Open Thread: Brad Halsey

Yankees, Cory Wade agree to contract for 2012
Nostalgia Report: Yankees sign Preston Mattingly
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Once upon a time, the Yankees had no pitching prospects. Years of generally poor drafts under former scouting director Lin Garrett — giving away top picks to sign free agents year after year didn’t help either — resulted in one of baseball’s worst farm systems back in 2004 and 2005, meaning no significant help was coming when the Yankees needed to plug a hole. When Kevin Brown went down with a back strain in June of 2004, the Yankees had no choice but to give the ball to lefty Brad Halsey, the 24th best prospect in the 27th best farm system according to Baseball America.

Halsey, who was having a nice season in Triple-A, pitched well in his big league debut (two runs in 5.2 IP) at Dodger Stadium, but things went south from there. He gave up seven runs in his next start and seven runs two starts after that, finishing with a 6.47 ERA in 32 IP spread across seven starts and one relief appearance. After the season, the Yankees traded him as part of the package to get the long-coveted Randy Johnson from the Diamondbacks, a trade that occurred seven years ago today.

After an okay season in Arizona (4.61 ERA in 160 IP), Halsey was traded to the Athletics for Juan Cruz. He made seven starts and 45 relief appearances for Oakland in 2006 (4.67 ERA), but was assigned to Triple-A in 2007. He was scheduled to come up and replace an injured Rich Harden in April, but the team bypassed him and called up Dallas Braden instead. Halsey publicly bashed the team for passing on him when they needed an arm, and he ended up having shoulder surgery later in the summer. He filed a grievance with the union regarding the team’s handling of him and his injury, and he actually ended up winning. Good for him.

Halsey, now 30, briefly returned to the Yankees this summer and spend most if his his time in Double-A. He spent a few years pitching in independent ball before that. Nowadays, a pitching prospect like Halsey would be so far down on the team’s depth chart that he’d probably be working in relief. Certainly not the kind of guy that would be entrusted with seven starts in the middle of the season. The Yankees still extracted some value from him as the third piece in the RJ deal, which is probably more than you can say for a lot of prospects of his caliber.

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This is your open thread for the night. The Devils, Knicks, and Nets are playing, but Time Warner folks still can’t watch the first two because of the MSG dispute. Talk about whatever you like here, anything goes.

Yankees, Cory Wade agree to contract for 2012
Nostalgia Report: Yankees sign Preston Mattingly
  • Brooklyn Ed

    In a non baseball related news, little girl had a staredown with a lion yesterday:

  • kenthadley

    Preston Mattingly? Filler?

    • Gonzo

      Gotta be, right?

      • Jesse

        Have to be, based on his MiLB numbers.

    • pat

      Favor, imo.

      • 28 this year

        i would think the team that employs don mattingly would provide said favor.

        • steve (different one)

          isn’t that the team that released him?

  • Jesse

    Boy, have times changed, haven’t they?

    • radnom

      The depth is certainly nice, and will help in the increased competitive environment of the AL East, but not enough has changed. The team is still constructed with one solid, front of the rotation pitcher followed by a bunch of question marks and an elite offense capable of slugging them through the regular season. Exactly like the mid-late 2000’s. Sure anything can happen in a short series, but I am of the opinion that this type of team construction is suboptimal given the playoff structure, while acknowledging its success in the longer regular season.

      To be clear, this isn’t an indictment on the lack of action this current offseason but rather something thats been going on for a while now. I was hoping the “all-hitting/meh pitching” teams of the late 2000s would eventually be a thing of the past with Cashman in full control.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        If you thought those teams were all hitting and meh pitching, let us introduce ourselves.

        The 1980’s

        • radnom

          Except they sucked in the 80’s so its not really comparable, more like meh hitting and pitching, but I’m not surprised you wouldn’t pass up a chance to remind us that you’re old.

          • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

            Dude, I’m 37. I’m not old at all.

