Yankees re-sign Eric Chavez


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The writing was on the wall as soon as A.J. Burnett was traded to Pittsburgh. First the Yankees signed Raul Ibanez to serve as the left-handed half of the DH platoon, and now they’ve re-signed Eric Chavez to fill out the bench. The guaranteed one-year contract is still pending a physical, which is no slam dunk given Chavez’s injury history. Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal say the deal is worth $900k with incentives.

Chavez, 34, produced a powerless (.094 ISO) .294 wOBA in 175 plate appearances last season, missing nearly three months with a broken bone in his foot. He did play surprisingly excellent defense at the hot corner (not so much at first because of inexperience), and I say surprising only because I thought all the back and shoulder injuries would have taken a toll on his glovework. Chavez did have a knack for big hits (.419 wOBA with men in scoring position), but we’re only talking 47 plate appearances.

The Yankees will need to make a 40-man roster move to accommodate Chavez, though they can slide either Joba Chamberlain or Pedro Feliciano to the 60-day DL. I have a hard time believing there were so many other clubs willing to sign him that the Yankees had to offer a big league contract, but what’s done is done. Would have been nice to at least fake some competition in camp before essentially finalizing the bench.

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  1. Dave M says:

    Passing the physical is not necessarily a formality for him.

  2. DM says:

    Nice. I was expecting 1-1.25mil but with little or no incentives. But it had to be a major league contract or why the wait for Burnett (Chavez admitted the AJ deal needed to get done before his)?

    • Havok9120 says:

      Yeah, you definitely called the MLB contracts for them farther back than anyone else on here.

      • DM says:

        It was obvious. I don’t have a crystal ball — but I’m not clouded by emotional attachments — for or against — any player. I think most people here wanted to believe they would be minor league deals b/c they hated these signings. But the reality was suggesting something else. Some turn away from it when they don’t like it.

  3. CJ says:

    Chavez Ibanez Garcia is around $6 million plus what they will inevitably have to spend later in $ and/or prospects to replace DH. Penny wise pound foolish.

    • mustang says:

      Its one year.

    • steve (different one) says:

      What does Garcia have to do with this?

      • Havok9120 says:

        Nothing. CJ just has an irrational dislike of Garcia, his contract, and his spot on the roster.

      • Landry says:

        He’s carried an irrational dislike of Garcia all off season.

      • forensic says:

        I don’t want to speak for him, but my feeling is that they went in way too early for a pitcher like Garcia at $4M if they had an idea to sign Kuroda and had a trade for Pineda in the works. I just don’t think it was very good planning overall how the offseason went along. It’s like they were going with each move in a vacuum instead of considering the overall impact on the roster.

        • steve (different one) says:

          Sure, but you are basing this on the assumption that they knew at the time they would be able to make those later moves.

          Considering the Pineda trade happened almost 2 months after they signed Garcia, that seems like a stretch.

          My guess is that Garcia had other options, wanted to get something done quickly, and the Yanks didn’t want to be left holding the bag like last winter.

          • forensic says:

            I guess it depends on your opinion and view of Garcia. I think last year was largely lucky and don’t expect him to be very good at all this year, and didn’t see the point of jumping the gun on signing him so quickly when I felt there were numerous other options that still could’ve been looked at instead.

            • Havok9120 says:

              And I can certainly see that point, but the “what if” matters too. If the trade doesn’t happen and/or we don’t get Kuroda, our rotation could have consisted of CC, AJ, Hughes, and whichever AAA kids earn a spot in the spring. What the Hell, we could’ve invited The Experience and Chad Gaudin too. No Spring Training is complete without at least one of them.

              I like depth, I like insurance, and I like concept-proven pitchers. I’m not convinced his Smoke ‘N Mirrors and the Kitchen Sink approach to pitching can work again in the AL East either, but the alternative could have been a rotation of unknowns and proven suck. For 4 million Yankee Dollars, I’ll take Mr. Garcia.

