Join the 2012 RAB fantasy league series

The Importance of Frankie Cervelli
Reports: Angels, Indians want Burnett too

Yesterday we announced the 2012 RAB fantasy leagues. To get an idea of what we’re going for, I recommend you read the original fantasy leagues post. It explains the procedure that we’re using to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

We’ve already filled up plenty of leagues, but the fun shouldn’t stop there. We’re trying to get a pretty big series going here. And so from now until interest starts to die down we’re going to continue offering you new leagues. Here are a few from last night, and a few new ones, that presumably still have spots available (but might not for long after this post goes live).

RAB Pinstripe Pride; ID: 44914; password: pineda4life

RAB Ramiro Pena Pals; ID: 45421; password: canada

RAB BuckFoston; 45953; password: buck

RAB Bronx Bombers; 47082; dj24life

Go here to sign up for any of these leagues.

If yesterday is any indicator, the leagues will fill up pretty quickly. If you want to start a new league, please do so. We encourage it. Just put RAB as the first part of the league name, so we can keep track of all our leagues. The goal is to award a prize to the team with the best win percentage at the end of the season.

To create a league:

1) Go here to create your league. We’re doing head-to-head leagues with 12 teams. The stats we prefer to use are in the original post.

2) Email me — josephp (at) riveraveblues (dot) com — and give me the league info, including the ID and password, so I can add it to this post.

3) Email me again when the league fills up.

That about covers it. Questions can go through email, through the tip box, or, if you don’t need an immediate response, in the comments.

The Importance of Frankie Cervelli
Reports: Angels, Indians want Burnett too
  • Vinnie Gagliano

    Hey guys I just created a free H2H league that I have been considering for awhile. Its h2h 1 win, 8×8 stats, 12 teams, 25 man rosters.

    Stats are Hits, OBP, Runs, RBIs, HRs, SB, K’s, Slugging %
    ERA, H9, BB9, K9, Win %, Saves, TBA, Holds

    I tried to make the pitching as percentage based as possible.

    Yahoo – 42450 PW blumpkin

    if you have any questions email me at

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      1) Gonna need you to stop posting on every thread.

      2) You do realize that your pitching stats mean that middle relievers are the most valuable pitching commodities, right?