The Hard Choices of the Offseason

Open Thread: The Pineda-Kuroda Hangover
The Bartolo Era Ends: Colon Heads To Oakland
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The offseason is the worst.

Not just for the total lack of baseball, though that’s a pretty big chunk of it. Not just the lesser sports which we are all forced to tolerate while we wait for our gentleman’s game to come back. There’s also that the decisions made during the cold winter months are a lot more permanent than the year-to-year fluctuations players have with their numbers. You can excuse away a bad year, especially if you’re trying really hard, but it’s not as easy to do so with a whopper of a trade or a big signing. Rationalizing a low average with caught line drives or a low OBP with a large strike zone against is one thing, but there’s no such protections with a big roster moves.

When the season starts, all — or many of — the numbers are influenced by randomness and factors that neither the players nor the ownerships/front office can control. That makes it easy for a fan looking for upside to feel better about his or her self. Every particular at-bat and game has so much go into it that, in most cases, there’s a bright side. Maybe the team was robbed of some stellar line drives. Maybe it was a display of warning track power. Maybe you were no-hit, but the opposing pitcher was so dominant it wasn’t even fair. Game-to-game stuff like a win or a loss can be rationalized.

Players, too. The perfect example for this is, of course, Adam Dunn. I don’t think anyone expects Adam Dunn to be as legitimately downright vomit awful as he was in 2011. That’s impossible, right? It could happen, I guess, but I (and many experts, and I assume Kenny Williams) don’t think so. Having a year like that means everything goes wrong all at once. So White Sox fans can comfort themselves knowing things will probably get better, even if Dunn isn’t the hitter he used to be. Yankees fans can have plenty of optimism in this area as well: maybe Derek Jeter stays that second-half monster he became after his injury. Maybe Alex Rodriguez stays healthy with his experimental knee surgery and his still-impressive power. Maybe Eduardo Nunez learns to field. Maybe Mark Teixeira stops hitting so many pop-ups. But even if they don’t, there’s lots of statistical noise here we can use to rationalize it. A.J. Burnett is a victim of a high HR/FB rate, for example. He’s going to be bad. But he could be slightly better.*

During the offseason, there’s nothing you can do after or during a trade. You’re stuck with the players your GM picked pick up, so here’s hoping they’re good ones. There’s no statistical noise in ‘Jesus Montero was just traded for Michael Pineda.’ You just have to hope that Brian Cashman knows what he’s doing (I personally do), and that everything will work out. It’s not like next year, Cashman gets to try again and see if he can get more for Montero, or if Montero has a massive year and Pineda’s awful, he gets to tweak the trade like a player’s mechanics to make it better. Once a trade or signing is done, that’s it. So long, thanks for all the fish. Hope everything turns out well for your team. Maybe it won’t! Of course, maybe you’ve traded Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit.

There’s no going back. Not being able to go back is scary. All you’ve got left is this new guy, looking around at his new environment and staring at the hole he’s expected to fill from the guy you kicked out. And that’s on top of hoping that the GM wasn’t emotional about this, either: having your top prospect being traded for peanuts because he hates your bunt-loving manager sounds pretty damn awful to me. You’re not gonna be able to blame that on a torn muscle.

I don’t know how I feel about the Montero/Pineda trade. It could be great. It could be awful. It makes perfect sense in my head, what with New York needing arms and Seattle needing a bat (especially considering Cashman has been trying to give Montero to Seattle for a while now), but that’s a different statement than if I I like it. I guess it’s hard to make a decision because whether I like it or not, that’s the way it is. Even if I hate it, I don’t hate it enough to stop being a Yankees fan – Pineda’s an exciting possibility, he’s shown he’s capable, and he’s got a hell of a slider. Of course, like all Yankees fans, I loved Jesus Montero like you love a baseball player — that screaming power, the youth, the team control, all the potential and none of the inevitable disappointment. I’m sure I’ll either grow to love Pineda (in a good ending), or have bitter, hateful thoughts at Montero getting AL MVP and decide the world is a joyless, terrible place (in a bad ending). That’s just how being a fan is. The fact is, of these players will be subject to the random variation that comes with the long baseball season, and we’ll be justifying what they do no matter what. But we’re stuck with who we got, and all we can do is hope it all works out. (For us, not for them. Sorry, Jesus.)