            • nsalem says:

              I don’t think Garcia is lucky I think he is a great end of the rotation pitcher. I don’t expect him to repeat last season, but if given the opportunity to start he will deliver a season with results somewhere in between 2010 and 2011. I think the root of the anti-Garcia sentiment is that it is Phil Hughes’ (who truly does have the greater upside as a starting pitcher) spot that Garcia will be taking. While there is no doubt that Phil does have the greater potential there is also no doubt in my mind that Garcia has been the superior starting pitcher for the last 2 years. As a Yankee fan I think that Phil can contribute more to the Yankees out of the bullpen than as a starter. This is not a knock on Phil. Those who point to his great first half in 2010 should take a long look at the game log and consider the compettition he was facing. 3 starts against a terrible Oriole team. 2 against the Mets. The White Sox with 7 of 9 guys batting under .230 and Andruw Jones in the 3rd or 4th spot against a righty. Also the Asros’s and the Mariners (who had the worst offensive year in modern times. Garcia has pitched as an excellent end of the rotation guy for the last 2 years while Phil’s performance has been closer to that of AJ Burnett, Like it or not these are the facts.

    • Needed Pitching says:

      and your better alternative is???

    • DJ says:

      What the F**K are you talking about????

  4. Cecala says:

    It is only a few extra 100k considering that stupid 100k retention bonus that is in the CBA.

  5. Craig says:

    What’s Laird’s future with this team, if any?

    • Rich in NJ says:

      Designated injury replacement.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Second or third guy in a trade.

    • Havok9120 says:

      That’ll depend on his season in AAA. If he can rebuild his value with a big year after last season’s let-down, maybe he’ll have a shot at ARod’s job if ARod falls off a cliff defensively (not likely) or Dante Jr. and Co. hit a wall.

      • whozat says:

        I think that, if he can show that last year was just a hiccup with a bat, he could carve out a career as an Eric Hinske type. A 4-corners guy, but with pretty good D at 3B. He’s already played 1B and worked out in LF at least in the minors. He could kinda be Jones and Chavez all in one.

    • Jesse says:

      He’ll be the backup 3B when Chavez goes down early in the year.

  6. STONE COLD Austin Romine says:

    Feliciano to the 60 day DL perhaps?

  7. AC says:

    Its a good sign. Not a lot of $$. I could care less if it’s minor league or major league. He’s not gonna be playing alot. Just there to spell Arod at 3b and be a lefty bat off bench. He played pretty good except for that foot injury
    That shelved him for awhile. Still has decent glove at 3b. He’s not an everyday player anymore and he has stated that himself. Still not gonna hurt us at deadline if we need to upgrade so I’m not concerned.

  8. Slu says:

    Eric Chavez sucks at baseball. He will spend at least half the year on the DL. The money would have been better spent on new urinal cakes for the Stadium.

    • radnom says:

      Are you displeased with the quality of the urinal cakes at Yankee Stadium?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Who was the guy who thought this “X sucks/is good at baseball” thing was actually a funny thing to post? I’d like to use my time machine to go back in time and take care of him.

      • Slu says:

        Fine. Eric Chavez is a well below average hitter who cannot stay healthy. Granted he is a good fielder, but he can’t stay on the field. They are essentially paying him to be on the DL. They have internal options who will out perform him at the plate and will be just fine in the field. Feel free to go to baseball reference to see for yourself how poor of a hitter Chavez is. Any cliches in this comment bother you? I guess you are not into the whole brevity thing. Oh sorry, that might be a cliche. My bad.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          “They have internal options who will out perform him at the plate and will be just fine in the field”

          Laird – maybe, but he was a lousy hitter in AAA last year, no guarantee he’s any better than Chavez with the bat, and he’s definitely worse in the field
          Pena – nope, noodle bat, career .253 MLB wOBA, even worse hitter than Chavez
          Hall – Chavez outhit him last year, and he’s worse defensively
          Am I missing anybody?

          Yes Chavez sucks, but the other options might be even worse

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Yeah. You should have stuck with the urinal cake thing, since now you have to go find who that internal option that will outperform Chavez at the plate and be just as good at the field is.

          • Slu says:

            Hall, Laird, and Pena are all better options because they are likely to stay on the field. One of those guys is eventually going to get the job anyway when Chavez gets hurt, so I don’t really care in the long run. It just seems like a foolish way to waste the roster spot

    • PeTeR says:

      What they dont taste as good as the ones your mom makes?

  9. DM says:

    “I have a hard time thinking that there were so many other clubs willing to sign him that the Yankees had to offer a big league contract,”

    I think the Yankees were competing with his retirement, not other teams. I’m sure it was big league spot or him packing it in.

