Update: Posada to announce retirement on Tuesday


Jan. 23rd: The team says that Posada will officially announce his retirement at an 11am ET press conference at Yankee Stadium tomorrow. It will be broadcast live on YES, Yankees.com, and MLB.com LIVE. Plus I’ll be here to liveblog it.

Jan. 20th: Via Mark Hale, Jorge Posada will announce his retirement at a press conference on Tuesday. We heard this was coming a few weeks ago, but now it will be made official. I don’t know the exact time or place of the press conference, but I’ll liveblog it if possible.

The now vacant DH spot had some thinking that Jorge could change his mind and come back for another year, but that won’t happen. “I’m not getting ready for another season,” said Posada to Dan Martin recently. “I tried and it wasn’t in me. I’m still fighting it, but the more I did, the more I realized I’m not gonna play.” Sadface.

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  1. Matt DiBari says:

    You’d assume it will be at Yankee Stadium, right?

  2. P says:

    Thanks for a terrific career jorge

  3. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Indeed. Thanks for all the memories Jorge.

  4. CANO FAN #1 says:

    Hip hip

  5. Fishjam says:

    The “hard” change labeled as a Fastball by pitch f/x sounds like whats called a BP fastball. Thrown the same as a Fastball just with something taken off – not through a different grip or dragging the back foot like with a standard Change – but by less arm speed.

  6. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    Thanks Jorge, have fun looking at those four rings every day.

  7. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    Ouch I meant five… That’s a rookie mistake

  8. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    Just remember, Yogi’s got something in the neighborhood of 10

  9. Rich in NJ says:

    *paging Bernie Williams*

  10. RetroRob says:

    Considering the Yankees current opening at DH, it appears Jorge can walk away and say he did do it on his own terms. That wouldn’t have quite been the story before last Friday.

  11. Rainbow Connection says:

    Will anyone shake his hand?

  12. gageagainstthemachine says:

    Core Four* down to two for good next week. Wow! What a ride they’ve given us. I imagine this was what it was like to watch other great Yankee core groups slowly walk away. Man, I love this team.
    (*Bernie is part of the core, he broke through and opened the door for the rest.)

  13. Sam says:

    This may go without saying, but YES is gonna broadcast this, right?

    • G says:

      What, you mean you’d rather are this than Francesa yelling at people about how Al Alburquerque doesn’t exist?

      Seriously, I hope they do but I don’t know of they’ll totally change their scheduling to show it.

    • G says:

      What, you mean you’d rather see this than Francesa yelling at people about how Al Alburquerque doesn’t exist?

      Seriously, I hope they do but I don’t know if they’ll totally change their scheduling to show it.

      • GardnergoesYardner says:

        Change their scheduling to work around what? Inside Israeli Basketball? Some awful Nets game? Or, Mo forbid, Running?

        Face it, they don’t have a strong non – Yankees group of shows, and it is painfull obvious in the offseason. They should really show the Posada press conference out of respect to a Yankees legend.

  14. Darren says:

    if the Yankees were half as classy as they pretended, they would organize the retirement announcment so thate the fans could be involved. sell tickets at $5/head with all donations going to Jorge’s charity. have bernie play show some videos, etc. it would be great for people to be able to say goodbye now, and not have to wait for jorge posada day, which of course wil be scheduled against someone crappy (like Donnie Baseball day against the Expos (oy!) on opening day of NFL season 1997 thanks yanks!

    Anyway, Jorge was great, and I’m glad there is a slight chance he could have come back – it’s nice, even for appearances sake to say that he rtired totally in his terms. I’m sure he could have signed with another team if he wanted. He went out as the best Yankee in the detroit series, which was cool.

  15. Jamey says:

    I am a little surprised he didn’t feel out if they’d want him back for another chance, it’s definitely possible he’d have been better after a full season to adjust to the DH role. Glad he gets to walk away on his own terms though instead of another sad season or worse having to retire at the beginning of the season like Griffey.

  16. Kiko Jones says:

    I was never a fan of the man. Don’t get me wrong, he had my respect and appreciation for his contributions. But 2011 was the year I got behind Posada and truly rooted for him. Seeing him face mortality and even screw up (namely, that Red Sox game fiasco) humanized him—for lack of a better term—in my eyes. A proud man, he struggled and even looked lost but in the end, when it mattered, he came thru big time (2011 ALDS) and ultimately went out on top. Hip hip, indeed. Gracias por todo, Jorge.

  17. miketotheg says:

    That man was a great yankee. He will be missed.

    Almost as much as I miss my youth too jorge. :)

  18. Okyankee24 says:

    Most definitely the most underappreciated of the “four”. His value, CATCHER, cannot be over stated. A true “Yankee”.

    • Gageagainstthemachine says:

      Agreed, but applied to Jeter and Mo as well. How many franchises have been able to solidify those three postitons with big time production for 15+ years straight. And all AT THE SAME TIME. If Pettitte had never left (which I wish he never had, Yanks’ fault on that one), we could truly say that about all four. Truly amazing when you stop and think about!

      • Urban says:

        That’s a good question, and one I’ve wondered about myself. I think there is a belief among some fans that if the Yankees dedicate themselves to player development, then they can develop the next versions of Bernie, Mo, Andy, Jorge and Derek. I think that’s very unlikely. Getting five players of HOF and near-HOF level, all arriving within a year or two of each other, has got to be an extremely rare accomplishment.

        Player development is good, yet the Yankees may never see a group like this for a long, long time, no matter how hard they try.

  19. Platano Man says:

    Wow, Thank you so much Jorge for always epitomizing a human representation of what it means to be a Yankee. That bloop double of Pedro Martinez in the 2003 ALCS was my favorite moment of you as a Yankee. I am truly blessed to have witnessed one of the greatest players in the history of the Yankees. Thank you so much and good luck to you and your wife Laura.

  20. Mister Delaware says:


    Jorge Posada is sitting at the podium surrounded by Yankee executives and former teammates. Reporters fill the room. The retirement press conference is winding down.

    A child (approximately 8 years old): “Jorge! Jorge! Will ya do it for us just one more time? Will ya, please?”

    Posada: [Squints while trying to see where the small voice came from. He spots the child and smiles.] “Sure kid. This one’s for you and all the little Yankee fans out there.” [Posada stands up, unzips pants, pulls out penis and urinates all over his hands.]

    [Everyone cheers. Grown men cry. An era ends.]


  21. whitey says:

    HIP HIP- what a great call!!

  22. Dick Winters says:

    It will certainly be a sad day. First Andy now Jorgie. Next year it’ll be Mo and then finally Jeter and all those guys from the 90s dynasty will be gone. I hate growing up.

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