Report: Jorge to announce his retirement


It looks like Yankees fans won’t have to worry about seeing Jorge Posasda in a different uniform this season. WFAN’s Sweeny Murti reports that Jorge will announce his retirement within the next two weeks. We’ll surely have a riveting tribute to Jorge once he does make the announcement. For now we can reminisce about our favorite Jorge memories — I’m sure his double off Pedro Martinez ranks highest for many. We can also get a head start on making arguments for his Hall of Fame candidacy. Remember, he still has the highest WAR of any catcher since 2000.

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  1. Craig Maduro says:

    It might sound selfish, but I’m happy to hear this.

    • Will (the other one) says:

      Me too. Jorgie’s had a long, productive, successful career; assuming this is true, I’m glad I won’t have to watch him play out a couple more shadow-of-his-former-self years in a different uniform.

  2. Bobby Montano says:

    Jorge Posada will always be one of my favorite Yankees. His career seems to be underrated by many, which is a shame. He is one of the greatest offensive catchers ever.

  3. James A says:

    From all the Yankee fans, thank you for everything Jorge, including not going out as the 25th man on Baltimore, I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Stadium for big game and hopefully in Cooperstown in between 5-10 years

  4. candyforstalin says:

    thank you, jorge.

  5. Dan 2 says:

    Glad to see him leave on a high note after the playoff he had. I was afraid that he would be one of the ones who hung on too long.

    • Bern Baby says:

      On a high note? He was still the best catcher on the team and they ripped the position away from him, gave it to an outsider who struggled to 700 OPS, and effectively blackballed him throughout the game. No one thought he could catch because the Yankees made that call.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        No one thought he could catch because the Yankees made that call.

        It was pretty obvious that Jorge was done behind the plate in like, 2009.

        • Bern Baby says:

          Wrong. He was fine in 2009. As good as Cervelli with the offense. Even in 2010 he was passable. How much arrogance does it take to think a C his whole career could become a DH? He could have easily split duties with Martin. Martin needed the rest too.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Wrong. He was fine in 2009.

            Oh. Well with all that evidence, consider me convinced.

          • Arkius says:

            Bern Baby, which NY Yankees were you watching in 2009? Jorge was passing more balls than any other catcher in MLB, and in 2010 he got worse. He started to have trouble with easily catchable breaking balls.

            Sorry, but It doesn’t take arrogance to realize a players skills have diminished; it takes a willingness to face reality, which you don’t seem to want to do, but that’s your problem.

            With all his offensive ability, Jorge Posada was never known as a top of the line receiver at any time during his career, he was adequate. He didn’t split time with Martin, because the Yankee front office knew his time as a productive player was at an end; it was a painful conclusion, but it was time to move on and see what the kids in the minor leagues could do.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Guess you’re not too concerned with the multiple concussions and lingering after-effects like migraines and dizzyness. Well, it ain’t your life.

      • Diamond Dan says:

        He had negative dWAR in 4 straight seasons going into 2011. Russell Martin isn’t a great defensive catcher, but he was still an improvement. Posada had a chance to prove he could still catch from ages 35-38, and he didn’t. If he had gone out and caught last season at the same level as 2010, I really don’t think there would have been any teams knocking down his door to sign a 40-year-old catcher.

      • Steve (different one) says:

        No, everyone thought he couldn’t catch because he couldn’t catch. Give me a break. You can argue that he could have possibly served as a backup, but arguing that Posada should have been the everyday catcher in 2011 is ridiculous.

  6. Jim says:

    He’s a Yankee legend and a prick. I will miss him.

  7. Bo Sad says:

    You earned Jorge, thanks for all the clutch hits, titles and being a worthy heir to the long list of great Yankee catchers.

    Have fun with your family Mr. Posada, the Yankee universe is looking forward to seeing your son in pinstripes one day

  8. RetroRob says:

    I thought he would give it one last try somewhere else, but hopefully he’s reached a decision he’s at peace with, and that the Yankees can find a place in their organization with them if he has an interest.

