2012 promotional dates include BBQ apron, Snoopy bobblehead


The Yanks unveiled their preliminary promotional schedule today, and some new items join familiar giveaways in 2012. As always, the season starts with the popular calendar weekend (4/14-4/15). The following week, with the Twins in town, the Yanks will hand out tomato seed packets to the first 18,000 guests (4/18). The folks who come the day after get far more useful magnetic schedules.

In May, the Reds will enjoy the ever-popular cap and bat days (5/19, 5/20) while water bottle night (6/18) and a collectible pin day (6/20) are the highlights for June. The Yanks will host their traditional Old Timers’ Day on July 1 before they take on the White Sox that Sunday, and the first 18,000 fans on the 18th get a Mark Teixeira figurine.

The August dates are still to be announced, but September ushers in my personal favorite. The first 18,000 fans who attend the September 2 affair against the Orioles will receive a Yankees’ BBQ Apron, and those who make it to the game on the 19th can score a Snoopy Bobblehead doll. Who wouldn’t want a Yankee Snoopy? For the full slate of giveaways, check out the updated calendar.

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  • BillR

    I’d love a Yanks BBQ Apron!

  • Rainbow Connection

    It’s always great to have a Yanks cap with a huge bank name plastered across the back. It’s not white trash or embarrassing at all.

    • Steve (different one)

      Lol. One year, the sponsor happened to be Adidas, so you wouldn’t know it was a promotional hat at all. It must have been 2002. I still wear that hat.

      /cool story bro

    • pat

      Yeah man, 1% for life!

  • Monterowasdinero

    Jorge or Andy at old timer’s game? too soon?


    Anybody know when regular season individual-game tickets usually go on sale? I wanna get out to Old Timers’ Day again this year.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

    The Yankees/Metlife have been doing Snoopy Giveaways for the last 5 years. Have one from every year.

  • Matt M

    Think they’re all great promotions, but why BBQ apron in September?