2012 promotional dates include BBQ apron, Snoopy bobblehead

Report: Ten-team playoff format a "go" for 2012
Open Thread: 2/29 Camp Notes

The Yanks unveiled their preliminary promotional schedule today, and some new items join familiar giveaways in 2012. As always, the season starts with the popular calendar weekend (4/14-4/15). The following week, with the Twins in town, the Yanks will hand out tomato seed packets to the first 18,000 guests (4/18). The folks who come the day after get far more useful magnetic schedules.

In May, the Reds will enjoy the ever-popular cap and bat days (5/19, 5/20) while water bottle night (6/18) and a collectible pin day (6/20) are the highlights for June. The Yanks will host their traditional Old Timers’ Day on July 1 before they take on the White Sox that Sunday, and the first 18,000 fans on the 18th get a Mark Teixeira figurine.

The August dates are still to be announced, but September ushers in my personal favorite. The first 18,000 fans who attend the September 2 affair against the Orioles will receive a Yankees’ BBQ Apron, and those who make it to the game on the 19th can score a Snoopy Bobblehead doll. Who wouldn’t want a Yankee Snoopy? For the full slate of giveaways, check out the updated calendar.

Report: Ten-team playoff format a "go" for 2012
Open Thread: 2/29 Camp Notes
  • BillR

    I’d love a Yanks BBQ Apron!

  • Rainbow Connection

    It’s always great to have a Yanks cap with a huge bank name plastered across the back. It’s not white trash or embarrassing at all.

    • Steve (different one)

      Lol. One year, the sponsor happened to be Adidas, so you wouldn’t know it was a promotional hat at all. It must have been 2002. I still wear that hat.

      /cool story bro

    • pat

      Yeah man, 1% for life!

  • Monterowasdinero

    Jorge or Andy at old timer’s game? too soon?


    Anybody know when regular season individual-game tickets usually go on sale? I wanna get out to Old Timers’ Day again this year.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

    The Yankees/Metlife have been doing Snoopy Giveaways for the last 5 years. Have one from every year.

  • Matt M

    Think they’re all great promotions, but why BBQ apron in September?