    • forensic says:

      Then let him pack it in. Laird would out-hit him or Pena would out-defend him. Either way, there were better and more flexible options than him. There’s a reason no one else wanted anything to do with him.

      • DM says:

        I don’t know if Laird would out hit him; and I don’t know if Pena out-defends him. But both will be phone call away — that’s depth.

        And when you start the off-season saying you’re going to retire, then later say you’d consider coming back if it was the Yankees, why would you expect other teams to pursue him?

        • forensic says:

          If teams are interested, they’ll call regardless of whether you say you’re retiring or not. Even Wakefield and Varitek were contacted despite mostly saying it’s Red Sox or retirement. Javier Vazquez has said he’s retiring and he still got calls.

          Chavez didn’t get calls because he’s bad at baseball now and won’t even stay healthy for you to pay him to play and be bad at baseball.

        • fin says:

          That infield depth comes at the expense of outfield depth, and makes it more likely we see Ibanez man an outfield spot, could have kept Dickerson around for awhile. Its also hard to hear the Yankees claiming budget issues and throwing away money on Chavez, who in no way improves the team at all, and infact weekens it. They simply should have saw what Chavez was last year, a good fielder, whos going to spend 3 months on DL and cant hit at all anymore, will be a year older, and told Chavez to enjoy his retirement if he didnt want a to take a minor league deal. THe Yankees deserve to end up paying him a million dollars to spend most of the year on the DL or at home enjoying a retirement bonus the yankees gave him.

          • DM says:

            I think they’re fine with Ibanez providing that OF depth. And like I posted somewhere else here. Don’t be surprised if they go north with 11 instead of 12 pitchers. I’m not a Dickerson fan, but there’s always a chance for someone to make an impression and make their case for the last spot.

            I know Chavez has injury issues — but he’s a bench player, and the perfect backup for A-Rod who’ll need more coverage than most other positions. Hopefully he’ll stay healthier, but it doesn’t scare me. It would be different if he hurt his throwing shoulder last year or something that wouldn’t allow him to swing. But a freaky foot thing? If that’s healed, I’d give him a shot. And is 900k that much more than 450k for Pena — or signing another utility man for 750k-1M?

            • Needed Pitching says:

              league minimum is 480K now, so 420K is hardly a big price to pay for depth, especially for a team with the resources of the Yankees
              I highly doubt spending an extra 420K for Chavez will at all have any influence on what the Yankees do at the deadline
              Some people are definitely making way to big a deal of this.

            • fin says:

              Hes no kind of insurance for A-rod, thats Nunez. Its at least as likely he gets hurt as A-rod. I mean I realize its not a big deal, as hes the last man on the roster and the last man off the bench. I jsut dont see what he in the world he brings to the table. IF he was on a minor league deal, I wouldnt have an issues. AS far as I see the only thing he can provide, is annoyance to the fans when Giradi does stupid shit with him. Lol, like pinch hitting him for Garder becasue he was looking for HR. At this pt Garder probably has more power. Things like using him as lefty off the bench when the righty, even if his numbers suck is probaly has a better chance to get a hit against anyone than CHavez does.

              • DM says:

                “Hes no kind of insurance for A-rod, thats Nunez.”

                Nunez’s defense worries you less than Chavez’s injury potential? Chavez with a bad foot is the best fielder of the the three. And I think it’s less likely that Chavez gets hurt than A-Rod for one simple reason — Chavez won’t play nearly as much. His exposure will be much less than a starter like A-Rod.

                • fin says:

                  Sure Nunez defense at third worries me, I do consider it likely that he improved this offseason as that was suppose to be a focus of his. I cant see how you are ok with Ibanez filling in, in the outfield and not with Nunez filling in at 3rd. It does not concern me nearly as much as the very serious lack of production Chavez will produce at that plate. You would think that A-Rods potential for the DL is greater than Chavez, but thats not the case as Chavez is no ordinary DL candidate. He more than matched A-rods DL days last year. I would put money on him spending the same amount or more time on the DL again this year.

                  • DM says:

                    “I cant see how you are ok with Ibanez filling in, in the outfield and not with Nunez filling in at 3rd.”

