Rosenthal: Darvish likely to be posted after winter meetings

Cashman doesn't have high hopes for completing a deal next week
Open Thread: Baseball In Space

Via Ken Rosenthal, the Nippon Ham Fighters are likely to post Yu Darvish after the winter meetings next week. The move isn’t 100% official, but it’s likely. We’ve discussed the 25-year-old right-hander ad nauseam here, so I suspect you know all about him by now. Just a reminder: the posting fee will not be counted towards the luxury, nor will he require any kind of draft pick compensation. Those are favorable terms for the Yankees.

Cashman doesn't have high hopes for completing a deal next week
Open Thread: Baseball In Space
  • Tom Zig


    • Avi


  • RetroRob

    So what’s the consensus on the posting fee?

    I still think it breaks Dice-K’s. Teams are trying to talk it down, but since it’s a blind bid, it will force teams to be aggressive.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      One BILLLLION Dollars per @DrEvil on twitter.

      • RetroRob

        Spread out out a BILLLLION years. Go for it!

    • Plank

      I’d rather see the Yankees spend a bunch of extra money to ensure they win the bidding than signing the Cuban Centipede. I’m guessing it will be around 50MM, but 60MM wouldn’t shock me.

      • Jose M. Vazquez..

        I thought it was a typo yesterday when you called him centipedes but I see you were joking. You were joking were you not?

        • Plank

          Not so much a joke as a nickname that I hope will stick. I like it because it rhymes with Human Centipede.

          • RetroRob

            Did you ever see the movie the Human Centipede?

            Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.

            Disturbing. I still can’t get the images out of my head.

            • Plank

              No, I would never see it. I know the basic premise of it though. I’d love for the name to catch on then hear Suzyn Waldman say Cuban Centipede on the air.

              • Dale Mohorcic

                I don’t ever want to hear suzyn Waksman speak ever again.

              • Dale Mohorcic

                I don’t ever want to hear suzyn Waldman speak ever again.

            • Craig Maduro

              Didn’t see the Human Centipede, but I’ll be getting the Human Centipad once Apple releases it.

      • CP

        The issue with the posting system is that it’s a blind bid – there are no negotiations or chances to raise your bid. That makes it more difficult to gauge whether you’re bidding high or low relative to everyone else.

        • Billion$Bullpen

          Right, thats the point no? They want everybody to put in their best bid.

      • J6takish


    • Rookie

      I think it breaks Dice-K’s posting fee by a country mile.

    • Dave203

      I’m going with shocking low for the hype — $42 million.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I just have a bad feeling about Darvish.

  • Pat D


    The Angels traded Jeff Mathis to the Blue Jays. A piece of me has died.

    • RetroRob

      So who is their catcher? How the hell did they just throw away Mike Napoli? I know, different GM, but their manager had to have input in that.

      • JohnnyC

        Chris Iannetta.

        • Ted Nelson

          And Conger probably

          • Dale Mohorcic


            • Ted Nelson


  • George

    Darvish’s father says to Sponichi that his son decision to post will take place mid-January.

    BTW on a side note I just read that Darvish’s fastball averaged 149.17 KM/H (92.69 mph) this year and maxed out at 156 KM/h (96.93 mph) . The bulk he added this year really added some umph to his fastball.

  • TriGen

    The posting is happening at a bad time, if NY really wants him so they pass on other options that are coming off the board this month, it could be another Cliff Lee situation. It could also happen in reverse where they acquire someone during the meetings and then don’t have the money or rotation spot left when he’s posted.

    • Yu aint Matsuzaka

      They’ll make adjustments if need be , this is the same org that readily admits that even in april the team is incomplete.

      Free agent wise the only pitchers that they’re seriously considering is Kuroda and Darvish. The rest seem to be through trades.

      • Soriano Is A Liar

        Plus they technically do have a full rotation. It’s a bit shaky, but it’s not as if they’d have to scramble just to field a full team without Darvish, like they did last year after Lee and Pettitte. AJ and Hughes are question marks, but they’re no Sergio Mitre.

        • Dale Mohorcic

          Nobody out there is appreciably better for the $$$ than what they already have.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      Plan A for the Yankees is not going to be a guy who’s never thrown an MLB pitch.

  • jonheyman

    Some of my sources say the Yankees will make a strong bid. Other sources say they have no interest.

    • JohnnyC

      Heard the same thing from a high White Horse souse.

  • George

    Here is a summary of the article from Sponichi I posted from Yakyubaka .

    This whole process could end at the earliest by the beginning of February and at the latest by the end of February. I am really disappointed how this is being handled by Yu and his agents .
    We will see how this all turns out .

    BTW March 1 , 2012 is the NPB posting deadline.

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    I got a feeling the Yankees will or will not try to sign this guy. But what about Walter Young? Big boy, from my hometown, with mammoth powa

  • Rookie

    Exactly, RetroRob. Remember how journalists and other Boston fans were talking it down before Dice-K was posted and Boston blew everybody out of the water with their bid? Expect the same thing again — especially with Valentine aggressively pushing for him.