* I get some kind of sick masochistic joy out of defending A.J. Burnett. I don’t know either.
** For other views on the Montero/Pineda trade, I, like Mike, strongly advise Lookout Landing, The Best Mariners Blog.
*** Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. You will now be subject to me on a more regular basis.

Open Thread: The Pineda-Kuroda Hangover
The Bartolo Era Ends: Colon Heads To Oakland
  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    I think you reflected my ambivalence as to the trade perfectly.

    There’s been very little middle ground, both on here, and with real life. Everyone is either convinced Pineda is Justin Verlander or, like the email I just received from a friend currently skiing in the Dolemites, want to shoot Cashman.

  • JohnnyC

    What’s Rudy Ray Moore got to do with this?

  • paul

    2013 – CC – Pineda – Manban – Nova – Hughes/Bentances. Pretty exciting.

    • I Am Not The Droids You’re Looking For (is off to masterstroke myself)

      And pretty optimistic.

    • Kevin Winters

      Hopefully those guys develop like we hope.

    • Tom Zig

      2013 – CC – Pineda – Manban – Nova – Hughes/Bentances Hamels. Pretty exciting.


      • Paul

        It seems to me that the whole point of this trade is so that the Yankees don’t have to spend big bucks on pitching. I hope I’m wrong, hamels would be a great addition

        • Paul VuvuZuvella

          I agree. This is a big part of the plan to get the payroll into 180’s by 2014. If you’re wrong, then Pineda would not have panned out and the B’s won’t prove their readiness in AAA this year so I hope you’re right.

      • Alfredo

        Trade hughes and betances for?

    • Jon


  • Grit for Brains

    “…or have bitter, hateful thoughts at Montero getting AL MVP and decide the world is a joyless, terrible place (in a bad ending).”

    So much this.

    • gc

      Montero can win all the MVPs in the world for all I care……so long as the Yankees win a few more world series titles with some lock-down pitching. Honestly, I think it’s a trade that will help both teams.

      • CJ

        I thunk montero us going to be a good
        player but take it easy with the MVP stuff.

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

          It’s not going to jinx anyone if people express some positive thoughts towards Montero. Why does it matter to you if someone uses the word “MVP?”

    • Reggie C.

      I thought the MVP voting MSM only dished out the awards to the best player on playoff teams? Young hitters like Longoria, Trout, Ellsbury, and Lawrie will kinda always get more push for MVP votes just bc their respective teams are going to be better than the Mariners for the forseeable future.

  • Jason

    Even if Pineda does poorly or average and Montero does great, there’s no real way of faulting Cashman for this trade.

    Hindsight is 20/20 when you pretend that you knew whatever Cashman did wouldn’t work out.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      Actually there is. His job is to make the Yankees better and not worse. The pitching that has been developed on this franchise on his watch is overall crappy for a team with the resources this one has. I do not expect him to match a team that drafts low every year. But I do expect him to keep up with our outpace most other clubs not in that boat. He keeps promising pitchers from within and we keep getting trades and free agent signings. I am not again trades or free agent signings but if you sell us on your pitching development why would you have to or need to do this trade?

      If the reports are true that they were willing to trade everybody and their mom for Felix (i kind of do not believe that one) that also shows how desperate they are and that they do not think they have that top shelf young cheap controllable pitching on the farm.

      That is my real problem with this move. This move appears to me that they really do not believe in what they are doing with the pitching.

