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Yankees sign Bill Hall to minor league deal
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We’ve seen a lot of left-handed pitchers come through the Bronx over the last 15 years or so, but few of them had the pedigree of Donovan Osborne. He was the 13th overall pick back in 1990, twice rated a top 100 prospect by Baseball America (#42 in 1991 and #35 in 1992), and was the Cardinals’ Opening Day starter in 1999. Osborne made just six starts that year due to injury, and was out of baseball entirely until 2002. He appeared in eleven games for the Cubs in 2002, got hurt again, and missed all of 2003. The Yankees rolled the dice and signed him to a minor league contract on this date in 2004.

Unsurprisingly, Osborne was pretty terrible for the Yankees. He made the team out of Spring Training as a reliever, spending time as both a lefty specialist and mop-up man in April. Injuries and ineffectiveness forced him into the rotation in mid-May, which resulted in a pair of clunkers against the Mariners (6 R in 1.1 IP then 6 R in 5 IP). The Yankees had enough by then, releasing Osborne about a week later. In two starts and seven relief appearances with the team, he allowed 16 runs and 32 baserunners in 17.2 IP. He never pitched in the big leagues again.

Osborne was a forgettable Yankee, but I will always remember him for one thing: he wore #46. Remember, this was 2004, so Andy Pettitte had just fled for the Astros. The team reissued his number immediately, and that always struck me as disrespectful. Then again, George Steinbrenner always seemed to be trying to trade Pettitte through the late-90s and early-2000s, so I guess Andy was used to it by then.

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Here is tonight’s open thread. All three hockey locals are in action, plus the final game of the Caribbean Series is on and ESPN Deportes. The Dominican Republic already clinched the series title, so tonight’s game is meaningless. Talk about that stuff or anything else you want here. Have at it.

Yankees sign Bill Hall to minor league deal
Biz Hits: The Yanks stink; Madonna and soccer in the Bronx
  • Bob

    ummm….. has a top 20 prospects list and theres a picture of jesus montero on it

  • Rainbow Connection

    No mention of the Yankees starting perfume and cologne lines yet?

  • Matt DiBari

    I’ll always believe that Pettitte, Clemens and Drayton McLane had the Houston deals done before the season was over, so I never felt too bad about giving away Andy’s number.

  • YankeesIslesGiantsNets101

    someone with a twitter account should @ reply the yankees on twitter and inform them that jesus montero is no longer a yankee there for he should not be pictured on a YANKEES* top 20 prospect list lol

    *Key Word

  • Alfredo

    Do you guys think it would be smart for the Marlins to trade Hanley Ramirez?

    • Thomas Cassidy

      It depends on what you get back for him. Seeing that he was hurt last year, his value is low. So I highly doubt they trade him at all.

    • Steve S.

      First I need to know if he’s going to give me his best efforts if he stays. He wasn’t happy last year, and put up the worst season of his career. If he’s even more unhappy this year, and makes it clear he’s not motivated in his current circumstances, then yes I have to trade him. His stock may be down, but as investors know stocks that are down from their highs can fall even lower. You can say “I can’t sell now” all the way down to zero, or even worse to the point where YOU wind up paying someone else to take his contract.

    • CJ

      I think they may deal Logan Morrison. It sounds like Cespedes will be going to Miami.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Donovan F’ing Osborne. Awesome. Love seeing stuff like this. Keep it up, guys.

  • John in Ithaca

    I was living in Japan when the Yankees got Osborne. They came over to Japan and scrimmaged the Yomiuri Giants and then the Hanshin Tigers before they played their opening game against Tampa Bay in Tokyo. Osborne got lit up by Hanshin as I recall. That was embarrassing. I think George Arias of Hanshin hammered him.

  • jack knife