Open Thread: 2/21 Camp Notes

Procedural Note: Pitchers can now be placed on 60-day DL
Yankees re-sign Eric Chavez
Kuroda's face pretty much says it all. (REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

Day two of workouts is in the books. Here’s the latest from Tampa…

  • As always, Chad Jennings has today’s bullpen and hitting groups. The big leaguers all threw yesterday, so today was featured all of the minor leaguers and non-roster invitees. David Adams, Justin Maxwell, and Andruw Jones were the only non-catchers to hit. All three are coming off some kind of injury, though Jones said he feels great and was able to get in better shape this offseason after knee surgery.
  • We have our first injury of Spring Training. George Kontos tweaked his oblique during his bullpen session, but hopes he’ll only miss a few days. Joe Girardi suggested that it could be a few weeks, which is no surprise since obliques are tricky. If he does miss more than a few days, he’ll fall behind the rest of the pack in the competition for that last open bullpen spot. [Jennings]
  • Adams and Maxwell got a little one-on-one instruction from Mick Kelleher at second and Robbie Thomson in left, respectively. The perks of showing up to camp early, I suppose. [Jennings]
  • “I’ll believe it when I see it,” said David Robertson when asked about Mariano Rivera possibly retiring. “When you talk about replacing Mariano Rivera, I don’t think that can be done.” Amen, David. [Jack Curry]
  • Joe Girardi accidentally mentioned Eric Chavez when talking about his bench, then backtracked. This is only noteworthy because the two sides have been talking about a contract recently, and this could be taken as an indication that a deal is all but wrapped up. [Joel Sherman]
  • The annual team bonding exercise will be held on March 1st, the day before the Yankees’ first exhibition game. [Bryan Hoch]
  • If you have ESPN Insider, I highly recommend reading today’s blog post from Buster Olney. He spoke to Michael Pineda and others following the big right-hander’s first official workout as a Yankee yesterday. At this time of year, it’s hard not to get excited when you read stuff like that.

Here is your open thread for the night. All three hockey locals are in action, but talk about whatever you want here. Go nuts.

Procedural Note: Pitchers can now be placed on 60-day DL
Yankees re-sign Eric Chavez
  • LiterallyFigurative

    Even though I’d like the Yanks to sign Chavez, I’m really hping that Nunez can be SS and 3B backup. Given that he’s still so early in his career, I think more playing time for him would be a boost to the team.

    He played alot last year and we STILL won 97 games.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      He can use the AAA time to get better at fielding.

      • fin

        To my memory Nunez looked good at ss, some throwing issues, not unexpected from a rookie only playing part time and if I remember right he looked damn good when at the plate when he got full time play. He looked bad at third, also not unexpected for a rookie who hadnt played 3b before. I think he brings more value to the Yankees learning to be a utility guy at the majors than he does in the minors, where he would just play ss anyway. I expect him to be much better in this field this year, not sure how much better at the plate he will get playing only part time.

      • Needed Pitching

        Nunez won’t be at AAA, Chavez or no Chavez

        • fin

          Yep, seems Chavez would Nunez back up. If A-rod or Jeter miss any time chavez would then be the backup. When Girardi mentioned him, he didnt even mention at 3rd base but rather 1st base. I think they are going to get Nunez as much playing time as possible, which I look forward to. I love Nunez on the base paths, wish Gardner was as aggressive.

          • Needed Pitching

            always fun to watch the helmet fly off

  • CJ

    Watching baseball daily in YES, Curry interviewed CC. CC looks good, definitely lost weight.

    • CJ

      RUssell Martin lost 13 lbs doing MMA training showed some exercise clips looked intense, he was doing pullups with a weighted vest using two towels as handles-strong.

      • Peter North

        I was just disappointed that “sailing” by Christopher cross wasn’t playing in the background of that video!

        • Betty Lizard

          +1 (million).

      • Dave M

        I hate that stupid looking tattoo!

  • Monterowasdinero

    Kuroda is thinking: “In any language, this kid Cervelli is odd, get me Martin”.

    • CMP

      Out of the 5 starting pitchers, I wonder who’s going to draw the short straw and get stuck with Cervelli as their personal catcher?

      • steve (different one)

        Certainly not Kuroda.

  • Cy Pettitte
    • CMP

      Yeah but there’s probably better than a 50/50 chance he either fails the physical or gets injured getting off the examination table.

    • jsbrendog

      UGHH this is such bullshit. so he is going to play in less than 60 games again this year? and bill hall will go somewhere else and actually PLAY in 100+. watch. idiots.

      • Needed Pitching

        bill hall sucks
        you really wouldn’t want either one playing 100+ games for the Yankees
        If either Hall or Chavez were required to play anywhere near that often for the Yankees, something will have gone horribly wrong

      • Mike Axisa

        In fairness, Bill Hall sucks too.