                    I’m not sure what you think I said about Ibanez, but frankly I’m ok with both. I do think Chavez gives you a better over all option against a right-handed pitcher. But since you brought Ibanez up, I see a difference between 3rd and LF — as well as the issues each have. I expect Ibanez to catch a routine fly ball, but not to have the range or 1st step make a good play. But despite Nunez having all the tools needed, I cringe at the routine ground ball to him. Whether it’s the yips or something else, I don’t know; but he doesn’t seem sure handed. He’s the classic spectacular play potential guy who boots the regular play in a big spot.

                    • fin says:

                      I think Nunez was clearly not comfortable playing third base last season as evidenced not only by the yips but by him no knowing where to position himself when the ball was in play. THat really is not suprising for a rookie playing a position for the first time, at the major league level. He was suppose to get more work at third this offseason. I think its more likely that he improves at third than it is that chavez hits. Nunez has the hands, range, speed and arm to be a perfectly fine infielder at ss,third and second. People judge him rather harshly for his third base play, given the circumstances. He may not have been exposed if…thats right CHavez wasnt hurt. He could have leared to play it away from the major league limelight.
                      AS far as the outfield goes, balls that Ibanez doesnt get to, that about anyone else would, lead to doubles rather than the singles that Nunez’s misques lead to.

                    • Needed Pitching says:

                      if fairness, Nunez’s miscues tended to be throws into the legends seats, resulting in the same result as a double

                    • DM says:

                      Nunez actually had more trouble at his natural position. And despite his tools and defensive rep, he made a lot of errors in the minors as well. And I don’t think most would compare infield defense (esp the left side) with corner outfield defense. There’s lots of mediocre corner outfielders. Teams try to hide mistakes out there. You don’t do that at short or third. If Nunez had more pop they probably would’ve made him an outfielder by now (they still might). But you never try to make a suspect outfielder into a shortstop or third baseman.

                    • DM says:

                      Nunez made 14 errors at SS (his “comfortable” position) in 50 games.

                      He made 6 errors at 3rd (his “uncomfortable” position) in 40 games.

          • Needed Pitching says:

            I would think with Jeter and ARod, having 2 extra infielders is much more important than having 3 extra OF, especially since Nunez could also be used in the OF in a pinch

            • fin says:

              We didnt think $1m would stop the Yankees from signing a DH, but it did. Until they freed up money they werent going to spend another $1m. Whos to say the million chavez is getting wont stop them from making a trade at the deadline. I’m certainly not calling the Yankees cheap, but it seems they have a much more firm limit now than in the past. In the end I doubt Chavez has any bearing on the out come of the season. I jsut see no need for him on the team at all, when they already have someone better in Nunez and 2 guys equal in Pena and Laird. Laird even has some upside, and could provide the same crap average as Chavez with a little pop.

              • Needed Pitching says:

                I’m not convinced Pena or Laird are definitely equal.
                Laird is worse defensively, and not necessarily any better with the bat
                Pena is worse with the bat, and probably no better at third with the glove
                I also don’t think not trading AJ would have prevented the Yankees from signing Ibanez, I think the delay was more about freeing the roster spot
                I agree he’s not completely needed on the team, but he adds to their depth (and I think will likely outperform the players he’s blocking) for a very cheap price
                I would have much preferred a minor league deal and a legit competition for the spot, but 900K is really no big deal, and could slightly improve the Yankees

            • fin says:

              DM..I didnt realize he made that many errors at ss, still I’m not overly concerned. I dont think the Yankees are concerned either as they want to get him more playing time in the field and not less. I think those throwing errors are fairly easy to correct, if he even has to correct anything, assuming its not just nerves combined with inconsistent playing time, which is basically what the Yankees chaulked it up to.
              AS far as the outfield thing goes, there has been some saber stuff written about teams making mistakes by hiding players in the outfield that thier missed plays are much more costly than infield miss plays, be it error or not getting to the ball. THey were trying to make the case it is very possible its better to hide liablities at corner infield spots than corner outfield spots. I think as bad as Ibanez has been throughout his career he is every bit as harmful at this pt in his carrer as a poor corner infielder. Of course infielders are always going to make more errors than outfielders, since the ball is bouncing and there are 2 phases to most plays, to record the out.

              • DM says:

                I’m not overly concerned about either. If we’re down to debating these things, the roster is in pretty good shape. If the pitching does what it’s capable of, I could play left and you could play 3rd.

      • Jesse says:

        Eh, IDK if Pena out defends him. I’m willing to admit that Chavez is a good defender. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing he’s good at. Everything else he sucks at, and bad.