    • mike oxaflopin says:

      he always did have an opinion with personnel(i don’t think i ever liked it).. joba’s role comes to mind

  9. Soriano Is A Liar says:

    For a while, I always thought Jorge was a good, but not good enough candidate for the Hall. But I’ve been thinking lately, and I’m really coming around to him. Other than Piazza, there’s really no other catcher of the time better than him, especially now that Hometown Discount is missing time with injuries and possibly moving off the position.

    • Bern Baby says:

      The problem is he’s caught between Piazza and I-Rod and not as good as either. Perhaps if he had been a starter before 28 he would have had the counting stats. Oh well. One of my favorites.

      • JohnnyC says:

        He caught 99 games in 1998, his age 26 season.

        • Bern Baby says:

          Who was the starter in the 1998 ALDS?

        • Bern Baby says:

          A starter’s workload is 130-140 games. He didn’t get there until 2000- his age 28 season. All those fewer games add up especially in his prime and especially as we’re discussing his HOF case.

          • JohnnyC says:

            He wasn’t a full time catcher in the minors until 1993, his age 21 season. As you know, he started out in 1991 as a 2nd baseman. 21 is rather late to be converted to catcher. Takes time to be a competent major league receiver.

          • Genghis says:

            40 more games would have made a difference in his HOF case? 38 more hits? 5 more HR? 20 more RBI?

          • Genghis says:

            Additionally, by your “standard”, Bill Dickey was only a “starter” for 5 seasons. Ivan Rodriguez for 8 (same as Jorge), Yogi for 7 (although Yogi did play other positions), Johnny Bench for 7, Piazza for 5, Mickey Cochrane for 5, Fisk for 8. Apparently Gabby Hartnett only “started” for 2 seasons, so he must have paid off the voters to get into the HOF. In fact, Gary Carter is the ONLY HOF catcher with more 130 game seasons as catcher than Posada; Gary edges out Jorge, 9-8.

      • PETERS UNDERSIDE says:

        The two rumored steriod users.

    • steve s says:

      Here is how I cured myself of thinking Jorge is even a borderline HOFer. He has almost identical offensive stats as Mike Lowell so the primary difference between them was that Lowell was a decent defensive 3rd basemen and Jorge was a less than decent defensive catcher (and that’s being kind). No one would consider Mike Lowell a borderline HOFer so how does Jorge have any claim just because he was a catcher but a clearly worse defender. This is not meant as a diss to Jorge but the use of the term borderline HOFer with Jorge seems to me to be Yankee fan talk wishful thinking.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Considering Lowell played on a Red Sox WS winner, I’m sure he’ll get some HOF votes, especially from the Boston writers.

      • Steve (different one) says:

        Below average catcher >>>> average 3Bman

      • Joe D. says:

        Firstly, there is a massive difference between 3B and C in terms of expected offense, perhaps especially during Jorge’s career.

        Secondly, I can’t understand for the life of me how Jorge’s 47.6 offensive WAR is in any way identical to Lowell’s 22.6. Or how the thirty points of OBP slipped by you.

        The primary difference between them was not position: it was that Jorge was an offensive juggernaut who was a sharply above-average hitter over 15 years (121 OPS+) at a position you where you get on your knees and thank Jesus if you stumble onto a guy who can even vaguely approach league-average hitting.

        Even before accounting for position, Jorge was a much better hitter than Lowell, After accounting for it, the comparison is just brutal.

        * Note: The above comments are in no way meant to disparage Mr. Lowell, who had a very nice career.

