Getting to know Hiroki Kuroda

Being Brandon Laird
Open Thread: 2/14 Camp Notes

In just a few days, Hiroki Kuroda will show up to camp, along with the rest of the Yankees’ pitchers and catchers. Surely a number of writers will introduce us to the team’s only big free agent signing this winter. You can get a head start on that, though. Genuine Good Guy Alex Belth penned a phenomenal profile of Kuroda at Bronx Banter. It really covers his character more than his baseball abilities. Looking for analysis with more of a statistical bent? William Juliano follows up with an analytical look at Kuroda. Both will get you up to speed with Kuroda before he even reports.

Being Brandon Laird
Open Thread: 2/14 Camp Notes
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Kuroda will be no better than Burnett. The guy is ancient.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I really hope someone refers to you as ancient when you’re in your mid-30’s.

      • Rainbow Connection

        Does Tyrone play a sport for a living???

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Are you really going to try to make a point out of this? Really?

          • Rainbow Connection

            Looks like you’re the one trying to make a point.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              You need a hobby.

              • Havok9120

                Or three.

      • Now Batting

        I would LOVE if someone referred to me as ancient in my mid 30’s. That means Id either be a professional athlete or rock star.

        • Matt DiBari

          The truly good rock stars last well into their 60s.

    • vin

      Mariano laughs at your premise.

      • Havok9120

        As does the left side of our infield. And Moose. And Andy.

  • Rainbow Connection

    ‘Creampie’ will do just fine this year.

  • Matt DiBari

    I’m real excited for Kuroda

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Thank you for reminding me Bronx Banter still exists. Love Alex’s writing and just lost track of it being there.

    • Matt DiBari

      In season, its my go to in game blog. Just a great small community to chat about the game with

  • Jesse

    Really liked the Kuroda signing. Whether he’s the number 2, number 3, or the number 4, I think he’ll do very well this year.

  • Scooter

    Tyrone Sharpton must have a WEALTH of baseball knowledge.

    I have a very good eye for spotting people who know their baseball, and Tyrone is definetely one of those guys.

    Super well-informed and enlightened.

    • Dropped Third

      You can tell by his indepth response he read the article 3+ times at least.

      • Tyrone Sharpton

        Many thanks, my brutha. It’s a family tradition, this day in age. Hika is an old ass japanese fisherman turned pitcher. AJ was some ku klux klan cracka who gave it his all though and is younger. Why we be posting money for his play? Matsuzaka 2.0. Edwin Jackson cuda been had for half the prize. May jesus give us dimitri or walter young…those two got lots a power and r strong lefties. Sometimes you can see things with your ears, know what i’m sayin?

        • Norebo

          1) i dont understand a word of this
          2) not sure if serious
          3) kuroda was not posted
          4) how do u see with ur ears?
          5) huh???
          6) what???

        • CS Yankee

          You are either an act or a troll in this day and age.

          Kuroda is far less a gamble than AJ & anyone that has followed the league over the last 2-3 years knows that. They could sure use another bat but Dimitri isn’t an option…in fact Bonds would make better sense.

  • Dropped Third

    Great read and welcome to the big apple Hiroki!

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Does Hiroki have a 50,000 tape porn collection?

    • RetroRob

      Matsui is married now. Perhaps he can sold the collection on eBay. Then again, like Darvish, maybe he hooked up with a porn star.

      • Plank

        Good to see people haven’t resorted to cheap stereotypes in this article about Hiroki Kuroda.

  • Raza

    Hiro seems like such a nice, humble guy. I really hope he has an awesome year for us. I think we would all be happy if he has the following #’s:

    7 K/9, 2 BB/9, 1 HR/9, 50 GB%, 195 IP.