Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium? Wait ’til 2016

Forced Comps: Montero, Banuelos, Betances
Open Thread: Johnny Damon

The Yankees have been trying to bring the NHL’s Winter Classic to the Bronx since their new stadium opened in 2009, but scheduling conflicts with the Pinstripe Bowl have prevented that from happening. Despite the team’s continued efforts, Larry Brooks says Yankee Stadium is likely out of play until their Pinstripe Bowl contract expires just before 2016. The 2013-2015 Winter Classics are expected to be held in Ann Arbor, Washington D.C., and Minnesota.

If you’ve been reading RAB long enough, you know I’m also a hockey fan, casual more than anything. I know a few people that went down to Philadelphia for yesterday’s game at Citizens Bank Park, and I have yet to hear a bad thing about the experience despite the wind and cold. A game in the Bronx would be absolutely amazing and another huge cash influx for the team, presumably bigger than whatever they’re getting out of the Pinstripe Bowl. If you missed the Rangers beating the Flyers in yesterday’s crazy dramatic Winter Classic, there are the highlights.

Forced Comps: Montero, Banuelos, Betances
Open Thread: Johnny Damon
  • Matt :: Sec110

    Yes, yes, Y-E-S…they shoulda had it at the ‘old’ stadium…but this would be cool…they’ll still have those dumb obstructed views in the bleachers though…put they’ll pimp the hell out of the Mohegan sun bar seats.

  • Carl

    That’s weird. I last saw that the contract with the Pinstripe Bowl runs through 2013. Afterwards, I hope there is no extension of it, for the simple reason of the Winter Classic.

    • jay h

      It’s confusing. I saw somewhere that it’s locked in to the stadium through 2013 but the broadcast rights run through 2015. I hope it’s as early as possible though.

  • Jamey

    Went to the Syracuse Pinstripe Bowl, there’s just no excitement to it at all. Also didn’t like that we paid a pretty steep price for seats then to find out a bunch of people got in free because it didn’t sell well. Didn’t even see how this year’s turned out, but I think there’s so many bowl games that the casual fan interest really isn’t there. I think though if they could host a game in November, like the Notre Dame one it would be a lot more fun. Its a shame they couldn’t lock down The Winter Classic the year they opened & then maybe started with the bowl games, though that was the year Fenway hosted & I’m sure them swooping up that one was no coincidence.

  • JohnM

    Yanks should propose a game the day before the 2014 Super Bowl.

  • John

    went to both pinstripe bowls, and the rutgers-army game. Would have went to Notre Dame-Army but tickets were just too expensive. To date those are the three college D-1 games i’ve been too. It gives many people a chance to see college football at a high level. Though i could see the poor attendance, etc, despite Rutgers AND Syracuse have been in the bowl game (The Big 12 representative is barely seen in the crowd).

    They should deff stick to a november football game with Army, Notre Dame, etc. Notre Dame has a much longer history in the bronx than the winter Classic. But the pinstripe bowl could run its course than be retired. Of course after the Winter Classic is held in the Bronx, they could easily add another bowl game there and bring back the pinstripe bowl or even make a new one (they keep adding bowl games to basically make all eligible teams in games)

    • Chris

      If the NHL was smart they would have their own bowl in the Bronx called the NHL Winter Classic Bowl and play the football game 2 weeks ahead of the actual Winter Classic.

  • Mickey S

    I could care less about college football or hockey, with that said…I’d much rather see a hockey game in The Stadium than college football. It’s a shame the world ends this year anyway, so it looks as though it will never happen.

  • Chris

    As much as I would like it, Citi Field would be a much better choice for the NHL. It is much steeper than Yankee Stadium for one and second the NHL LOVES the idea of people tailgating outside and playing hockey. They had tons of interactive games and tents for fans and I just don’t see the space in the Bronx for that. Citi has massive parking lots around it.

    • Andrew518

      Esp with the talk of an Islanders to Queens talk, but I think as as with anything a game at Yankee Stadium is such a media event that’s what the NHL would want.

  • Manny

    Why not put a winter classic in Montreal? The game will be the habs vs the Colorado avalanche and the avalanche will wear their old Quebec nordiques jerseys. So it will be the old battle of Quebec!

    • Andrew518

      I’d see Quebec City getting it if they were to have it up there. Old time charm.