      • fin

        Hopefully, Chavez plays in much much less than 60 games. The fewer the better in my opinion. Same goes for Bill Hall if hes on the team. Now unlike Branyon, Hall could very easily make the team, as it is at least as likely that Chavez get hurt in training camp as he makes it through healthy.

        • MannyGeee

          how does Bill Hall have a better chance of makig the team than Branyon? I would say that Chavez has the inside track for the utility CIF role (on account of signing a ML deal)while Ibanez is as much a dice roll as Branyon to get the DL DH role…

      • steve (different one)

        Is this a serious reaction to losing Bill Hall? Honestly can’t tell.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    I’m pleased with the Theo compensation results….I really thought Bud was going to throw the Sox a bigger bone…

    • CMP

      He probably thought he was sending the Sux the other Chris Carpenter.

      • MannyGeee

        you shoulda heard the boston Mediots today… They spent an awful lot of time gleaming over Carpenters shiny 2.43 ERA last season…. you would have thought they got Matt Garza in the deal.

        they glossed over the part that the ERA was collected in a huge sample size of 10 games with CHI in the big club though.

  • Nathan

    Kuroda is saying or at least thinking to himself “And I thought MY English was bad!”. I kid, I kid…

  • commerce

    Odd that Cervy caught lots of CC outings last season…also odd that our W/L %age is better than any catcher working in ’09–’11…also odd that he was the best hitter in baseball w/ the bases loaded…also odd that he out hustles every player on the field. Ever see many catchers beat the hitter to first base while backing up?

    Almost everyone who looks at his offensive #’s and W/L%age & CERA are shocked–and that’s because they have come to a conclusion that belies one’s eyes. I’ve probably seen every game he has caught in the big leagues and even saw him catch Hughes in Tampa in a rehab start in ’07–my eyes tell me he is more than an adequate backup catcher.

    • steve (different one)

      Do you think your first 2 points are possibly correlated?

      • Needed Pitching

        lol, true, though in fairness, he caught AJ quite a bit in ’10, IIRC

    • Needed Pitching

      he is. He outhits most backup catchers. His defense should be better though.

      And you forgot to mention that he leads all catchers from ’09-’11 in fistpumps/game.

      • MannyGeee


  • Alibaba

    Although the Knicks lost last night, Lin had an excellent game. Anthony was rusty in his return and was awful during the third quarter. It should get better. If Anthony plays within the playbook, it will be a dangerous team that can very well go all the way.

    • MannyGeee

      With this lockout shortened season being the clusterfuck that it is, anything is possible for the Knicks.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I puked a little.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      Melo really sucked, there’s literally no way to defend worse. Turning the ball over 6 times didn’t help either. Chandler didn’t play smart/well, he’s got to avoid dumb fouls/technicals. Stat just isn’t explosive enough, he’s like a big truck that moves pretty slow. At least his jumper is coming back.
      Lin was great, Fields was great but that’s it. Bench didn’t do too much but you have games like that. Baron Davis still seems to be weeks away from being a valuable backup guard.

      Anyway, Melo has to get better on D very quick and stick to the game plan on offense. Otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing somewhere else this time next year.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Trash the superstar player in favor some dipshit with a week’s worth of success under his belt. Exactly the reason why the Knicks share a special place in my heart where only the Boston Red Sox reside as well.

        Not that I wish the Knicks a damn thing, but I’m thinking you put your stock in Carmelo over the guy who just got owned by Deron Williams.

        • Bavarian Yankee

          Lin got owned by Williams? Lol, already can’t take you serious anymore. Why did Williams own him? Because he had some more points and made almost 60% (!!!) of his 3s? Wow, remember last year when Toney Douglas OWNED Rose?

          Lin had more assists, more rebounds and more steals than Williams. Yeah, Lin got totally owned, send him back to the D-League.

          btw: not everybody can be a Melo fanboy (like you?). Some people judge people by their performance and some people judge people because of their big name. The Knicks were a winning team before Melo arrived and where a winning team when he was injured. They also played superb D when he was injured. Is that coincidence? Maybe but day after day it looks like it isn’t. Melo has to improve BIG TIME if he wants to help this team, especially on D. Against the Nets he was by far the worst starter on the court.

    • peter

      knicks are gonna be ok as the season moves on. if they all stay healthy(big if)they can be dangerous. itll take some time for the starters to gel. Lin will get guys the ball in the right spots n chandler provides some nice leadership/defense. deep bench too with jeffries n shumpert being defensive minded jr smith can provide some points off the bench n baron davis could be a serviceable backup PG. plus novak n walker can shoot too.just get to the playoffs healthy n anything can happen.GO NYK!