  10. M-Three says:

    Why would you have give him just a minor league deal when that Ibanez got a major league deal? Chavez still has something positive to offer us. Ibanez is shot. The roids he took when with Seattle have worn off and I hope he gone by June.

    • Slu says:

      I am no Ibanez fan, but he is way more useful than Chavez. At least he can stay in the lineup.

    • Sayid J. says:

      Because if the Yankees only offered Ibanez a minor league deal, he would have gone elsewhere. If the Yankees had only offered Chavez a minor league deal, he would have only had similar MiL deals out there.

  11. mustang says:

    If the guy was about to retire there was no way that he would take a minor league deal and he played well enough last year to earn a major league deal. Don’t know why it’s even an issue or question.

    Teams complete let’s PLAY BALL!!!!

    • forensic says:

      He missed three months with yet another injury and when he did play had a fabulous 79 OPS+.

      There’s no way that earns someone a major league deal.

    • fin says:

      Chavez started off fine, but sucked after he came back from injury. Hes an injury waiting waiting to happen, and I think all he has left in the tank is the crap we saw after he returned. WHich seemed to be about the same crap that Remiro Pena could provide, without a major league contract.

      • Needed Pitching says:

        Pena has a major league contract, he’s on the 40-man roster
        He just has options left so they can stash him in the minors

    • mustang says:

      Ok, whatever if he doesn’t work cut him and move on. I’m sure they can find a replacement.

  12. Tom Zig says:

    Is there anyone else they’d like to sign? Jesus

    • DM says:

      I think that’s it. And Branyan’s slim chances took another hit with this signing. Chavez provides coverage for 1st as well as 3rd.

    • zs190 says:

      Mike Gonzalez is still out there, you know.

      • DM says:

        You’re right. I thought about another lefty after I posted — but he might cost too much. But I could see grabbing another one along the way during ST.

        • Havok9120 says:

          I think Cabral and whatshisname from Baltimore are all the lefty depth they’re after. I think if they were gonna go for MGon they would have done it after Okajima flunked his physical.

  13. forensic says:

    Ugh, I can’t help but think of the game where Girardi PH him for Gardner saying he did it because he wanted him to pop a homerun…

    Can’t wait to see what great moves are made this year because he was good almost a year ago, nevermind that he hasn’t been good in over half a decade.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      I could just see the dugout in that game.

      Girardi: Here we go, Chavy! Let’s hit one out!

      Rest of Bench: (Moves awkwardly away from Girardi)

  14. Stephen says:

    And that’s your 2012 New York Yankees.

    C Russell Martin
    1B Mark Teixeira
    2B Robinson Cano
    3B Alex Rodriguez
    SS Derek Jeter
    LF Brett Gardner
    CF Curtis Granderson
    RF Nick Swisher
    DH Raul Ibanez/Andruw Jones

    SS/2B Eduardo Nunez
    3B/1B Eric Chavez
    OF/DH Andruw Jones
    C Francisco Cervelli

    SP CC Sabathia
    SP Hiroki Kuroda
    SP Ivan Nova
    SP Michael Pineda
    SP Phil Hughes/Freddy Garcia

    CL Mariano Rivera
    RP David Robertson
    RP Rafael Soriano
    RP Boone Logan
    RP Cory Wade
    RP Freddy Garcia/Phil Hughes
    RP ?????

    • Grit for Brains says:

      That team is like…really good and stuff

    • mustang says:

      Probably one of the best Yankees rosters I seen since I been a fan.

      Yes I’m happy.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Me likey.

    • DM says:

      “RP ??????”

      Maybe Cabral, Kontos — maybe another position player instead of a pitcher?? That’s what ST is for.

    • Luisergi says:

      ?????? = Mike Gonzalez…

    • Jesse says:

      Something tells me Rapada gets the final BP spot. We’ll see.

    • Jesse says:

      But the roster is very solid, to say the least, overall. Of course I’m not in love with the bench (Would have preferred Damon over Ibanez, and would have preferred Chavez to get a MiLB contract w/ invite to SP rather than a guaranteed deal, but whatever.)

