• nycsportzfan

    Gio Gonzalez is a beast! I can not see how u think that kid is not gonna stay or get better then he all ready is? It seems the 2 best pitchers we could possibly get in TRADE( Jair and Gio) u don’t like but you do like Danks? Danks??lol Dudes 54-56 403ERA in his career! Gio and Jair are both better pitchers easily and i think Danks is every bit a question mark with less upside then either Jair or Gio! I Like Danks Don’t get me wrong but hes not as good as Jair or Gio and i don’t see how u think a couple extra walks in a game makes gio a lesser pitcher I would bet GiO would become a ACE in NY and have a better season then CC Hes that good!