        • steve s says:

          Thanks for the hyperbole. Sure Jorge walked a few more times but Jorge and Lowell’s slugging was almost identical (.464 for Lowell/.474 for Jorge) and their “average” season over their careers eerily identical (Lowell stats listed first: Runs 78/80; HR’s 23/24; RBI’s 96/94; BA .279/.273; OPS .805/.848). Oh, by the way, here are Lowell’s and “juggernaut” Jorge’s WS offensive numbers: Lowell: .289/.372/.474/.846; Posada: .219/.333/.333/.667; The only proper use of the word “brutal” in the comparison is that Jorge was a brutal defensive player (dWAR of minus 2.9) while Lowell had a dWAR of 6.2 and has the second highest fielding % of any 3rd baseman in MLB history. I applaud you for loving Jorge and you have a great handle but your analysis is more like Jorge’s fielding than his hitting.

          • Joe D. says:

            You said they had “almost identical offensive stats.”

            Then you post their composite season, which shows a 43-point OPS differential. If that’s almost identical to you over 6 to 7 thousand plate appearances, I guess there’s not much more to be said.

            World Series stats (amounting to a tiny fraction of their respective bodies have work — 43 plate appearances in the case of Lowell) and talk of defense do nothing to help your flawed argument regarding their offense.

  10. Bronx Byte says:

    Jorge will be a lifetime Yankee. Once he sorts things out with family, he’ll serve the team in some capacity.

  11. mark says:

    Classy decision. I just wish Andy would give it one more shot.

  12. Bern Baby says:

    If only he had been a starter before he turned 28. He would have been an all-time great like Fisk or even Carter. Too bad the Yankees are about to repeat the same mistake with Montero. There are no DHs in the Hall for a reason. And too many people see Jorge as a DH who caught. Fo shame. 1997 might have gone differently too.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Hopefully they won’t. Jesus will make us not miss Jorge.

      • Bern Baby says:

        Not with Martin and his suckfest a repelica of Girardi’s.

        • G says:

          Haha look at this guy… Russell’s defense was invaluable last season. Jorge was consistently bad behind the plate and with him catching all year the pitching staff may have performed much differently…

          • Bern Baby says:

            Hahahaha…you mean the 100 SBs Martin gave up? Yeah he sucked. Glad one study though has people thinking Martin is “invaluable”. You have friends in Girardi, scioscia, and Torre. Exactly why Montero will be a DH.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Do you know something we don’t? Is Posada actually 2 years older than he claims? Or do you lack basic time-telling skills?

    • Sean C says:

      Well, Montero is 22. We’ll see where he is in 6 years. If Montero has the career Posada had, I think we’d all be greatful.

  13. He’s so close to the hall

  14. Kevin says:

    You will be missed Jorge.

  15. Jon in CUO says:

    Congrats on a great career, Jorge. I’ll miss watching you play.

  16. Andrew D says:

    While I’m sure in his mind he wants to keep playing, the rest of him however is probably saying no. Its a shame to see such a great competitor have to come to this decision but in terms of any legacy he may leave, it is for the best that he doesn’t play for another, lesser team, get injured or dropped and only be remembered for not packing it in when he should have.
    I, and more importantly the team will miss him being around every day.

  17. I think we can all agree that he’s close to the HOF, but not quite there…

    Here’s another question…future manager?

  18. Kathy A. Mills says:

    Wow! Makes me feel so sad! :-( Thanks, Jorge for the good times!

  19. 27 times a champ says:

    Thanks for the memories Jorgie!

  20. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    I do think that Pudge’s suspected PED taint (not to mention Piazza’s…) may help Jorge’s HoF chances over time. Kind of hope so.

  21. CMP says:

    I’m really curious to see how the voters are gonna treat Piazza and IRod.
    They’ve kept out Bagwell because of suspicions about PEDs and these 2 are probably more suspicious that Bagwell.

    I’ve read where Piazza would shower in private in the Mets clubhouse because his back was completely covered by acne and IRod came to camp with the Tigers looking like he shrank in the wash over the winter once they began testing for PEDs.

    • James says:

      I hope in five years the BBWAA will come to some unspoken consensus on how to handle reputed juicers. Maybe the Hall will step in and finally offer some guidance. Most of these writers are in their “second childhoods” I think, so sometimes they need to be treated like children and given VERY specific instructions.