      I would have been fine with Kuroda and doing what we can with what he have this year and gotten the best free agent next year if needed.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Well, that’s your take. Perhaps you should go to the Yankee ownership and explain why you’re better than Cashman. While I may not agree with all he’s done, I think he’s got a much better idea of the talents the team has been able to draft and trade for, their development track and, more importantly, what ownership expects for this season and beyond.

        • Dave

          plus the trading of montero for pineda and Kuroda signing says nothing about his thoughts on ManBan or Betances..all it says is that we have crappy 3-4-5 pitchers and needed help for THIS. After next season it’ll be CC-Pineda-Nova-Hughes-ManBan/Betances, now if we trade ManBan/Betances or Hughes during or after this season, then you would be correct in saying that he has no faith in our young pitcher development. However that is not the case right now

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Vomit Awful is now a permanent part of my vocabulary. Thanks Hannah ( and Adam.)

    • Steve S.


      Only Hannah can pull that off seamlessly. If I put “Vomit awful” in a blog piece Larry and Mo would get one of their hacker friends to send a debilitating virus to my computer.

  • Soriano Is A Liar


    Kidding. This is 100% how I feel about this trade. I’m optimistic, but definitely a bit nervous.

  • Cameron

    Great post, perfectly captures the feeling about this trade.

  • Grit for Brains

    Not my idea, I read it somewhere in the previous thread…but imagine if this was just for payback and Cashmoney pulls out due to a physical

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

    Loved the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella


  • Reggie C.

    I’m in the “like-it-don’t-love-it” camp. The gamble is a big one … that Pineda’s 2011 season is a baseline of how he’ll perform when healthy, but that he’ll actually IMPROVE as he enters his peak years. I understand why Cashman pursued the trade; Quality for quality. That’s how baseball trades should work.

    Anyways, i’m sure RAB will devote a post eventually to the ramifications the Pineda acquisition will have on pursuing post-’12 free agents. Pineda will get expensive very fast if he continues his success so that’s actually a negative factor in then going after a Hamels or Greinke.

    Perhaps Pineda ends up signing a Matt Moor- like extension, but if that is to happen, it has to happen now. The FO has to keep Pineda below market value for as long as possible.

    • Steve S.

      No thanks. I’m not a fan of extending pitchers in general, and he did hurt his elbow and miss serious time in 2009.

      Team like Tampa do extensions because they have to keep costs as low as possible and are willing to roll the dice on flexibility. The Yanks don’t need to save a mil here or there, the maneuverability is more important.

      Remember when folks wanted to extend Chien Ming Wang? Good times.

      • Reggie C.

        My thinking is that the Yanks can still be players in the next off-season, but that it’d only make financial sense if Pineda could be locked up cheap. If Pineda did get hurt after the extension, the financial hit wouldn’t be ridiculous unlike if AJ had to miss a season.

        Playing it year to year makes sense for pitchers of the Nova and Hughes ilk … guys who are good bets to hold down the middle to back end of a rotation. Pineda will be making near $10 million in a couple seasons with sustained success. Not sure how that kind of jump in Pineda’s salary gels with signing a Hamels or Greinke. Probably not well.

        • CP

          Pineda is locked up cheap. He’ll earn about $500k this season and next before being arb eligible. Then he’ll be at arb rates for three seasons.

    • summits

      I love the small market thinking. ohh how will we ever keep those expensive arbitration players. when have we ever lost a player on the team cause of money. Never. So stop thinking like a pirates fan.

  • CS Yankee

    Well for two years now we have been waiting for the next starter to show up as that seemed to be the most pressing need after the 2009 WS.

    Sticks…the best in the majors over the last decade.
    Gloves…awful to solid over the last decade (Grit, Grand, etc.)
    Starters…mid-level since 2003 when they had the best.
    Pen…clearly the bet overall during that timeframe (As there is only one Mo)
    Bench…solid for the most part every year.

    This seems to have them go from perhaps the fifth best SP core (mostly because of CC) in the AL (behind the other playoff teams) to perhaps the fifth best in the pros (Angels, Phil’s, Rays, Giants). When Kuroda or Pineda is your third SP come October that lessens the pressure on CC as well as the lumber.