      The lineup overall is very good, one of the better lineups in baseball. The rotation is a strength. CC is always CC, so no worries there. Rothschild already taught Pineda a new change-up grip and Russell Martin really liked it when he caught him the other day. I really like Kuroda and Nova, and I think they’ll have similar years in terms of results (Quality starts, ERA). I’ve said for a long time that Hughes will win the #5 spot and have a big year. May be a stretch, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he pitched like 2010 first half Phil for the majority of the season. Yes, that’s a pipe dream, but I’m going to hold onto that pipe dream.

      I really love the bullpen. Best bullpen in baseball if you ask me. GOAT as closer, K-Rob setting up, with Soriano–who I think will have a very good year–Wade and Logan also in the fold. I think Freddy will be a good long man because he offers a much different pace. I think Rapada will get the final spot out of the bullpen, because he absolutely ate lefties for lunch last year.

      I have a great feeling about this year, and if a lot of things go right, this team will be very tough to beat.

  15. mustang says:

    Not sure what the big fuss is about signing Ibanez and Chavez. If there comes a time during the season that the Yankees have to rely heavily on either of these guys then they obviously have bigger problems. They are small replaceable pieces in a well oil performance machine.

  16. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Always a fan of Chavez. The injury risk is there, but he still plays a damn fine third base. This is a guy I want on my bench. Welcome back.

    • Havok9120 says:

      You and your optimism. Don’t you know that Cashman has DOOMED THE FRANCHISE by signing 2 million dollars worth of contracts to a pair of minor lineup pieces?

      For shame.

      • mustang says:



      • forensic says:

        1. No one here is saying the franchise is doomed, but I love when people here have to absurdly exaggerate whenever anyone else doesn’t agree with the concensus.

        2. They aren’t minor lineup pieces. The two of them combined could equal a full players amount of AB’s over the course of the season. Chavez is obviously more minor than Ibanez, but the point is that they seem way to enamored with a player who just isn’t good anymore and whose value could arguably be equaled by major league minimum salaried players from the minors, instead of paying him double the minimum plus the inevitable replacement players salary when he gets hurt yet again.

        • bonestock94 says:

          Which minor league player do you think will equal their value? Please don’t say Jorge Vasquez. How consequential do you think the money spent over minimum salaries here is to the Yankees? Why do you think your suggestions are something the ivy league execs running a multi-billion dollar business didn’t heavily consider?

        • Needed Pitching says:

          Chavez, though I agree he isn’t very good anymore, will likely outperform overall (if only slightly and only when healthy) Pena, Laird, or whoever else might fill the role for league minimum, and those players are still available for depth, which they would not be if they started the season on the roster.

          • fin says:

            Yea, i cant argue much with that opinion. Just there are valid reasons why others have an issue with the Chavez signing. I also dont think its fair to lump his non performing borken down self in with Ibanez. The Yankees had a clear need for a Left handed platoon at DH, Ibanez was most likely a better bet than Matusi or Vlad. Damon while probably a better bet was not a fit (salary or playing time wise). THe Yankees had little choice but to sign Ibanez and hope for the best.

        • Havok9120 says:

          My point was and is merely that people are overreacting, on both sides. People are far too invested, and I poke fun at it. Breathe a little. Maybe take a joke. Laugh even. Its good for you.

          As for my obviously sarcastic hyperbole, your insistence that our minor leaguers could step in and equal there production is equally exaggerated and far more serious. Laird was not all that great against AAA pitching last year, and its not like his glove is excellent. I’d rather see if he can figure out AAA before we commit him to sitting on the bench. I would have been okay, theoretically, with Dickerson stepping in for 5th OF/LHB DH role, but I’m not sure he’d match an over-the-hill Raul either.

          • fin says:

            IM not sure its an exaggeration that the minor leaguers can equal the production of chavez as his was virtually non exisitent afer returning from the DL. I’m not sure a pitcher couldnt have equaled his production. Its not that I think Pena or Laird are world beaters, or even major league players, I do think they are as good as Chavez.

      • fin says:

        I dont think anyone thinks Chavez or Ibanez are going to doom the Yankees. People just dont understand the need for Chavez, let alone on a major league contract. Maybe they are paying him for vetern presents.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Oh, sorry.

        Wait, hold on….

        LOUD NOISES!!!!!

  17. bonestock94 says:

    2012 team looks pretty badass, hopes are high. Chavez obviously not a major factor here but I like having him on the team.

  18. Johnny says:

    I like Shiv-ezz. Good to have him back.