  22. Jamey says:

    I suppose you’re always going to wish things could have ended on a better note, but gotta admire the guy for playing as long as he did at a position not typically known for lengthy & PRODUCTIVE careers. Farewell Jorge, one of my favorites.

  23. James d. says:

    We were fortunate to see one of the better old catchers in history. Now, I’m cherry-picking Jorge’s monster 2007 age-35 season and ignoring some other factors, but I think he holds up well against Bench, Piazza, Berra and I-Rod when it comes to late-career production.

    Jorge’s age 35 year: .338/.426/.543, 5.8 bWAR, 5.7 fWAR
    After age 35 (214 games caught): 3.1 bWAR, 3.7 fWAR

    Johnny Bench, age 35: .255/.308/.432, 0.9 bWAR, 1.0 fWAR
    After age 35: retired

    Mike Piazza, age 35 (50 games caught): .266/.362/.444, -0.4 bWAR, 1.1 fWAR
    After age 35: 1.9 bWAR, 3.3 fWAR

    Yogi Berra, age 35 (63 games caught): .276/.347/.446, 2.2 bWAR, 2.9 bWAR
    After age 35 (83 games caught): 3.8 bWAR, 5.2 fWAR

    Ivan Rodriguez, age 35: .276.290/.444, 1 bWAR, 1.7 fWAR
    After age 35 (366 games caught): 2.2 bWAR, 4.0 fWAR

  24. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    I have no say in Jorge’s entrance into the Hall Of Fame but was lucky to see him play. I’m selfish and glad that he will only wear one uniform that as a Yankee.

    Now, the Yankees can arrange a day fitting for a prominent Yankee retiree and find a place for him in the organization. As a catcher his baseball IQ should be impressive for the knowledge of the game and evaluating talent.

  25. dela g says:

    Good luck, Hip Hip

  26. Virgil Earp says:

    Jorgie is a slam dunk hall of famer and his number should be retired on opening day next season.

  27. Momus says:

    Why are Yankee fans back there so selfish that they wouldn’t be happy for Jorgie finding a job with another team??? Jeez, the Yankees have been ditching their beloved players for decades, this is nothing new. Be sad, instead, that no one has offered him a job when he still wanted to play. Retiring should be when a player decides, like Andy’s last winter. Look at Matsui, dropkicked after winning the World Series MVP award – he did well in Anaheim as the DH, even better last year in Oakland. I only wish Jorgie had hoped to retire as a 1st option, and not his last. He will be welcomed back as 1 of the great modern-day Yankees, no matter what happens in the next 2 weeks – I got MLB Extra innings to watch Andy in Houston, I would do the same to watch Jorgie anywhere else!

    • JMK says:

      Look at Matsui, dropkicked after winning the World Series MVP award – he did well in Anaheim as the DH, even better last year in Oakland.

      Um, Matsui batted .274/.361/.459 in 2010 as a member of the Pacific Time Zone Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles. That’s good for a wOBA of .356 and an fWAR of 1.5. Not bad, but not great for a DH.

      To say he was even better last year in Oakland is simply wrong. His line was .251/.324/.375, good for a wOBA of .306 and an fWAR of 0.3.

  28. Santa says:

    I’ll miss you Jorge, but we still have a bond, we share the same birthday so I’ll never forget you. Wishing you great happiness and good health on your new venture. xoxo Santa V.

  29. retlt72 says:

    I’m both happy and sad, but I think he should go out as a Yankee, hopefully the Yankees will give him a job within the organization and he can run his foundation as well. Good Luck Jorge, and thanks for the memories!!!!

  30. Hip-Hip JORGE! Thanks for the memories my friend. You’ll be a Yankee FOREVER! God Bless!

  31. MannyGeee says:

    So sad to see him go yet so happy he didn’t go out like Manny Ramirez or Barry Bonds, holding on to the last shred of a chance that someone would sign him and essentially putting himself out on CRaigslist…

    Youre the man Jorgie. Don’t ever change

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