Kepner & Curry on Jorge Posada

Scouting the Market: Mark Teahen
Open Thread: 1979 Yankees @ Royals

As expected, the Jorge Posada reflection articles are pouring in after we learned that he is planning to announce his retirement in the coming weeks. The two best I’ve read so far come from Tyler Kepner and Jack Curry, who wrote more about Jorge the person rather than Jorge the baseball player. Both pieces get RAB’s highest level of recommendation, so check ’em out.

Scouting the Market: Mark Teahen
Open Thread: 1979 Yankees @ Royals
  • vin

    Maybe because its the hot story this week, but it really seems like Jorge is getting much more praise and fanfare than Pettitte got last year. It’s probably due partly to a combination of people believing Andy would return and his PED confession.

    But I think the biggest reason Posada will elicit more recollections is because he was a much more interesting “character.” Kepner compared him to Sonny Corleone, Curry wrote about Jorge’s father and upbringing. More than anything, I think Posada’s brutal honesty probably left a bigger impression with those who will write about him.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      This looks to be a more cut-and-dry retirement than Andy’s. I think that has more to do with it than anything else.

    • Ed

      Well, Posada is clearly done, and the team is ready to move on from him. I think we were all afraid that he was the only person not to realize it. We were a little worried he would sign on somewhere else only to have his career end being released. It’s better that he realized on his own that it was time to go, and went out as a Yankee.

      Pettitte looked like he could’ve kept playing longer if he wanted to, and the team could have used him. Most of us were disappointed he didn’t come back.

  • Virgil Earp

    Jorgie’s irreplaceable. I know some say that Montero will come in and destroy Jorgie’s records but we must not forget who set the stage for the young phenom. When everyone wrote off Jorgie this season he had the best hitting ALDS of any Yankee on the club. He was clutch and he was a true Yankee. #20 should be retired on opening day in Yankee Stadium next season. And 5 years from this date he should be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • icebird753

    It’s sad to watch…Andy retired last winter, Posada retired this winter, Mo will retire next year, and Jetah the year after. An era is coming to a close-fast

    • RetroRob

      Mo will retire after two more years (2013) and Jeter will retire after three more years (2014). The Mo one is a pure guess that he’ll play at least one more year after this contract ends. Jeter has a player option for 2014. It’s “only” for eight million, but I can think of no reason he won’t trip it.

      But, yeah, there are only a few years left before all the core players have retired. (Bernie was one of them, so I resist the Core Four designation.)

      Andy Pettitte will be the last of the core to retire. At age 40, he’ll return for the 2013 season to play another season with Mo and Jeter, pitching three more years, surpassing 280 career wins, which coupled with his postseason wins will take him to 300+ and the HOF. If Morris is going in next year, then I’m starting a campaign for Andy!

      Obviously the last part is a joke, although stranger things have happened, and I do think Pettitte is the type of pitcher who could be effective in his early 40s. Not gonna happen.

  • CJ

    Jorge was a tough throwback player. He peed on his hands so he didn’t wear batting gloves, classic. When catchers were switching to painted hockey style masks, you knew Jorge wouldnt be caught dead wearing one. Even kept the flapless batting helmet for catching. Classic. I’m glad we didn’t have to see him wear anything other than pinstripes.

    • Mister Delaware

      That last sentence is the most important. Would have made me barf, nightly, to see him in blue and orange or some other team’s colors.

  • flamingo

    Oh god I love gems like these:

    When I had started on the Yankees beat, I had been told that Posada was one of the few players I could count on for unvarnished honesty.


    On a more serious note – I know his production was down, and I’m selfishly happy he’s retiring instead of signing with another team, but he will be missed.

  • Regis

    I will always remember his triple in the playoffs this year. There were hardly anyone left in our section because of the cold rain but we were all going nuts.

    It’s tough to see these guys age out and retire because, for some of us, it means that we are getting old, washed up, over-the-hill, nearing Social Security and free coffee refill time at McDonalds, too.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Sob :(