  19. ArchStanton says:

    So what was the point of the Bill Hall signing?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      It’s called “Depth.” I think the P is silent.

      • G says:

        It is, and in certain states the eth is pronounced as oom.

        In other words: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!1!111!!111!!!!one1!!!!!one!!!!!!

    • DM says:

      The same as the point of the Branyan signing.

      Just in case we can’t swing deals for better options, we sign them to non-guaranteed contracts. Cashman stockpiles these types every year. Lo/no risk depth.

      They brought in Silva and Millwood last year. Neither threw a pitch for the big club. But if Colon blew out his shoulder in April, maybe they would have.

  20. Jack says:

    What’s with the photo of Chavez and Grandy? What happened there?

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      Maybe it’s like that scene from Star Wars where Darth Vader chokes the officer for letting Han Solo get away. Chavez is mad because Grandy missed a fly ball or something.

      You have failed me for the last time, Curtis.

      • Pat D says:

        To me it also looks like a wrestling promo from back in the late 80s or early 90s.

        Hulk Hogan grabs the bad guy by the shirt and just goes, “Well let me tell you something, brother!”

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Here’s the photo caption, not that it explains anything…

      SEATTLE – SEPTEMBER 12: Eric Chavez #12 of the New York Yankees celebrates with Curtis Granderson #14 after defeating the Seattle Mariners 9-3 at Safeco Field on September 12, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

  21. GardnergoesYardner says:

    Chavez is an excellent leader in the clubhouse. He should play a solid backup to A-Rod and Tex, get some hits in clutch situtations, and overall be one of the best bench players on the team.

    Having said that, he’ll probably get injured in Spring Training and miss the whole year.

    • fin says:

      LOL not sure how his being an excellent leader in the clubhouse matters at all on the Yankees…A team full of allstars and hallfamers. Hard to beleive he has a leadership role with guys like A-rod, Jeter, Tex, CC, Granderson, Mo and Cano around. By all accounts hes a good dude and I’m sure hes well liked and fits in, but I have serious doubts about him being a leader to the yankees.

      • DM says:

        I wouldn’t call him a leader either — but there’s something to retaining guys that fit in well. Garcia, Jones and Chavez apparently qualify. I expect Ibanez to do the same.

  22. pistol pete says:

    Imagine Chavez and Ibanez taking up two roster spots, absurd. Chavez is always hurt and last year had no power as a lefty in Yankee Stadium. And we resign him, please.

    • whozat says:

      …and if he gets hurt again, he’ll be on the DL and they’ll call up Bill Hall. So what? He’s a very good 3B and a better hitter than Ramiro Pena. With such an aged left side of the infield, I think that the depth there is more important than OF depth, and I don’t see a lot of better options out there.

  23. Jesse says:

    No way in hell does Chavez deserve a Major League contract. As Mike noted, a (brutal) .294 wOBA, and he missed 3 months with a foot injury last year, just adding to the laundry list of injuries he’s suffered in his career. The defense and veteran presents is nice, I’ll give him that, but that doesn’t erase crappy hitting.

    Since the start of the ’08 season Chavez–in 424 PA’s–has hit .238/.288/.341 with a .276 wOBA, a 67 wRC+, and a -0.5 WAR in that span.

    • Needed Pitching says:

      I agree it should have ideally been a minor league deal, but it may not matter in the long run, as long as he is healthy through spring training (a big if) he likely would have won the job over the alternatives (Laird, Pena, Hall) anyways
      It would have been nice if it was an open competition, but the alternatives in camp aren’t likely any better

      • Jesse says:

        This is true. I may be nitpicking because he’d probably win the job anyways out of Spring Training. But it makes no sense to me that he gets a MLB deal while Bill Hall got a MiLB deal.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          the biggest difference I would think is the fact that Hall wasn’t able to maintain a MLB job last season, while Chavez did

          Hall was released by the Astros (THE ASTROS!!!!!) and later DFA’d by the Giants

  24. Manning to Manningham says:

    Looks like Chavez lives to Revine balls into the stands for another day.

  25. Rainbow connection says:

    What were Chavez’s #’s against the sox last year?

  26. Tim says:

    Absolutely love the Chavez signing, the final piece to #28 baby! I don’t get all of the hate…he is who he is, a piece to the puzzle… Can’t wait for the games to begin, should be a great season for Yankee fans everywhere!