          • gageagainstthemachine

            Pointing out that other people in this forum are older than you does not a good argument make. Remember, they’ve lived through, seen, and experienced more Yankees baseball. Younger generations judge only what they read in books and stats and see on film. It’s different when you’ve lived through the periods you debate. I’m 34, so I don’t pretend to judge I am an expert, or for that matter, can fully relate to anything Yankees related prior to the 80’s. I will discuss it, sure, but with a grain of salt considering my information on the subject is all second-hand historical information and analysis. Not meaning to start something with you, just saying…

            • gageagainstthemachine

              that was in response to ‘radnom’ not to ‘JJS’

          • bpdelia

            They absolutely did NOT suck in the 80s. And the hitting wasn’t meh. There was a period of dickey Henderson, Randolph, prime mattingly, wwinfield, Baylor, pagliarulo, smalley. Those were excellent offensives teams and were always a pretty good team right in the race. 1988,1989 doesn’t eliminate the early to mid 80s teams that were pretty damn good. They won the most games in the al in the 80s. But only 2 teams made the playoffs. One from each division and they were usually the secondsl or third vesylt team in the east. Detroit, Boston and Toronto were all excellent teams then.

            • bpdelia

              So my kindle decided to autocorrect the word best into vesylt??? Wtf.

  • CJ

    “Man, I’d hate to think how many he could hit in this bandbox,” the scout said. “If I’m the Yankees, he’s the guy I sign, even with (Mark) Teixeira here. Put Fielder in this lineup as the DH and they might never lose.”
    It has to be a tempting thought for the Yankee brass, even at $25 million a year. Not only is Fielder’s lefthanded swing made for the Stadium, but the free agent-to-be would add more of the star power this franchise both craves and needs to continue selling its outrageously-priced seats.”
    John Harper June 29

    • Jesse

      Still not tempting enough. Trust me, if Fielder goes through what Teixeira has gone through the last couple of years (Dip in BA, OBP, rise in pop ups, lack of the “clutch hit”) fans and some writers and bloggers like this guy will be calling for the next big name signing. It’s a cycle that will just keep going and going and going again and again.

      • CJ

        Thats a risk. But I think the front office and ownership is giving it more thought than RAB and it’s followers.
        This is worthy of calling an executive budget meeting in January. I don’t believe it’s to discuss Kuroda or Edwin Jackson.
        Before signing with Angels, Pujols camp checked with Yankees. I would think they would have a reason to think they may be interested.
        Why shop Swisher when the only available replacement Beltran was more expensive? Considering a Carlos Quentin trade maybe.
        When Yanks couldn’t get cliff lee or improve bullpen they added a relief pitcher. Now starting pitching is expensive or unavailable, improve the lineup?
        Do they see Prince as the best marquee bat available 2013-14?

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

          I would the front office and ownerships gives EVERYTHING more thought than RAB and its followers. It still doesn’t mean you’re going to see Prince Fielder in pinstripes.

          • CJ

            I’m not saying that is going to happen but I don’t think it’s as much a far of fantasy as others think.

            • whozat

              it’s not so much that it’s a fantasy, as it is a bad idea. in three years, where will the ABs be for ARod, Tex and Fielder?Three 1B/DH types on the same roster, collectively getting paid 80MM a year for at least a couple more seasons?

  • Plank

    The 2004-2005 farm system had Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, CMW, Tabata, Clippard, Austin Jackson, and Melky Cabrera (off the top of my head) in it. They weren’t regarded highly at the time, but the farm system wasn’t as bad as everyone thought at the time.

    Lots of teams would have traded their whole farm for Cano with the benefit of a time machine.

  • Danny

    Via Twitter:!/JonHeymanCBS

    JonHeymanCBS Jon Heyman
    edwin jacksons agent scott boras and hal steinbrenner met. hal told boras hed think about right deal for e-jax.

    Boom !!! Lol

    • Yankeefan34


    • BK2ATL

      Sometimes I really hate this organization with so many hands in the pot……

      If they sign Jackson, Cashman should just resign immediately. For an agent to go directly to the owner and circumvent him…..major balls. And for the owner to accept that meeting/call and consider it, major lack of respect for the GM.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        I believe the two most important words there were “Jon” and “Heyman.”

