I’m trading the Jesus, it has to be in a package for either Felix or Kershaw.

  • Kenny

    Where the hell are these “Weekend Writers” ???

  • Genghis

    A must-see for Red Sox haters.

  • Accent Shallow

    I have a hot surprise for you
    It’s in my pants
    It’s a burrito
    It’s burning my junk and stuff

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    For all of you criticizing Peter Gammons I’d like to tell you that I know he’s a RS fan. However, he is the fairiest commentator I personally ever heard or read. I have never seen him blast any player or team for that matter. I have never seen him be partial for the RS in any comment or written word. He’s as impartial as they come.

  • Fin

    Anyone else here think the Yankkees, at this point, cant trade Montero? Even for a Felix type pitcher. If you look at the economics and production part of it, it doesnt seem feesable. If they were to trade him for say King Felix, they would pick up 18 mil in payroll, plus to get good production out of DH, another 10mil…It doesnt seem like the Yankees are going to go with a 220ish payroll.

    • well you know

      I tend to believe the report that Cashman floated Montero (plus) for Matt Cain at the GM meetings. Doesn’t mean he’ll offer him for anyone else, but I can believe that one.

      As for the cost of a replacement DH, I think the Yanks would just stumble through with a rotating strategy rather than spend for one.

      There’s no chance a Cain deal will be revived BTW. The Giants have no fit for Montero.

      • Jose M. Vazquez..

        I would not trade Montero for Cain straight up. I would only trade him for Kershaw in a package with other lesser prospects. In fact I have seen King Felix slipping a little the past season so that I would have to think about trading for him very profoundly.

        • Mister Delaware

          I don’t like Cain as a fit in the Stadium but there are atleast a dozen pitchers if trade Montero for in a heartbeat.

          • Mister Delaware


  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Apparently Kuroda wants 12-13mm for a one year deal and is wide open to locale. I’d do that. Not an obvious #2 especially with the switch in league. But solid solid depth and low risk IMO.