    Hopefully the bats stay strong and productive…it seems like Jesus could have become a legend but if he can’t really catch or field and thus limits his playtime, but he thinks he can, that’ll be a headache to manage. Hopefully, Murphy or Sanchez can develop as a complete backstop in a few years as that will likely be when Martin is done.

    Great trade if Pineda is a #2 with the only exception being if Jesus turns into a decent catcher with the 30-40 bombs we all think he’ll hit (well maybe 30 seeing its SafetopitchCo Field).

  • Sal

    I feel that the Yankees traded Montero at his peak and I truly believe that his stock value would have plummeted if he had a terrible spring behing the plate (i.e. past balls, horrible throws, base steals, errors, etc.)

    I just hope Pineda isn’t a one year wonder or that we find out that there is some hidden reason why Seattle would trade him in the first place.

    • Steve S.


      You know what that is? Justin Smoak’s numbers from September of 2010.

      I know some folks have Montero winning the MVP next year (his first of 5 straight) but believe it or not, he’s a human being. He’s going to struggle, the league will figure out how to get him out and exploit it mercilessly. That’s when we’ll really know how good he is as a MLB player. That’s when we’ll know if the lack of plate discipline he showed at the MILB level was a bump on the road to greatness or a red flag we should have taken more seriously. That’s when we’ll learn if he was really just “bored” in AAA or if his production was declining as he climbed the ladder and faced better pitchers.

      Believe it or not, the Mariners took an equal amount of risk on this deal.

      • toad

        Exactly right. Both sides gambled here, but given their respective needs both gambles made sense.

    • Paul O’neill’s Batting Helmet

      The ‘hidden reason’ is that the Shipmates need offense desperately, while they have a plethora of young arms in the minors to play with. Not so hidden really. When you trot out Adam Kennedy as your #4 hitter, you know you need a big bat and fast. Both teams traded from strength, filled needs, and got young exciting players in return; that is trading 101.

      • Steve S.

        Though it has to be noted that Jack Z had to deal off his #2 pitcher in order to get a high end bat in return. The Yanks traded what was essentially a spare part with no long term position (unless you believe he was going to catch, which I didn’t).

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      Did he even turn 22 yet? His peak? Really?

      You could say that they traded him at the right point before his catching skills (or lack thereof) were, perhaps, exposed, but, if all things go right, you’re not even remotely close to seeing him at his peak.

      Hopefully, the same goes for Pineda. :)

  • Preston

    In my gut I didn’t like this trade. We’ve all been following Jesus for a while now. Last year when he came up it was the happy culmination of many years of thought. Now at the last minute he’s been snatched away.

    However this is not to say that Michael Pineda isn’t exactly what we need, or that this was a bad trade. While Jesus Montero is a lot to give up, look at the packages that were given to get lesser players like Gio Gonzalez and Matt Latos. Montero is the best player included in any of those prospect packages, but they were required to include a lot more. Not that Noesi isn’t more. But frankly I’m excited about Jose Campos in the return. Is he farther away, yes. But he is a much more exciting talent than Noesi. I’ll enjoy following Campos pitch at A+ this year. There is no way you can claim that we didn’t get great value in this trade.
    In addition our rotation is getting younger. I hope they allow Phil a real chance to win the fifth spot in the rotation. If we had a 23 year old Pineda, 25 year old Nova, and 25 year old Hughes with Banuelos and Betances waiting in the wings. That could be pretty exciting.

    • Steve S.

      According to Kevin Goldstein, if Pineda was in the Yankee farm system he was by the #1 pitcher in the system, significantly ahead of Banuelos and Betances.

      Maybe folks would feel differently about him they had heard for years about how great Pineda was going to be. Never mind the fact that he’s performed at the MLB level for a full season with great success in many areas. Montero hasn’t.