  • mbonzo
  • Bo Knows

    make a $45 million competitive bid, I bet that gets it done.

    Word is the Jays owner hates the posting system is really adverse to the heavy cash commitment. Despite Valentine being the new skipper, I doubt the Sox go heavy in the bid after getting screwed by Daisuke.

    That leaves NY, Washington and Texas, IMO are Darvish front-runners.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      I even think Boston can’t afford Darvish if they resign Ortiz. Read somewhere today that they may not even have the financial flexibility to go after Kuroda.

      • Rookie

        Isn’t that funny? Right before Darvish gets posted, for the first time I can remember in recent years, we read about Boston not being able to afford something — just like we read that they weren’t going to be aggressive bidding for the rights to Dice-K right before they bid more than anyone supposedly would ever consider bidding. Some coincidence, huh?

        I’m not intimately familiar with the finances of the Red Sox or its owner. But I think he has hundreds of millions of dollars of very liquid assets at all times in his business as a money manager that he is quite willing to allocate to wherever he sees the highest return.

        And the fact that the Red Sox were intent on avoiding paying a luxury tax no doubt was a big part of why they bid so high for the rights to Dice-K. They still seem to be intent on avoiding it. What better way to avoid it and still kick the Yankees’ asses (as they have most of the time in recent years) than locking up a high level ace and not having half or more of what you pay for his services count in the luxury tax calculation?

        If you believe that Boston can’t afford a huge bid for Darvish, I think you’re letting them pull the wool over your eyes a second time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

        • Bavarian Yankee

          of course they can make a serious bid also afford it but I doubt they wanna pay luxury tax. So yeah, they can afford him but also can’t afford him. I think if they resign Ortiz they’re pretty much a non-factor for Darvish, I think they are going after Cespedes.

      • Rookie

        If they don’t sign Ortiz or Kuroda, I would respectfully suggest that it’s about sabermetrics and staying under the luxury tax threshold, not about their inability to afford them.

        And there’s no better way for them or anyone else to stay under the luxury tax threshold (or minimize their luxury tax payments) and get the maximum bang for their buck(s) than to buy an ace where half or more of what you pay for him isn’t included in the luxury tax calculation.

  • BamBino

    I think if we get Darvish, the Yankees should hire kei igawa as his interpreter.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      I think Darvish already speaks English but maybe Igawa wants to be his driver or cook :D

      • jim p

        If Darvish already speaks English, it would make hiring Igawa as his interpreter perfectly pointless. Thus keeping his track record intact.

  • SevenAces

    So there is news from Darvish’s father that he might not be posted until mid to late January, I wonder how that is going to affect the teams that are interested in him.

    • Rookie

      I would think that it would be a smart move for Darvish that would put more money in his pocket — because by the time he’s available, few other good options may remain (although, of course, the counter force is that some teams may have spent their available funds). But suitors like Boston and Texas and the Yankees, who almost always have access to funds if the deal is right, so that they very rarely REALLY run out of funds, are likely to be in on Darvish no matter what. So I would think that fewer remaining dance partners/options for them means a higher posting fee and a larger contract for Darvish.

  • George

    I wake up this morning and I now see Rosenthal’s source says the following “The player, I am told, is very quirky with a huge ego. Apparently, he will feel disrespected if the post is less than Matsuzaka’s was with Boston.”

    The first source was very vague on the posting date and now an executive scout says something which doesn’t fit Darvish’s personality.

    What a bunch of BS . Darvish regards the posting system has a very flawed system which prevents the player from obtaining the best deal and doesn’t allow the player to go to the MLB team he truly wants to play for . He really wouldn’t care what the winning bid was as that’s not his problem that would be Nippon Ham’s problem .He has to negotiate in good faith with the team that wins the posting because Darvish will have to go through the same posting process next yr if he wants to come to the MLB ( he’s an IFA in 2014 ). He just can’t say the winning bid wasn’t what I expected and not negotiate as that would put him SOL for next yr . Now , if the contract he signs with the team that wins the posting is less than Matsuzaka’s MLB contract then rightfully so he would feel disrespected.

    I mean Darvish is 2x the pitcher Matsuzaka was in Japan, and everyone in Japan knows it which does far more for his ego than a couple of million dollars more on the posting fee .

    BTW Rosenthal was about 8 hours late reporting that Sponichi article I posted .
    Way to go.

    • Ted Nelson

      I also think Darvish should be more concerned with the contract than the posting fee, but how do you know the guy’s inner thoughts and personality better than someone who might have met him or have sources close to him? Do you know him? If you do great, but otherwise a whole lot of public personalities play nice for PR reasons and are raging jerk-off ego-maniacs in reality. I’m not at all saying he is, just saying it’s possible.