        • BK2ATL

          I would agree, if they hadn’t set this precedent last offseason. Boras can go directly to the owners and they actually entertain him.

          If such is the case, maybe Fielder and/or Jackson just might be in play after all.

          Makes no sense to me, but neither did Soriano. Yet, here we are….again.

        • CJ

          How come “Joel” “Sherman” and his “2014 austerity budget” is taken as a fact of life?
          I don’t see why Joel and Jon are considers insiders in the know.

          • whozat

            Because Heyman is widely known to carry water for Boras. It’s OBVIOUSLY to Boras’ benefit to have this information noised about as he tries to kick start the market for his player. I’m sure that they met, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It could mean the Yanks are considering a 2/35 deal for Jackson, a 5/60 deal, or not seriously considering him at all. Scott Boras is powerful enough that any owner is going hear him out if he asks for a meeting.

        • Vinny

          Dude, Marc Carig confirmed

    • CJ

      Boras has to meet with Hal to discuss Jackson? Weird. That is not the kind of signing that should involve ownership. What exactly is Cashman’s job description? Hal is following the wacky Steinbrenner way.

    • steve (different one)

      Have to say, RAB called this one. I wouldn’t have guessed it.

      It’s not like Jackson is bad, but I’ll just sit back and hope he keeps it under 5 years.

  • Colin

    how could you not mention he started the game against pedro that jeter dove into the stands. easily his best/only good moment as a yankee. i think he also gave up either bonds’ record tying or setting home run.

  • Alibaba

    Why do we need another DH (Fielder) when we have Jesus?

    • CJ

      I like Jesus, Romine, Cervelli at catcher (trade Martin). Prince as an elite bat.
      Really my point is $25 for Prince is better spent than $15 for Edwin Jackson.

      Prince DH, Montero C, Noesi > Montero DH, Martin C, EJax


      • BK2ATL

        Exactly how many games did Montero catch in Sept-11 that decidedly convinced anyone that he’d be ready to take over at the everyday C?

        And something about signing a DH for $25 million/yr, just seems like a ridiculous waste of money.

        I do agree that I’d rather see Noesi get a shot over signing Jackson.

      • CJ

        Montero will have growing pains behind the plate but that’s true of all rookie catchers. He’s not going to be a career DH, let him catch.

  • David Lee Roth

    How can you leave out that it was Halsey who started the Yankees/Sox game with Jeter diving in the stands and Flaherty’s walk-off double?!

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    I think watching Brad Halsey start was like having your first cheeseburger after years of veganism and having it be at Burger King. Anything looks good.

    • Rainbow Connection

      I haven’t had it in years, but I still love BK. I miss it.

  • MP
    • Gonzo

      What does Cashman do again?

      • Rainbow Connection

        He’s busy traipsing down the side of a building in Connecticut. And not having both of his eyes looking in the same direction.

      • whozat

        Cashman: Sorry, Scott…We’re only interested in Jackson on our terms. There’s not much of a market for him right now, so I’m going to hold to that. Besides, we’ve got this budget from ownership that we’re pretty committed to sticking to, except for elite talent and your guy’s good, but…not elite. Cheers! *click*

        Boras: Hm. Perhaps I’ll try to talk ownership into making a stupid deal, like they did with Soriano just last year…*ring ring*

        Hal: Yello? Oh, Scott Boras, the agent that represents most of the elite talent in the game? Sure, I’ll give you the time of day. Oh, you’ll be in new york next week? Sure, have your people put a little time on my calendar. Always willing to listen, but I make no promises.



        I’m sure they met, and it may be that the Yanks are going to make another AJ Burnett signing despite protestations to the contrary. But it’s also possible that this meeting went nowhere and the info is being disseminated by Boras’ camp to try to kick start the Jackson market.

  • CJ

    Careful. I was labeled a troll for saying that.

  • Jonathan

    Oh wow…I got to witness one of his starts in KC after Brown went down and we ended up giving up about 17 runs or something and none of the Royals fans realized we started an absolute nobody. I also won a bet against my dad that he’d give up 714 or 715 to Barry Bonds after we looked at the schedule. Not a name I’ll soon forget but wish I could.