      • Preston

        Pineda was a much more highly regarded prospect and he’s got a year of success under his belt. I like him a lot objectively and if he had been in our system I would like him a lot more.

        • Steve S.

          But that’s the point. We shouldn’t like him any more or less (as a player) depending on whether he’s homegrown or not. Players are what their talent level and work ethic dictates.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        If Dellin Betances’s first MLB season looks anything like Pineda, Yankee fans would run naked down the street. Betances is already older than Pineda. Pineda’s clearly further ahead.

        This comes from perhaps the biggest Betances-hugger you will ever see in me.

        • Nigel Bangs

          This is totally, totally true. I haven’t thought of the Pineda situation like that before.

          Starting to care less about if this was a good trade and starting to care more about how sweet Pineda is and how exciting the future looks with him.

  • Mike MzX

    This is gonna be one of those trades that only history can decide. When I first heard it, I almost flipped out… didn’t even know who Pineda was. But once I read up on it in detail, it seems (at least on paper) to be a good deal for both clubs.

    But, Pineda could turn out to be a bust (considering his less than amazing 2nd half of 2011), and Montero may continue to be the dominant power hitter he demonstrated himself to be last September. Or Montero could fizzle and Pineda will become a 2nd Ace for the Yankees. Or both might go on to become legends in their own right. There’s no way to know now. It’s one of those trades that wont be able to truly be understood until we live with it for at least a season, or more.

    • Mike MzX

      Also, as much as I loved watching Montero’s power, his behind the plate skills are questionable at best. We also have Romine in the system, whose better defensively with an adequate bat, and we still have Russel Martin who I felt was a great addition to the 2011 squad, and even though his average wasn’t monstrous, he seemed to be a clutch hitter, getting good hits at key moments. I’m glad we’ll have him for a while longer, he’s good for the club.

      • Monteroisdinero

        Montero’s skills behind the plate-at age 22- are Posadaesque from age 26-39.

        We did all right with him.

        • Sweet Dick Willie

          You keep saying that, but evidently the Yankees brain trust doesn’t feel the same way.

          If they thought they could get Posada’s defense (or maybe even Piazza’s for that matter), they probably would have kept him.

          That series against the Angels in September was telling, when they used Posada instead of Montero in the 9th inning, and then called up Romine the next day.

          So obviously they saw him as only a DH, and thus he was expendable.

          • Billion$Bullpen

            Yeah the Yankees brain trust also thought AJ was worth the money and years they gave him.

            I am not saying life is over for us. Hell the pitching we got in return may end up being big for us moving forward.

            I know everybody says winning is the most fun part of following a team, and I get that but I liked Jesus, he was different, interesting home grown, seemingly nice kid. Very fun to root for him. If I only cared about my team winning all the time I would play video games baseball and trade all the good players to my team.

            I do not have a crystal ball and I can not say this move is the worst ever, but I do think it was uneeded and brings with it as many holes as it fills.

            • Sweet Dick Willie

              You are missing my point.

              I never said the Yankees were correct in their evaluation of Montero as only a DH (how could I possibly know that?).

              I said, in response to Monteroisdinero’s statement that he would provide Posadaesque defense, that it is very evident that Yankees don’t feel that way.

              Of course they could be wrong and Monteroisdinero could be right, but 1) Yankees employees have seen Montero play much more than Monteroisdinero has and 2) they have infinite more information on him not only as a ballplayer, but also as a person.

              So yeah, they could wind up being wrong, but it won’t be from a lack of information.

            • CP

              So one poor decision invalidates all other decisions?

          • Mike MzX

            Yep, and the Yankees can’t have a defensive liability behind the plate. At least Seattle has the luxury of being able to attempt to convert Montero into a different position if he can’t be made into a full time catcher, or a permanent full time DH, since they probably wont be in contention most of the season. As good as Montero is offensively, the Yankees have no interest in any full time DH, let alone a 21 year old one. The need the DH open to rest the veterans, especially A-Rod… who we’re stuck with until Montero is gonna be pushing 30.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      Young players struggle. Young players need to adjust. Pineda is not the first young player to tail off at the end of his first season. The overall numbers are still impressive as hell.

