Report: Nats have asked Yankees about Gardner

A Role Reversal
Imagining David Robertson as a starter

Via MASN, the Nationals have asked the Yankees about the availability of Brett Gardner, but were rebuffed. Washington has been looking for a long-term center fielder/leadoff type, a role Gardner fills perfectly. The problem is they don’t have any decent pitching to offer the Yankees since Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann are presumably off limits. John Lannan and Ross Detwiler are nothing worth getting excited over, nor are they an upgrade over what the Yankees already have stashed in Triple-A.

A Role Reversal
Imagining David Robertson as a starter
  • Yu aint Matsuzaka

    Those Nats Cray !

  • Carl

    Ah… no. No chance on that, Lerner.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Rizzo: Is Gardner available?

    Cashman: Sure, as long as Jordan Zimmerman is.

    Rizzo: He isn’t.

    Cashman: Bye.

    • 28 this year

      Rizzo: Is Gardner available?

      Cashman: Sure, as long as Jordan Zimmerman is.

      Rizzo: He isn’t.

      Cashman: Alright, I guess we will settle for Strasburg. See ya at the press conference tomorrow. (Hangs up)

      Rizzo: Wait, what?

      • jjyank


        • Gerald Williams


  • Jim

    doubt it, Yanks would have to be blown away. The Nats wouldn’t want to. Gardner does so much for the yanks for such a cheap price. it would be impossible to replace the defense, speed, and possible leadoff bat. may be bring in a third team into the talking?

  • Drew

    Gardner for Clippard/Storen I would do.

    • 28 this year

      You’re joking right? You would trade a cheap outfielder with speed who is hard to replace for two more relievers in a bullpen that already has two set up men, God, and one more setup guy coming by June/July?

      • Drew

        In my scenario Joba would be converted to a starter and I wouldn’t trade for both just 1 or the other. Yes my trade proposal sucks but Storen or Clippard are beasts. Robertson isn’t going to repeat last year and Soriano sucks at best. Another reliable arm in the pen wouldnt hurt. You could do a Jones/Dickerson platoon

        • 28 this year

          Wait so Robertson won’t repeat next year but Storen and Clippard will? Also, the Yankees have a bunch of arms ready for relief and more coming in case of issues. I don’t think weakening LF for an upgrade in the bullpen is necessary. If Gardner is traded, it isn’t going to be for two relievers, that is just terrible allocation of resources. Gardner is one of the more valuable players in the game and trading him for two 5th-7th inning guys on our team is just not worth it. And Joba becoming a starter should not be predicated on weakening LF. Joba should be a starter regardless of the situation in the bullpen.

        • Foghorn Leghorn

          Clippard is a beast?

    • Nick
    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan


    • Clint Holzner

      I can’t even deal with this.

  • MattG

    According to Davey Johnson, Jayson Werth is your new centerfielder in Washington, and Bryce Harper is your new right fielder.

    Johnson once let HoJo play 73 games at shortstop, so I believe him.

  • Soam

    Gardner+Montero for Harper.

    • MannyGeee

      Gardner+Nunez for Strasburg? I would do that. Throw in Romine? are we closer? No?

      well, thanks for playing. Enjoy another year of Rick Ankiel, that should be something

      • MannyGeee

        post fail, didnt mean to reply

    • Preston


  • Adam

    Gardy for the oversized Teddy Roosevelt head, straight up.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Give us Strasburg.

  • Max

    How about saying:

    Gardner + Romine + AAA Starter (Warren/Phelps/Mitchell/whoever) for Jordan Zimmerman?

    Oh yeah, and the Yanks kidnap Ramos before making the call. Tasteless?

    • MannyGeee

      too soon

  • jramey

    Would you do Gardner + Noesi for J. Zimmerman? I would. And since we are the “frontrunners” for Cespedes put him in right and Swisher in left. Sign Darvish, Chavez, and Jones then call it an offseason.
    CC, Darvish, Zimmerman, Nova, AJ/Hughes would be pretty nice..

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      I would not do Gardner+Zimmerman for Gardner and Noesi. The reason is that I expect Noesi to be a very good pitcher also and we have nothing to replace Gardner with. In a perfect world the rotation would be CC, Nova, Hughes,Noesi,AJ/Garcia. The only pitcher available that could improve us without losing the farm is Darvish. If he is not available we can win the division as we are. I would also like to make Chamberlain a starter but I don’t believe it will ever happen with the Yankees.

  • Anthony D

    I like gardner for Storen and Espinosa and move nunez to the mets for Matt Harvey. We would get a Closer for the future and a SP and a stud defensive 2b/SS and he can replace Jeter if we need it

    • Craig Maduro

      Not even close. Mets are more likely to trade David Wright to the Yankees than Matt Harvey.

  • 23553

    Jordan ZimmermanN. If you leave off the second n, it sounds like you’re talking about Ryan Zimmerman. Anyway, Zimmermann is off limits, they need pitching as much as a CF, and I agree that while the Nats could use Gardner, there’s probably no good fit.

  • CJ

    Wouldn’t trade Gardner for zimmermann. Storen is the better player, if yanks know Mo is retiring after 2012, they should do it.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Gardner and ARod for Ryan Zummerman is my starting point.

  • yankeefanindc

    Yankees want a SP. Nats want a CF. What do the White Sox want? Do the Nats have something to offer the White Sox? Would you trade Gardner in a deal for Danks?

  • Sarah

    Would be hard to trim payroll if they have to replace Gardy in LF.

  • http://none Favrest

    Danks had stretches where he was Javy Vazquez bad. A 4.33 era in the AL Central is average at best. I understand the Yankees like him. I don’t understand why.

  • Gerald Williams

    Mo cannot be allowed to retire. We’ve grown so accustomed to automatic saves. Biting my nails in the 9th like I did with Wetteland is not good for ulcers. We’re so spoiled with Mo. Maybe we can convince him for 5 more years…I mean… the guy doesn’t age.

    I never thought I’d see the day when I’d need to be blown away to trade Gardner, but considering his cost and how much he does I pretty much have to be. It would take Harper, Zimmerman or Strasburg for me to even start considering it.

  • Bo Knows

    Unless the trade on the Nats side has Zimmerman, Strasburg, or harper in the name…no way

  • Reggie C.

    Forget a trade with the Nats, Hanley ramirez wants out according to rotoworld.

    • Craig Maduro

      If he came along, the Yanks would find a way to make him fit, but where? RF? Push Swisher out? I think most ppl would go with Hanley over Swish, but playing Devil’s Advocate, what are the downsides to that potential scenario?

      • Reggie C.

        Hanley wants to stay at SS. That’s why he’s asking out with Reyes arrival.

        That’s one major obstacle. I’d move DJ off his position in order to get Hanley on board.

        Package to get Hanley here: Swisher, Banuelos, Noesi, and Nunez

        • Craig Maduro

          True. That’s a tidy little detail that I shouldn’t have overlooked.

        • Mike

          In case you don’t know, Hanley is worse defensively than Jeter. Hanley makes no sense for the Yankees.

  • Anthony D

    How bout Gardner, Nunez and Betance or Banuelos for harper?