    • Jesse says:

      How do you not get all the “hate”? The guy cannot hit, and can hardly stay healthy, and it’s been well documented for the last four seasons. He’s not worth a MLB deal. He deserves a MiLB deal at best and should have to compete for his spot just like the other guys they brought into camp (Laird, Pena, Hall, Nix). Sure he may beat out the guys he’d be competing with, but by no means would it be an automatic.

  27. Midland TX says:

    This was the Mike Francesa of comment threads – bloated, repetitious, completely devoid of originality, and rancorous beyond any reasonable measure for a $<1MM bench piece.

    p.s. any prediction about an Opening Day roster should probably assume that Romine will come up in place of an injured Cervelli.

  28. Kevin Ocala, Fl says:

    Man what a contentious lot, the responders to this esteemed blog. Half are drunk, 25% ignorant and contentious, the other 25% pro gripe artists. Maybe the best team on paper and all guys can do is worry that the SONS maybe wasted 100k, or some other petty BS. Does anyone realize that the real reason the Sox coughed it up last year was because Theo “The Genius” had no back-up, on the bench, the pen, or the farm. Notice how “Grapes of Wrath”, dusty, dry, that over hyped farm system looks know? Theo knew it after he got is man crush A-Gon, hence the signing of Crawford, and the human grouper-face that is Lackey. And then when criticism reared it’s ugly head brave Sir Theo bravely turned his ass and fled. He bravely ran away…….Boston has more questions this year than “What’s My Line” (you younger fans can look it up). I bet that dollar for dollar the Yanks get more out of their pile of dh’s than Boston gets out of Ortiz. He’s over-due….

    • Plank says:

      Half are drunk, 25% ignorant and contentious, the other 25% pro gripe artists.

      You’re in the last two groups you list, and judging by the time and your stated location, probably the first one as well.

      Why not just make your comment without the other BS?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Stick around, Kevin. I think I like ya.

  29. Evan3457 says:

    Way too much sturm und drang over way too small an issue.

    Just my opinion. YMMV.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      This surprises you? You could have seen the massive moral indignation the moment Ibanez and Chavez signed from a mile away.

      • Kevin Ocala, Fl says:

        If the team spends too much there’s bitching, falls in love with prospects, bitching, trades the wrong prospect (and it always is), pitched too much, too little……………….

  30. David Ortiz's Dealer says:

    I like Freddy Garcia, for what his is. That said, if the Kuroda/Pineda deals were BOTH in the works when Freddy was signed I’d really question it. If everyone feels Hughes is ready to “revert to form” I’d question it.

    Then again, who uses only 5 starters all year. Hopefully #6 and 7 will only get double header duty but it doesnt always work out like that.

    Chavez fields 3B better than Nunez, can play 1b, and hit a little. He’s a bench player.

  31. Monterowasdinero says:

    Chavez is fine as a bench bat and injury backup for ARod and Tex. Freddy G. is a weapon and will come up big again for us in my opinion. Slot him between the 2 big hard throwers and his effectiveness will be enhanced. 3 game series: CC/Freddy/Pineda. Mess up the timing (and after all, isn’t that what hitting is all about?) and you have maximized Freddy.

    • CS Yankee says:

      Agreed with everything except that I would go;
      1) CaptCrunch
      2) Kuroda
      3) SuperNova
      4) Sweaty Freddy
      5) Pineda

      unless Hughes is the beast in ST, thus move Pineda to #4 and St Phil as the five-guy (burger and fries).

      I would save some of Pineda innings for the second half as he is only a second year guy like nova, however Nova is older, less prized, and has a better innings buildup. Kuroda being a one-and-done should be the second guy and let the kids build-up their confidence.

  32. mike says:

    Get past the name recognition – he is the last man on the roster making barely over the league minimum…if he gets hurt again, or fails to produce, he will be cut/retired with little fanfare.

    he is not blocking a prospect with any promise, makes no money and has a higher potential overall upside than any other FA 3B on the market given the limited expectations of his place on the team.

    No brainer.

  33. Freddy's Mom says:

    I like Chavez a lot. Ima step out on a limb and predict he will be this season’s Russ Martin. Freddy and even Ibanez will all contribute significantly and this year’s Yankees will pull off something like the Giants of 2 seasons ago. Get fired up, peeps, beisbol is near!

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