      That being said? Yes, incredibly scared as to injury or regression. He’s our young beast pitcher now.

  • Steve S.

    I was googling to see if anyone, anywhere had a whiff of this deal from October of last year to this past week. They didn’t, but I have to give props to Mike A for absolutely nailing this deal in a piece a few months ago.

    The piece reads as if it was written yesterday, and it was posted in late November.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher


  • Grover

    I think Cashman recognized that stud starters are getting extensions and not becoming free agents at the pace they once became available. Since the original Yankee signing of CC, only Lee qualified as an ace in my book and he passed on Yankee money. With far too many position players scheduled to make big money for several years, young quality starters were inevitable and I applaud his staying ahead of the curve…again.

  • Rigoleto

    Wish we could trade Phil Hughes for Vin Scully.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      I wish we could trade Michael Kay and the radio team for the Dodgers radio guy p.k.a one of our old radio guys

      • Mike MzX

        I like Michael Kay, but i’m with you on Sterling and Waldman. Waldman should be calling games for Bostons AAA affiliate, Sterling should go sing show tunes on Broadway, instead of in the middle of Yankee games. Him and his awful homerun calls stink. The only thing I ever agreed with Jason Giambi on.

        • Mike MzX

          Sterling should call Met games, that franchise seems to relish in cornball antics and would probably revel in gems like “Wright’s got the Right Stuff” or “An ole from Jose!” (I know he’s gone, but i needed something awfully Sterling-esk.) or “Jason Bay smashes into Flushing Bay”. Ugh, just terrible.

  • Johnny O

    I liked the post on Lookout Landing for some perspective. A Mariner’s guy rated this deal a 4 or 5 (on 1-10) so obviously NYY prospect hugging aside, the Yanks got a good and fair deal. Jesus is not the next Miguel Cabrera, and Pineda is not the next King Felix. Both teams can feel good (and worry about the potential failure) of the guys they got.

    Another interesting point, in the poll on RAB, way more people rated the deal favorably than not but you wouldn’t know it from reading the posts. Hooray for the silent majority.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    This appears to be a great trade for both teams. Seattle gets a great young hitting prospect in Montero & we get another gas throwing young 23 yo lefty stud. Really big & strong and built like CC & Betances.
    As long as Pineda doesnt go down like Joba did we wil have a great young arm to be in our rotation for the next decade.

    Reading spme of these post’s makes it sound like he’s 30? Come on he is only 23 yrs old! The really scary thing is thst most pitchers don’t really get it all together until their between 25-28. He is still going to improve & learn at least 1 or 2 other pitches. I would love to see Mo work with him & teach the infamous slider.

    The really exciting part will be were building a really young rotation in Pineada, Nova (16-4), Hughes, & if we really catch a break & get Joba back to his pre-injury form. Than we have Campos, Man Ban & Betances.

  • Jake

    Today is boring. Yankees need to sign Fielder or trade Jeter or kidnap Kershaw or something. I demand to be entertained!

    • Mike MzX

      Yeah lets trade Mariano Rivera to the Mets for a player to be named later, and then sign K-Rod to replace him. That’ll get the internet talking.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      How can we pry that Montero kid away from Seattle?

  • Anthony Murillo

    I’m not heartbroken by the trade because I never grew attached to Jesus Montero. Frankly, I always believed he was a goner and I expected the Yankees to trade him for a good/great starting pitcher.

    Let’s assume Pineda and Montero both reach their full potential…I would much rather have Pineda. That might be an unpopular opinion here but I truly feel that way. I think the Yankees and Mariners made a gutsy trade that, I think, will pay off for both teams.

  • Alfredo

    If the Yankees were to trade Robinson Cano what would you want in return?

  • RobC

    The more I think about this trade the more I like it.
    Given a choice between two equally young players – a hitter with incredible power but no position to play or a pitcher with 95 mph heat who also had an MLB year with 9+K / 9 who would you want?

    If its true the Yanks were willing to trade for King Felix and therefore pay his salary then why not spend the money on Prince?

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Great prospective trade for both teams. Im not sure if we tried Montero in RF first. But the trade has been made & Jesus is a Mariner now.

    As for Pineda he is a big strong kid who can throw the ball through a wall & have control. My only concern is De Ja Vu – JOBA. Some similarities are Joba thre it at 98-99MPH and had a violent delivery. From what I understand Pineada throws up to 98 & has a rough delivery. Lets all hope he doesnt get hurt in his career.

    As far as what Cashman is doing is he is building a great core of young pitchers in their early – mid 20’s to win for the next decade. Pineada, Nova (16-4), Hughes (2010 All Star), D-Rob, Campos, Man Ban, Betances.
    These young Yankees will have tremendous mentors & tutors in CC and Mo.

    • Mike HC

      That is how I see it as well. We are now one of the strongest organizations when it comes to young, talented starting pitchers, which was formally a weak area. And we gave up from a position of strength, C/DH’s. Hopefully all players work out and everyone goes home happy.

  • Nathan

    So after the craziness that was Friday has had time to sink in and I’ve had time to think about the trade, I’ve gone from “OMG THEY TRADED JESUS!!!11!!1111OMGF!” to “this Pineda guy could be the #2” and now to “Meh, we’ll see”. I think my feelings right now are the most logical and rational.

    We’ll see whether Pineda develops into an ace-caliber pitcher that goes right behind CC or he doesn’t. We’ll see if Campos can develop into whatever he is pegged to be, supposedly high from what I’ve read. And of course we’ll see if Montero turns into the real deal, a Manny/Miguel clone with opposite field power and of course if Noesi improves.

    If anything, as published, the Yankees rotation went from YUCK to YAY in a matter of hours. Now the Yankees need goes from rotation to finding a DH, which is much easier to fill.

    • Mike HC

      Hindsight is going to be the ultimate judge of this trade, like most trades. There is no way around it.

      The most likely scenario is that both teams got very good, young players and it will be a matter of taste and degree as to which side “won.”

  • Mike HC

    Enjoyed the read.

    If we as fans get emotional and have mixed feelings about trades, imagine the freaking players. Fans hear trade rumors etc … as business as usual, but when you are the player, imagine how emotionally crazy that is to be shipped out to another state in an instant, or even constantly hearing rumors about being shipped out.

    Montero has been floated around the league for years now. Must of been weird to look forward to joining the juggernaut that is the Yanks, while also knowing you may be headed to Seattle at a moments notice.

  • Granderslam

    The next “hard” choice will be figuring out what to do with AJ/Hughes/Garcia, but it’s a hard choice that I don’t mind the Yankees having.

    • Steve S.

      I have to think that Cash had something in mind for AJ when he signed Kuroda. To make BOTH moves simultaneously and make the rotation 7 deep doesn’t make sense to me unless you have another move in mind.

      If you have the deal for Pineda in hand, you go to camp with Burnett in the rotation and Garcia/Hughes fighting it out for the #5 spot. But Kuroda also? Something’s up, and I have to think it’s Burnett.

      • Granderslam

        I thought the same thing. Why would there be a need to sign Kuroda if there wasn’t a supplementary move involved? I’m not saying it has to be a “big” move, just something that deals a pitcher for yet another need, no matter how minor it might be. I mean, I would prefer to send AJ packing on a bad contract trade…we’ll see.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      I’m interested in how long they’re willing to keep Phelps and Warren in AAA before they spin one of them off somewhere.

  • candyforstalin

    we now have two front-line starters, hannah’s writing again… there’s an eight waiting next week’s fan confidence pool.